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  1. Meaning that they want to spread information that is true but Mike also doesn't worry about making official posts on the forums, more unpolished as an example would be communication in the general chat of the Intercept Discord. Its important to address issues when they arise and this is directly the case of what I'm trying to do with this post. A lot of socials when regarding KSP2 have been negative due to CM communication tactics. One example would be the recent solar eclipse chat. Which had many negative comments and feedback from the community due to spending time on that instead of communicating colonies. I am not part of the intercept team and while I do not know everything about what's going on, I do have over 2 years of solo game development (not trying to use it as leverage it just should be known).
  2. So starting off from the start: Addressing the change for the road map here is what @Dakota replies to somebody asking: "Dakota, any chance the roadmap could be changed to deliver more requested features(colonies, interstellar) earlier, also, will all ISRU need to wait for "Resource Gathering" or will we see KSP1 style fuel production a lot sooner" Dakota answers: "though it's possible the roadmap could be changed, right now that's the plan we're sticking to".. hope that answers your question! Onto the communication suggestions: 1) This is probably unnecessary although I do not understand your idea fully due us having monthly kerb now which states every single massive bug they are focusing on. Your idea would be good in idea but the reality is we would almost hardly see changes due to the bugs take a process to follow to actually be classified as "fixed" 2) Would be nice once again in practice but we would need a live chat forum so we could actually have interactions on here. I would say Dakota is pretty active on the forums as far as needed due to most of the forums being filled with bugs, content ideas for future and just general stuff he probably cant comment on. 3) This does happen in the discord when work on multiplayer was paused due to having to work on: colonies, interstellar, resources and exploration. Although I do agree on some aspects Dakota should comment when clarification is needed. Love your ideas and enthusiasm they just need a little tweaking!
  3. Kerbal Space Program 2 Developer Communication Suggestions: Reason: As the title states, the community on reddit/forums and discord are getting upset due to the lack of communication that is happening. The community is tired of waiting around and we need to address issues for both the parties and developers. @Nerdy_Mike asked for suggestions in the discord with the quote: "Also taking communication feedback". And I believe I don't have to address the people who doubt the future game due to supposed "incapability of the community managers". How Do We Address Communication Issues?: The main way to address communication issues is finding WHY the dev's don't communicate with as often as needed by the community. Reason #1 Time Consuming: Due to the nature of dev blogs/dev chats/AMA and posts, the nature of the situation is that the workload is immense for community managers and developers on the team. And the team needs to balance the need between working on updates (such as colonies) and communicating to the community during the downtime of updates. Reason #2 Community Needs: The truth is, as a community we are needing information related to colonies even though we have no clue when it will arrive. This nature has been implemented since launch for many players due to the broken promises and broken time frames which has decreased the trust in the developers. If our dreams were filled, we would have photos and in-depth conversations about upcoming updates and regular communication. But this has been openly clear since 0.2 launched that we will not get major info on updates until a release month has been announced by the team. Reason #3 Developer Needs: Believe it or not, the developers are working hard to work on the updates that we wait many months for. As mentioned in Reason #1 this becomes an issue as they need to prioritize game development over communication with the community. There weeks are filled with constant work, meetings, playtesting, team coordination and lots of 1:1's. As Mike (Community Manager alongside Dakota for KSP2) stated: "I want what we communicate to be accurate. I'm not worried about super polished communications I want to make sure we meet with honesty and clear expectations". Mike also went onto state "We don't want to take any steps backwards with any updates". These quotes go to address the state with communication and they need to make sure that the community actually gains information that hasn't been shown before. For the example of colonies, this would be sharing new information which hasn't been shown in previous communication. Document made by @The Space Peacock, which addresses all the information we have on colonies in the current moment. All the quote stated by Mike show that all the information shown is more or less accurate to current development for colonies. What Can We Do?: This is the reason I made this post was to address these concerns and the community opinion of communication and how to create ideas that: Address the concerns mentioned and any others I may have missed, that account for developer time and community needs. Provide useful recommendations to the dev team so we will improve: communications, trust and content in the downtime of the updates. As well as providing information that is new and informative to the community without taking much of the developers time. I made this post to concentrate ideas and opinions on how to improve communication to the community which takes into consideration both devs and community. SO LIST YOUR IDEAS BELOW AND WHAT YOU THINK CAN BE IMPROVED! Any changes that need to be done to this or personal suggestions please reach out to me on discord at: ChadDude on the Intercept Games Discord. - ChadDude (on discord and forums)
  4. This is amazing work Greg as always! Now we just need to see what's been changed or more info on these subjects hopefully soon.
  5. I really appreciate the info but especially with the last KERB with you stating "We will be sharing more things relating to colonies", and only getting small leaks over a period of 4 months that share almost no info regarding colonies is what truly are upset about. I really hope we get more info in the next week/two because the silence is still not justified even long periods of developments. Even small tid-bits of info would be appreicated when you pop up in the discord channels. All respect to the team, I just believe the community really really wants the info regarding colonies that has been promised.
  6. Im hoping that the Kerb moving into monthly then bi-weekly will not result in the loss of communication between the developers and the community. Im hoping that what you say about more news for colonies coming sooner then later as we will still expect similar levels of transparency.
  7. Well done team glad to see the progress being made! Cant wait for future updates as we progress through the road map
  8. Great to see the update on the forums! @Dakota, is it possible that we will see updates to see how the bug reports work? Maybe getting more information on the bugs?
  9. As of today at 11am my time, the bug was fixed along with some classification from Dakota how it happened on the discord server for Intercept Games. "from my understanding, writing the value to the registry was a step in a very old debugging workflow that just stuck around until thankfully everyone noticed it"
  10. I'm a huge KSP & KSP2 fan, been playing since February and I've gotten hooked onto the game super easily. I don't know what else to say other then the fact that I'm a Canadian but ask me questions or anything.. but im glad to be here! Also im on the Intercept Games discord, so if you ever want to discuss KSP & KSP2 or anything find me there with the same username as on here! Cheers Bud, ChadDude
  11. Eyyy it feels really good for my mission to be acknowledged here! Took me a while but that shot was worth it! Love the other submissions on here!
  12. Definitely something that has to be fixed, never needed the AN and DN but would be nice if it got fixed.
  13. Yoo thats amazing, congrats the the artist!
  14. Glad to see more questions Ness! Personally love your robot-laika!
  15. Interesting point to bring up, definitely something the KSP2 team would take a while to develop but it seems like a more investor thing to be decided, not the community.
  16. I think we gotta get more specific then changing the file value
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