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  1. My username change and all my posts since September of last year have been deleted. Huh.
  2. I'm just about incapable of getting to any of the planets, so I've been satisfying myself with IVAs until I can figure it out. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  3. I'm just about incapable of getting to any of the planets, so I've been satisfying myself with IVAs until I can figure it out. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  4. They have an extremely high efficiency in space. The idea is that they make complicated, fuel-intensive maneuvers easier than doing them with normal engines.
  5. Here's a decent feature list for you, I might've missed a few things: • Spaceplane Hangar • Runway • Spaceplane Parts • Patched Conics • Minmus • EVAs • New scaled-up parts Future (.17) Features: • A ton of new planets, each with their own moons • IVAs • New skybox • Better sun • Hidden features?
  6. Of course, all this discounts any sort of new part that the devs add. They know that a majority of the people who play don't know all the math and timing involved in getting a new planet, so it's reasonable to infer that there'll be some sort of ion engine or solar sail of some sort, or at least a really-efficient engine of some sort for space travel.
  7. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but for some reason I expected Ike to be nearly the same size as Duna. I don't know, maybe I just haven't seen enough pictures.
  8. Disclaimer: You can ignore this semi-rant if you don't know/care about the KSP RP. This has been a bit of a recurring problem on the RP site with MedwedianPresident. First of all, this is not an RP forum. Keep the two separate. Second, Ascensiam and Charzy have both said in the RP forums that you DID NOT invent the first plane, nor did they land on the so-called Mount Louis Lee, nor is it any time period past 1945, nor is there a MASA, nor is the mountain in your territory, nor should you be dragging this into the normal forums.
  9. Still hoping for an inclusion of the orbit-debug thing in the debug menu in-game. Seeing as my main method of transport will be getting into a solar orbit with a chance to intersect any planet and waiting, it'd be nice to just teleport, say, a lander prototype into a 100KM orbit around the planet and test it from there.
  10. I may or may not have decoupled the capsule from the KSP and rolled it over there :3 EDIT:
  11. Was that... Was that supposed to be another joke?
  12. "Houston... We have a problem." The moral of the story, kids, is to never lower your periapsis below 1,000 meters while in solar orbit. On the bright side, I've built a rocket that can get me to pretty much any planet with ease.
  13. So, is there any way to have a satellite that can send signals to unmanned vessels without having a crew itself?
  14. IVAs might cause some problems with the capsules, though.
  15. I wonder if the 'set ship orbit' thing will be included in the game as a debug option; it would help a ton for putting huge space stations up in the air. We already have a debug panel with infinite fuel, infinite RCS, no crash damage, et cetera, so why not?
  16. I seem to be having a problem. Basically, I'm entirely new to the whole comsat idea, so just to test it out I built a little design with an omnidirectional antenna and put it in orbit. To see if it worked, I added a controllable module to the stage before it, which ends up orbiting pretty much right next to the comsat. I assumed that the newly-made debris would pick up the signal from the comsat it detached and I'd be able to control and deorbit it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The remote-controlled part says something like 'No RC signal' and the actual satellite says the same thing, and neither are controllable. Here's a pic:
  17. IVAs! Hooray! *Throws confetti into the air* We should have minmus-flavored ice cream to celebrate!
  18. Okay, I tried everything you said, and here's the end result...
  19. I have an ASAS up top and fins on the sides, I'll try the RCS though. Thanks for the advice.
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