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  1. Mine celebrate their holidays with a nice, low thrust output SRB instead of a fireplace. Makes for an interesting challenge for Santa!
  2. My understanding was that the content of this toggle will be exactly the same as the current implementation of the First Time User Experience toggle in KSP2. Not related in any way to anything in KSP1 Though on review, I see that the FTUE does in fact include at least an introductory video which would not intuitively be covered by a label of "tooltips". Wording goodly is hard!
  3. Exactly, I mean, since what it literally provides is small tooltips as you play the game, I can't imagine a more apt descriptor than that
  4. Or maybe "enable tutorial tips" to make sure it's differentiated from the tutorial system in the training center
  5. What perfect timing! Environments look nice, I wonder if they've finally fixed the over-glare of the sun on planetary surfaces as I've not seen too much of it in recent screenshots
  6. Well, if the specifics of why it happened are because of an innate struggle that the development team faces, it'd help to know if we can expect to see those same kinds of troubles in the future. We're trying to learn how to temper future expectations by understanding how things have worked in the past, is the way I see it
  7. I know I threw the whole folder in, but just for future bug reporting reference is there anything else that I you'd want included in a report? Big shout-out to linuxgurugamer, the bug package mod is super handy
  8. Overall, it's great to see how both the graphics and performance have improved considerably. The only gripes I still have with the way the game looks, is the oversaturation and shininess of terrain, and the blockiness of coastlines on at least Kerbin at certain altitudes. If those were fixed so that I'm not blinded every time I look at the horizon, that would be incredible!
  9. I agree! Honestly, PAM is in need of a cleanup in general. ANYTHING that has no actual use in the PAM shouldn't be clogging up space, because as it stands right now the system is very cluttered with unhelpful things
  10. What altitude were you at when you hit this invisible wall? I know around launch there were pretty rough physics kicks/wonkiness at around 20km, but I've not heard of something like that happening much recently
  11. Oh yeah, that's actually a big one in my mind that I can't believe I'd forgotten to mention before. There's been no word at all, as far as I know, these past months about the status of any kind of IVA system being worked on!
  12. I have to agree with you here, honestly. It's felt very nice getting closer and closer to a point where the game was more enjoyable than frustrating, and if we got two more updates that fixed as many super irritating, long-standing issues as 1.4 and 1.5 have I'd definitely say we'd be ready to throw another mess of additional bugs into the mix. As it stands, I wager it's gonna feel like a bit of a smorgasbord of old and new problems
  13. I agree about the frustration with right clicking fuel tanks. Right now it doesn't even show you ANY info about the tank in the PAM. It would make more sense to me if the PAM could show the individual fuel tank level, and then also link to the resource management panel so you can use the system as they intend.
  14. Just want to chime in that I still experience this bug as well, it's very frequent and makes landings very frustrating! Probably number 3 on my list of annoying bugs since EA launch
  15. Honestly, I'd consider it an uncommon enough occurrence even in multiplayer, I wouldn't miss having it much. I guess that puts me in camp 3!
  16. The way it works, it kinda uses the camera position as the external observer you mention. So if you're close to the speed of sound (or I've also heard it when well over the speed of sound during reentry, I'm unsure exactly how that works) and you rotate the camera from being in front of your velocity vector to behind it, you hear a boom as you rotate past that plane of transition. Also, when you're in excess of the speed of sound there's a notable muting of sound effects. I don't think it's always super realistic in this regard, but it shows your point, that it's hard to find a way to represent the phenomenon that isn't just a little janky
  17. Rocket sound enhancement mod for KSP1 has sonic booms based on camera position, which kinda works. It gets a bit awkward if you spin your camera around the craft and are bombarded with constant booms, however
  18. Interesting, you're still running into that? I've seen a lot of improvement in all the areas I used to get decay in. Maybe throw down a bug report with your save file if you get a minute or two Also, they did explicitly mention there were still some instances where it occurred, so even they never said decay was completely fixed
  19. Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home | CPU: Intel Core I7-10700K 3.8GHz | GPU: NVIDIEA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti | RAM: 64 gb I believe this occurred after separation of solid boosters for this vessel's first stage. Vessel is in a landed state while in orbit. This removes visibility of trajectory lines, as well as allowing recovery of the vessel while in flight. I know this bug has occurred for several versions but I do not recall if it's been marked as fixed in the past Included Attachments: Incorrectlandedstate_logs.zip .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  20. I mean, in my mind, if we're talking Kerbals with their eyes and minds always locked to the skies... they're not gonna be interested in Kerbin's oceans so much, definitely at least not right away. Being in tier 4 probably puts it in the kind of area where you'd be exploring other atmospheric bodies with water, and wanting to discover what's down there! You may want to imagine that they have their own ocean exploration programs not necessarily related to the KSP. Even though I know surely people will want to be using aquatic gear to explore Kerbin eventually
  21. Well! I'm very much liking the 0.1.5 changes so far. I'm happy to say it hasn't turned me away quickly in frustration, as I have in some previous patches, when there were bugs that were sticking points for me that remained unresolved. I know not all of them have been, but the addition of at least SOME content ( I consider the cloud and atmosphere changes pretty close to a content change. And also there's grid fins but I've yet to use em) has me wanting to explore the limits of my patience for the game again! I don't mean that negatively, I mean that in the sense of "let's see how much enjoyment I can get out of it now."
  22. Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit | CPU: Intel Core I7-10700K 3.8GHz | GPU: NVIDIEA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti | RAM: 64gb Steps to reproduce: 1. Start fresh campaign 2. Launch the stock small plane (aeris?) from runway 1 3. Revert to VAB You'll find that reverting the flight in this manner does not remove the stock craft from the runway, forcing you to recover it or launch from the second runway. Discovered after it somehow activated its engine and I was perplexed to find I had a buddy accompanying me on takeoff from the second runway! Included Attachments: RevertFail_logs.zip .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  23. This is exactly how I've felt ever since the new archiving system got put in. It puts a lot of impetus of work onto users who are donating their time to try to make a game they care about that much better!
  24. Was definitely not expecting the midweek drop! Eager to test this one out
  25. Ahh, I hadn't seen either of those posts! Was there some kinda interview I missed or was this Nate just randomly popping in
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