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  1. The prospect of official multiplayer is quite exciting, would love to play with my partner.
  2. Thanks, writing this was great fun.
  3. KSC releases report of hopeful exoplanet. Yesterday at 4:26pm scientists working at the KSC’s Tracking Station discovered a star system with a total of nine eight planets. Of the nine eight only one appears to be habitable. This planet is located in what is called the ‘Koldilocks Zone’, an area around a star which has the highest potential to harbour life. The planet appears to be approximately eleven times the size of Kerbin. We spoke to Wernher Von Kerman and he said “This is among the most promising planets that we have found so far. I am very excited about this one as it is by far the most likely to actually harbour some sort of intelligent life.” In the same system scientists have also taken note of a gas giant with a bright red circle on the surface. This circle has been nicknamed ‘The Red Spot’ and is yet to be understood as to what causes this strange phenomenon. Astronomers have not given these newly discovered planets names yet but are willing to listen to suggestions from the public. Players of the popular video game ‘Human Space Program’ have noted the striking resemblance between the planets in this system and the planets featured inside the game. As such names such as ‘Earth’, ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter’ have been suggested among many others. We asked some of the employees at Squid, the company that created the video game, what they thought about this. "It would be really cool to have these planets named after our game but it hasn't really got the global influence to justify it." said one of their Community Managers, Dabie. "Would each language get a localised translation?" asked TriggerTau, a developer at Squid. The clearest obtainable image of the new exoplanet. - Greg Kerman, Science Correspondent
  4. Awwww man this looks sooo good! Your doing God's work Eskandare.
  5. I'm attempting to make some basic rover wheels and for some reason they are flipped towards the inside and they don't move the wheels just spin on the spot. Below is an imgur album showing what it looks like in game and what my hierarchy is in Unity. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Are there any tutorials or guides as to how the new wheels should be setup for 1.1.x?
  7. If possible could my name be changed to Cpone. If not just making the C a capital would be nice.
  8. Weird when I made the SVG the corner looked fine. FIXED!
  9. I've got one just give me a few and I'll upload it somewhere. Here you go!
  10. I saw that you still use the old KerbalStuff logo so i attempted to design one for the new website. Image is 1024x1024. Don't want to annoy mobile users.
  11. I have an idea of what you could do about the mod thing you could add like tick boxes for all the major popular mods like kethane or mechjeb and then there could be an other: tick box where you type in ones not on the tick list.
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