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  1. I have a question. Tried searching for it but couldn't find it. Since kerbalism disables and replaces stock Kerbnet, is there a way to hide the communications lines when I don't care? they really clutter up the scene and i'd like to be able to show/hide them as necessary.
  2. Is there a way to surface-attach winches while on EVA? I mean the root structure, not the connector or the cable. When I try to have a kerbal attach it, it says it does not support surface attach, but I can attach them just fine in the VAB
  3. What did you tweak in the config to make the yaw control work?
  4. Thank you! The information in the OP is there but it's mostly numbers and I'm just starting out. It's all very complicated! I have a few more questions What is reactor embrittlement? How does it affect reactor functioning? What is the difference between the two tokamak reactors? Does the integrated direct energy converter on the larger tokamak mean that if the reactor is being used for beamed power, no additional generators are needed, or do i still need charged particle/thermal generators?
  5. Noob question: What causes the difference in "current power" and "max power" seen here? Also, I'm kinda confused by the different fusion modes and reactor types. What advantages and disadvantages do they have?
  6. Hey dude, I love this mod. It makes my game absolutely gorgeous! But i have a problem. I am getting terrible FPS on Laythe (around 9 to 10 fps with a small craft of just capsule, inline service module and some science parts). My FPS on kerbin is fine, so I don't think it's an issue with my computer. When I remove the mod I get 45-55 FPS easy. Any ideas? I think it may have something to do with the volumetric clouds (they seem really low to the ground on laythe) but I can't be sure.
  7. Oh I thought the turbojet could function in vacuum as well. Is that the ramjet?
  8. Hi! I've recently started using this mod and it's pretty daunting, but I'm slowly figuring stuff out I want to use the omega fusion reactor to power a thermal turbojet, but I am not getting any thrust. Here's a picture of my craft and all relevant windows open Any idea what's happening?
  9. What does dish multitargeting mean, practically? How would that work?
  10. I think it has to be .png, but i'm not sure.
  11. Use Paint or GIMP or some other editiing program to crop or otherwise resize your flag to 256x160, then put it in [kspdirectory]\GameData\Squad\Flags
  12. I'm not doing simple resizes, sorry.
  13. Hey, so there's a bigger demand than i thought. Thanks KinkyFerrets for meeting that demand. I'll try to do my best with future requests. If you want to make your own flags, i recommend using inkscape. it's a vector art program that's pretty simple to use. using vectors instead of rasters allows for unlimited resizing and ultimate smoothness. read this for ideas of what flags i do will consist of. I won't be doing too much text unless absolutely necessary. symbolic images are better. I've added some guidelines to the OP. Also, i think i ought to come up with a better way to collect requests.
  14. MinerEdger DerekL1963 rexrex600
  15. Here's imperial and rebel flags resized properly ________________________________ ________________________________
  16. First three done KinkyFerrets Brenzo dharak1 Two variations
  17. (if this is in the wrong subforum, i apologize) I recently began designing flags according to vexillogical principles and simplicity of design and love it. I'd love to design flags for other peoples' space programs. Samplings of my work; Kerbal's Republic of Moho Federated Republic of Eve________Merchant Republic of Gilly_________United Federation of Eve and Gilly Kerbin___________________________Mun____________________________Minmus Commonwealth of the Kerbin System Duna Just provide me with some idea of how you want the flag to look. EDIT: 5/23 Since there's been a lot of demand, i am going to cut down on my workload by imposing a few guidelines 1. No text 2. No resizes 3. No recolors of existing flags
  18. Nice flag! To import it, simply put it in GameData\Squad\Flags in your main KSP directory
  19. Flags so far: Kerbal's Republic of Moho Federated Republic of Eve Merchant Republic of Gilly United Federation of Eve and Gilly Kerbin Mun Minmus Commonwealth of the Kerbin System
  20. Flags for the first 3 bodies in the system: Kerbal's Republic of Moho Federation of Eve Gillian League United Federation of Eve and Gilly
  21. It's so amazing. Where there's one rocky planet, there's bound to be more.
  22. Yep! 10m fairings for major cargo. Designed to hurl interplanetary rockets into heliocentric orbits with minimal lag.
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