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  1. Nah, I exclusively build rockets. Never once built a SSTO and I can count the number of times I've built a plane on my hand. While KSP1 has more gameplay, I find myself currently enjoying KSP2 more as a whole despite that there is less features in this game than the original.
  2. I typically stick with more conventional paint colors. Like an orange core stage with the rest being white, or a starship style bare metal scheme. On one of my rockets, I did draw inspiration from the Delta II's paint. I like it, if nothing else to make my rockets look even more realistic to IRL ones.
  3. Honestly? KSP2's entire experience ruined KSP1 for me and that's due to one reason: The sound design of the rockets (Which no mod comes close to KSP2's) and the music. The music keeps me with KSP2. And sure, there's plenty of other things going on: The new UI aesthetic is great. I love it. Still debating my feeling on the parts manager, though. The facelifted parts? Sure, they're great on a modded KSP1, but they look even better on KSP2. Same with the rocket plumes. The overhauled planets. Again, modded KSP2 looks good, and when it comes to surface scatter, Parallax beats out KSP2. However, each planet has more distinct features and they're a bit more unique. I still get a kick out of it every time I land on the Mun or Minmus. Honestly, it's the overall feeling and experience that KSP2 offers that, in my opinion, blows the original title out of the water. Yes, it has some serious issues but they can be worked around. Not going to lie... 8 fps launches reminds me of the good ol days of KSP1 during 0.20. When I tried going back to KSP1, I just couldn't enjoy it as much. KSP2 has ruined KSP1 for me, now that's not to say I don't love the original KSP. But now, I think it'll sit in my library forever now. Maybe I'll come back to it, maybe I won't, but I'm happy that I got to experience the original game.
  4. I overall enjoy the new UI. It's clean. However, I would personally prefer if we were able to set a global scale for the UI as I'd probably make things a little smaller, but that's just me. My only thing so far is that I don't know if I like or dislike the new parts manager.
  5. I hope that the modability of KSP 2 is even better than KSP 1, so if someone chooses to overhaul how physics works via a mod, they could.
  6. R7-3700x 32gb 3200mhz RAM KSP2 installed on an NVMe SSD Vega 64 GPU When I am looking at planets, I get about 5 FPS on the lowest settings. If I look straight in there air, about 30fps. When I'm in the VAB it generally sits around 60fps
  7. I.) The sound design is overall phenomenal. I cannot wait for the upcoming parts releases. II.) SOI Visualization is very clear and was always something I wished to see in the first kerbal space program III.) The graphics fidelity is absolutely gorgeous, when optimizations roll through, I'd love to experience Eve, Duna and Eeloo first-hand. IV.) Overall, the UI aesthetics is great. I feel like there could be an option for it to be more condensed, but that's just me. V.) Being able to paint your rockets any color! This is absolutely awesome as it will allow me to make my rockets even more realistically colored or tailored to whatever I'd like. I hope the devs will implement decals into the game just like the decal mod for KSP1. That's all I got for now. I personally have to wait until they optimize the game when looking at the ground. But I look forward to the future!
  8. Maybe I can get some more playable FPS if I update my drivers and reduce the resolution from 1440p to 1080p, but somehow, I feel like it wouldn't change it enough for it to be bearable gameplay. Thanks! I try to keep in mind that modern game development is actually quite difficult and time consuming. Plus, there's no point on constantly bashing on the developers; more helpful to them to lay down respectful critisisms. And I agree with the tutorials, I'd watch them, but I don't like the voice all too much. I get that it's supposed to be welcoming, simple and easy but I find it hard for me to tolerate. Some may like it, others may not. If I need any tutorials, I guess I'll have to rely on good ol Scott Manley!
  9. It is a shame that the performance is quite poor, but the developers did state the game is far from ready. We're basically playing an Alpha game right now, which is why I'm not too jerked up about it. The original KSP faced similar performance issues in its own infancy.
  10. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! Let me start off by saying that this game has been a very long time coming. The first Kerbal Space Program was my first game I ever bought on the PC back in 2013 and has always captivated my interest in the cosmos. KSP2 has been on my watchlist since it had been officially been announced and now I am glad it's here. I only wish I could really enjoy it now. I could really only manage to play the game for roughly an hour as launching rockets completely tanks my FPS. Even while on the lowest settings, I can only achieve ~3-5 FPS when launching from Kerbin, in orbit of Kerbin (or in low orbit near any celestial body). Map view appears unaffected. If it was something like, 15-20 frames, that's doable enough for me, but alas, that is not the case. So, I have to wait longer, at least until the roll out some optimizations. Perhaps it has something do with render distances or something. I do feel the UI could use some refinement, particularly the parts selection. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel it takes up too much space and that icons are too big. For me, I prefer a more condensed UI, but others may like it. There was also the matter of camera manipulation. I felt it was a little... clunky? Perhaps I am just too used to the first KSP's controls. Now that I got the only bad thing out of the way, I'd like to get to what I do enjoy. The new sounds are fantastic, especially for the rockets. Their implementation of rocket booster noises from actual recorded footage is pretty much spot on. The fidelity of the game is gorgeous. Much to my GPU's suffering, I did max out the graphics to look at some of the views the game had to offer. Curse my old Vega 64! Moving on, the build menu is quite nice, I like the retro aesthetic to it and perhaps in the future, the UI can be customizable. The models themselves look fantastic and well made, and I very much look forward to the future content including their interstellar parts! I had managed to build a general design of the rocket and do a flyby of the Mun on my first launch (woo!) and it made me excited for what the developers have in store. Overall, I wish I can enjoy what KSP2 has to offer, even if it's less than KSP1, but until some optimizations come, I'll just have to keep track of the updates. That's my only issue with this game, that I can't really play it. That's just my thoughts regarding the day one release of this game, and I definitely look forward to its future. Thanks for taking the time to hear my little thoughts and rant, fly safe out there!
  11. Howdy, Victorsierra! I can pass on some ideas for models! Personally, I'm all about the parts on the unmanned rovers and landers. I'd love to see some nice models for rover wheels and/or suspension based off of Sojourner, Spirit/Opportunity, and Perseverance/Curiosity rovers! Along with the Chemcam and the cameras found on landers like Pathfinder. I feel like we need more parts based on IRL rovers and mars landers. Best of luck to you on your 3D modeling ventures!
  12. Hey, man! Thanks for the suggestions! As for the mods you're currently updating, that's awesome! I do love my little robotic friends I'll keep tabs on your progress for Rover Pack and Chop Shop!
  13. Big thanks, friend! I completely overlooked these mods.
  14. Hey, fellow KSP'ers! I'm looking for mods that add parts based on IRL landers and rovers. More specifically, unmanned rovers and landers. I have a few installed, but none of them have things like a proper Mast or the wheels that rovers like Perseverance and Curiosity used. I don't know if such mods exist that are up to date and I've done some basic google searching but I mainly get posts from 2016 or links to threads that no longer exist. I'd also would love to know if there's a working or up to date mod that uses airbags as a method of landing, like Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity. I also could have very easily missed or overlooked any mods/modpacks that provide these. Thanks for help, friends!
  15. The is what the error log says: Error occurred at 2015-12-24_100132. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe, run by Nikolai. 77% memory in use. 0 MB physical memory [1712 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [1628 MB free]. 0 MB user address space [81 MB free]. Write to location 00400000 caused an access violation. Not exactly sure what's up here...
  16. I highly doubt it's a memory issue, because I remember when I used to run twice as many mods than I do right now. Here is my list of mods: 000_FilterExtensions 000_Toolbar ActiveTextureManagement [Aggressive] BahaSP Chatterer Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree CrossFeedEnabler DMagicOrbitalScience FASA (Some parts deleted) InterstellarFuelSwitch JSI Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Near Future Electrical Near Future Propulsion RCS Sounds Remote tech TweakScale WarpPlugin Modulemanager 2.6.13.dlll Module Manager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager.Physics ModuleManager.TechTree I know this a rather large list, but I didn't want to leave anything out. I did have many more mods but I deleted them, they did nothing to reduce or increase the frequency of the crashes.
  17. See? I don't know too much I thought an I7 was good but now I know it is not.
  18. I'm not a computer expert, but I know a little bit. I've compared some of the system specs; The Alienware is better. However, if you're willing to pay 800$, then just use that money to build a gaming PC. Trust me, it would perform better than any Alienware on the market, because with Alienware, you're only paying for the name. I can't exactly help you when it comes to building PC's but I do know that you should definitely get an Intel CPU, maybe an I7. As far as graphics cards go, the GTX 950 is probably a very good bet. I don't think you'll need anything bigger than a 700-800watt Power Supply. I have no idea what motherboard you should get, so I'll leave that for the Computer Geeks here. 8gb of RAM is enough but a 16gb wouldn't hurt along with maybe a 1 Terrabyte memory. I am sure someone will either agree with me or disagree. Either way, I am not a computer geek. I hope I've somewhat helped.
  19. Well, considerng how long it takes for SQUAD to release an update, I'd say that's great progress.
  20. Oh man, this is some really sweet stuff. Really makes me want to finally blow the dust off of KSP and starting building stuff.
  21. I haven't been on the forums for about a year now, I think I can say that I am back for the time being. I see the forum layout has had a bit of an overhaul. Looks quite good. I can't wait to dive into some more KSP, I haven't touched it since the 1.0 update.
  22. "I know for a fact Germany won ww2..." How... what... Huh?
  23. I've seen this on on some other forums and I will post it here. Basically someone posts a song, you rate it on a scale of 1 - 10, a small opinion on it, then post your song I'll go:
  24. Yes, I wish for someone to make a mod out of this.
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