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  1. Hmm, you'll need to be more specific about the hardware; there's a few different variants of macbook pro for any given year. Could be related to http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/12808 , but I'd try asking in the tech support forum. Be sure to include log files and such; there're stickied topics with the information on how to get those.
  2. http://imgur.com/a/GowQA this lab part? Sounds like a graphics driver problem. Which platform, what graphics hardware?
  3. "line-y"? A screenshot would probably be clearer.
  4. Try pressing F4. that toggles those markers.
  5. Open the properties window for KSP, then do this: Dunno if the disclaimer(s) still apply in 1.1+ though; I don't need to use this on my system.
  6. Okay, so update for my earlier post on the pre-release: most of the wheel issues seem to be fixed (though not all of them yet), hooray!. Some (but again not all) of the issues with fairings are also fixed. Nice work @SQUAD.
  7. With the current state of build 1196, this is simply not true. It looks like an update is on the way, but the problems with fairings are not included in the roadmap for the current next pre-release, so those are unlikely to be fixed by it. Wheels in 1196 cause spontaneous disassembly of planes, jittering while sitting on the runway (much worse in physics warp), and several other issues. Fairings currently do not shield their payloads, have issues with their colliders, and can make it impossible to launch craft if you forget to build them (as well as break the size calculation). The state of updates before 1.0 isn't really important either; it was an alpha or beta at the time (depending on the particular release). None of the 1.0.x versions were even close to this bad on launch (though 1.0.0 was pretty rocky, admittedly). But that's enough negative stuff. This is the hype thread . Pre-release update and/or devnote hype?
  8. Psst. F9 is the one that loads. Which is a lovely coincidence I think . Also.... WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  9. We have quicksave.sfs/persistent.sfs backups now, in the Backup folder Also, pre-release update HYPE! (assuming the pattern holds)
  10. Damn it. Nah, that pre-dates my usage of it. How about "Anquietas314" then? I generally use that as a fallback on the handful of things where Anquietas is taken.
  11. I'd like to request my username be changed to "Anquietas" (without the quotes). In my case my current username (armagheddonsgw for posterity) is one I made something like 10-15 years ago, The misspelling was deliberate (correct spelling already taken on whatever the original thing was) but eventually I got sick of being called on it and changed it to Anquietas a few years back (2013 I think).
  12. Your jokes are badS and you should feel badS . I'll see myself out.
  13. Tiny things being stuff like this that doesn't really affect gameplay much if at all: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/8287 (most people don't really spend enough time in the menu to notice, or play the tutorials for that matter). http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/8286 http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/8116 I have seen a lot of similar things waiting to be confirmed too, including some of mine. Those were just the first 3 in the "confirmed" category I could find. Though granted, it detracts from the feeling of the game being polished when you notice these kinds of things.
  14. Quite a few of those are tiny issues that barely matter though. On the other hand there's several serious issues that haven't been confirmed yet, or "Need More Info", or similar, so I guess it could go either way. Plus Squad don't need to fix everything to get it "good enough" for release. We're up to ~2000 open issues (as of the time of writing this) between the main bug tracker and the pre-release one. Even if you assume 75% of those aren't really bugs, or duplicates, or similar (generous imho), there's no way that'll all be fixed in ~10 days time
  15. Soon™ and/or Forthwith™! Serious answer: it's supposed to be about 2 weeks after the pre-release started. so something like 9-10 days? Depends on how buggy it is at the end of that I guess though.
  16. Heh, I wish. I did report one bug that was in Danny's 1.1 video and not on the tracker though. (the bit where a kerbal spazzed out on collision with the wheels - it happens in other situations with no wheels at all). Not fixed yet afaik though
  17. Those don't even work with 1.1. Pink screen funtimes for all. . There's a PSA thread in the 1.1 forum about if you want to read it. Pretty sure whether or not those hurt performance in 1.0.5 depends on your hardware though.
  18. Oh... don't be silly, that's the devs' jobs . Yours is to tell them what's broken, how it's broken, and give them the logs and such* that'll help them figure out why it's broken (and how to fix it). The logs alone might be enough a lot of the time to be honest; stack traces can be invaluable for helping you figure out why something is broken (and KSP swallows a lot of its exceptions so those appear in the logs for more than just crashes). Plus, if you don't report a bug, unless someone else sees the same thing and reports it, that definitely isn't getting fixed unless by some miracle it gets noticed in a code audit (very unlikely in a project this large). * things like reproduction steps, screenshots, videos showing what triggers a bug, etc.
  19. What, did you think the pre-release was going to be one version we screwed around with for 2 weeks? That's not how proper beta testing works . Every time people find bugs, those need to be fixed (eventually), and then the fixes need to be tested.... and if they don't work then new fixes need to be tried, etc, and sometimes those fixes will solve that problem but break other things, potentially very badly (probably what happened with build 1180). Normally that's what would happen during experimentals, but since 1.1 is such an extensive update because of unity 5, there are all sorts of places obscure bugs could be hidden - far too many for the experimentals testers to find them all in any reasonable amount of time. Which is where we come in: the more people screwing around with the pre-release, the better the odds of finding the really obscure game-breaking bugs, and finding them quickly. AKA Linus's law: "Many eyes make all bugs shallow". Plus mod makers get a chance to update early in time for full release. On the other hand you also get a lot of badly written bug reports that are in no way helpful to finding or solving the problem, as well as lots of people reporting the same issue over and over again, sometimes even after it's already fixed, etc. That last part being the main reason Squad don't do this regularly. Back on topic: finding (and verifying) all the weird little bugs is proving to be great fun . I can hardly wait until the pre-release is over and all the mods get updated. ALL OF THEM.
  20. The main reason for that is 64 bit support on windows (assuming you're using windows). the KSP_Data folder is rather large, and it has a 64 bit counter part that seems to replicate all of the contents (KSP_x64_Data). That seems a hell of a lot for executable binaries (should be the only thing that needs to be duplicated), but maybe there's a reason for it. EDIT: Seems to be mostly assets. AFAIK those shouldn't need to be duplicated; meshes and textures and probably audio shouldn't be any different. Maybe just one of the quirks of unity? TL;DR: file size difference doesn't really show anything about the work that's gone into 1.1. (but the fact that it's now using unity 5 does )
  21. Nice! How did you make the text on the side though? Wait.... are those drogue chutes?
  22. In fairness, it's not exactly difficult to break a game that's still in beta testing - that is kind of the point - and Danny specializes in breaking the game . I've certainly seen (and reported) my fair share of bugs. No crashes yet though, not counting replicating other people's bugs . But yeah, Danny's stuff is always fun .
  23. It'll probably happen on its own as full release draws nearer - maybe after the next devnote tuesday? That should be an interesting read going by the bug tracker. In the meantime, MOAR HYPE!!!
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