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King of the Hill


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I found an old save file from January 8th, at page 277:

On 1/8/2022 at 2:29 PM, Nazalassa said:

I perform a topological inversion on the world, and there's now a single island with a single hill on it in the middle of an infinite sea with infinite depth (yes I like it :) ).

Then I save the game and edit persistent.sfs so the following parameters can't be changed:







And I delete all the save files other than persistent.sfs, which I burn on the hard disk of the computer. No one can undo this, because I emptied the trash before leaving.

My island-hill, alone on the sea

This I restore.

My island-hill, alone on the sea

P.S: Due to compatibility problems between KSP alpha and KSP 1.12.2, the 6 previous posts are unable to be loaded, and thus ignored by the logic universe machine. That's the machine's fault. All is the machine's fault.

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Kolvir is in the universe of Nine Princes in Amber, from Roger Zelazny.

But as you know, Amber is ruled by Random, and a royal decree says that Kolvir is not a place that can be colonized. Corwin confirms.

Thus, I'll locate the mountain to the Crystal Valley, near (sort of) the mighty city of Aeliae, on Armyllia.

Be careful: Nyx (gnome wizard) and Nyélus (chondritae dragon wizard) don't like being disturbed in their magical experiments.

They have a very high level in terms of magic and therefore can't be killed by rocketry or similar Kerbal ways, since they know the way to control them. There's no way to escape if you try. But they are pleasant folk when you're friendly.



The Aeliaean folk is mostly wizards, and the Kerbals decided to go away because of their fear of magic. They are on their way to another place…

After leaving Armyllia, our poor Kerbals decided to settle to a small celestial body, yellow-orange with lotsa hills. Evidence was brought that the body was Pol after they found an old lander, with a probe labeled "Probodobodyne Inc., XC-237 -> Pol".

Now, they enjoy Pol and signed a treaty that said that, as long as Kerbalkind exists, Pol was a sacred place. Harming Jool's little moon would lead to death, or at least permanent exile or banning, because Pol's many Hills were a treasure to protect.

Lots of Hills on Pol

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