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Boy Scouts of America - Compilation


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11 minutes ago, Spaceception said:

Really? Why aren't you a scout anymore? Aged out, or quit?

After a few years in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts eventually wore out on me, and I realized it wasn't my thing.

Yeah, it's been a LONG while since I was in any scouts.

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21 hours ago, ProtoJeb21 said:

After a few years in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts eventually wore out on me, and I realized it wasn't my thing.

That's OK. When I was SPL, I had some experience with a bunch of boys who didn't want to be there. It made their experience bad, and it brought the rest of the troop down, too. IMO, the BSA is only for kids that want to be in it.

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Just now, munlander1 said:

@Dman979 what did you think about being spl?

It was hard. I couldn't have done it as a Senior.

At the beginning, I didn't know what to do. I felt thrust into a position with little experience.

But I decided to pretend I knew what I was doing so everyone would trust me to do the job. And lo and behold, pretending to lead is a very good way to learn how to lead. I grew into the job, so at the end I felt confident in my abilities and I learned about what my limits are.

A quick hint- you don't have to do everything yourself. Know when someone else can do it better, and trust them to do the job. And know your own limits.

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Have an update on my life:

Both of my parents are currently unemployed, as am I. 

Both of my parents do not have a house or residence, and neither do I or my siblings.

My dad is again struggling with his Bipolar disorder.

I'm trying desperately to catch up in my online college courses, which is hard cause we're staying with my grandma who has no internet, so I have to go to my Aunt's house to use her internet to do school on my desktop. It's not going well.

You could say I'm being stretched a little thin here. Which isn't good considering I can already barely hold on 130lbs as an almost 19 year old guy.

I do sincerely apologize that my absence from this forums means there's been no updates to this thread, the Rep Grand Group, or my fan fiction either. This is my first post since last year, as it's pretty much the first time I've been here. I cannot say that I'll be on here again soon.

With the sincerest of apologies, I bid you all farewell until the next time I'm on here. Congratulations to those of you who became eagles since my last visit, and to those still working towards it I encourage you to stay with it. It will be worth it.

See you guys around. *poof*

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3 minutes ago, CornHuskerKenny said:

I went to Philmont last summer, which I definitely recommend.

Did you go Northcountry or Southcountry?


Also, it's now been about 2 years since I went to Philmont. IWGB2P!

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Just paste that into your signature box, and resize as needed. I also saved it to my hard drive, in case the site goes down. (It's not my troop's.)


I went Northcountry, but not quite into Valle Vidal. The furthest north we went was Dan Beard (great water there, best on the trip).

We went about 117, but part of that included walking around camp in the morning.

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10 hours ago, robopilot99 said:

I really need to update my status... I have aged out but I have fufilled the requirements for Eagle so my board of review will be January 2nd.

I think as long as you complete everything before you turn 18, you're still eligible, correct?  Been so long, I don't remember how that worked.  I know my brother skirted the edge.

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