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[1.8-1.12] Ferram Aerospace Research Continued: v0.16.0.5 "Mader" 03/04/22


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This is an unofficial continuation of Ferram Aerospace Research by @ferram4 updated to latest KSP version. The original thread can be found here.

New source code repository: https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research

All content now licensed under GPL v3.

From the original thread:

Update to version "Mader" (Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version)




Original Review:



Aerodynamic Failures:


Building a spaceplane and talking about editor GUI stuff:







  • Shape-Based, Vessel-Centered, Aerodynamics - Long, thin shapes drag less than wide, flat shapes, and smooth changes in body width reduce drag. The shape of the vessel as a whole, not individual parts, controls drag, so shape the vessel as you see fit.
  • Emergent Fairings and Cargo Bays - The voxel model method FAR uses allows for the actual shape of the vehicle to play a role in how lift and drag are applied. Build a hollow shell, and close it up, and everything inside it will be protected from the airflow as it should.
  • Wing Effects - Realistically adjusts lift based on wing position and configuration: wingtips lift less and drag more than wing roots.
  • Stall - Passing the critical angle of attack suddenly reduces lift and greatly increases drag. Can put planes into tailspins, flat spins, and cause crashes.
  • Mach Effects and Area Ruling - Lift and drag will vary as expected with Mach number. Supersonic planes will need to properly area rule themselves for optimum flight characteristics.
  • Body lift - All parts lift: a fast enough brick will fly, if not that well.



Get v0.16.0.5 "Mader" from Github!

Official FAR Craft Sharing Thread

Post your crafts there, not here, please.

Violators will have their posts moved by moderators, and will have everyone very annoyed with the additional workload for both moderators and me.

The FAR wiki at GitHub

The source at GitHub

Everything licensed under GNU GPL v3



Part.cfg changes powered by sarbian & ialdabaoth's ModuleManager plugin.

Interface with stock heating system and other mods interacting with the physics system powered by sarbian, Starwaster and ferram4 ModularFlightIntegrator

Toolbar powered by blizzy78's Toolbar plugin.


Copy the GameData and Ships folders into the KSP root directory and merge them with the existing GameData and Ships folders.

Make sure that you copy over everything in the GameData folder. Serious issues will occur unless this is done.


Spoiler "Mader"------------------------------------

Fix cfg syntax errors, thanks @HebaruSan #132
Sanitize vessel filenames, thanks @HebaruSan #131
FAR aerodynamic are now presets MM-configurable #130
_FARPartModule also recognizes ModuleRestockLaunchClamp, thanks @Gordon-Dry #129
Improve KSPWheel support for the toggle gear button, thanks @simmav #128
Fix crash due to log messages from voxelization worker threads "Mader"------------------------------------

Fixed NREs with potatoroids, thanks @simmav #127
Added massOverride to FARWingAerodynamicModel that fixes the module mass to the set value, with thanks to @StoneSmile #126 "Mader"------------------------------------

Updated version file for KSP 1.12 max
Fixed picking up fairing would invalidate voxelization until reopening VAB/SPH
Fixed aerodynamic simulations
Fixed navball displaying wrong speed after switching back and forth from IVA view #112
Fixed voxelization error when a part is placed in the editor but not attached to a ship "Mader"------------------------------------

Updated KSP version 1.11
Update to MFI 1.2.10

Added Dynamic Deflection for Control Surfaces Option #110, @Alioth81
Fixed Mk1pod.v2 voxelization by switching to mesh voxelization, colliders were missing top and bottom planes resulting in shell-only voxelization
Rotor blades are no longer voxelized
Reduced submerged lift and drag, multipliers are controlled by FARConfig/Settings/submerged[Drag|Lift]Multiplier with default value of 0.25
Renamed FARWind to FARAtmosphere and added overrides for gas properties "Mader"------------------------------------

Resized (again) toolbar icon to 64x64
All meshes in TransparentFX layer are ignored for voxelization, previously only visible non-skinned meshes had this check (f6a005d)
Improve async config loading and saving (9e67b32)
Enable debug voxels in flight mode (5560079) with:

@FARConfig:FINAL {
    @Voxelization {
        %debugInFlight = true
} "Mader"------------------------------------

Update to MM 4.1.4
Update to KSP 1.10

Added more config options (see FARConfig.cfg):

    Additional log messages can be enabled
    Log FAR flight variables to text file
    Debug voxels are now colored by part (customizable)
    Removed FARGUIColors.cfg and integrated it into FARConfig.cfg

Added new DLL FerramAerospaceResearch.Base.dll which is independent of KSP
Unchanged configs should no longer be saved to new files
Update Chinese localization (thanks @tinygrox, #88)
Workaround for KSPUpgradePipeline with removed stock control surface modules
Fix KSP resetting shielded state on decouple
Heating should now be closer (and higher) to stock values, KSP applies magic scaling to areas which made FAR calculated exposed areas significantly smaller than stock (can be reverted with MM patch)
Meshes used for voxelization are now displayed in log with debug FAR log level
Fix inconsistent voxelization when changing from VAB/SPH to Flight scene and reverting (#89)
Fix voxelization starting before part is set up in editor
Ignore launch clamps in editor simulations
Fix NRE with MechJeb on destruction (#93)
Resized stock button image to 36x36 px
Simulation buttons are now disabled while voxelization is active
Invisible meshes are ignored for voxelization by default "Mach"------------------------------------

Update to MM 4.1.3
Update to KSP 1.9

Removed CompatibilityChecker
Debug voxel mesh is now built as a single mesh, with possible submeshes. Choose between 16 (default) and 32 bit vertex indices from the Space Centre settings menu. (#86) "Mach"------------------------------------

Update to MM 4.1.0
Update to MFI

Update to KSP 1.8 (thanks @lukecologne)
Update shaders to Unity 2019.2
Update .NET to 4.8

InstallChecker now runs instantly instead of waiting for main menu "Mach"------------------------------------

Update to MM 4.0.3

Revert NaN stability derivatives if no stable AoA is found #75 (#81)
Fix #74 (#76, @parachutingturtle) "Mach"------------------------------------

Fix #72 (#73) "Mach"------------------------------------

Chute staging now works with stage lock (#68)
Fix German localization formatting (#70, @HebaruSan)
Greatly improve stable angle of attack solver in stability derivative calculation, now works for all cases where stable angle of attack exists and converges faster (#65)
Fix aerodynamic torque simulation and expose total aerodynamic force and torque through API (#22, @BenChung)
Shaders are now platform specific (#60)
Now really fixed ocassional NRE when cleaning up debug voxels (#59)
Fix unsubsribing correct method from GameEvents.onGUIEngineersReportDestroy in EditorGUI (#58)
Fix assymetrical voxelization on some Mk2/Mk3 adapters #56 (#57)
Cache some Unity properties for performance reasons (#53)
Fix Runge Kutta method in transient simulation (#50)
Fix part tinting not cleared after last tint option is disabled (#49) "Lundgren"------------------------------------

Fix config values reset on load in GeometryPartModule #47
Fix NRE spam on EVA #43 (#44) "Lundgren"------------------------------------

Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version

Recompiled for KSP 1.7

Fix principal axes in simulation and other bugfixes (#23, @Rodhern)
Fix voxelization of most stock engines (#39)
Voxelization correctly handles jettison transforms with part variants (#39)
Fix voxelization of InflatableHeatShield (#39)
Fixed voxelization of simple heat shields (#37)
Added additional nodes to GeometryPartModule (#37, #39, see PRs for more details). The new nodes should allow parts to be voxelized much closer to what is visible and handle animations better:

    ignoreTransform (string)
    ignoreIfNoRenderer (bool)
    unignoreTransform (string)
    rebuildOnAnimation (bool)

NRE fixes (#36):

    Trying to display debug voxels with no parts in the editor
    Occasional NRE when voxelizing vehicle (due to race conditions?)
    When force closing the game from the editor with debug voxels displayed

Voxelization respects part variant changes in the editor (#35)
Expose IAS and EAS used by FAR in FARAPI (#34)
Enable/disable FAR speed display on the navball from FARAPI (#33) "Lumley"------------------------------------

Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version

Update to MM 4.0.2

Fix skinned meshes having scale applied twice in voxelization (#30)
Fix new stock parts (#24, thanks @HSJasperism)
Greatly improved debug visual voxels framerate (#18, #29)
Enlarged debug voxel texture for higher fidelity (#18) "Lin"------------------------------------

Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version

Update for KSP 1.6
Update to MM 3.1.2
Update to MFI 1.2.6

Mainly a release for RO
Trying out enabling FAR for KSP 1.4-1.6

Much nicer looking anti-aliased line plots
Fix NRE when Trajectories tried to access simulation before the vessel was initialized
Changed icon to "FARc" to avoid confusion with the original FAR
Fix MM pass in a config that is only used on first start of FAR
Fix NRE when trying to save stability augmentation settings on closing KSP "Lighthill"------------------------------------

Update for KSP 1.5.1
Update to MM 3.1.0 for KSP 1.5.1
Update to MFI 1.2.5

Dealt with NullReferenceException when trying to access part colliders which do not have any (e.g. fuelLine)
Dealt with NullReferenceException when trying to determine if an engine has fairing which can be jettisoned by defaulting to no fairing
Added '[FAR]' tags to all log messages
Replaced farshaders.ksp with farassets.ksp which only contains a single material (source is in Assets)
Fixed curve colors in transonic design defaulting to purple
Moved asset bundle from shaders to Assets
Replaced icons with new ones (source is in icons, feel free to submit better ones)

Removed all All Rights Reserved files "Liepmann"------------------------------------

Update for KSP 1.3.1 (though not strictly necessary)
Update to MM 3.0.4 for KSP 1.3.1

Added ability to override structural stress values for aerodynamic failures on a per-part basis
Switch to applying forces through part.AddForce rather than rb.AddForce to allow Principia to handle gravity within atmospheres
Added functions to KSPAPI to check the status of any vessel's voxelization

Fix issues with all RealChuteLite chutes having the same exact drag properties
Fix RealChuteLite GUI not displaying any information
Remove unnecessary stock lifting body effects on pods

0.15.9V "Liebe"------------------------------------

Update for KSP 1.3
Update to MM 2.8.1

Include support for localization
Include German (by terorie), Russian (by pand5461), and Chinese (by Nigh) translations

Fix NaN errors with Trajectories
Fix some issues with identifying KSPWheel Adjustable Landing Gear as gear "Lewis"------------------------------------

Bugfix patch for KSP 1.2.2

Fix Flight GUI button activated/not activated being backwards
Don't revoxelize for several B9 and AJE animation modules to reduce lag, thanks blowfish
Fix game crashing when a vessel landed in water is loaded

0.15.8V "de Laval"------------------------------------

Compatibility for KSP 1.2.2 (finally)
Update to MFI 1.2.4
Update to MM 2.7.6

Lots of compatibility changes thanks to Alexander Abramov
Reduce memory use and garbage production in GUI thanks to soulsource and Virindi-AC

Fix GUI button multiplication
Fix stock drag arrows to be useful again
Fix voxelization errors with some intake parts
Fix FARAction group settings not saving
Fix landing gear main axis dtermination
Fix voxel errors with some stock parts

Made ignorable transforms for voxelization customizable via config "Lanchester"------------------------------------

Fix a serious bug in v0.15.7 and v0.15.7.1 where chutes would not provide any drag "Kutta"------------------------------------

Update to MFI 1.1.6 to fix an incompatibility with Kopernicus and the earlier version
Update CompatibilityChecker version
Update license

Fix an issue where voxels could be incredibly asymmetric on symmetric crafts

0.15.7V "Küchemann"------------------------------------

Update to ModuleManager 2.6.25
Update for KSP 1.1.3 compatibility

Implement higher resolution sub-voxel voxelization method
Allow switching between high and low res sub-voxel methods
Optimize voxel shell generation, particularly for high triangle count meshes
Increase the resistance to sideways aerostructural failures for many fuselage and rocket parts

Fix voxelization error that would lead to transparent mesh objects being voxelized
Fix voxelization errors that could lead to incomplete voxelization of some stock procedural fairing shapes "Knudsen"------------------------------------

Update to ModularFlightIntegrator 1.1.4
Fix a serious issue where wings would provide no forces and forces would be distributed incorrectly across vehicles
Fix an issue where wing symmetry counterparts would not have equal masses
Fix non-zero convective heat flux on shielded parts "Kleinhans"------------------------------------

Fix a no-drag issue with asteroids
Fix a physics breaking issue with Tweakscaled wing parts, thanks pellinor
Fix GUI window positions not loading on vessel spawn
Fix distribution of forces on parts; no change in total force and torque applied to vessel, just to which parts
Fix slightly negative drag on rearward-facing vehicles at high Knudsen numbers "Kindelberger"------------------------------------

Recompile for KSP 1.1.2 compatibility
Bundle ModuleManager 2.6.24 for 1.1.2 compatibility

Fix a critical error that would cause KerbalEVAs to have no aerodynamic forces applied to them "Kartveli"------------------------------------

Ensure KSP 1.1.1 compatiblity
Upgrade to ModuleManager 2.6.23

Fix new landing gear interfering with main axis determination
Fix RealChute / RealChuteLite interaction breaking stock chute behavior, thanks to stupid_chris
Fix mass-calc error for wing-mass-strength that resulted in all planes gaining unhealthy amounts of weight
Attempt to make debug-compatibility actually work, thanks to NathanKell "von Kármán"------------------------------------

Fix a critical CPU usage bug that resulted in voxelization threads SpinWaiting forever, monopolizing the processor
Fix parachutes without RealChute configs not applying forces when FAR + RC are installed, thanks to stupid_chris
Fix ModuleManager database reload function hanging halfway through, breaking the game, thanks to stupid_chris

0.15.6V "Jones"------------------------------------

Update to KSP 1.1
Update to bundle ModuleManager 2.6.22
Update to bundle ModularFlightIntegrator 1.1.3

Updates to RealChuteLite, thanks to stupid_chris
Compatibility changes for use of KSP debuggers, thanks to neouy

Increase aerodynamic damping for fuselages to somewhat more realistic levels
Fix a serious issue that disabled the majority of conduction between parts

Disable win64 locking "Johnson"------------------------------------

Tweak pitch and roll damping of fuselages to make more logical sense; excessive roll damping at high dynamic pressures for wingless vehicles has been fixed
Change units for specific excess power in the Flight Data readout to be W/kg on the basis that it makes more logical sense than m^2/s^3

Fix a critical error that prevented voxelizations of Kerbals or any vehicles that had Kerbals riding in a command seat "Jacobs"------------------------------------

Update to MM 2.6.18

Fix more negative sonic drag issues
Fix unrealistically low sonic drag
Fix failure to load saved FAR data in flight
Fix unrealistically high numbers in indicated airspeed at higher Mach numbers

Lower critical Mach number for slender vehicles with sudden bulges and waviness in their cross-section "Hugoniot"------------------------------------

Fix an inconsistency in calculations of sonic drag
Fix possibility of sonic drag resulting in negative drag coefficients on very blunt shapes
Generally increase sonic drag of blunt objects, generally decrease drag of slender objects

Fix water drag failing to function under complete submersion
Fix rare error where Procedural Fairings will not properly voxelize
Fix GetCurrentDensity method (for external mods) to return result consistent with simulation
Fix overheat interaction on load with ModuleCoreHeat
Fix FAR breaking on attempts to load Training or Scenario scenes
Fix spoilers and flaps not updating with settings in the editor "Hoerner"------------------------------------

Adjust water drag for better splashdown performance
Fix a serious voxelization issue with ModuleJettison, most notable in leading to no-drag reentries
Fix an issue where 3rd-party voxelization updates could sometimes break the editor GUI and CoL
Fix a serious issue that could lead to spontaneous crashes on aero initialization (either VAB / SPH CoL, editor GUI, or going to flight) "von Helmholtz"------------------------------------

Upgrade to MM 2.6.13

RealChuteLite consistency with RealChute calcs and optimizations thanks to stupid_chris
Implement dynamic smoothing calculations based on relative "filledness" of voxel; should help reduce effect of voxel-resolution-induced smoothing on larger vehicles
Tweaks to critical Mach calculations

Fix "silent" KSP update breaking hydrodynamic drag
Fix some voxelization irregularities
Fix control surface flap settings not appearing if the settings are turned on in flight
Fix some other control surface in-flight changes oddities

Fix Firehound MS example craft action groups not acting in symmetry
Added E42 example craft by tetryds "Helmbold"------------------------------------

Compatibility with KSP 1.0.5
Upgrade to MFI 1.1.2

Optimizations of runtime aerodynamic calculations
Cut background memory usage for voxels to ~60% of previous value
Increases in consistency of properties with similar voxel shapes

Full support for new stock hydrodynamic drag
Voxel model used in calculating radiative influx from celestial bodies
Reduction in first-load inconsistency in editor
More varied support for intake ducting setups, including support for stock Goliath engine
Tweaks to intake drag at low airbreather throttles

Editor GUI header cleanup
Dropdowns notated with down triangles for clarity
Added AoA Arrow to make AoAs for static analysis sweeps and stability deriv sims clearer

Fix for voxelization issues with degenerate triangles
Fix for voxelization issues with meshes with 0 triangles
Fix for B9 pWings not solidifying properly
Fix editor race condition in displaying sonic drag for vehicles
Fix for multiple vehicle aerodynamic NREs that could break aero
Fix for vehicle aerodynamics breaking under certain vessel-part configurations

Updated FAR Firehound MS, FAR SkyEye, FAR Montauk Shuttle to be more useful in KSP 1.0.5 "Hayes"------------------------------------

Upgrade to MM 2.6.8

Fix some legacy wing interaction issues
Fix drag properties drifting slowly over multiple voxelization events due to numerical errors
Fix parts being occluded when main axis is in a strange orientation
Fix in-flight control surface tweaks not applying to symmetry counterparts
Fix KerbalEVAs working with Vanguard Parachutes

Fix for a critical error where detached boosters, weapons, debris, etc. would not have drag properties

0.15.5V "Haack"------------------------------------

Upgrade to MM 2.6.7
Fix for some RealChute issues by DaMichel
Animation ignoring for voxelization by Blowfish
Addition of air brakes for yaw control (RudderBrakes) adopted from original code contributed by HoneyFox

Reduction in memory garbage created during voxelization; this should reduce the impact of voxelization somewhat, especially hitching. Note: some hitching may still occur with vehicles with many wing parts due to legacy wing code
Runtime performance optimizations for ram drag and general aero calculations
Highly optimized bounds checking for voxelization

Kerbals handled by voxel model now (using a simple primitive shape, presence or absence of helmet doesn't matter)
Control surface parameters available for tweaking in flight
Control surface tweakables given open/close buttons for sections to reduce clutter
Revert BDArmory bombs and missiles to stock model after launch to improve tracking, stability and predictions

Fixed main axis issue with BDArmory parts and similarly designed parts
Fixed a long-standing issue in wing aspect ratio calcs (they were double what they should have been)
Fixed ram drag variation with throttle not accepting AJE jets as valid jets for that purpose
Fixed drag not using the calculated critical Mach number for the beginning of the drag transonic rise
Fixed possible NRE issues during steady destruction of vessel with parts being destroyed
Fixed issue where increased number of wing parts would cause wing mass adjustment to increase mass without bound; mass is now bounded, but more concentrated in root parts than wingtip parts

Tweaked subsonic drag downwards to get more accurate results with fixed AJE props Tweaked wing mass downwards slightly
Tweaked wing strength power to result in greater strength from lower-mass wings "Goldstein"------------------------------------

Re-implementation of aero viz coloration, thanks to mjn33

Reduction in garbage produced by voxelization, prep for further garbage reductions

Fixed NaN issue with KAX electric props
Fixed drag-breaking NRE during rapid disintegrations
Fixed some issues with Blizzy Toolbar icons
Fixed exacerbation of stock heating bug
Fixed control surfaces not updating direction during staging-related CoM shifts

0.15.4V "Glauert"------------------------------------

Update to MM 2.6.6
Update to MFI 1.1.1, fixes gimbaling bug below 750 m/s on short vehicles
Update win64 check code to MM method

Added internal ducted area feature:
* Area ducted through a vehicle from intakes to airbreathing engines will be removed from cross-section
* Adjusts area ruling to properly model air that flows through the vehicle as opposed to around it
* Does not count for airflow through switch-backing or reversing ducts; no benefits for intakes that feed upstream engines
* Supports stock intake part + airbreathing engine part setups, AJE intake part + airbreathing engine part setups, and combined intake + engine part setups

Slight improvement to Flight Data readouts from mjn33
Toggle gear button now states "Raise" or "Lower" gear for clarity

Fixed serious issue where exposed area was not updated for thermal calculations
Fixed some blunt shapes having NaN drag in the transonic regime
Fixed some blunt, thin-plate shapes having negative drag in the transonic regime
Fixed serious issue where long, skinny vehicles would have incorrect 2nd derivatives and incorrect transonic drag as a result
Fixed NRE with Launch Clamps
Fixed NRE with animations that are removed from a part (for whatever reason)

Cleaned up unused values from FARAeroData.cfg
Added support for planets to be identified by planet name, not just index; combining these in a FARAeroData MM patch is likely to cause overwrites, don't do it
Added ability to read and set flap and spoiler states from FARAPI
Fixed Firespitter gear not responding to Toggle Gear button
Added support for adjustable landing gear in Toggle Gear button
Stopgap fix to unintended voxelization of USI Warp Drive bubbles "Garabedian"------------------------------------

Compatibility with KSP v1.0.3 and thermal changes
Fix one last error with voxelization breaking due to reverts

Add ability to make parts not count for main axis determination; fix structural panels interfering with proper main axis determination

0.15.3V "Froude"------------------------------------

Update to MM 2.6.5 for greater nyan nyan
Allow display of pressure coefficient (under assumption of axisymmetric flow) over the vehicle
Tweak subsonic drag to be lower for slender shapes

Fixed voxelization breaking due to combined memory leak + hard memory limit for voxelization after many editor -> flight cycles
Fixed some race conditions in voxelization that could break aero properties
Fixed deadlock in threadpool if many voxelization events triggered simultaneously
Fixed possibility of deadlock if voxelization settings were updated

Fixed voxelization errors for some cargo bays and other parts
Fixed voxelization errors for pWings; includes support for any parts making use of mirrorAxis

Fixed some longstanding wing interaction issues, including permanent stalled wings
Fixed a newer issue with wing shielding on symmetry counterparts

Some main axis determination improvements
Fixed an where certain user atmospheric settings would not take

0.15.2V "Ferri"------------------------------------

Improved voxelization accuracy
Changed CoL code again to try and make it more useful
Cleaned up some unnecessary calculations

Fixed voxelization breaking after many voxelization events; this fixes no-drag situations
Fixed deployed spoilers not producing drag if mounted flush with vehicle
Fixed some main axis issues
Fixed improper heating area for atmospheric heat

Fixed interaction with KIS breaking things
Fixed some data not saving
Fixed exceptions during EVA

0.15.1V "Fanno"------------------------------------

Fixed improper voxelization of debris and vehicles dropped from existing vessel, including effects on stock "occlusion" system
Fixed improper determination of vehicle main axis
Fixed Kerbal EVAs having no drag
Fixed exceptions where outirght disintegration could prevent some vehicles from having aerodynamics applied

Added upper cap on memory allocated for voxelization

Changed calculation of CoL to make more sense
Fixed error in determining AoA for nominal flight in Stability Derivative GUI
Hid yellow aero moment arrows by default in aero overlay to reduce user confusion
Fixed lift / drag arrows remaining on wings that become shielded when aero overlay is open

Switched to a cleaner method of setting internal speedometers
Disable control surfaces auto-response below 5 m/s to prevent wacky flailing during load / when stopped

Change compatibility settings to reject KSP 1.0.0, which is not compatible with RealChuteLite
Updated save-load method to save more reliably and not throw exceptions

0.15V "Euler"------------------------------------

Compatibility with KSP 1.0, 1.0.1, and 1.0.2
Upgraded to MM 2.6.3
Introduction of ModularFlightIntegrator for interfacing with KSP drag / heating systems without interference with other mods

Replaced previous part-based drag model with new vessel-centered, voxel-powered model:
* Generates voxel model of vehicle using part meshes, accounting for part clipping
* Drag is calculated for vehicle as a whole, rather than linear combination of parts
* Payload fairings and cargo bays are emergent from code and do not require special treatment with configs
* Area ruling of vehicles is accounted for; unsmooth area distributions will result in very high drag at and above Mach 1
* Body lift accounts for vehicle shape in determining potential and viscous flow contributions
* Areas exposed to outside used for stock heating calculations

Performance optimizations in legacy wing model
Jet engine windmilling drag accounted for at intakes

Editor GUI improvements including:
* Greater clarity in AoA / Mach sweep tab
* Stability deriv GUI math modified for improved accuracy
* Stability deriv simulation tweaked to fix some minor issues in displaying and calculating response
* Addition of a Transonic Design tab that displays cross-section distribution and drag at Mach 1 for area ruling purposes

Parachute methods have been replaced with RealChuteLite implementation by stupid_chris:
* Less severe parachute deployment
* Parachutes melt / break in high Mach number flows
* No interference with RealChute

Changes to FARAPI to get information faster

FARBasicDragModel, FARPayloadFairingModule, FARCargoBayModule are now obsolete and removed from the codebase
Extensive reorganizing of source to reduce spaghetti and improve maintainability

Modifications to Firehound and Colibri to function with new flight model
Addition of Blitzableiter and SkyEye example crafts

A 1.5x increase to all stock gimbal ranges

Raised stalled-wing drag up to proper maximum levels
Adjusted intake drag to be lower
Improved method of dealing with very high vertex count parts for geometry purposes
Upgraded to MM 2.5.13
Included FAR Colibri, a VTOL by Tetryds as an example craft

Fixed an issue preventing loading custom-defined FARBasicDragModels

Raised stalled-wing drag up to proper maximum levels
Adjusted intake drag to be lower
Improved method of dealing with very high vertex count parts for geometry purposes
Upgraded to MM 2.5.13
Included FAR Colibri, a VTOL by Tetryds as an example craft

Fixed an issue preventing loading custom-defined FARBasicDragModels

Modified skin friction variation with M and Re to closer to that expected by using the Knudsen number
Changed saving and loading method to allow better behavior when settings need to be cleaned during updates, especially for automated installs
Modified aerodynamic failures for water landings for compatibility with upcoming BetterBuoyancy
Option for aerodynamic failures to result in explosions at the joint during failure.
Serious reworking to handle edge cases with lightly-clipped parts and their effects on blunt body drag (read: when people clip heatshields into the bottom of Mk1 pods and cause problems)
Upgrade to MM 2.5.6

Fixed an issue that prevented Trajectories from functioning
Fixed blunt body drag errors with AJE
Fixed issues involving editor GUI and control surface deflections
Fixed edge cases involving attach-node blunt body drag being applied when it shouldn't have
Fixed issues with command pods containing intakes
Add Reynolds Number readout to main flight GUI

Adjust skin friction drag for rarefied atmosphere

Fix Stab Deriv GUI from breaking for altitudes above atmosphere
Fix flaps and spoilers not functioning with negative deflections

Skin friction drag now varies with Reynolds number; this means much higher skin friction drags at higher altitudes
Added simple attempt at handling hydrodynamic effects; not detailed, but objects in oceans move much less
Added color changing options for colorblind users
Tweak flap and spoiler deflection functions
Give spoilers faster deflection coefficients
Update to ModuleManager 2.5.4

Removed spontaneous aero-spline warp drive in some Linux64 versions


FAQ - Common Questions and Solutions to Common Problems

What does this mod do that stock KSP doesn't?

Stock KSP calculates drag as a linear combination of the drag properties of a vehicle's parts, with some interaction changes to handle some of the most obvious aerodynamic interaction effects. FAR instead calculates the drag from the vessel shape as a whole, resulting in a more realistic model of aerodynamic drag and body lift. In addition, FAR accounts for wing shape, rather than just overall area like stock KSP. Finally, thanks to the overall vessel model, FAR can account for things like area ruling, where the vehicle's area cross-section must vary properly in order to fly at supersonic speeds (well, without MOAR BOOSTERS, in any case).

I don't like my rocket coming apart under heavy aerodynamic loads; how can I turn it off?

In the Space Center scene FAR has a debug menu that can be accessed to mess with a large number of the parameters. Under the "cheats" section of the first tab there is an option to disable aerodynamic failure.

Does this plugin work properly with other mods / part packs?

Sure; FAR figures out what the properties of the part should be based on its dimensions and some basic aerodynamic assumptions. If you use a mod and suspect that it causes unrealistic behavior, search the thread to see if it has been brought up / addressed by the latest release; if it hasn't, feel free to bring it to my attention. The only exception is with wing parts, which are more complicated and currently must have their properties specified manually.

Does this plugin make payload fairings and cargo bays work properly?

Yes, it will support any and all fairings and cargo bays. Even those that you make out of completely unrelated parts, so long as you close up the shape. In fact, to FAR, there is little difference between the inside of a closed fairing and the inside of a fuel tank part; they're both just as internal to it.

I can't seem to turn off the Flight Assistance Systems... what's going on?

In the Flight Assistance GUI every button that is pressed activates a control system; when none are pushed down no control systems are active. I suspect that you've actually created a poorly designed craft and that you're attributing aerodynamic forces that you're not used to dealing with to non-existent control inputs.

Do I need ModuleManager and/or ModularFlightIntegrator?

Yes; they are used to properly apply aerodynamic properties to stock wing parts and to interface properly with the game's physics system. Not using them will cause FAR to not function.

I'm using the win64 KSP build and I am still too outraged to read the topic title or changelog, please mock me.

Very well, I shall.  Haha, silly person.  Anyway, win64 is now unlocked for the foreseeable future.  If it turns back into the crashtastic support-heavy nightmare it was, the lock may return, but I do not anticipate the need to do that.

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11 hours ago, dundun92 said:

@dkavolis, do you have intentions of making a 1.4 recompile as well? Or just 1.5 up? Just curious. 

I have the 1.4.3 and 1.4.5 unofficial release, but that is without the bugfixes this version has. A backport is easy to make as long as no major KSP updates break stuff though.

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19 hours ago, dundun92 said:

@dkavolis, do you have intentions of making a 1.4 recompile as well? Or just 1.5 up? Just curious. 

I'd rather support a single KSP version for now (and the version RO targets if it is updated). I can provide recompiles (bug free not guaranteed, you would be on your own) for older versions as well, using a script to automate builds for each. You can find 1.4.5 recompile on https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_xlZyOvcSAIqgLkbdCPJir_3cLVIsv6V?usp=sharing

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4 minutes ago, dkavolis said:

and the version RO targets if it is updated

Quite likely it will be 1.4.x, unless all the other dependencies are 1.5 ready too. Anyway, thank you for continuing this wonderful mod!

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Just fyi. I just saw this pop up on ckan. This mod requires MFI to function afaik but isnt a listed dependency on ckan


Oops just saw the post few above. I have 1.4.x versions checked in ckan. But mfi still doesnt pop up as a dependency. 

Edited by Jesusthebird
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4 hours ago, Jesusthebird said:

Just fyi. I just saw this pop up on ckan. This mod requires MFI to function afaik but isnt a listed dependency on ckan


Oops just saw the post few above. I have 1.4.x versions checked in ckan. But mfi still doesnt pop up as a dependency. 

MFI has been updated to KSP 1.5 on CKAN so it should work now.

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On 11/1/2018 at 4:22 PM, dundun92 said:

Quite likely it will be 1.4.x, unless all the other dependencies are 1.5 ready too. Anyway, thank you for continuing this wonderful mod!

There is some "KSP 1.5.1" activity happening on the RO GitHub.

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1 hour ago, Ninadragonborn said:

i am playing in 1.4 

and in RSS 

but i am not getting any lift

FAR disables itself when it is not on a version it has been compiled for, this version is for KSP 1.5.x only. If you can live without the bugfixes you can use my patch for 1.4.x, otherwise you'll have to wait for this version to be backported.

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14 minutes ago, ExtremeTrader said:

FAR disables itself when it is not on a version it has been compiled for, this version is for KSP 1.5.x only. If you can live without the bugfixes you can use my patch for 1.4.x, otherwise you'll have to wait for this version to be backported.

thanks for help ExtremeTrader

i will try the mentioned version 

i hope the bugs are not game breaking bug 


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KSP: 1.5.1 64bit

Problem: Lift indicator stuck on ground

Mods installed:


ModuleManager 3.1.0

Reproduction steps:

Copied the master zip file from the github link, extracted the GameData folder from the zip file. Copied the GameData folder and overwrote the one in the main game install folder.

Loaded up a stock craft and toggled the lift indicator




Read the github files again, very carefully this time. Turns out I also needed MFI.  :blush:


Edited by reedhashlock
Found a fix
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12 hours ago, Booots said:

"Speaking of FAR... It's not currently compatible, but I would like to add that. The challenge is multithreading the FAR calculations. I scratched together enough open-source info on the stock aero stuff to make a threadsafe aero calculator, but FAR's methods are not threadsafe. So I could add it now, but it would take a few minutes to generate a flight envelope (instead of a few seconds). I'm hoping to work with the FAR devs to find a way forward....Until/unless FAR makes improvements to their API that lets me access the data I need (or I recreate their methods inside of this mod, which introduces maintainability, versioning, and potentially licensing issues), FAR unfortunately can't be compatible with this. I would really like to make them work, though.

@dkavolis  might the above be within your scope of interest & time capacity to evaluate if it is even a possibility for the future of FAR...a Kerbal Wind Tunnel type envelope plot working with FAR in RO?  Maybe you have already discussed with @Booots  (I did not see any conversation on the topic with Booots over at Git so decided to ask here)  Thanks!

Edited by AloE
forum gui input hang
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3 hours ago, AloE said:

@dkavolis  might the above be within your scope of interest & time capacity to evaluate if it is even a possibility for the future of FAR...a Kerbal Wind Tunnel type envelope plot working with FAR in RO?  Maybe you have already discussed with @Booots  (I did not see any conversation on the topic with Booots over at Git so decided to ask here)  Thanks!

It is definitely in my scope of interest, IMO it should be built into FAR, however making FAR compatible with Kerbal Wind Tunnel should be easier and faster. I'll look into what can be done. Thanks.

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On 11/13/2018 at 9:04 AM, AloE said:

@dkavolis  might the above be within your scope of interest & time capacity to evaluate if it is even a possibility for the future of FAR...a Kerbal Wind Tunnel type envelope plot working with FAR in RO?  Maybe you have already discussed with @Booots  (I did not see any conversation on the topic with Booots over at Git so decided to ask here)  Thanks!

RO shouldn't be a problem from a Kerbal Wind Tunnel perspective. Though I haven't tested it, it pulls all the atmospheric and gravity data from the celestial bodies loaded in-game so that should be okay. FAR compatibility is on the horizon for KWT.

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