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Kerbal Space Program 2: Master Post


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12 minutes ago, MechBFP said:It frankly feels like I am Alice going down the rabbit hole attempting to piece together what you seem to think makes sense.

Stay in the light then?

I only ever return to this thread to see if something interesting came up. So far this is rarely the case.

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18 minutes ago, MechBFP said:

Throwing out buzz words/phrases doesn't mean anything or do anything to further your argument.

As I said, you are not helping.

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That is insanity! I think that I accidentally started a KSP forum war by just trying to calmly discuss about bugs and optimisation.



@MechBFP I'm having a headache. You should stop. Don't you see that everyone's opinion is so fragile, that you can't tell your own. Just stop and talk to topic. That's it.

You guys shouldn't talk about money and comparisons there either. It's not the place there. Make your own topic and kick the balls. That's not the time and place.

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