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Anyone else play Squad? (FPS) -- Had a funny thought.


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I should correct this: I used to play Squad.  For anyone who's played it... it's jokingly referred to as 'Walking Simulator'.  This, because, if you don't catch a ride the distance between capture points can make for some very long walks in the woods.

Watching my son play last night - this happened to him.  He survived a helicopter being shot down and had to walk to the nearest fight.  Walk - because the stamina mechanic won't let you run the whole way.  I thought to myself -what other game would people want to play where a significant part of the time spent playing is just traveling to a destination.



Travel Sim.  (Thank god for Warp!)

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I turn fast travel off in Skyrim. Never built the SETA module in X4. Never used the travel terminals in Cyberpunk. Play 90% of my Warframe in Ivara prowl mode (no parkour). Don't use travel packs in Horizon Zero Dawn. Made a trip to Sag A* in Elite Dangerous without using Neutron stars (and back again of course).

I think good games are worth to be experienced slowly, because there aren't all that many of them :blink: I'd rather play a good game slow than hurry through it so I can play a couple of bad games until the next good one comes out. And good games tend to provide plenty of entertainment in between the story/plot points. I would even go so far as to say that's a large part of what makes them good. If anything KSP and other sandboxey type games are proof of that - if what you can do is fascinating or entertaining enough in itself, you don't even need any story or game plot.

I have no idea if Squad is like that though, never heard of it. Maybe it's just a boring walk through pixelated terrain that you have to get through or your mates will hate on you :)



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Silent Hunter 3, Boredom in the Atlantic.   

I think the stock time warp was capped to x64, the first thing you installed after installing the game was a mod to fix that.   Otherwise the long 3-4 month patrols got very tiresome.   

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I play Squad.  I like it.  If you're spending a lot of time walking it's likely because of poorly experienced leadership and lack of teamwork and communication.  Most squad leaders I've had the misfortune to work under lack any real tactical experience or training.  Throw multiple such leaders into the mix, and then allow them to pick a commander between themselves, and it's a recipe for disaster.  A scattered few whom I've played with who have some manner of real military training (tactical and/or combat experience), has made for an entirely different round in the game.  I should mention, these guys all tend to be over the age of 30.  Perhaps that is the difference.

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