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We need more reasons to send rockets to space for progression in game. What if we add telescopes! If we add a science instrument to be able to detect other worlds and other solar systems and bodies. It would add to the game.

Imagine, the only thing in the solar system is Kerbin, Mun, and the Sun. We want to explore! We send a telescope to low orbit and we discover a new moon, a new planet to explore and then we would have that accomplishment in finding new celestial bodies that we can visit! 

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16 minutes ago, TheArturro said:

It would work great for interstellar travel!

To travel to a different star system you first need to discover it with a space telescope.

Yes, that'd be amazing and fun

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24 Frebruary 2023


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I *Really* want this. I like the idea of having to discover planets first...even having them show as blurry in the tracking station until you reach the SOI. That would create such a huge sense of excitement for discovering new planets, even ones modded in...the excitement of the approach...the immediate noticing that something is funky (seeing a blurry rask/rusk or a blurry ringed planet)

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43 minutes ago, Vl3d said:


Yep, this does sound great. Loved the telescope mods in KSP1, designing missions around getting a scope up into a particular orbit with sufficient power etc; having this built in as a core part of the progression sounds really exciting.

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