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  1. Finally! Thank you, this is news we want to hear
  2. This is what I feared. I haven't played yet. But it if it's anything like and what I've read, I've got another 3-4 weeks before the next patch where I consider playing again. Some of the major game breaking bugs I've experience have been patched, but most of them are still present: Ships randomly disintegrating Orbital decay on bodies like Mun & Minmus Time-warping alters orbits or ships trajectory Hopefully is the patch for this, as the devs have said they're aware
  3. I like this idea. A room full of previous missions and ships dedicated to your space achievements and history
  4. This was an issue on v0.1.1.0 For me some vessels (usually probes) just did not allow me to create a manoeuvre
  5. Great. Please do more of this as acknowledging the issues we report lets us know its being worked on or looked at
  6. A nice number of notes, I look forward to testing it out
  7. If you wanted to save money: Maybe get a 1TB M.2 instead of a 2TB You can get cheaper Windows keys from stores like theUnitySoft Otherwise, nice build
  8. It can run it but the price is quite high for the parts you're getting. You didn't link your list, but the general link itself
  9. How can you see this, SteamDB?
  10. Oh woops, okay then. There will definitely be a spike like with patch 1, but I don't think it'll be anywhere near the all-time peak of 25k. I expect it'll be more active once Science mode is out and most of these bugs are patched, which will hopefully be today. However, I'm not expecting miracles, especially as they even admitted they get their priorities wrong.
  11. The Aziz agreed with you and you chose be be super sarcastic. Why? Player count: Current = 210 24h peak = 521 Week peak = 790 Yikes
  12. We'll find out in the patch notes tomorrow
  13. Great to hear, I look forward to it and the patch notes
  14. Exactly, we waited 3 years... for this. A buggy, unoptimized game that isn't anywhere at the state promised or expected. It is "unacceptable". I don't quite understand why you're being so defensive and offended by peoples opinions of the game, when it's literally just opinions. People are entitled to state their opinions and thoughts, however constructive the feedback is and at the end of the day, KSP 2 is funded by a multi-billion dollar company.... who should have higher expectations. I agree, people should be positive, but sometimes its too much and people get disappointed and/or frustrated after spending their hard earned money on something they aren't happy with. This exactly. Otherwise, what's the point and where can we go? I'm not saying you're wrong @DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE, as its not a right/wrong scenario, but let people express their concerns, however petty or small you may think they'll be, as again, at the end of the day its a perspective thing.
  15. Question so stupid it forgot the question What kind of paradox would you like and would you like fries with that?
  16. I know, maybe I'm being petty. But its now gone into the word "months". '1.25 months' 'the last update was over a month ago' Technically yes, but most people would say its over a month ago. Could also say its 0.096 years I just expected sooner updates, 2-4 weeks. Maybe I'll be wrong and there will be an update sooner
  17. In the next 2 weeks apparently, according to Nate But judging how we haven't had any update or news about it. I'm guessing next week, which will be 5 weeks since the last patch, over a month So much for "weeks not months"
  18. 418 currently 646 is the peak in the last 24h 1,081 in the past week
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