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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Today I created a Mün uplink with two Sats in kerbin orbit targeting the Mün which itself had two Sats targetting Kerbin. Unfortunately turns out it only has a 90% up-time because 2x z-200s wasn't enough battery power by half for the umbral passages.

So I've been thinking of a potential fix for this. The sats have enough dv to incline their orbits to make the eclipse a few times per month rather than once per orbit.

Other than that, it's either replacement or some other means. Would the Kerbal Attachment System allow me to ship up a few extra batteries and attach them if I could make a rendezvous? Is that how that works?

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Today I flew this Stayputnik Drone through the launch phase, into orbit, corrected the orbits inclination relative to the Mun, travelled to the Mun and achieved orbit without the help of SAS or even manouvre nodes. Even managed to crash land it on the dark side with no lights!

Then I found out I forgot the antenna.... now I need to send another to complete the other half of the exploration contract, doh.

EDIT - On the plus side the second attempt landed perfectly, and then my first blind Minmus probing mission went perfectly thanks to having a lot more fuel than would strictly have been needed.

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Well. Flew plans on KSP today. Can make a Jet that can easily travel half way aruond Kerbin and then some. Just need to work on the landings with current version which also has an effective abort system too. But, more importantly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Here is a little New Years Vid Minecraft with KSP style featuring something that looks remotely like a Kerbals head.


My this vid never see the light of day again. =^.^=

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I have been playing around in career mode and got far enough in the tech tree to make a surveying craft. it is 4 ton at 30 parts. It has a science bay, goo can, an antenna, and a battery so it can fly around getting crew reports, and if it lands I can grab and send back eva reports as well. I knocked out the first survey mission with out the jet engine, but with this I was able to do two (max for my contracts currently) and return to KSC.


I am sure with some tweeks I could reduce the part count even more, but for now this works to get easy funds for upgrades.

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I've built a base on Minmus.

Assembled it in orbit and landed in one piece - true kerbal style. :cool:

Great stuff. :cool: I'm still trying to rendezvous, and failing miserably.

This is probably simple for the usuals here, but I finally built my first shuttle. Used it and placed a scansat/kethane satellite around Kerbin 120x120 using mechjeb (hey, I know how to get orbit) and due to the design I had to include 2 jumbo orange tanks for the booster stage and manually control the throttle for the booster stage else it would flip. I have another 850 dv left, and I have an idea how to improve the boost stage to give me more dv.

Wow, its a struggle in the VAB sometimes with the radial/mirror symmetry.

Fshuttle MK1 & ScanKethSat I


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Attempted to clear a few Mun contracts before an interesting Minmus one expired, but unfortunately timewarped too far, missing the burn for Mun orbit, and thus leaving not enough time to do it. I tried to salvage the mission by leaving Kerbin's SoI for a short time, then swinging back around to Mun, but I had a minor incident with a re-entry I was running at the same time, so reloaded from last quicksave... which happened to be that unmanned mission where I misread the contract. I decided to bite the bullet and make the upgrade to Mission Control rather than saving up for R&D.


With the time pressure off, I re-ran the re-entry. Jeb took off from Mun's surface (flag planting missions weren't turning up), grabbed a survey crew report on his way out, and returned home safely - this time without cutting the parachute with his engines unsurvivably far above the ocean. The survey had a few surface EVA reports in one area, and a crew report below 9700m at a different point over the equator, which was perfect for Jeb as he'd made an equatorial landing.


Finally, I messed about with survey planes, and an attempt at a spaceplane that didn't really get anywhere. The unupgraded runway is very uneven - not the sort of thing I like to take off from. Extremely Short Takeoff planes like the Jet Set Radio, on the other hand, need no more runway than the launchpad provides. Thus, I added a pair of droptanks using fuel lines to feed the rest of the plane, bringing the Jet Set Radio D-type to 36 parts, which is too many for my unupgraded spaceplane hangar to field. Instead, it's saved in the VAB, pointing north, and can launch horizontally off the pad. I have a survey contract just the other side of the North Pole, due north until it becomes due south.

Those six separatrons lift it into the air instantly, and the jet takes over without the plane touching down, just about. It gets well clear of the runway, though I wouldn't like to try and launch it facing west.

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I was playing around with Station Science mod and found that I needed more scientists for my space station. http://imgur.com/SwIgcq6 Taking off my basic workhorse truck design, http://imgur.com/x3UNbaN I cam up with another design that will be able to transport many kerbals, be used as a push-pull tug, an escape vehicle. Basic housing for a space station, transport space station experiments/scientists to and from a space station . Made out of stock parts (minus mechjeb) Test so far have gone quite well. Abort function is attached to back docking ring decouple and small solid fuel engines. I think it will become another work horse along with the truck design that has done so much work in the past. :-)


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I started a Mun exploration program to train kerbals for interplanetary missions, and took a couple of aerial survey contracts to fund it.


This was the first time I saw a Mun Arch, but I didn't have enough fuel to investigate.


The fuel tanker is kind of annoying to fly, as I forgot to add reaction wheels.

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I finally got all the mods I want to use to work in .90, so I could start up my new career game. Starting with flight and seeing how far I can get with only horizontal takeoff vehicles. Just completed the suborbital contract, so next is orbit.


1 Basic jet, 2 LV-909, 30 parts. Jets to 14km then ignite the rockets and pitch 45°. FAR/KIDS(to stock).


Loved this pic, my new desktop background. Reentry at mach 6.5. Wish some stars were visible though, just for the beauty effect.

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Fiddled in the hanger today and made a basic MK2 VTOL, serves no purpose just to fly around, average horizontal flight maneuverability, good stability in VTOL mode.

I wanted a bigger version and inspired by futuristic Drop Ship design, that lead to MK3. Heavy weight VTOL cargo with 8 vertical JetEngines. Made a full size Drop Ship but there were quite many structure weaknesses on landing (didn't used struts) and poor performance on horizontal flight, idea was scrapped and cut off 2/3 body chassis into a shorter 4 vertical JetEngines version. Max carry weight around 35t. Very low horizontal flight maneuverability, moderate stability VTOL mode. Not quite a pretty plane, but will revisit the full size some day.

Used my last breath of the day added VTOL feature to an old drone plane. It has enough cargo to ether carry a FL-T400 fuel tank as a drop bomb or a parachuting mini rover.

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Having fun while playing on twitch, crashing a plane and it flew better with wingibits missing, sooo... RetroFuture style :sticktongue:

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Download: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/663

You need Goodspeed`s pumps to balance the fuel tanks!

Yes, with tiny wings it might look better, but without you can do the craziest acrobatics with it :D

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