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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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I flew, and flew.. and flew. While waiting for my first munar orbiter ( no landing before upgrading the VAB..damm part limit) I send out my old vertical take off/chute landing plane to survey some things. landing legs were not able to keep it upright, so the second EVA report was gathered by walking to it. Luckily it was only some 4 km away from the first.

Then I tried to build a karbonite fueled plane for long distance flights, but it turns out that I would need more scoops then my current hangar and runway could manage, having only radial tanks for the stuff doesn't help.

So I landed my munar orbiter, unlocked some parts ( landing gear!) and took another survey contract, near the south pole. Build a new arrow shaped plane and flew there. In real time since I found FAR and time acceleration mix even worse then stock air and acceleration.

1h43min later I am still flying. Gliding to a landing after all 4 surveys are done.

For all the instability it gets from high angles of attack, and every little course correction above 16km, it glides like a feather. Half a continent without really trying, from 10km starting high.


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Still in 0.25 awaiting word of LoadOnDemand's compatability with 0.90. Since I was finally caught up with the Kadvent Kalendar, I didn't do much yesterday aside from flying a crew of six to the nascent M'np space station as per the terms of the December 22nd challenge entry. Today will be probably be my last day to play KSP until after Christmas, so I'm hoping the challenges for December 23rd and 24th are posted early enough for me to finish the challenge.

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I built a plane for completing visual survey contracts. I don't have ladders unlocked yet, so the Kerbal has to stay on the plane in order to do surface EVA reports.



I had the same issue.

Try retracting the landing gear once landed.

Jeb had to do a monopropellant powered jump, but he got back in, no damage to the plane...

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Carried on with VTOLs. Think I have reached the minimum size I'm happy flying:


Jeb is testing the "VT-Compact" and bill is posing by the VT-Compact "Economy". (Which hasn't crashed, incidentally. That's how a VTOL lands when you spend less than 10,000 Funds on it!)

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So today (yesterday) I made a vertial-launching, chute-landing plane to do Kerbin-based scans and such.

I'm only impressed with it because it means that I made it within the constraints of the tier-1 SPH and hangar.

Sure as heck helped with early-mid game to get cash for KSC upgrades.

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My scientists have been working their hearts out processing over 40 Minmus experiments to bring back to Kerbin. They also had to get temperature scans for 12 different areas yesterday. Truly Kerbin's finest.


They'll be lvl 2 scientists when (if) they make it back. Then my Duna mission can begin. :D

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Today I got fed up of the astronomical costs of facilities, particularly the R&D.

I'm sitting on 1500 science points right now and have all the level 1 R&D techs already.....

So I tried designing a low cost, 30 part interplanetary probe to clear the Duna and Ike contracts, but when I tried it out its dV far exceeded my expectations.

I've sent 5 out so far, one to Duna with a second to its moon Ike, one to Eve and one to Jool, all are currently on course for an encounter. The fifth is the first MK3 version (below) and is currently sitting in orbit, either to go to one of Jool moons, or preferably, to try one of the other planets when the orbits are better aligned.


This version dropped a SRB booster making it lighter and cheaper compared to the previous version.

It was so successful I decided to replace the drone with a lander to make my first Minmus landing in 0.9. After that it still had the fuel to exit the Kerbin SOI, come back and orbit the moon before returning to base, achieving the training plan outlined in this thread!

Next will be a Mun landing, and landing the probes I have already sent. I suspect the Eve probe can manage to cover Gilly too, provided that's not the borked probe I sent with a parachute covering the thermometer :confused:

Edit - Sent new probes to Moho and the Jool system, and the one already in orbit to Dres though its currently a tad out from getting an encounter. Another probe up in orbit ready to go to the Jool system for the moons.

I now have probes travelling to every planet bar Eeloo, with 2 going to each of Duna and Jool. Eeloo can wait due to difficulty getting a transfer, solar power issues and the fact that i've never dealt with so many encounter missions at once and don't want to push it.

Though part of me demands that I have simultaneous missions going to everywhere :cool:

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Single Stage Lawnchair To Orbit [sSLTO]

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Download: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/641

Building, debugging & flight testing: http://www.twitch.tv/ksp_kamuchi/b/602105801 (sorry, no mic yet, coming soon and Twitch being a ** about di.fm)

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Built a plane to see who has what it takes. Capacity 133 kerbals. Survivors 0 during the 'test'. I did write down the names of those who were smiling during the "flight" so I can sort through and keep those kerbals and subsequently crash the rest. evilkerbal.gif

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Today I landed my first unmanned probe on the Mun since 0.90. Contract finished! :D

I'm playing Hard with Remotetech, which made everything complicated enough to keep me entertained.

Then I tried to do the same thing with Minmus, and basically the Mun swatted my probe out of the basket and wasted my money. I have to re-enter it to get some money back at least.

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I made replicas of the Apollo command and lunar modules, with launchers. The only difference is cost, weight, and thrust (not including that mine blows up the launch pad, and is made of many smaller fuel tanks). I love the new dimensions thing!

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Was a bad day for my space agency...

First I attempted to add fuel tanks to my station so I can start refining Kethane on it.... I had planned the intercept too perfect for once and didn't get out of time warp fast enough slamming the fuel tanks into the science wing of my station... Quickloaded back to when the tanks made orbit and decided to try docking them again later.

Went back to my career mode game and decided to do a mission to rescue a stranded Kerbal. Sent up a drone ship to get him... Forgot to add a hitchhiker can or capsule for him to hop in though so have to repeat them mission with a new craft.. Waste of good funds.

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I continued playing career mode. The balance seems to be quite good with moderate settings using FAR & DRE. The grinding that plagued the career mode in earlier versions seems to be gone. While rockets are so cheap that their efficiency doesn't matter, upgrading the facilities is expensive enough that the bottleneck alternates between the lack of money and the lack of science.


I just launched a satellite that completed around half of the Minmus contracts I had taken. After the manned mission that will take place next, I'll have enough money to upgrade the R&D. The timing is quite convenient, as I only have one 90-point node remaining.

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So Christmas (errr Kristmas) came early for the employees at KSC!


Now to just figure out who will be the first lucky, forced, volunteer to be the, victim, test pilot. It also makes my PC a bit unhappy while loading....

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I've landed three brave astronauts on the surface of Duna, and there's another three in orbit, awaiting to have their turn in the lander.

This is the first time I've landed a crewed vessel on Duna, and the first time I've ever had a landing party on another planet with the ability to go home once it's all done. The plan now is to do three more landings on Duna with the lander I brought along before it's time to head home.

The whole thing might be kinda over engineered, but I've also experimented a lot with trying to calculate the required amount of fuel to get a given mass to Duna and back again, and used that as a basis for how much fuel I needed to bring along for the ride.Not really sure how accurate my calculations were, but they seem to be decent enough.

Next thing I'll do might be a manned mission to Moho and back. Or maybe a tour of the Jool moons.

Shedding some weight after the first burn around Kerbin. This burn put me in a highly eccentric orbit, ready for departure a few days later.

Also, the rather ugly cluster of fuel tanks on the bottom part is there to balance out the lander, since I didn't want to bring two landers with me. But, it's also the fuel for the next three Duna landings.


Bye bye Kerbin



Hello Duna



First landing



"I did it mom!"


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