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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Today I did what I'm sure several of you have done since 0.90 was released - I restarted the Stock-Only Space Shuttle construction project that has been shelved since 0.21. I'm pleased with the results.




I also put several Shuttle-Shaped holes into the surface of Kerbin.


So the project wasn't a complete success, though I do now have a glider that is mostly landable. Just a few more small tweaks and I'll be there.

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^ Looks good, aside from the splashes ;) My Mk3 spacecraft is extremely sensitive on landing too, I've had to get much better at having a very sedate descent rate and touching down very evenly on the rear landing gear - like you, I'm getting better with practice!

Right now I'm working on a multipurpose spacecraft that can be used as crew transport or docked together to form bases and stations.

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Got my Glada with some minor changes into orbit with 108dV to spare. Jeb and a thermometer as cargo. First time I get an SSTO up, Now to try and make it back down, no jet fuel left so glide it is, atleast I've burned off 6t of fuel. Such a beautiful game though. :)


Edit: Landed safely, but undershot and ended up on the desert continent instead.

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Still in the early stages of Career Mode. Thomwig Kerman crashed on the Mun and without any means of escape available yet here's there to stay for a while. But his capsule still has some solar panels and a transmitting device. Thomwig now scouts the Munar landscape, gathering Science and returning to the capsule to transmit it now and then.


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Made a 328t (that's 4 of the big SLS fuel tanks) lifter in x6.4 RSS.

Could anything possibly go wrong??? 8-)


Now to figure out what i should use it for... xD

The largest tank launcher I have puts a 4 tank refilling craft into orbit. I'm using them to refuel stuff at jool (should take bout 2 + 1/2 tank of fuel to Laythe orbit).


Did I say 4? I just realised I have a specialist refueler that puts 14 tanks into orbit! Might see if I can get 8 of those to Jool before burning through them. If they reach Jool, I'll have plenty of fuel to go for another star! :D

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Before I called it quits early this morning, I attempted to put a satellite in mun orbit and lost comms with it and it ran out of power. Not sure what happened. 38k funds wasted. Have to try again.

I am trying to be more efficient with my rockets so i can get the 3 million needed to upgrade R&D building.

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I've been busy the past few days putting up SCANsat satellites. Having built one, which worked well, I ran with it and launched several others to each of my targets... which is pretty much every body in the Kerbol system. The closer in and farther out I go, has required new launchers pretty much for each mission. The hardest one so far was trying to get a workable orbit for Gilly; It ended up "sub-optimal", but I achieved worthy scans none-the-less. Orbital adjustments around Gilly had to be achieved using RCS thrusters lol. Can't wait to see what else waits for me out there!

Some pictures...

















And this one will be getting ready for a burn to Dres later today. Looks like I'll only have a 3 hour window to work with for Dres orbit insertion.


Fun stuff! :cool:

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Made a tiny, Ion-Powered probe and sent it to Minmus, which landed with about 5.5km/s dV.

I've used it to do about 4 or 5 Minmus seismic contracts, and it's still got about half it's fuel left.

So far it's made me at least 1 mil, and it only cost about 20k to launch :D

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A few things. First, a launch of a Mun thermometer mission:




Using an experimental LFB, and reducing mass by only part-filling the X200-32 tank, I built this lifter that just about fit under the 140t launch limit. Unfortunately, I don't think my launchpad is strong enough to fulfill that particular test contract at this time - because it's a Landed on Mun test. But it does mean I have access to the LFB before my R&D complex can research it, which is nice. Attached are a pair of satellites to go to specific Kerbin orbits, though they are a little overkill in their available delta-v. I also forgot to balance the decoupler from the other side of the probe, which made moving them a little awkward.



The target orbits were slightly different, and I could probably have managed to fulfill both with a single probe, but I decided not to. I haven't finished actually putting them into their orbits, but I have the maneuvers lined up. Seanski also did his burn to get a Mun intercept, and the plan is for him to run the LV-1R test, then perform several landings and temperature readings to clear out my Mun Survey contracts.



In the mean time, as there was an hour between the last low-orbit burn of the satellites and the first high-orbit one, I decided to make a Kerbin survey run. A little over the other side of the North Pole is Zone C-2GOF, and Ludman's Descent. I had a crew report to get below 17500m at C-2GOF, then a surface EVA at Ludman's Descent Alpha and Beta. Not sure whether I could have managed just with the Jet Set Radio, but I put Jeb in the Jet Set Radio P-Drop-type, taking off from the launchpad, facing North. There was a moment the wheels touched back down, but Jeb was in the air and climbing before encountering the runway, so all was well.




Over the ice caps, the drop tanks ran dry, so I jettisoned them. Had to tip down a little further to cruise due to the lost weight, but things continued well enough. I reached the zone, took the report, then turned around to make a landing at Ludman's Descent. Had a little trouble at low altitude and speed, so I made a parachute landing a little north of the Alpha site, then taxied my way to the target locations for the surface report. Jeb stood on the plane wing to take those down, then got back in to taxi to the next one.


Jeb will wait there for a little while, perhaps until there is a survey contract in the vicinity, as I'm unsure that he has the fuel to make the flight back. Horizontal, non-parachute landings also need a little testing with this one, I think. The next thing to do, of course, is finish putting the satellites into their respective target orbits, and then for Seanski to do his job over at the Mun.

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I decided to try my luck again on testing my Eve ship, and after a flawless launch I got this gem.


This games imagery is nice, especially when combined with the cloud mod. Taking a small break from flying the frame rate killer LOL....

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Making good progress with my hard career mode save. EVAed on Minmus, when my kerbal hit the ground the neighboring vessel exploded, crashing the game, killing my pilot, and sending pieces on solar escape trajectories. Frustrating hour or so of persistence file editing required to recover to a functional file. Really wish that this would get sorted out; it's been happening since I started playing.

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Well I decided to go back to my Eve test that I just started today

Aerobraking....yeah I got that


Parachutes are awesome!


Goodbye parachutes we will miss you!


Bilner check for damage....this is only a simulation of course so everything is just fine.


Time to go up....up....up....up....and then over!




I landed at about 1,300m above sea level and when I got to orbit I have half a tank left in the that small tank on the lander. So not too bad considering I got to 111,000m orbit I guess, I do still need to dock with the return pod but that is nothing.

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