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[1.12.*] Deadly Reentry v7.9.0 The Barbie Edition, Aug 5th, 2021


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Deadly Reentry 7.8.2, for KSP 1.12.* - The Barbie Edition

What Deadly Reentry does!

(especially with KSP's new handling of thermodynamics)

  • Deadly Reentry balances part thermal properties (max temp values of skin and internal as well as various conduction properties: skin-skin, skin-internal, emission, etc)
  • If parts get too hot then they may catch fire. (or begin to melt; depends on if they are logically flammable or not). This begins to happen at 85% of its max temp. Some parts have had their max temp increased to compensate. Basically, think of the 85% mark as being a soft failure point leading to hard failure. As of DRE 7.6.0, this is implemented on a per area skin damage system (X+-, Y+-, Z+-). As the exterior is damaged, the interior becomes more exposed to direct reentry or supersonic heating. (the interior usally has less resistance against heating)
  • Parts and Kerbals that experience excessive G forces for excessive periods of time may fail/die.

Download latest version! (official release)


If you find this mod helpful and want to throw some money away, feel free to click the donate button below!


ialdabaoth (who is awesome) created Deadly Reentry 2, based on r4m0n's Deadly Reentry; this is a continuation. This continues NathanKell's work on Deadly Reentry continued, and he might contribute more at times.

License remains CC-BY-SA as modified by ialdabaoth.

Also included: Module Manager (by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth). See Module Manager thread for details and license and source: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55219

Module Manager is required for DREC to work.



  1. If you currently have Deadly Reentry installed, go to KSP/GameData/DeadlyReentry and delete everything (files and folders). Also delete any old versions of ModuleManager (modulemanager.dll for example) in your KSP/GameData folder.
  2. Extract this archive to your KSP/GameData folder

* ModularFlightIntegrator is not currently required or used by Deadly Reentry as of about DRE 7.2.2. 



Be careful how you reenter. Make sure your craft has a heatshield (the Mk1 pod has a built-in heatshield, as do stock spaceplanes; the Mk1-2 needs a heat shield from the Structural tab). For a low Kerbin orbit reentry, try for a periapsis of about 10-20km over Kerbin. do not deploy your parachute until speed has dropped below ~350m/s. (typically you should be at a safe velocity by the time you reach an altitude of 7km)

Note: Deadly Reentry no longer interferes with chutes. Both stock chutes and Real Chutes have adopted their own implementations of punishing deployments at unsafe speeds. The above warning still applies except you don't get to blame Deadly Reentry about it.

Compatible shield/reentry packs!

Deadly Reentry Frequently Asked Questions.



  • Q: Help! My parachutes aren't deploying or they autocut as soon as I deploy them!
  • A: And in the past, you could have blamed that on Deadly Reentry! Not anymore. We didn't touch your chutes this time. That's either stock behavior or Real Chute behavior. (next time, don't deploy until you're subsonic or close to it)


  • Q: But the part wasn't even very hot, the ambient temperature was below 0 and it was shielded from reentry!
  • A: Neither the part's temperature or the ambient temperature matters. When you reenter atmosphere at high speeds, the air is compressed and heated into a superheated plasma that can melt steel, let alone parachutes. As the superheated gasses stream past the ship they can burn your chute. Or aerodynamic stresses could shred them.


  • A2: Wait until your velocity has dropped below 350m/s before deploying. A typical safe altitude for drogue chute deployment is 7km. Main chute deployment at 3km. Deployment at faster velocities or higher altitudes is at your own risk.
  • A3: Velocities and altitudes assume a Kerbin reentry. Other planets may be more or less difficult by virtue of different atmospheric content and/or pressure and initial velocity at the entry interface. (the point at which you first made atmospheric contact)


  • Q: My ship doesn't slow down enough to deploy chutes before it crashes!
  • A: You're probably at a planet with a very thin atmosphere and can deploy chutes earlier than on Kerbin. If you're AT Kerbin and you haven't dropped below 350m/s by 5000 meters then you may have a problem with one of your other mods that has nothing to do with Deadly Reentry. This mod does not affect aerodynamics at all.


  • Q: My ship is exploding halfway through launch!
  • A: You're going too fast in the lower atmosphere. An easy way to ensure against this is to make sure you have a low thrust to weight ratio (TWR) at lift off. 1.25 - 1.6. If you don't have a tool that displays your TWR then you should get one. (MechJeb has one. Kerbal Engineer also provides this information. NASA and other space programs have tools that help them design good rockets and so should you)


  • Q: Deadly Reentry is too hard / easy!
  • As of KSP 1.0, you can directly use the stock menu to change the scale of heating! In the menu, click the difficulty button and find the slider for reentry heating.


  • Q: I'm playing with Real Solar System and reentry I'm burning through my heat shield a lot faster than on stock Kerbin!
  • A: This probably shouldn't be happening anymore. First, ensure that you aren't coming in as steep as you might be in stock. A periapsis of ~20 works well in most stock situations but could be bad in RSS. Try ~50-60 periapsis.


  • Q: Deadly Reentry broke Kerbal Inventory System compatibility! (KIS)
  • A: This has been popping up a lot lately but KIS compatibility broke (in multiple third party mods) in KIS update (see below) in which KIS implementors took it upon themselves to tamper with 3rd party plugins to 'fix' self perceived issues of KIS manufacture. In short, these compatibility issues are the direct result of hostile coding practices on the part of KIS implementors.
  • https://github.com/KospY/KIS/commit/f7eaea0c0d6152f7009bb782c99d95b276aa6a62


  • Q: You misspelled Maleficent.
  • A: In Latin, mel has a different meaning from mal. The spelling change is deliberate :) (mel means 'sweet')
  • A2: Further explanation: Melificent is my cat who passed away a few months ago.


  • Q: Why isn't there a picture of her?
  • A: Click the DRE icon in-game, or check the bottom of the FAQ.


  • Q: That last one wasn't a real FAQ question was it?
  • A: No. In fact, neither was this one. I made those last two up myself in case anyone asked.







  • Don't type cast to object when checking for null references.
  • Damage internal flux fixes (see PR #56 for details)
  • Moved several config patches from :FINAL to :LAST[DeadlyReentry]
  • Register part destruction causes with FlightLogger
  • Fixed negative damage issue when internal temp over maxOperationalTemp
  • Changed behavior when max operational temps are incorrectly configured higher than max temps. (max temp is now increased to match configured max operational temp)
  • v7.8.0
  • Refactoring of code
  • Removed Monobehaviour calls from any constructors or code which would result in Monobehaviour being called from a constructor
  • Moved temperature rebalancing to after a game save has been loaded (once only)
  • The previous two items addresses KSP hanging at main menu. It cannot be guaranteed to correct such behaviour as I don't believe any one mod is responsible and in fact the more mods you have the more likely it is to happen. This only minimizes DREs contribution to the problem.
  • Added DRE PAW grouping. (DRE fields are grouped and can be collapsed in the PAW)


  • Compile of The Maat Edition for KSP 1.8.x
  • Functionally identical to
  • Players should not try to use this with versions of KSP older than 1.8.0


  • Recompile for KSP 1.7.x
  • Released as The Maat Edition in honor of my cat Maat (named for the Egyptian goddess of balance and justice)


  • Fixed versioning
  • Forced ModuleAeroReentry to Awake when added at runtime.
  • Added DR reentry heat override in DR menu (up to 200% by default. Can be patched to support any arbitrary integer. 1 = 100%, 2 = 200%, 3 = 300% etc etc)
  • WARNING: If the stock reentry slider is used to scale heat it will revert to the stock cap of 150%. I can't actually override the stock slider which is why I added one to the Deadly Reentry menu.
// example scale patch:
    maxHeatScale = 3 // this caps the reentry heat scale override menu slider at %300


  • Updated for KSP 1.6
  • Fix for OPT config
  • Support for future compatibility with all EVA Kerbals. (as long as the Kerbal has ModuleKerbalEVA then it is supported)


  • Compiled for KSP 1.5.1
  • Compatibility restrictions removed. DR will no longer disable itself if invalid version detected. This does NOT guarantee compatibility. DR will try to work with invalid versions but you will still be warned of compatibility issues so you are warned.
  • Changed how depleted conductivity is handled. Uses prefab.heatConductivity when ablator depleted.
  • Making History configs added for Mk2Pod and round pods.
  • Support added for new part config of old Mk1Pod. (Mk1Pod_v2)
  • Updated KerbalEVA config to catch any PART with MODULE KerbalEVA (new kerbal PART's were added so I changed how this was being detected to guard against future additions)


  • Compatibility release for KSP 1.4.* (compiled for KSP 1.4.5 but should work on 1.4.0 on up)


  • Recompiled for KSP 1.3.1
  • Adjusted heat shield lossConst and pyrolysisLossFactor for improved survivability.


  • Recompiled for KSP 1.3.0
  • Rescaled tempRatio for inner kerbal temps. Lower limit = 317K and upper = 322 (scalding) - Clamped to 0-1 for sound volume. Unclamped for fear reaction animation
  • Fixed Kerbals not spawning with correct inner temp.
  • Fixed Kerbals not healing at *fixedDeltaTime
  • Updated files for main DeadlyReentry.cfg,
  • Scaled up star systems support.
  • (may not be adequate for all custom star systems. This is REALLY something that should be handled by those star system mods)
  • Updated RealChute settings
  • Moved inflatable configs into their own file
  • Fixed 15m HIAD mass (what, like YOU were never off by three orders of magnitude???)
  • Updated categories
  • Disable overheating destruction. (Parts still burn up due to stock heating)
  • skinMaxTemp wasn't being handled during temperature rebalancing.
  • NaN detection changed to use Double.isNaN instead of comparing to Double.NaN

v7.6.0 (final DRE update for KSP 1.2.2)

  • Finalized implementation of Max Operational Temp system
  • Implemented 'damage cubes' similar to drag cubes except that hull damage is now directional.
  • If vehicle skin takes enough damage facing its velocity vector then hot reentry gasses can enter the ship and damage internals directly
  • Internal damage handled separately and is not directionally based.
  • Kerbal max temp rebalance finalized. Suits (skin) can withstand up to ~900 K but the Kerbal inside starts taking damage at 317 K
  • EVA Kerbals now have a small amount of cooling. (500 watts but subject to rebalancing)
  • Kerbals scream when on fire.
  • Reinstituted menu setting for turning off crew g-force warning message.
  • Fixed problem with calling part.Modules[*] (replaced with FindModuleImplementing)


  • Updated for KSP 1.2.2


  • Updated for KSP 1.1.3


  • Don't delete leaveTemp. (causes errors in latest versions of Module Manager)
  • Changes to vernier thermals. (increased survivability of the Vernor RCS part)


  • Fix flag exploding when switching to flag. (prevent flag from having ModuleAeroReentry added to it)
  • Add additional debug logging to FixMaxTemps(). Status of parts that are skipped due to leaveTemp = true are logged. Parts that are adjusted are logged. 
  • Adjusting RSS fallback config. (used when Real Solar System is installed but Realism Overhaul is not and RSSROConfig is not set)
  • Possible fix for explosion/burning sounds being too loud for distant objects.
  • Added additional case handling for #leaveTemp.
  • Removed toolbar from Main Menu.


  • Adjusting RSS fallback config. (used when Real Solar System is installed but Realism Overhaul is not and RSSROConfig is not set.
  • Possible fix for explosion/burning sounds being too loud for distant objects.


  • Reworked previous fix for KIS/KAS. (catch KerbalEVA and prevent damage code from running on it during part initialization)
  • Updated ModuleManager for KSP 1.1.2
  • Recompiled for KSP 1.1.2
  • Updated versioning information
  • Extended compatibility checking to more code sections.


  • Updated and compiled for KSP 1.1
  • fixed crewGMin (for real this time. Seriously!)
  • DRToolBar compatibility update for KSP 1.1
  • Minor refactoring of DRToolBar
  • Implemented DR menu input locking.
  • Convection flux display format change to W/cm2
  • Changed flight logging to use LogEvent
  • Disable damage system and menu for EVAed Kerbals
  • Updated configs for KSP 1.1 (landing gear, inflatable heat shield)
  • Inflatable heat shield rebalanced to be less overpowered. (use it for high altitude aerobraking/aerocapture)
  • scale gforce kill chance by delta time (uses statistical probability rather than linear scaling)
  • Updated versioning and readme files
  • Fixed nullref error for KerbalEVA

v7.4.1 (pulled due to issues)

v7.4.0 - KSP 1.1 pre-release!

  • KSP 1.1 compatibility and compile update.

v7.3.3 - Last Stop Before 1.1 (I MEAN it this time! Seriously)

  • Fixed DefaultSettings.cfg file so Kerbals don't die so easy
  • Added handling for Realism Overhaul so that g-force survivability is more believable

v7.3.2 - Last Stop Before 1.1

  • Reimplemented menu. (reverted previous changes to get it functional again. Old menu duplication bug probably reverted as well)
  • Fixed issue with settings changes not applied.
  • Menu automatically writes changes to custom.cfg
  • Moved g force settings out of ModuleAeroReentry to ReentryPhysics
  • Added leaveTemp to spaceplane parts ModuleAeroReentry
  • Tweaked Space Plane part configs
  • Added missing gToleranceMult to default settings. (part G tolerance)
  • Updated versioning info
  • Removed deprecated config settings from code

v7.3.1 - The SIATPWWEFPD update.

  • Added skill check for damage above 0.75 (requires skill level 5)
  • No fire damage if CheatOptions.IgnoreMaxTemperature == true
  • No G-Force damage if CheatOptions.UnbreakableJoints == true
  • Only run toolbar code once. (addresses duplicates created when database reloaded)
  • Tweaked Mk1 Pod thermals (max temp, heat shield) to address complaints that the pod is burning up too easily.
  • Updated RSS fallback heat shield configs


v7.3.0 RC1

  • KSP 1.0.5 compatibility update
  • Code cleanup of extraneous DRE 7.1.0 skin remnants.
  • Fire damage reinstated
  • Repairing of damage now requires an engineer on EVA - the more badly damaged the part, the greater the skill required.
  • Damaged parts have lowered tolerance to further overheating and may break loose easier. (skinMaxTemp, breakingForce and breakingTorque are all reduced)
  • Part configuration patches tweaked.
  • It's still the Melificent Edition.
  • Almost reinstated DRE specific menu options.


  • Adjusted all DRE shield part cost and mass. (adjusted cost to account for resource problem described in issue #24 and adjusted heat shield masses to saner values)
  • Adjusted cost in Procedural Fairings to account for resource problem described in issue #24. (both stock fairing and PF mod)
  • screen message formatting
  • Corrected flux formatting for displays.
  • Approximating total absorbed heat in joules. (displayed in part context menu for total convective heat when over Mach 1)
  • Removed settings for chute warning messages since DRE no longer implements chute failures.
  • Version revision restriction. From this point on, revision restriction in effect. DRE will not run on anything older than 1.0.4 and will also fail on future updates until an updated version is released.
  • RSS specific tweaks. (modify lossConst / pyrolysisLossFactor to allow shields to survive reentry in RSS)
  • globally changed reentryConductivity to 0.001 (insulation allows 1 W / kW)
  • Implemented depletion threshold for maxTemps/conductivity changes. (amount <= 0.000001)
  • increased depletedConductivity to 20 from 1. (insulation burns up and becomes useless. Fiery plasma sweeps through your craft incinerating all in its path. Hilarity ensues)
  • Space is a tough place where wimps eat flaming plasma death.



* Deadly Reentry no longer implements reentry heating. Instead it tweaks parameters to make stock reentry deadlier.

* Deadly Reentry still handles G-force damage.

* Still no menu. (sorry! Cute cat still there!)

* Configs for all parts previously handled by Deadly Reentry have been edited to take advantage of new stock skin system.

* Spaceplane handling is a bit experimental and relies on having a skin with VERY low thermal mass which increases the heat loss from radiation. (use VERY shallow reentries for spaceplanes and reentries will be survivable but difficult. Consider turning off the heat gauges or you will get a frightful scare when you do spaceplane reentries)

* (no, seriously, turn the heat gauges off...)

* skinMaxTemp tends to be higher than maxTemp which now represents internal temp, including resource temp. 

* ModularFlightIntegrator is still a dependency but is not currently used by Deadly Reentry.


* Added heat shield char support. (not all shields)

* Major changes to skin conduction, radiation and convection

* Skin percentage is now actually a percentage of thermal mass. (i.e. part thermal mass goes down as skin thermal mass goes up)

* Heat shield aerodynamics fixed. (stable when blunt end forwards for all DRE shields & ADEPT shields)

* Heat shield decoupler: texts fixed. Unused decouplers removed. 0.625m decoupler added.

* NaN checking

* MOAR NaN checking

* Moved away from foreach usage. (you shouldn't use foreach, m'kay? foreach is bad.... m'kay?)

* Delete audio on destroy

* reimplemented engine detection

* RO support

* Depleted shields burn easier

* 1kg minimum part mass enforced. (in calculations only; part mass is not touched)

* Fixed 3.75m shield normal map

* Patching of KSO parts to remove obsolete pre DRE 7 configs.

* Lowered convection/radiation factors to 10

* KWR configs fixed.

* Other general config fixes

'changes to conduction/radiation/convection' is understating things a bit. It made things hot enough that I had to reduce convectionFactor to 10 to keep certain reentries survivable. Mk1 pod can handle LKO reentries just fine but munar or Minmus returns will probably burn its shields out before it can slow down to safe velocities. radiationFactor reduced to 10 to keep it even with convection. So, this was enough of a change to warrant a minor version upgrade



  • Calculate what pecentage of skin is actually facing the shockwave and use only that percent for thermalMass
  • Add OnDestroy() and null the FlightIntegrator cache
  • Added additional check for part.ShieldedFromAistream
  • Buffed fuel tank maxTemp
  • Fixed typo in DRE heat shields
  • Fixed the Deadly Launch bug (for real this time. NO SERIOUSLY!)
  • Added depletedMaxTemp to heat shields. (if their resource is depleted, their maxTemp changes to this value. Default 1300)
  • skinHeatConductivity works properly now.



*Removed legacy engine configurations which were adding pre-KSP 1.0 levels of heat production. (FIRE BAD!)

*Fixed duplicate toolbar button issue

*Tweaked convection heating to start EARLIER. Tweaked stock shields to (more or less) their original ablation/pyrolysis levels. For your protection.

*Put in checks and guards against null ref errors in UpdateConvection()

Known issues:

  • Kerbals will get a thermal warning gauge even at safe temperatures. There doesn't seem to be a solution possible at this time, it's just a side effect of setting their max temperatures so close to their normal resting temperatures and KSP ignores the gauge threshold either for Kerbals or very low max temp and I don't know why.
  • You may get logged error spam on craft with procedural fairings, namely the base. If this happens just revert to launch, or quicksave then quickload.


Fixed attach nodes.


  • Complete rewrite of 90% of Deadly Reentry code to take advantage of new KSP 1.0.
  • Deadly Reentry rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of stock thermodynamics.
  • Skin temperature implemented. part.temperature now represents a parts interior  temperature. Skin and part temperatures are tracked separately. Because the skin tends to be thinner it will usually be very much easier to burn through.
  • ModuleHeatShield uses the same format as KSP 1.0's ModuleAblator. The old heat shield format is deprecated and no longer used.
  • Heat shield reflective property is now replaced by the part's emissiveConstant. In theory, subtract the reflective value from 1.0. That is the emissiveConstant. In practice, parts will have a minimum value of 0.4. Values of 0.6 - 0.95 represent fairings and passive heat shields such as space shuttle tiles and other non ablatives.


Old Legacy Changelogs!




*Compiled for KSP 0.90

*Added toolbar button (for stock toolbar)

*Added Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty settings accessible from new menu

*Difficulty settings are per-save game!!! Use Easy for sandbox and Hard for Career! (if you want)

*Alternate lower density calculation (for use with Hard mode to prevent excessive heating for high speed aircraft)

*Fix for stuttering AeroFX cases. (thanks to Motokid600, Chezburgar7300, Zeenobit and Noio for feedback and/or testing)

*Reworked warning messages for visibility and/or optimization

*Optimized density calculations (moved all into ReentryPhysics; no more per-part calculations)

*Lowered part max-temperature cap to 1250 (other parts may be even lower)

*Heat shields now insulate attached parts against conducted heat

*Low grade heat shielding added to nose cones and fairings. (also to parachute 'cone' parts. Deploying chutes 'jettisons' the shield)

*Kerbals now react to reentry events such as overheating. (may need tweaking; even Jebediah gets scared now. Can't have that)

*Merged in fixes from NathanKell for FAR detection

*Merged in changes from NathanKell to support R&D / Technology requirements

*Added support for (currently unused)stock KSP airstream shielding

*Trapping and checking for of null reference errors in events.

*Added DeadlyReentry.version for AVC and CKAN support


*Debug Menu saves survive quick load and reverting. (added extra save function to update the loaded REENTRY_EFFECTS ConfigNode)

*Changed crewGKillChance from double to float. (fixes error in debug menu when changing this field)

*Fixed bug with RealChutes not cutting and/or spamming FlightLog

*FixedparachuteTempMult not saving from debug menu.

*Added FlowerChild's fix for StrutConnectors not destructing their reinforcing joints when they explode.


*Fixed issue with Jool NaN temperature. (capped low end of getExternalTemperature() to -160)

*Capped low end of ambientTemperature to absolute zero.

*NaN protection for part.temperature

*Added density field to debug GUI

*Replaced hard coded gas constant with per-planet specificGasConstant. (to-do: move that data to config files)

*ReentryPhysics still uses hard coded 287.058 value

*Added flight event logging for parachute failures.

*Added legacyAero config file option. If present and true then density retrieved from vessel.atmDensity


*Fixed typos in SPP.cfg and Wings.cfg (some parts were not getting


*Additional sanity check when raycasting for parts shielding parts.

*Added logic check to make sure a chute was actually exposed to

damaging temperatures when deployed

*Groundwork for toolbar support. (in-game per save game difficulty

settings coming soon)





DRE menu icon created by lajoswinkler

Download (latest official)

Source on Github

Edited by Starwaster
Updated post for DR 7.9.0
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  • 2 months later...

I see your name, Nathan, on an awful lot of the best mods, do you ever get any time to actually play? Or eat?! Cheers for the hard work.

Quick question - the global scalar for g-tolerance: set to 2.5, does this mean that all parts will explode at 2.5g's? Or is it a multiplier to some other property? How would I "turn off" g-induced damage?

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Quick question - the global scalar for g-tolerance: set to 2.5, does this mean that all parts will explode at 2.5g's? Or is it a multiplier to some other property? How would I "turn off" g-induced damage?
As an addendum to this question, have the g values changed significantly from the 2.3 version? I've only just started dipping my toes into DR and it seems wise to be aware of significant changes of that sort.

Semi-related: re-entry effects are positively terrifying now and I love it.

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Play? Heh, not really, no. :]

Eat, yes, at least. ^_^

Yes, this is DRC^2.

Regarding g-tolerance multiplier. Thus far I have not changed ialdabaoth's g tolerance formula, which is sqrt(6 * impact tolerance). The multiplier is just a global mult afterwards, so the formula is now gToleranceMult * sqrt(6*crashTolerance)

Since gToleranceMult is now 2.5, they have indeed, the limits are 2.5x what they were. So you really needn't worry until, oh, 12-15Gs.

I hope at some point to give parts rational G limits, even bearing in mind (see the old thread) that acceleration really isn't what we should be caring about per se, it's force on the part from all angles.

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I'm happy to see this revived, and hope the options are easier to tweak this time around. I always found the default settings for DR were too unforgiving to operate.

EDIT: Weird, the parts don't appear in the VAB--not as unresearched, they're just not there. Wonder if it's a conflict with something. I added tech requirements and everything, I think the reentry mechanic itself works though.

Edited by Synthesis
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I'm happy to see this revived, and hope the options are easier to tweak this time around. I always found the default settings for DR were too unforgiving to operate.

EDIT: Weird, the parts don't appear in the VAB--not as unresearched, they're just not there. Wonder if it's a conflict with something. I added tech requirements and everything, I think the reentry mechanic itself works though.

Thats funny, I have only lost 2 craft to re-entry over heat or G issues.

But I tend to come in at a pretty shallow angle and speed.

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Is anyone but Synthesis running into part troubles?

Synthesis, maybe you had an error in how you added the tech requirements--that would kill PartLoader and make the parts not show up.

What techs did you use, btw? I should add them. But since I haven't actually played .22 yet, just been modding it, no idea where.

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TechRequired = start

entryCost = 0

use this for now it will put them on first node of the tech tree. that should prevent any problems. the bigger sheilds if u want u can just look at bigher stock rocket parts and put them in the nodes with them

without any tech node put in cfg they wont show up in career but will show up in sandbox.

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I'm using this config for now:

TechRequired = survivability

TechRequired = survivability

TechRequired = advLanding

TechRequired = advLanding

TechRequired = heavyAerodynamics

TechRequired = largeProbes

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I'm using this config for now:

TechRequired = survivability

TechRequired = survivability

TechRequired = advLanding

TechRequired = advLanding

TechRequired = heavyAerodynamics

TechRequired = largeProbes

*tilts head* So ... that would be the way for me to create my own personal tech tree and/or tweak some parts more to my liking, just by adding a .cfg for MM?

Will I ever really play the game or just find new ways to play WITH the game? :P:D

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That the g limits were sometimes a bit odd (random breaking apart at about 6 g), was the only thing that bugged me a bit, I hope it will be better now :) either way iadaboath 's work on Deadly Reentry ist just awesome and that someone finally continues it as long as iadaboath is absent is a a dream come True :D that you don't even played for yourself to bring us all that awesome stuff is truly heroic :D keep on with that

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I've wrote my own tech tree with MM xD. Was the first thing i did after finishing the stock tree.

As I started to explore Kerbins biomes with planes, I thought about editing the tech tree to start out with planes and gradually introducing rocket parts.

But we are getting off topic here! :)

Glad to see this is being worked on, deleted the last version again when I found out about the ship-exploding-on-load problem and also found the G-stress a bit to much!

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One question.

Why exactly is the g-force damage formula based on crashTolerance (which is only applied on impact by the stock physics) instead of, say, breakingForce (which is applied to sustained structural stress by the stock physics)?

Wouldn't that be more appropriate and remove most issues with parts getting destroyed when they shouldn't?

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Great to see a talented modder like you Nathan continuing deadly reentry! I have a technical question though. Does this mod work properly with non-stock parts?

I play with a ton of mods, and it works for all of them. KW, kethane, just to name a few.

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Is anyone but Synthesis running into part troubles?

Synthesis, maybe you had an error in how you added the tech requirements--that would kill PartLoader and make the parts not show up.

What techs did you use, btw? I should add them. But since I haven't actually played .22 yet, just been modding it, no idea where.

It could totally be something on my end--I have VetTech enabled which, for all I know, may be breaking it (though VetTech is supposed to account for this mod by design...). I really don't like the default tech tree.

I just assigned everything to to Advanced Construction (same as SDHI's heat shield, which appears just fine). Lazy way out, just to make sure everything's in order. I only did that after it wouldn't appear without modification--perhaps VetTech error?

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