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[1.2.2] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.2.1 (Old Thread)


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Moderator edit: This thread is now deprecated, please move over to the new thread for continued discussion of this mod:



Thanks to blowfish, and numerous other contributors for continued support and development of this mod for KSP 1.05, and now, KSP 1.2.2.



This pack adds a vast selection of new parts, introducing new spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems, new structural components for orbital installations and colonies, and so on.




  • Compatible with KSP version 1.2.2 (build 1622)



  • If you find yourself with out of memory errors, try 64-but version of the game.





Release 6.2.1:


  • For KSP 1.2.2
  • Replace remaining firespitter animation modules with ModuleAnimateGeneric
  • Add EVA range to some animations
  • Fix RPM color tags
  • Remove hover function from VTOLs as it was causing them to overheating
  • Add editor-attachable node to shielded docking port
  • Use new SmokeScreen feature to reduce memory consuption of exhaust effects


Release 6.2.0-pre:


  • Fixes for KSP 1.2
  • Use new part categories (thanks flashblade)
  • Fix some previously inconsistent part categories (thanks flashblade)
  • All data transmitters to all command pods and Kerbnet access to all drone cores (thanks flashblade)
  • Adjust subtype names to that they display better in the editor
  • Fix FAR patch on Mk2 Intake Cockpit
  • Use custom tank types in B9 rather than default B9PartSwitch ones - for now they are identical


Release 6.1.2:


  • For KSP 1.1.3 (didn't really require any changes)
  • Fix mesh switching issue on R1 RCS Port
  • Fix flipped node on T2 tail
  • Fix lights illuminating planets from orbit (thanks taniwha


Release 6.1.1:


  • For KSP 1.1.2 (didn't really require any changes)
  • Fix RPM resource displays (credit to danfarnsy)
  • Update DRE patch (also danfarnsy)
  • Fix FAR voxelization on S2W parts

Known Issues:

  • DRE patches may still need work
  • TweakScale support not yet implemented in B9PartSwitch


Release 6.1:


  • Updated for KSP 1.1
  • Get rid of KM_Gimbal, as most important functionality is now stock and it will not be maintained
  • Fix smoke effects
  • Increase response speed on some thermal anims
  • Move landing gear to broken, since they are broken (no way to fix them without the source files, plus they were already legacy)
  • Adjust cockpit thermals to be more in-line with stock (thanks flashblade)
  • Add tags, thanks sparkybear for the hard work

Known issues

  • TweakScale does not work with the part switcher
  • Some MFD screens have some issues


Release 6.01:

  • Fix L2 Atlas effects persisting after flameout
  • Fix smoke effects not showing up on all engines
  • Fix legacy Mk2 crew cabin not working for contracts


Release 6.0.0:

  • Integrate bac9's beautiful new Mk1 and Mk2 parts
  • Move nearly all fuel/mesh switching to new plugin, B9PartSwitch
  • Move old Mk1/2 parts to legacy
  • Update all compatibility patches (some untested)
  • Remove fuel switching in cargo bays - there's really not that much space
  • Remove Virgin Kalactic as a dependency
  • Make HX pack independend of core
  • Pylons are now integrated into podded engines
  • Bring back the airbrakes (now functional for no apparent reason)
  • Combine textures on HL Extension B and RCS blocks
  • Remove MP_Nazari folder - it just messes with things
  • Improve thermal anims on HX HPD
  • Fix patches applying to procedural wings
  • Dependency updates
  • Many minor tweaks


Release 5.4.0:

  • Full compatibility with KSP 1.0.5
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Rebalancing of parts for new aerodynamics
  • B9AnimationModules added as a dependency, source is available here.  This plugin provides more customized animation modules
  • CrossfeedEnabler is no longer a dependency
  • KineTechAnimation is no longer a dependency
  • HX parts split into a separate archive due to separate dependencies (check the bitbucket link for the download)




Q: The mod crashes the game for some reason, what can I do?

Make sure that everything is installed correctly, your dependencies are up-to-date, and you are on the correct version of KSP (1.1).  If you can't find the issue read this helpful topic and post the issue in this thread.  Be sure to include your logs!  If you are quite certain that you have found a bug, you can create the issue on our Github page. Try to provide as much detail as possible - logs, example craft, reproduction steps.  Also be sure that the issue is reproducable with only B9 installed.  Posts along the lines of "Its not working" or "Everything is broken" won't really help us much.

Q: I don't understand a thing in those IVA displays, there are too many buttons and screens

Q: Why aren't you respecting stock balance? Mods should reference stock for the configs of the new parts, otherwise balance of modded game would be all over the place!

While we try to respect stock balance as much as possible, there are a number of inconsistencies in the balance of stock parts that make it impossible to keep balance against every stock part.  If something seem very far off of what it should be, feel free to ask in this thread.

Q: I can't find those huge blocky parts from the opening image in my part catalog. Why are those missing?

They were recently separated into another download as they mostly don't share dependencies with the main part of the mod and as many people prefer not to use them.

Q: I can't find the modular wing pieces that are depicted on many screenshots of this mod. Why are those missing?

They were removed and will no longer be developed. They are available as an optional download in the Bitbucket repository linked on top of this post, but we do not recommend using them. A far better option is using procedural wings, since you'll have just one part with just one material and just one texture covering any possible wing shape then. Good for performance, good for design freedom, good for looks. Grab the procedural wings here.

Q: Why aren't procedural wings integrated into the main B9 package?

Because they have entirely separate dependencies and are maintained by different folks. Merging them will only needlessly complicate updates.



Double-check whether you are using KSP version 1.1.3. Your root KSP folder should already contain a GameData folder. Merge the GameData folder inside the download with it. Do not extract just GameData/B9 Aerospace/Parts folder alone, the mod won't work this way. With a proper installation, you should have multiple new folders in GameData alongside with Squad folder that was there originally. Do not try to move the part folders elsewhere or sort them using category subfolders, that will break resource linking in all configs. Do not remove or skip installation of any plugins.




As of Release 6.2.1 and KSP 1.2.2, these are the known incompatibilities: None currently

Other incompatibilities are unknown. Please report them to blowfish if you find any.




OXSOudpb.jpg EykqtS4b.jpg weqDuSdb.jpg

XrAcOWub.png jm3sMl9b.png Z2lJvqdb.jpg

fw5HcPcb.jpg w6IcwG4b.jpg pukHZTqb.jpg

pCq2GjKb.jpg DdEQgAXb.jpg olwSzwCb.jpg


QdjYSevb.jpg dVQGewkb.jpgGCWW5h4b.png QieC2sTb.jpg AVYuqEub.png




New updates:

  • blowfish - plugin code, maintenance, balance, coordination of new updates
  • flashblade - many contributions
  • V8jester and M4ck - stack node adjustments
  • danfarnsy and JaredTheDragon - RPM fixes
  • joshwoo69 - RT compatibility
  • sparkybear - Part tags
  • taniwha - Fix for planet-illuminating lights

Old core team:

  • bac9 - 3D modeling, texturing, editor tools (been a lazy ass and hardly contributed over the past year, to be honest)
  • Taverius - balance, 3D modeling, craft design, maintenance (no longer active)
  • K3|Chris - 3D modeling, texturing, IVA (no longer active)

Contributors and bundled mods:

  • Nazari - HotRockets Engine FX: forums
  • Snjo - Firespitter.dll plugin: forums
  • Sarbian - SmokeScreen.dll plugin: forums
  • Ialdabaoth, Sarbian: ModuleManager: forums
  • Mihara - RasterPropMonitor forums
  • jadebenn, Hyomoto, Helldiver - RPM MFD configuration.
  • alexustas - RPM MFD configuration
  • FPSlacker - HR exhaust pressure compensation

Special thanks:

  • DYJ
  • C7
  • r4m0n
  • Sarbian
  • NathanKell
  • egg
  • snjo
  • ferram4
  • Mu
  • mrBlaQ




This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Dependencies may come under their own licenses. Please check dependency documentation for details.
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A massive congratulations on hitting full release - it's been awesome watching things evolve over in the dev thread (kinda sad to see it locked, in some ways). I'm not going to get much of a chance to play around with this until the end of the month (blame the infinite joys of pharmacology exams for that), but boy am I looking forward to doing so :)

Also, Bac9 - just a heads up re the post /r/kerbalspaceprogram - I can see the post with the links in in your post history, but not in the actual thread (and nor can some others, judging by the comments) - I've reposted your comment in that thread - hope that helps as a stopgap measure.

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Are the downloads working for everyone? No corrupt archives etc?

Download from BitBucket was fine, and instantly crashed my game for memory reason :D, I think i'm going to create a seperate game repository with only B9.

Awesome work, thank you guys, I love it.

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what's the difference between this and the pre-release?

Quite a bit actually, improved MFDs, all manner of bugfixes, a few last minute changes, and invariably a few things I forgot.

EDIT: I have been ninjaed

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Awwwww man! No BD amoury support! That may be why it didnt work when i tried the first time :blush:. Is there anyhing you can do to fix it? Would it be you or BD amourys creator that would have to make a fix? Its a pitty, these mods would work sooo well together.

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Awwwww man! No BD amoury support! That may be why it didnt work when i tried the first time :blush:. Is there anyhing you can do to fix it? Would it be you or BD amourys creator that would have to make a fix? Its a pitty, these mods would work sooo well together.

No idea what's going on there, I suspect its the firespitter switchers messing with it. Nothing we can solve on our end anyway - none of us are coders.

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