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  1. Was Nate always PD or IG before this? Because that alone would already tell quite a lot.
  2. They only would say that they stopped working on it when they are willing to pay out the refunds that would come in. A corpo saying that they continue development will just keep naive blind fanboys buying, this is just business and nothing else.
  3. ... Nate just knows to make shiny promises, and create hype, but does not deliver. Still remember, he did what the big publishers always demand, make it more accessable for broader public, aka dump things down. stupid flash animations made ppl learn orbital mechanics in KSP, it was because it was required to get somewhere, it was an incentive to learn because it did not assist you. And then the woke staff, that is a giant red flag, combined with the whole style over substance development, they simply do not even understand the concept of make things actually accessable by making them readable, but noo we have to use some stupid font style that is just so 80s. What makes me angry the most is that someone like Nate and these that caused the fail, will always just land on their feet and continue on burning the next project while the others have to suffer from their wrong doing, it sucks.
  4. Where is that an imrpovement? Articifal pixeling of font is still making it not properly readable and we made it all equal in basecolor is not an actual progress.
  5. Oh nice ok, I was thinking that it was mentioned that you can build bigger crafts in ksp2 but they would still be limited to the size of the VAB.
  6. Does this also avoid the size limits of the crafts?
  7. Action groups not repsonding Parts/UI not responding to clicking Craft out of thin air just mashing every single vertex into a random cloud of mashed potatoes in orbit of Minmus Fuellines and Struts breaking when moving parts up or down Resource Manager not opening properly during flight Parts in Resource Manager multipling when trying to remove them from transfer after a transfer Craft icons in map view scaling into giant view blocking creeprs of pixels when in another orbit and to close to camera (required when trying to pinpoint an orbit catch) Flags not appearing anywhere after beeing planted aka total feature waste All crafts no matter the type having the same icon Camera totally not working as rotating towards a pol of a celestial body works as a multiplier for the movementspeed Spammed autosaves in the VAB that you have to manually remove after manual saving VAB camera randomly moving into initial position Not possible to create manouver nodes when not in the same infleucne sphere, yeah great for planning.... Decouplers/Seperators deciding they just do not longer want to work by staging and have to be triggered manually Lights only working after reloading the craft during flight/driving Unbelivable useless UI with the pixalted 80s style is a reason to remove someone from the job as an UX has to be beneficial for use not something to hinder it; substance over style not the other way around! I bought it now in winter sale, and with it feeling like it actually tries to fight me play it, i do not even want to know how it was at release. 60hours in the game now and i am just frustrated, annoyed and exhausted, but not having actual fun with the game.
  8. The current game UI makes this mod kinda invaluable, but got one issue, that not even is a real issue. The focus always starts with kerbol, if there would be an option to start with the one currently orbited it would be awesome.
  9. The old Alarmclock is not rebuild in just one day^^, but yeah offset would be nice. Also another nice addition would be to have the custom alarm in relative time rather than universetime. About the UI that is KSP2 default style I guess?
  10. Oh thanks for this, without it KSP is totally useless hardbound to 30 degrees.,as if the devs never actually played the game. Just got a small question is it possible to not round the degrees to full ingeter but to single digit after the dot; like half of 45 to get stuff on the coverns of the octo. EDIT: additional the snaps seem to not work at all.
  11. 1.8 changed a lot, really a lot, so don't be surprised when it does not work. even finding the correct dlls for compiling is not like before. @Lisiashow about just making a merge request?
  12. Maybe you should post the specs of your Rig with it^^ Welding is not really beneficial with super large objects as the partcount is not really that dramatically reduced. What it will cause is some massive loading times
  13. Is there any public statement from Felipe Falanghe about KSP2, he is the one that gave us the initial amazing piece of joy?
  14. Ah yeah, that is something i will get on to, once i find the time. Nertea's mods are some of my favourites.
  15. That is strange because normally the game should already not allow for anything outside of the ksp Folder.
  16. Yep but that will be done at a weekend with enough time. Update to UbioWeld Continued 2.5.3 Recompiled for KSP 1.4.2 Download version 2.5.3 for KSP 1.4.2
  17. I hope so, but if someone still has that in a log, i will look for a Workaround rather than removing it directly.
  18. Really guys, I still have a job and a life next to KSP. Has someone seen "..Config {0} has {1} FXEmitters and {2} Sound in {3} FxGroups" this in one of the welding logs? it is one of the oldest things in ubiowelding, I didn't see them in any parts so far but i can have overlooked something.
  19. Thanks, that sounds promising, but the known issue, might cause problems.
  20. Incompatible version between fuel/mesh switcher and welding. Now that it is an stock feature, it will be even more complicated.
  21. By >100 active mods, not really because it could be any of them But tracking it down to map view yeah can confirm that, even launching just in map view will cause it, happened to me once.
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