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  1. @V8jester, thanks for reposting proper install order again, things get buried quickly here. Small info about IR Sequencer, it is recompiled for KSP 1.3., so might be good to edit your post.
  2. Take care of any personal issues first, any family issues second and work on mod when you grab some free time and when it provide at least some fun creating it. All other users have to be patient and wait for update, no matter how "essential" this mod is in creating properly balanced craft. Take your time and do moding when you enjoy doung it, otherwise you will suffer from burnout effect.
  3. Yes. Legacy parts are not possible to fix due to lack of source files to edit and fix them. New parts from ZodiousInfuser are still in beta stage of development, so those were not included either. Just core plugin that allow those parts to move as desired/UI and other common thing for any IR a like part that use this plugin. So, you have to download use parts from previous releases of IR. Order of install is pretty much same as it was trough KSP 1.2.2. only you use IR core pack for KSP 1.3. and do not install sequencer until it is updated for 1.3.
  4. To make sure taht is readed, you can put OP name in your post, Start with "@", and forum will let you to choose @keptin, so he can be notified about it. Btw, picture is either, quite high resolution or it is on very slow server, but regardless, members from Chinese community would apreciate it.
  5. @JeeF, try with foldatrons from IR reworked parts. I didn't see before on first screenshot that you were using old legacy part pack. Other peoples were reported issues with legacy parts, although I don't recall specifics is it same issue like you have. Anyhow, KSP have chenged a lot (game engine changes) since those parts were made and it is not possible for anyone to fix them due to lack of original source files for those models/parts.
  6. @Infleto, IR Sequencer is not properly installed: That should be inside this folder: Path for IRSequencer should look like this: Couple of posts above is quoted post with links and install procedures. IIRC, same can be found somewhere on Github too. Try to reinstall everything in regards of IR. Please note that latest core IR release does not contain parts, so you have to combine older releases with latest ones to have everything in working order. Just read instructions in mentioned post more closely and don't rush with install procedure.
  7. Looks like another autostrut issue. Turn on autostrut visualisation trough debug/cheat menu to help you with this. Autostrut comes from that landing gear being too close to ramp/hinges. Unfortunately there is no way to turn off autostrut on wheels, so you have to figure out some workaround of this. There is several posts about similar issue and workarounds for it in this IR thread and WIP IR thread about it. You can also check links in my signature, I posted info about it too as it is quickly buried in forum thread.
  8. Follow links posted in previous page: I stop counting long time ago how many times it was already reposted in this and other IR thread.
  9. For spoilers just click on "eye" button next to smile button, bellow font combobox. As for RT thread, this is most recent one:
  10. Well, I'm on hiatus from playing KSP for months, but I hope I could get some free time over weekend to test GUI. Last time I was try to use it it was hard to follow everything. Waz have being doing changes back and forth for GUI with forked non latest version of kOS. I have to give it a try when everything is merged. IIRC, group of 3 or more radio buttons were not working properly in latest alpha version of GUI, while it worked properly in previous alpha versions. Need to check that. Also, I think that I was using version for KSP 1.2.2. on KSP 1.2.1. without noticable issues, but like I said, it is better to test it on platform that is designed for.
  11. Picture is there, in both, your post and on github. I guess I missed it when I was reading change log. I was searching for some piece of info in text and disregaded picture somehow. Thanks for clarification, helps with not producing false reports if I pick wrong KSP version.
  12. Is it for KSP pre-release version or it is "pre-release" for kOS update ? On what KSP version should be tested ? I did quick read trough documentation and changelog, but I didn't found info about it. Didn't have enough time to read trough all issues/PR on github.
  13. I don't think that is issue with bad alignment, but it does not hurt to check it regardless. If that does not fix issue, change friction on wheels. Instead of automatic, put some lower value on front wheel and higher on rear wheels. turn off brakes on wheels that were on wingtips, most probably those are ones that cause all mess as it in rare occasion preassure on them are evenly distributed. Put higher braking force on rear wheels. It is hard to see, but try to separate more widely that rear wheels if possible. Not way too much, only by width of 3-4 wheel width. Put air brakes much more near tail, that would help to produce more drag near end of cradt and helping to keep plane going in straight line. I ususaly use tri-cycle wheel combo and I was having issues with too wide rear wheels placement in some of craft designs. Usualy wide placed rear wheels helps with stability, but if you place it too spread compared to distance between front and rear wheel (nose - tail wise) it can be overkill and cause instability if you try to steer slightly.
  14. Yes it is. KSP stock areo is much better than at time of writting OP, but besides that old bug other stuff are pretty much valid even today. Anyone who want to learn more how it is done in real life, I have come across to nice videos of university lessons. It might be too much for someone who just want to play game, but it is quite good for people who want to learn more and fill gaps with some books about it too. Basic course Aerospace Engineering Lessons
  15. I belive it is called "mulch" in KSP and already exist in USI.