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  1. Hello Bit Fiddler, the 'CSAS-A 2500' configuration file is SAS-2500.cfg in the ../Parts/SAS directory. The decision whether US-plus will be part of the main mod contares is not yet decided.
  2. WIP US-plus contains: - DRACHE 2 (Dragon 2) - CST-101 (CST-100) - C-ORION (Orion Capsule) - DREAM CRUSHER (Dream Chaser manned and cargo version) - Airbag for C-ORION and CST-101 - Contares SAS and decoupler - FALKE-X Launcher (Falcon 9) - attention to the main engine, you can toggle 1, 2, 6 engines! Calculation in MechJeb is wrong, MJ check only the first engine in a part! You need additional plugins: - retractibleLiftingSurface - real Plume - Firespitter - Kerbal Inventory System KIS - Tweakscale (optional) Download WIP US-plus
  3. The Contares' engineers are confident that the fine tuning has been completed satisfactorily. The PR department has decided to publish this advertising poster with the different versions.
  4. The fine tuning is still running, so no.
  5. You mean the cone installed at the rear? Actually this was not planned.
  6. if you install contares mod complete you find the skid by searching tag 'skid'
  7. After the lattice brake flap for FALKE X here is now the first screenshot of the landing leg. Work on the carrier rocket FALKE X (Falcon 9) is proceeding rapidly. A second, KAPPA IV (Delta IV) is already well advanced.
  8. Here the 4 (1/2) new spacecraft systems. The download contains: - C Drachen (Dragon 2) - CST-101 (CST-100) - C-ORION (Orion) - Dream Crusher (Dreamchaser) mannend and cargo version Please note that the Mods Firespitter (Plugin only), RetractibleLiftingSurface and KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) are necessary for the proper operation of all parts. Download: The new 4 spacecraft systems
  9. Nice but it's wrong scale. You can set the scale via Tweakscale to 50%? Then use REX Free Flyer from Contares
  10. The first three test flights have been successfully completed: - Glide flight from 4000 m altitude with subsequent landing on parachutes - Glide flight test from 8000 m altitude, function check of the engines, with subsequent landing on the landing gear - First orbital flight with re-entry and landing (Launch on ALIYANA 6) Screenshot from first orbital flight. Now follow the configurations of KIS, TACLS and the creation of the IVA placeholder. The cargo variant is already finished texturized and will celebrate its entry into the VAB tomorrow.
  11. The Dream Crusher is still in the paint shop. Please wait until Sunday, then the color should be dry.
  12. Snapshot of Gridfins for FALKE X out of VAB via KVV CST-101 Capsule with inflated airbags
  13. @Drakenex and @CobaltWolf, please keep your BDB internal discussions in a suitable place. Thank you