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  1. A picture of the comparison of the CSA launcher of the newer generation.
  2. From workbench: LYRA-E, inspired by VEGA-E Stage one parts: P-80, P-100, P-120 Stage two parts: Z-23, Z-23 decoupler with integrated retroboosters), Z-40c, Z40c decoupler with integrated retroboosters) Stage three parts: Z-9, VUM-MIRA, (AVUM planned) More information about the VEGA propulsions:
  3. CIDAS match only to CIDAS, DN1-84 and TUG docking port. DM2 only to DM2. do not know what docking port you mean.
  4. 'Space Rider' has the same dimensions like IXV (50% scale): length: 2.5m width: 1.1m hight: 0.75m Hatch/Cargobay size: widht: ~ 0.57m hight: ~ 0.52m depth: ~ 0.47m The 'Space Rider' comes as tweakable part so you can change the size. Initial stack size is 1.25m.
  5. So far so good, IXV Space Rider works but the integrated solar pannel is missing. Work on VEGA-E goes on with big steps.
  6. No, this texture pack is overhauled. Work on this has already been discontinued over 18 months ago. Procedural Parts was for a long time not on a suitable stand for the current KSP version. Perhaps, in the distant future, the desire to create a new Texture Pack for Procedural Parts, but it is in the stars.
  7. So far only one and a half, IVA have been implemented. As @Well already wrote, all other manned objects contained simple placeholder, consisting of seat and camera position. @Well was so friendly and complemented the IVA of PINBOL as part of his own project. With kind permission this will be published with the next release for Pinbol. There will be more IVA's, but the creation is very boring and - for me personally - without priority. This list, which you want, already exists. Have a look at the file 'CONTARES_TweakScale.cfg' in the directory '../GameData/Contares/Patches/'. By the way, you learn how to add a tweakscale configuration to parts.
  8. Some time ago the reconnaissance capsule Pokemon was removed because of aging. Here is the design for the replacement model. Pokemon 3 is characterized by a pressure cargo bay with a large viewing window. Scientific devices can simply be added or removed after opening the front hatch.
  9. Not a BDB problem, take a look at Gameslinx' Planet Pack. Same problem occures with other ambience and planet mods.
  10. How @Cheescake says, only tweakscale settings are set up for sensible parts. One or the other part with the time still corresponding settings received.
  11. @RedParadize ever thought about using DLMS-C? This module was specially designed for landings on planets with atmosphere and includes a loading bay. Basically an unmanned variant of the BTG2. Has been around since 10/15/2016. Use the FED-HS as Heatshield and the MICRO-GABUN (2x) as engines for Duna operations. Legs from KOMPAKTLANDER was helpfull.
  12. Use this for your Project plus ESLIS SSTO. IXV has only 4 RCS to stabilize the reentry.
  13. I like this kind of cargo hatch much better.