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  1. Can you do a Mi-26, 8 bladed rotor, and small version of hippo engine as control rotor, maybe for size Mk-3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-26
  2. i bit tested when i turn 600 rpm it start fly normaly (only few seconds) but then it fall without giving power Mi-10 Mass: 11 tons
  3. I tried even to do 1000 rpm, still weak
  4. Footage of Kerb-culture gameplay
  5. btw when i played with options i randomly made pool in KSC bit better and made unusual waves
  6. i didn't mentioned about compatible version i just put a little thing happened to me, maybe it can help you in new version for 1.3
  7. When i messed with water and make water level at KSC level, surface start dissapear near camera
  8. Earthbond: play as aard James bond against Soviet farmers and Golden Comb-eye-n
  9. Mod just Purfect! that's really cool idea of using Giant trees, but i think we needs a very giant trees like home of Navi's much bigger than thoose trees but bit rare to generate than thoose big trees. (or if possible to add structure try to add giant tree as object)
  10. Try draw very soft with gray or brown pencil to image a burn marks