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  1. ---Excerpted from press conference Y-3 D-2--- What? Of course none of the astronauts are in love... Right?
  2. I found out where @TheEpicSquared got the name. Ad astra per aspera, (a thing all over the forums for some reason) means... Through hardships to the stars!
  3. Yeah, little do they know that the name "Obney" is actually game generated! He is a pilot I got a while ago in the generator.
  4. I'm reading Emiko, Kerny Kerman's journal, Plan Kappa, Kerbfleet, and Through Hardships to the Stars.
  5. I keep forgetting to say, but a couple months ago I found a strange monument to Neil and Armstrong on the Mun! I wonder what it could mean...
  6. We will mourn the loss of greg... something.
  7. We are the Kerbin Academy of Space Exploration (KASE). We have sided with HKA following the recent retake of the KSC. We will send you our latest space fighter, the Artemis. A drone, it is best used for suicide runs against enemy cruisers. It can fire its missiles and return, or fire its missiles, kamikaze crash, and not return!TM Use it well! https://kerbalx.com/Obney_Kerman/Artemis-drone-fighter
  8. OK, just need to finalize the design, Thanks!
  9. @HatBat would you like my space drone?
  10. 25 pages on this thread. 25 episodes of kethane station. This thread was created by HatBat. Illuminatti confirmed.