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  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but looking at the presentation it kind of seems like that's what it's going to be already? The pictures of the science interface did seem to have listed durations for some of the observation tools.
  2. I really like the look of these designs! The slow evolution of spaceplane shapes and the utilitarian and modular tugs and station parts are all super inspiring for me, and the station looks really good! Definitely going to remember this design whenever I get around to making stations/fuel depots in KSP2. And proper space shuttle/SSTO designs, too...
  3. The second it started spinning I thought of every time I'd had rockets fail that exact same way in KSP lol. SpaceX engineers, you just need to return to VAB and add a few fins and struts. Also ask the devs to fix the wobbly rocket bug
  4. And are they going to build 10 expendable launchpads for that?
  5. The N1 was biggest because it was on the pad and fully fueled when it exploded. I think between four minutes of thrust and how it looked like the LOX supply was going down a bit too quickly on the interface it was more of a Challenger-esque aerodynamic breakup. If you look closely at the videos of it you can even see what looks like unburned fuel spilling out as it breaks apart.
  6. Yeesh, that was a lot of issues for one flight. On the one hand, impressive how long the ship stayed in one piece with all that going on, on the other hand... there probably shouldn't have been so many things failing together. Fingers crossed this doesn't delay Artemis 3 by too much...
  7. Given in KSP1 they still added EVA construction (KIS), delta-v readouts (Kerbal Engineer), ground altitude readouts (Kerbal Engineer), communications networks (RemoteTech), Soviet style command pods (Tantares), helmet removal (Texture Replacer), spacesuit variants (Texture Replacer), EVA parachutes (EVA Parachutes), orbital mapping (SCANsat), orbital information readouts (Kerbal Engineer), full interior views (Free IVA), etc. I think we'll be fine. Though a lot of times improved versions of mods have been added in, so maybe a mix of both?
  8. It has been a pleasure, an honor, a privilege, and a lot of other things to follow this story over... gosh, it's been how many years? I couldn't have asked for a better ending: all the insane technology and high concept (higher concept? high2 concept?) sci-fi worldbuilding, all the fantastic character work and messages of hope and healing, the payoffs to countless setups, just... I don't have the words that this story deserves, but I'm very grateful for it. I could talk endlessly about lines I loved and pieces of storytelling that resonated with me and characters and themes and incredible concepts, but I'll just sum it up by saying that Voyage: The Final Warning will go down as one of the most amazing, insane, wacky, and wonderful things I've read, and I've read a lot of amazing, insane, wacky, and/or wonderful things. Thank you very, very much, for all of it.
  9. Kerbals are the distilled physical embodiment of the abstract concept of spaceflight. Kerbals are attempts by a higher consciousness to create spacefaring sentient life, with mixed results. Kerbals are bryozoan colonies which have grown and evolved enough to be indistinguishable from a single large organism. Kerbals are narrative constructs designed to fit into baseline archetypes of daredevil pilot, mad scientist, or trusty engineer, among others. Kerbals are homunculi created by human alchemists in pursuit of immortality. Kerbals are fungi, or lizards, or maybe just plants. No reason you can't do both! And honestly, this concept is FASCINATING to me and if you wrote it, I would love to read it. Does that mean we're basically playing as the KSC? So many fun implications...
  10. If you need a use for the SWERV I have one word for you, and one word only: Tylo.
  11. It's still very, very impractical to get enough in-game currency to buy most of the larger ships in only the $45 starter ship. And when the game website's catalogue of ships has a search field that looks like this, it's hard to argue that it's less expensive than KSP2. (No argument on the mention of DCS world though, that game's DLC system is... yikes.)
  12. Star Citizen is filled to the brim with DLC ships that can cost upwards of several hundred dollars each. $45 is the most bare-bones starter ship's price, but grinding with a starter ship is... not easy. I'm not the biggest fan of the $50 price tag, but at least KSP2 doesn't have any DLC (yet).
  13. I think story should really just be limited to easter eggs and other stuff that's completely optional. The beauty of stuff like the Kraken and the crashed saucers in KSP1 was that it let you make your own interpretation, and they were all things that you could play for hundreds of hours and not find. Making a rigidly defined story kind of takes that mystery out of it, in my opinion.
  14. Good luck with the rover! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  15. I really love the way this is written. The meta-ness of it all reminds of of an SCP article, with a lot of added dry humor. If that's what you were going for, congrats! Love to see that Mun arches are still a thing, here's hoping some of the other anomalies are still out there too. And that some of these excessive kraken sightings get fixed in the next couple weeks...
  16. Idea: When you close a fairing by connecting it to another part, let that fairing act as a strut and hold the whole thing together, instead of having the top part of the craft wobble anyway and clip through the fairing! Something to make Saturn V replicas and interstage adapters a lot easier.
  17. I think these are the same issue: the maneuver node isn't changing because the game is assuming your ship has no delta-V, and you can't change your trajectory anyway. As for why, I'm not really sure. Is it because your engine and decoupler are in the same stage? Unless that decoupler doesn't just detach the engine, in which case I've got nothing.
  18. Radiation is confirmed for later in EA, and resource management will be a part of the 'Adventure Mode' that's going to be our successor to Career mode, so overengineering is only a sandbox problem. Other semi-realistic challenges are also coming to the game: it seems like reaction wheels aren't overpowered anymore, so RCS is a necessity again; splashdowns aren't just a guaranteed safe landing anymore, and some of the planet descriptions seem to be hinting at geothermal activity and Van Allen radiation belts being a thing soon. That's a pretty simplified mission. What about the design process, or orbital assembly instead of all-in-one? Or exploring the planets you're mining, with rovers and planes? Building bases, doing science, panickedly hashing together a rescue mission because one of your ships wasn't built with enough delta-V, and on and on. Sure, you could just mine your fuel and leave, but you don't HAVE to. Also, curious about what makes KSP2's planets 'fantasy' as opposed to KSP1. Might just be reading that implication wrong though, lol.
  19. If I can ever get enough motivation and time to write, I'll happily take up that torch
  20. Honestly, it kind of sounds like more of a case of underpowered SRBs than overpowered Vectors. Shuttle/SLS SRBs: 15,000+ kN 'Clydesdale', largest SRB in game: 3,300kN RS-25: 2,279kN KS-25: 850kN So the answer is to add 3.75m solid boosters in future? Maybe?
  21. Kerbin is 1/10th the size of earth, nothing is going to function in KSP like it does in real life. And they did actually nerf the Vector's thrust by quite a bit: in what we've seen from the ESA event, its thrust is 850kN compared to 1000 in KSP1. (And 2200kN on the IRL RS-25, for reference.)
  22. There are a lot of the same types of parts, but they're not 100% identical. Engines, for instance have new plumes, new models, and nearly all of them have been functionally changed at least a little (e.g. vector got its thrust decreased, NERV had its thrust and ISP both buffed, poodle gained a little thrust but lost a little ISP, etc.) The parts that are the same are stuff like fuel tanks, trusses, etc. which would be a waste to redo completely (and even then we get new stuff like LH2 tanks). Nothing is 100% identical that I've seen.
  23. Good news! Automated supply routes for colonies have been confirmed for a while now, so you'll only have to do each resource delivery grind once. Maybe P.A.I.G.E. can have a line or two about being the one flying those missions once the colony update drops.
  24. This may be a controversial recommendation, but I would advise against doxxing yourself. Also, if we get too far into the discussion of the true "price of entry", we're probably just going to reinvent Marxist economic theory. I wonder if a version of the Vimes' Boots allegory would work for a gaming PC...
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