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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.7.35 This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk2 parts lineup by providing new engines, air intakes, and fuselage segments and cockpits in the mk2 formfactor, to give players more options when building spaceplanes and more. All textures are stock textures where possible, using MODEL nodes, so RAM footprint should be minimal. -Command 2 kerbal Inverted cockpit with IVA 1 kerbal Multi-purpose high visibility cockpit with IVA 2 kerbal Mk2-1.25 cockpit with IVA 3 kerbal Mk2 spaceplane cockpit with IVA 1 Kerbal Bubble canopy with IVA -Control Aerodynamic Configurable Monopropellant RCS block Aerodynamic Configurable LF/O OMS block 5-Way heavy duty Mk2 conformal RCS block Roll control RCS chine block Prograde/retrograde RCS chine cap Stability Control RCS and SAS module Monopropellant OMS pod -Air Intakes 1.25m to Mk2 inline air intake Ramscoop intake Mk2 shock cone intake Mk2 precooler Mk2 subsonic circular intake -Engines 'Vector' Thrust Vector Turbojet 'Afterburn' TurboRamJet E.S.T.O.C. Dual-cycle Engine M.A.T.T.O.C.K. Dual-cycle Engine 'Pegasus' Inline VTOL engine 'Siddeley' VTOL engine 'JumpJet' radial VTOL engine 'Wedge' Linear Aerospike 'Pluto' Nuclear Engine 'Rontgen' Atomic Thermal Jet 'Mule' Thrust reverser turbofan 'Spirit' Xenon/Electric Engine 'J.Edgar' heavy VTOL engine "Mongrel" rocket VTOL Engine 'Wirligig' Turboprop Engine 'Boost-O-Tron' Air-Augmented SRB 'Mallet' Air-Augmented SRB 'Sledgehammer' Air-Augmented Ramrocket 'Banshee' VTOL Lift Fan 'Hyperblast' Scramjet -Aerodynamic Chines in three flavors Mk1 scale chine pieces - short, long, and end cap segments for 1.25m parts Mk2 scale chine pieces - short, long, and end cap segments for Mk2 fuselages Mk2 scale chine wing root pieces - chine adapter, short, and long segments -Fuselage and structural Shrouded 1.25m Engine/Docking Mount 2-State 1.25m Aerospace mount Mk2 Tailboom Hypersonic Mk2 nosecone with integrated RCS Nosecap with integrated RCS Spadetail Mk2 to wing adapter Mk2 inverter fuselage Mk2-0.625 tricoupler Mk2-1.25 tricoupler Mk2 short bicoupler Mk2-size2 short adapter T, X, and L hubs Mk2 Structural Tube Mk2 decoupler Mk2 Service Tank Mk2 Science Lab Mk2 airlock endcap Mk2 Radial Attach Mount -Utility Shielded Mk2 docking port Low-Profile Aligned Docking Port Mk2 Service Compartment Mk2 Nuclear Reactor Mk2 radial shrouded solar panel Mk2 nose cargo bay Shrouded Thermal Control System DOWNLOAD -Primary: SpaceDock -Secondary: Github Mk2 Expansion uses as dependencies, and is bundled with, Module Manager, CommunityResourcePack, and InterstellarFuelSwitch This mod is also CKAN indexed Kottabos review: (From Version 1.0) Image gallery: -Click here for the rest of the album- Compatibility This mod comes with Module Manager compatibility/interoperability patches for a number of mods. Connected Living Space kerbal Atomics RasterPropMonitor ASET IVA props Tweakscale Deadly ReEntry ExtraPlanetary launchpads Ferram Aerospace Research Modular Fuel Tanks Near Future Electrical Community Tech Tree Modular Kolony Systems WindowShine For KSPI and users, or if you want RF engine configs, there is a compatibility pack courtesy of ABZB: Link Changelog: Licensing The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License' This mod uses the Community Resource Pack, Interstellar Fuel Switch, and Module manager as dependencies Suggestions and feedback welcome. Not seeing a part you want? Have suggestions or ideas for new parts to add? Make sure to post them in the Dev thread.
  2. So, in my career I have been searching for low cost ways to get crew/cargo into orbit. I do have a functional Falcon 9 replica (no barge), but that still costs money. So, in short I need an Mk2 or Mk1 SpacePlane that can SSTO and dock. However, I do not have the Whiplash, RAPIER, Goliath, Vector, or Aerospike engines. Any tips/designs? Thank in advance!
  3. Please delete the AoATech folder prior to updating New and improved! The MK2 Cockpit expansion has been revamped! Version 1.3.1 is up! See below for changelog. Download on SpaceDock [FOR KSP 1.0.5 ONLY] Download on CurseForge [FOR KSP 1.0.5 ONLY] Grab your pre-release HERE Dependencies - ASET Props ASET Avionics Rasterprop Monitor Mod Compatibility: FAR: I've tested almost exclusively with FAR, I've had no issues as of yet. Please report any issues. BDArmory: Drones have built in AI capabilities. Changelog: Changelog: 1.0: Initial Release 1.1: Revamped textures; redesigned "Cobra" cockpit model; added new 2 seat cockpit "KU-47"; converted textures to DDS; Revamped internals. 1.2: Added new drone cockpit; Replaced "Falken" model with "Falken Intake"; Did some retexturing; Some config polishing; Added MM for FAR and BDArmory; Added craft files. 1.2.1: Added Modified FAR_Config with updated mass values. Thanks to AccidentalDissasembly for the pointers! 1.2.5: Added Parts: - Added 0.625m nosecone; Designed to fit the MK2 Cobra Cockpit - Added new control surface Modified Parts: - Numerous changes to MK2 Cobra Cockpit - Temporarily removed MK2 Cobra normal map Made some small changes to MM configs. 1.3: Added Part: -Added Falken: Spaceplane edition. -1.0.5 update 1.3.1: Added Parts: - Revamped KU47 cockpit. See the "legacy" folder for the old part of you still prefer the older model. - Added new MK1 cockpit modeled off of the F-18 Hornet. - Added F22-ish engine with 2D vectoring capabilities. NOTE: This part requires KM_GIMBAL (Bundled with mod) - Some config changes, nothing too spectacular. - Changed names on some parts, so if your old craft files don't work then, thats why. To Do/Planned List: To Do/Planned List: - Revamp existing internals: Transition to ASET props and remove B9 dependency. - Create internals for MK1 cockpit - Emissive animations for MK22-Vector engine - Consolidate IVA textures for memory savings - Config balancing - Maybe add some new parts. - Upload updated pictures. - I'm open to more suggestions. License:
  4. Anyone aware of a mk2-compliant rover cockpit? Trying to make a rover around a mk2 passenger cabin, and piecing one together from flaps and external seats is a little wonky. Heres a doodle of what I'm talking about: Or something like that.
  5. So I've been building a massive mothership that mostly runs on Xenon gas and the design includes a mk2 ring. I was wondering if anyone has made a mod that adds a mk2 Xenon tank? Even if someone just had the model files without the cfg, that would be fine. I could edit one of the existing tanks but it wouldn't be the same. Thanks for any help, Benji13
  6. It's been bugging me for awhile that, while larger, the Mk2 short liquid fuel fuselage has the same amount of fuel than the Mk1 one. Shouldn't it have a little bit more than that? If it doesn't, there's really no big advantage in using it instead of a Mk1.
  7. so, anybody who uses KSPI knows the pain of waste heat, and nuclear engine users know all about the melting; and don't forget about those high performance scram-jets that get redder than the atmospheric burn around your ship. There are a few good radiator packs out there, but i find they're not very... effective. I'm attempting to make a system that uses electricity (or MW at a higher level), radiators, and air vents, to do high performance cooling for engines, reactors, etc. obviously getting rid of waste heat as well. working on implementing the following parts: - An Engine precooler that also converts physical heat (from a directly attached engine) into waste heat. useful for atmospheric nozzles/turbojets. (1.25, 2.5, mk2. requires electricity.) - A Heat Pump that sucks up heat and waste heat, and redirects it to radiators. (it cools the attached parts significantly, and subtracts a constant amount of waste heat while running. heat will be converted to waste heat. (1.25, 2.5, 3.75) requires MW or eqiv charge)(requires radiators attached to part to run) - A powered vent (basically an engine with no thrust) that cools the attached part and subtracts waste heat depending on the temperature and amount of air added. ideally connected to a precooler and air intake. (0.625(rear), 1.25(rear and inline), mk2(inline). would have two models for 1.25/mk2; one requiring electric charge, one with waaay more power that requires MW (it might have an KSPI arc-jet RCS that only works with atmosphere.). both would count as radiators. these are the missing parts for making reliable heavy SSTO's, or anything with a powerful hot engine. I'm totally imagining these parts just using the stock squad models (and the mk2's expansions precooler) Right now this is no more than jumbled text in a cfg file using stock fuel tanks for parts... Btw, I put this under development because i very well intend to do this myself one i figure out how. any and all help/direction appreciated.
  8. I present to you my newest mod, an SR-71 cockpit that fits MK2 and has an IVA! ATM the IVA still doesen't have props but i'l fix that as soon as I can! In my opinion the model is still a bit rough both inside and outside so expect improvements and TOTAL remodelling in the future! Enjoy! Kerbalstuff DOWNLOAD