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  1. Bumping the thread, not because there has been an update, but to announce that there's about to be one! I'm starting a live stream of the next part of the mission in about 15 minutes (23:00 UTC).
  2. Oh, nice! You and I have similar ways of canonizing the KSP updates and you found a way to roll KSP 2 into the narrative. I look forward to seeing how the story goes, if at all ^^; P.S. As of this post you have precisely 666 reputation points. Omen? xD
  3. Part 8: Ready to Go It turned out that one final refueling mission would be necessary, but a full size fuel tanker would be both excessive and too expensive given current available funds. A scaled down version was designed, a few quick contracts were completed to amass the remaining funds for launch, and then the new fuel tanker was sent on its way to Aletheia. As timing would have it, it reached its closest approach at roughly the same time as the previous fuel tanker, so careful coordination was necessary to keep both craft on course to dock. Out of abundant caution, rather than use the
  4. Part 7: Equipment Resupply Due to the anomaly discussed in Part 6, the mission needed a batch of personal equipment for the crew and had the opportunity to take advantage of the new ability to store and carry spare parts for repairs and other purposes. A new module was constructed for all of these items and piggybacked to the (hopefully) final fuel tanker, but before this could be launched, some funds had to be recovered from the launch vehicles that had recently deployed the Laythe plane, Tylo lander, and portable station. __ The resupply mission was then launched with barely 1
  5. Part 6: Time Travel Peggy the Engineer was going through some routine checklists in preparation for the vessel's eventual departure when she was interrupted by a string of expletives coming out of the mobile lab. She found Tatiana, the Scientist, poring over instrument readouts from the Blame Jeb Space Telescope, which had recently been tasked with attempting to identify exoplanets. Unbelievable, Tatiana kept saying. When she finally settled down enough to start explaining the situation coherently, she reported that the telescope had somehow not only met with success despite the short mis
  6. Part 5: Payloads Part 2 The second ARK followed the first, performing the same routine of rendezvousing using the launch vehicle and then maneuvering itself into one of the forward cargo bays: _ Next, once it was daytime over KSC again, the launch vehicle for the minor components installed earlier deorbited itself and barely managed to land on level ground near the mountains west of KSC: _ The only remaining payloads at this point were the three largest payloads: the portable station core, the Tylo lander, and the Laythe plane. Since time was running short, with the cent
  7. Why we bring escape pods xD I'm still getting the hang of the Blender .mu add-on so as it stands currently the ship model has no textures, but I'll get there eventually, unless I don't, in which case I won't.
  8. Part 4: Payloads Part 1 Sure enough, no unforeseen obstacles stopped me from proceeding to start installing the payloads. First up was a batch of minor components, consisting of the smallest payloads and a few adapter pieces needed for large payloads later in the mission: Aletheia's cargo bays do now contain docking ports, but it was intentionally designed with standardized, non-offset docking ports to keep it flexible so that it would be easy to reuse in different missions in the future. Thus a few of the mission components require adapter hardware to be attached. Since the ada
  9. Congratulations. This has ended up being a common occurrence for me but it sure was a big deal the first time and makes regular docking look like a piece of cake.
  10. Part 3: AAAAAAAA Just as I finished patting myself on the back for smoothly completing the assembly process, I suddenly had the dreadful realization that inside those cargo bays were supposed to be docking ports for attaching the payloads - and I had completely forgotten them! Near despair, I weighed my options: Cheat, swapping in a fixed version and hope nobody notices? Carefully extract the defective section, somehow manage to recover it, and send in a replacement, all strictly legit? Reload an old quicksave and start the whole assembly over again? Long story short I went with option
  11. Oh, it's a long story. Some tiny error happened, some file corrupted or configuration misconfigured, but unfortunately in one of the boot directories, so my OS failed to boot. Startup Repair just gave up when I tried to run it, System File Checker refused to run, System Restore claimed that no restore points existed whatsoever, DISM refused to recognize the path as a place it was possible to put an OS image, and my Windows To Go USB drive loaded perfectly except for some reason is unable to render any text and is therefore useless despite System File Checker claiming that its configuration was
  12. Part 2: Aletheia, The End of Darkness With the central hull assembled, it was time to attach the four side-mounted drive pods. The drive pods for this mission use the same basic design as those on the Phthanophaneron, the only changes being an invisible subtle adjustment to the part attachment hierarchy to improve rigidity and the addition of a shielded forward tocking port to make assembly more convenient. Thus for the first two I used the same 150-ton launch vehicle I had used previously, but for the second two I decided that it was too long and wobbly to easily control or lan
  13. Who can blame him? The fuel transfer bug has been driving me crazy too. If they were only to fix one thing in the next patch... in fact I'm tempted to say ever in any future patches, I would want it to be the fuel transfer bug. I'll stomach nigh any amount of visual shortcomings as long as the things that are supposed to happen when I click buttons happen the way they are supposed to at least most of the time.
  14. Both. Both is good. No reason to restrict yourself to one game or the other.
  15. This looked like a bad joke at first but since serious discussion arose there's no reason not to feed it ^^ A multi-part response: A: The best headcanon I've heard so far regarding Kerbal reproductive biology is, as mentioned above, based on spores. The green mat covering most of Kerbin's land is not in fact very short grass or moss but the stage in which Kerbalkind spends most of its time. In order to spread, it releases fruiting bodies that, over the eons, have become increasingly sophisticated to the point where they became mobile and intelligent. Like any fruiting body, they have a
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