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  1. Thanks for the tip, but I've already adjusted my OS mouse settings to my comfort, and needing to change them back and forth for a single game is bad UX. The fact that COD and Valorant don't support that doesn't make it okay, it makes those games part of the problem. And do keep in mind DPI is not infinite. I can't just crank it up to ten thousand because a game shipped with a bad value, because mouse hardware physically can only scan so many intervals within a given physical length (hence the term Dots Per Inch) - and requiring players to buy an expensive high-DPI mouse to fix a bad configuration setting is also bad UX design. Also KSP 1 had adjustable mouse sensitivity and I was glad to have it. There is no legitimate reason for KSP 2 to choose to step back from this (hence I presume the missing setting is among the many "not yet done" parts). Sorry to sound like I'm lecturing but I wanted to cover all my bases here lol
  2. This is admittedly a little non-standard but hopefully it proves fruitful to some degree; I've moved this post from https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/212549-problemeciums-bug-reports-hopefully-im-not-making-a-mistake-posting-this-here and updated it with some corrections and additional details. I played for the first time for about four hours on Friday, including taking all of the tutorials. During that time I jotted down every significant bug I found (i.e. excluding little stutters, inexplicable crashes, and things I just personally didn't like). There were way too many for me to make a thread for every one of them, so here's the whole list. The ones I think are most important to address are in bold: part selection highlight all over the VAB and around Kerbin can't remap any non-keyboard inputs (e.g. mouse buttons) or adjust sensitivity of any inputs mouse wheel sensitivity very low UI too big tutorial blocking some parts of UI UI appears to be designed for pixel perfection at 1080p and scales itself, badly, on other resolutions such as 1440p, resulting in uneven jagged blocky outlines etc. UI can't be rescaled or repositioned atmospheres too bright near horizon: as used to be the case in KSP1, atmospheres are nearly white near the horizon, much brighter than the terrain at the same point, which should only occur when within the atmosphere looking out at a sun, not while in space looking down cannot pause dialogue during tutorials tutorial progress not saved persistently (automatically) and thus is lost in crashes cannot use F for momentary SAS toggle Navball heading marker still not precise, covers actual heading with dot the Mun is a "terrestrial planet" (further analysis suggests that the "terrestrial planet" text is a placeholder so this is probably known already) cannot persist vehicle popup in Map (only visible while hovering) marker popups such as the Apoapsis do not remain open when leaving and re-entering the Map skybox needs revision, e.g. a lot more stars tutorials do not define or explain delta-V before referring to it KSC LOD pop in/out is too close and thus looks horrible PQS LOD pop ins/outs look bad cannot change focus using Tab in Tracking Station or Map yellow alert popups are annoying, are too large, and can't be disabled end/replay/continue buttons are too similar and not in consistent places leading to confusion workspace thumbnails are too low resolution and thus blurry thermal part category popup description truncated ("Disperse and protect against") several part descriptions truncated or with formatting errors can't place parts while holding Alt absolute translate/rotate does not snap to an absolute grid/orientation cannot deselect parts in translate/rotate mode undo does not undo colors Procedural wings in symmetry appear with the first one being a big pink rectangle while the rest are normal sometimes when adjusting the parameters of a procedural wing in a symmetry group and then detaching and reattaching the group, the wing parameters get reset Laythe's atmosphere looks like a solid plastic shell docking ports cannot decouple from preattached state (hopefully not intentional) cannot view current fuel level in specific tanks or transfer fuel EDIT apparently this is a thing but I couldn't find it so my "bug report" is that maybe we need a hint about how to access this cannot aim camera at a particular part in flight cannot adjust camera aim using MMB in flight default zoom in VAB and flight is too close for large craft no auto-saved craft on launch (intentional?) no TWR readout anywhere I can find in the VAB or in flight EDIT apparently this is also a thing that I just couldn't find so same as above undocking marks the mission as a failure and causes the vessel to stop in place and free fall saving seems to break randomly!I was not able to find a clear pattern or trigger for this. Supplemental information: KSP version: KSP 2 version Operating system: Windows 10 Hardware: Intel Core i9-10900k, NVidia RTX 3080 Founder's Edition No mods. I'm happy to explain any of these in more detail. I hope my calling attention to these helps at least a little, in some way. Obviously Intercept Games has a lot of known issues through which to work and I have no idea how many of these already exist in the bug tracker. Please let me know if there is a more effective way for me to report these.
  3. I really hope they reconsider having mod support so far out on the roadmap and enable what they can in a (hopefully coming very soon) hotfix patch so we can just not have to deal with mod loaders. Watching, for instance, the Minecraft mod and mod loading scene evolve over the years has been painful, and I really liked that KSP 1 simply loaded whatever was in the GameData folder, even if it technically was a security issue.
  4. On the topic of this scroll wheel debate, I eagerly await the ability to rebind the rest of the controls and change their sensitivity in this game. Mouse sensitivity is too low (for me) most places - admittedly I keep mine way higher than the average player, but that's my point here - it should be adjustable because anywhere I find it fine, it's probably way too high for many other people. The throttle is a similar deal: I actually find it too sensitive by default. I'm a freak who doesn't like to use the scroll wheel (some kind of neurodivergent thing involving rotating mechanical parts) and preferred to use the + and - keys in KSP1 to zoom, but behold: that's not an option any more. I don't demand that the control scheme be tailored to me and my unusual tastes, but in the modern world changing controls for accessibility reasons is a very important issue, especially for large studios with large audiences. There are also keybinds such as F to momentarily toggle SAS that were very useful and are sorely missed. I really hope these control issues get addressed, and soon!
  5. oof I knew it xD I looked specifically for a forum like that but somehow didn't see it. I request this thread be moved, or if no mods come by to do that for a bit, I'll recreate it over there ^^;
  6. [Moved to https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/213773-problemeciums-bug-reports ]
  7. lol I'm glad I came here because I just saw it for the first time too and was like "what mod does that?" xD
  8. I have come out of hiding to express how excited I am about building with the new parts that have been and will be introduced! Quadruple NTRs will be a huge boon for large interplanetary vessels' part counts.
  9. I found a few more scattered among my vast screenshot archive, some of which have appeared here and there on this forum in the past: "images captured moments before disaster" captioned this one Val stands victorious! Heating bug during a Jool-5 mission a while back. The time I went to Eve and got ganked (I imported the model file for a ship from Eve Online as a KSP part and shopped in an explosion so it's kinda fake sorta). There was an old "what's the biggest ship you've ever launched" thread and I had imported this ship from SpaceEngine to play around. A true favorite - how I used to preferentially land my planes because trying to do a rolling landing with the old wheels and the low framerate my laptop gave me just didn't feel worth it.
  10. Technically it wasn't today, or in KSP, but the day before yesterday I had, for the first time (that I remember) a dream about KSP. It was weird because I've had dreams about Minecraft and Eve Online before but hadn't dreamed about KSP despite playing it more than either of those two.
  11. Today I sat down and actually completed the Elon's Problem Challenge, finally. It was in Sandbox mode so there was no thrill of grabbing loads of Science points or pulling it all off within a budget, but my goal was to get it over with so I can get the badge, and now that is done Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/q1Gebn1 P.S. It seems there wasn't an actual badge to be found anywhere, so I made one: Slap it on your own signature if you complete the challenge.
  12. Today I seem to have duplicated a Kerbal. Trust no one, not even yourself, I guess. Yes the random name generator did name her Madden Kerman and I do find it amusing.
  13. oh wow look at me coming up with the same idea and blathering about it before clicking the links xP
  14. That sounds like a start, yes, but what we're discussing, mathematically, is data compression, and data can only be compressed so much without significant loss. Imagine an extreme case, for argument's sake, wherein all of the information you described was contained in a single massive data structure and the ship were only one part. The ship would be entirely rigid and unable to detach stages. Perhaps a stage could be detached by procedurally rebuilding all the data about the ship and repacking it into two separate craft, but that sounds like something that would cause a big lag spike, no? That's not even mentioning that yes, we'd have eliminated the physics engine burden of calculating drag cubes and inertia and forces etc. etc. for the parts, but all that data about fuel flow, crew, heat, etc. would still have to be processed, and that single part would have very complex geometry (including colliders and other invisible geometry used for physics calculations) and thus perform far worse than a single part normally does. In short, a lot of the data processing that makes craft lag isn't made simpler by reducing the nominal part count, and there's a big cost associated with aggressive optimizations like this, and with the diminishing returns of one optimization after another, KSP is already pretty close to as good as it is practical to get it. That's part of the motive behind making KSP 2 - to get KSP much more performant than it is would require so many changes to its code base, from bottom to top, that the time and effort involved would be comparable to a big chunk of a whole new game. In the meantime, the existing part welder mod is pretty effective at what it does and might be enough to tide you over until the sequel lands.
  15. Sardaukerbals OMG imagine the backwards Spanish throat singing xD EDIT: I couldn't resist and spent 40 minutes on this terrible joke.
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