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  1. That is amazing - what else are you using here? TUFX?
  2. I was specifically testing Parallax interaction, so haven't tested in a plain 1.11, but the Parallax collision planes are drawn just "above" the ground. The tracks are behaving like they are appropriately colliding with the regular terrain underneath these collision planes, as well as functioning as expected on the runway, so there may not be any significant issues with 1.11 without parallax.
  3. Now that Parallax collisions are out, I did some testing on fresh 1.11 install with Parallax, Kopernicus, and KSP Foundries. The good news is, that most of the rover wheels perform as expected out of the box, even the Screw drive! The tracks are a different story, it looks like only one or two wheels are colliding with the terrain, but the rest are not: Feels like on parts with multiple KSPWheel modules, only a single one actually registers, which also shows up in these tiny dual wheels: The inverted track doesnt collide at all: Also none of t
  4. I know this mod is your red-headed stepchild, but I cant get enough of this big belly beautiful bird delivering my minmus base a few modules at a time. Love that massive MK4 form factor.
  5. I cant wait to use all these wheels with Parallax collisions!
  6. Can confirm, used this mod a month ago: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166689-13-biome-corrections/ It worked as expected, and I successfully landed on Akatsuki. I am running KSP 1.6.1 though, not the latest version.
  7. I'm looking for recommendations for parts that offer recuperation. At present, my install has limited options to the stock cupola and the big observation module from the SSPXr pack, but this is causing all interplanetary vessels to look very similar. Anyone have suggestions for additional parts from other mods that could offer variety and provide enough recuperation bonuses for crafts with 6+ crew? Thanks!
  8. As many have said, thank you for this amazing mod. It's a definite Must Have for my playthroughs because Health + life support + construction time makes you really think through the design challenges for crewed missions, and creates wonderful emergent gameplay when stuff goes off the rails. I'd like to suggest a consideration for you to take a look at Nertea's upcoming heat management mod. Seems like this has awesome potential for health+heat management, so that Kerbals dont overheat or freeze. If your two mods could integrate together, it will add another layer of depth to the design cha
  9. I dont want to derail the thread, but if you have the time sure! Big part of this game and mods nerding is the edutainment of space exploration, so it would be fascinating.
  10. Could you abstract this by having output temperature of a solar array just be a coefficient of EC generated?
  11. Awesome! Finally a functional reason to manage radiators! Curious on how this could integrate with life support or health mods. Is simulating solar exposure heat build-up in scope for this mod? Solar arrays do need heat management, even on smaller satellites. Would there be negative effects on electronics/functionality if heat is not managed?
  12. Clarification question: with TAC Life Support installed, is the Aquaculture module intended to support the Greenhouses? Greenhouses take in Minerals, while Aquaculture outputs Fertilizer. Is there some converter I'm missing that turns Fertilizer -> Minerals?
  13. These are great! If you took a crack at Nertea's mods' IVAs it would be a dream come true
  14. Gotcha, thanks for the explanation Since AVP does not have city lights, I'll experiment to see if adding main.dds and the relevant config out of SVE will work without conflicting with other AVP textures.
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