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  1. https://kerbalx.com/Yukon0009/SpaceX-Lunar-Starship-2021 Dude there are dozens of starships out there for KSP if they dont meet your needs use them as inspiration to make your own. Yukon009's I think has the best one. It's just Awesome worked first go.
  2. Kracken attack when visiting Eve station. All I wanted to do was send the crew home but when I arrived I found the Kracken had visited before me: Around 1Mil in lost funds plus replacement cost. I'm going to have to ferry a lot of kerbals to make the guys in accounting happy again
  3. Granted. its delivered to your house at astronomical speed now were all dead thanks. I wish for a briefcase of cash
  4. 0.90 Pre Aero changes that allowed open cockpits and stock robotics for SSTO's oh and intakes worked as flotation devices. I fondly remember the awesome'ness of my then Fav craft, a little SSTO complete with ejection seats, moving cargo platform lift, opening doors and docking port locks etc etc. And Non of it caused aero problems with flight or burn up on re-entry no cheats required. As for recent versions the landing gear was a probelm in 1.1x, terrain was an issue also untill recently and making/breaking DLC had real issues for me in the 1.12 till the hot fix (ring stations exploding)
  5. Landing tests on Laythe Always entretaining
  6. 1.10 is out and I finaly completed the BepiColombo mission to Moho. And with that over I am DONE with ION thrusters for at least 6 months.
  7. I got it to fit and learnt a bit Work no longer In Progress https://kerbalx.com/kandokris/Plane-Folding-Prop-Mk3 It surprisingly a lot of fun
  8. Finally got around to turning raw video into somthing watchable well at least for those of us that know KSP Its really sped up its like 20hrs woth of raw footage at approx 1fps due to the ancient potato i play on. Basic summery is 4 craft that together made a great aircraft carrier for laythe or anywhere on kerbin with lots of side craft inside itincluding and SSTO. Incase anyone else suffers from the same madness Link to craft
  9. I'm trying to make a folding prop plane thats small enough to go into the Mk2 bay. I'm not that small yet. Here is a look at what I got so far.; It currently fits in the long 2.5m round trunk. With the current wing profile its mostly ok to fly still having some torque inuced roll that I've can offset with a aileron adjustment, a drifting issue when trying to take off and a little issue with flapping. Question Is it possible to limit the amount of prop deployment angle linked to the throttle ???? and if so how ? my googlefu came up empty I keep changing the air flow direction mid flight by mistake and dislike flying with aero forces displayed.
  10. Thanks I thought my computer was having issues till I found this.
  11. It adds a bit of speed and brought forth an uncontrolled giggle after staring so hard trying to get how you did the belt. Certainly made me think of one bored kerbal in the truck in a hurry to make hes/her delivery. Can the truck unload at site ? the gate looks functional but dose it tilt? What I'm trying to say is I liked it.
  12. Finally finished tweaking and testing my laythe carrier now released for all
  13. Still not able to dock to a large craft after its placed in orbit. The last few attempts it loaded both craft but when I switch to the "other" craft the kraken kills it. Tried starting out from both the the large craft and the re-fuel er didnt matter which one I was on when I tried to switch it killed the craft or the game or both. I've had to re-launch several times and even opened up a fresh save still no success. "remember as stock files they load and work (no problems docking ) in 1.3x even after editing in 1.4x At this point in time I am just going to stop playing KSP till its updated again. which means I will have more time for Fo4, Ark and far cry my 'other hobbies' Update; 1.4.5 update seems to have resolved issue
  14. PC is more then capable Craft has been under way since 1.2.1 and due to being stock works in all versions since. Docking of the 2 ships I speak of has been done many many times up until 1.4.x. never the less i also thought it my be corrupt so I tested out other >1500 part craft already in orbit, again working fine in 1.3 but in 1.4 I had a 1/3 success rate with the game either crashing or the craft being taken by the kraken and that was just sending <50 part refuelers. I'll update this with results after testing in 1.4.3.
  15. Didn't have that problem but my career save from 3 didn't load On a far larger note; I seem to be unable to dock large vessels since 1.4 whenever a craft comes with range of a large craft ( >500 parts ) it brings out the kraken and/or freezes up. Don't know if related but its darn annoying
  16. Stock laythe aircraft carrier, not yet given the BD flair
  17. Massive update from a weekend with too many hours spent on the PC and little sleep; I have now landed x2 1400+ part aircraft carriers on Kerbin. One at the equator and another near the south pole. Funny story with the landings thou, first one I didn’t use all the chutes ( had it in 3 stages not 2 due to an extra stage in the rear section which has been fixed) anyway I landed hard, very hard, like 16m/s hard the result was less then perfect 2nd time was at 3-4am and I fell asleep during the final leg of decent all chutes open and thrusters at ¼ power. In my defence the frame rate was about 1 per 4-5 seconds at that point and the first decent took approx 30 min but felt like so much more to make the 5 min trip. I don’t know how but it managed to land almost A OK, minus some fins and unimportant bits. This is what I awoke to; ok to be 100% honest those unimportant bits were the middle docking ports which is what i guess caused the whole thing to split, But once the port was deleted it did fit back together again fine. Oh and the main forward jets were either gone or disconnected limiting it to a snail's pace of 4m/s but the deck made it intact other than that its good as new sort of. Each received its name after a safe landing. KAC 1 - Balls Deep & KAC-2 - Buster, buster has the intact decking. Frame rate is abysmal once the 2 halves are joined (1 frame per every 2 seconds isn't uncommon ) it's almost unplayable on my machine... Almost… Only tests left are for the trip to laythe and workout how many dips to make it into a nice orbit and how low/fast those dips can be before things blow up also how much spare fuel there is to account for flight error’s.
  18. Laythe Aircraft Carrier update We have liftoff Its starting to look like I will pull this off .
  19. Update on the Laythe Aircraft carrier; Sub testing has now gone through its paces. Fine tuning has evolved into this; The Mk 3 Able to decend down to a 600 m depth with 1400 Ore which will be placed in the aircraft carrier at launch to enable immediate use once landed on Laythe. It can store 2025 ore in total meaning it can retrieve 625 ore per dive for the carrier to extend range. Range for the sub is well poor at least between re-fills, approx 10 km horizontal travel under water, and its slow as well with a max speed of just 12 m/s she wont win any races but will fill the requirement of ocean mining and being able to fit into the Mk3 Cargo bays. While I hate the fact I needed to clip so many little ore tanks to maintain both fit and look I feel its ok cause the buoyancy in KSP is so off for so many parts that just shouldn't float. Time for Aircraft Space is getting tight and I'm still undecided on what are the aerial requirements. VTOL's its seems are needed as not only does it avoid the plane hitting any snags in the deck but also as thier below deck until landing. I need to give a shout out to fourfa and the "Smallest, lightest SSTO?" thread in general for helping me make this; As with most of the craft here it needs a name at the moment its Mini SSTO VTOL Mk3 cargo. Don't know if I really want or need to take the SSTO with the ship I mean it's nice to have one but I think I want more small craft like this little guy, I can take 3 of them for every SSTO in terms of both space and part count. It's not the best flyer but still fun and easy. But with it I also need to add a way for it to lock into the deck. I've made tiny adaptor things; But I really don't want to need them. so I might need to start again on the plane, I wish we had smaller folding wheels. It did however give me an idea on how to get a rover up on the deck to move planes around. I'll have to search to see if anyone has made a mini rover in a fairing yet. That's assuming that the fairings will protect all these bits from the heat of decent and that they don't change the airflow to badly prior the chutes. That test is still a little way off yet.
  20. Found it Thanks Its a shame about the claw. I might have to add a mod to the list if I cant make a sub that sinks on its own. I'll have to study Azimechs thread. Done, Thanks for all the testing Azimech it was very disappointing to see most stuff floats to the point of defying logic. I also checked the following along with a bunch of comments from Reddit that google turned up; Seems the only way to get a proper sub is with mods, either adjusting the buoyancy levels of individual/or all parts or water density or adding adjustable ballast tank parts. I might have to make 2 versions of the final craft, one with mods and one without. woth lots of ore tanks on the stock which will look real ugly and be a pain to balance to mention the tonnes of mass to the launch total ( I could fill in LKO I guess ) but damm I was hoping squad had decent or at least realistic values for buoyancy by now.
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