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  1. yea, idk why i posted it on ksp2. i mostly just stick to the lounge and science boards. might get better traction here. so far the only things ive been able to buy with bitcoin are computer parts. as a currency it leaves a lot to be desired, and i dont trust a lot of the stores that take crypto currencies unless its something ive used before (like newegg). newegg doesnt seem to have steam gift cards either. anyway there was a dlc pack for a game on egs i was trying to buy as a trial run, but apparently they don't have gift cards.
  2. i usually count floor tiles. the ones in my house are exactly one foot. doesn't work outside though, but i never go there. the cracks do introduce error, but so does the loose metal thing at the end of my tape measure. i seem to recall wheel based measuring devices, usually used in sports to draw field lines at regulation distances. i think its just a wheel on a rotary encoder of sorts. you just roll it over the ground and a digital readout will indicate distance.
  3. it looks like its mostly truss and solar panels to me. the domes at the end look like microwave antennas. the hub in the middle could be structural, but it could also contain batteries and electronics. most of the bulk seems to be the power system. it could have just been a telecommunications experiment gone awry. if they were using this as a wireless repeater, and the control system failed, that might be a good explanation. or it could possibly the product of college students in ignorance of international law. frankly it looks like something you could build in a garage with off the shelf parts.
  4. i think there is a doctor out there who thinks he can make it work, if he can get over the ethics. this requires a lot of improbable things to happen at once. you need a patient with severe body damage with a functional brain with a very terminal prognosis or a very poor quality of life (the guy from 'johnny got his gun' comes to mind). you need a brain dead donor body. the body would need to be in otherwise good health and the brain decidedly so damaged that nobody is in there. someone like terry schiavo. both candidates would need to be biologically compatible. bloodtype, etc. obviously one is a work of fiction and the other resulted in a major legal case. to avoid that, both individuals (should you find the candidates simultaneously) would have to either have a living will or a next of kin who is ok with the procedure. the donor would probibly need to have a dnr and a living will donating their body to science. you may even have to go as far as opting into the procedure before becoming brain damaged. the living brain would be the easier part as they have the most to gain, as non-intervention would result in either death or very poor quality of life, and being okayed by next of kin would probibly be sufficient. then the doctor would need to make their case before some kind of ethics board. also you would probibly need to get special permission from a judge or other government offitial to make it legal. i suspect the leagal team to be as large as the surgical team. this could take a long time, which increases the possibility of of one or both of the patients dyeing or degenerating, rendering the procedure non-viable. the number of things that all have to happen at once to make this possible will make it extremely unlikely. and developing the procedure to do so also has very little long term value, as you will get very few cases where this is an option. the waiting list for heart transplants are pretty long, i can imagine waiting for a donor body being a lifetime affair. and the potential for this becoming subject of abuse is very high. imagine a wealthy politician periodically having their brain transplanted into a new body secretly such that they can stay in power eternally and essentially become an invisible tyrant. or people simply being murdered for their bodies. a rich individual may pay some young person a million dollars for their body, give them until they are 30 to enjoy their life and at the end of it must submit themselves for a head cleansing. the possibilities are terrifying. makes me want to watch 'get out' again.
  5. we could do pulsed fusion too, little brother to "old boom boom" orion drives. theres a uk company doing projectile based ignition, where they slam a fuel pellet with a copper disk and really high velocity, i think using a gas gun. the are mostly experimenting with fuel pellet design. so do that in a magnetic nozzel using something like p-b11. i figure have 2 guns pointed at each other shooting fuel pellets at each other, cased in a material that is non magnetic and will ionize on impact, from both fusion and the physical impact. they just have to collide in the bottle and a magnetic mirror at one end will make sure they go out the throat of the magneticv nozzel. you could have 2 gatling gun type dispensers mechanically linked and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt your way to the planets.
  6. i mined it on nice hash actually, its just what was left in the wallet after ethereum went proof of stake. unfortunately the best algorithm they host now barely pays for the electricity, even on a current gen gpu. anyone with the gumption to write a trade bot could actually exploit the volatility of the markets and make some change, if they were so inclined. i think i want to cash out and forget the whole affair.
  7. i found a few places that sell steam gift cards for bitcoin and others. has anyone used these with any degree of success? looks like i wont be able to source the funds in real money and i have to use fake internet money.
  8. im my mom's caregiver and it can get kind of tedious, she is both physically and mentally disabled. otherwise she would be in an ltc facility, and probibly a cheap state ran one. she has disowned much of her family, except me and my sister. she doesn't have any friends and is so demanding that nobody wants to deal with her or her constant negativity. it used to be a good arrangement because it gave me time for my projects and my games, but she hogs up more and more of my time to the point where my projects are almost axed entirely or greatly limited in scope. i think there are some subsidized caregiver programs where i could get paid (part time) for doing what i already do. then i can set some hard boundaries on how much crap im willing to put up with. i put up with her for now, at some point im done. at which point she will go to a facility, and with here temper and tendency to throw things, it wont be long till she gets booted to a psychiatric facility, or worse. i have a hard time imagining anyone caring when she goes. but with how stubborn she is thats not going to be for some time now.
  9. i think you could do more with 10kw with a normal hall thruster. they have gotten really good in the last few years. but if you could source a megawatt or two. obviously solar is not going to do that unless you use some kind of large mylar reflector supported by solar wind to cut down on weight. keeping that sail billowed and in the right orientation while under thrust will be somewhat difficult. this will allow constant (slow) acceleration in the inner solar system to enable faster than hohmann trajectories for human crew transfer from earth, mars, the belt, and venus if we do a cloud city there (cargo can use hohmann to save fuel). getting travel time down for humans is important for colonization. with a fission reactor, now your talking, but where you had panel mass you now have radiator mass, which as far as i know you cant cheat with a big mylar reflector. but with higher power available, you open up the outer solar system. just use whatever thruster makes the most sense (highest isp or cheapest/most available/locally minable propellant or some tradeoff of the two).
  10. after a series of videos im starting to get seriously interested in building a resolver or synchro based joystick. these are ac analog devices capable of voodoo the likes of which us dc sensor enthusiasts can only dream of. resolvers emit two signals proportional to the sine and cosine of the input shaft. i figure sticking a 16 bit double ended dac on each axis needing 2 channels to read each axis and a little trig, i can get really high resolution input out of the thing. synchros on the other hand have a cool property where by they can not only be read, but driven, enabling force feedback, or amplified and sent to a bigger synchro. these things are pretty common in avionics and were used heavily during wwii. you can still find them in surplus shops and modern examples exist if you want to pay a lot of money for them. anyway you need an ac supply to drive them. not the usual 60 hz you get from mains, lots of them run at 400 hz and at voltages ranging from benign to insane. not really hard to drive with an h-bridge and a micro controller, just pwm out the sine waves while rotating through polarity, though there is probibly a cleaner way to do it. anyway im going to research it while i try to remember the ac unit i never finished in my electronics classes. before i can do anything i need to locate the parts.
  11. im partial to hydrogen mpd thrusters. but those things are power hogs.
  12. i generally dont like things that require you own other things to use them. this kind of nonsense has turned me off to a lot of modern technology. needing to have a smart phone to do anything. so i avoid devices that require smart phone activation or anything that's part of a "product ecosystem".
  13. if you stare into the void long enough, it stares back.
  14. torrents really only work if you can find regular seeders with big storage. id be hard pressed to find 10tb of storage in my entire house. i got 8tb on my main rig and nas alone and a lot of 512 gig drives in all my other machines. and most of that space is allocated to operating systems, software, and data not to mention a good half is backup. you might find some data hoarders with more storage. you might be better off uploading the video to youtube, monetize it (at least ask for donations) and use the proceeds to fund cloud storage for the non-video data. science has always had this problem of finding long term archival storage for their data. we really need a new rom standard that has some serious density behind it. there was that 5d holographic storage thing in the news around back, but i doubt that's something you can just buy a drive for. tape works but you have to periodically check for degradation.
  15. it was a crude explanation, i was not intending to be extremely accurate. you got a ring of injectors with a shared combustion chamber. i bet the control system to time the valves is pretty awesome.
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