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  1. i was talking to one of my friends, in their own language. i said "meow".
  2. sometimes i am ashamed to tell people my country of origin as we seem to ge going down the toilet lately.
  3. i have a hunch that additional resources aren't far beneath the surface. stuff that doesn't last long on the surface may be quite abundant a few meters down. moon spelunking required.
  4. what if you use high energy particles rather than photons. highest kev particles possible very near the speed of light. space craft is essentially a large stack of particle accelerator rings with a hab ring on top of it, maybe a reactor around the hub point. whole ship would spin for gravity. a spindly thing maybe a klick in diameter, ring cross section maybe only a few meters across with the hab only being a single deck maybe 20m long.
  5. i was actually playing around with steam's streaming feature and was able to play doom (the new one) on my raspberry pi tablet, streamed from my main pc. all be it with some intolerable latency. probably wouldn't be as bad with ksp as its not an fps. id have to move my license to steam though and i don't really want to do that. still looking for a solution that isn't tied to a particular release platform.
  6. you can wax philosophical all you want. there are ways of dealing with that kind of thing.
  7. a good question is one that goes somewhere, leads to new information, and more importantly new (good) questions. the meaning of life is a stupid question because it doesn't go anywhere. you can spend a lifetime hung up on it and not learn a thing in the process.
  8. as far as heating is concerned pay careful attention to tdp numbers. when buying an aftermarket cooling solution, make sure it can perform at or above those specs. stock coolers are usually engineered to match the tdp requirements for a non-overclocked cpu and are fine for the most part. the 3600 is only a 65w tdp so i wouldn't worry to much about overheating. you should be able to use whatever brand gpu you want. the 1660 is likely a better budget option. ray tracing, if thats what you are after, probably isnt stellar on the 2060 (im running a rtx2070 super and i can barely run the rtx quake 2 demo at 1080 with reasonable framerates). the 1660 is pretty much the same chip without the ray tracing stuff enabled, and would save you money. real time ray tracing is too new for viable budget options to exist at this time. for cases look for a mid tower with at least 3 good 120mm+ fan slots and dont spend over $100 on the case, and i would aim even lower on a budget build (say around $50). i went and browsed cases in this price range and frankly i dont know what modern case designers are thinking half the time. case standards are in dire need of a re-think. but look for a case that has the fan mounts and make sure they're not obstructed by drive cages and the like. newegg usually has good photos and id suggest studying them. power supply, 500w is probably enough for a 3600 and a 1660. im running a significantly more power hungry rtx2070 super and 8086k on a 600w sfx supply. consult a psu calculator if you are unsure. buy a good brand with a good rating. people go by the 80+ ratings but thats more an efficiency rating and is no guarantee of the supply's longevity. but higher efficiency does mean lest waste heat the supply has to get rid of. for mobo i think the micro-atx form factor is the most bang for your buck. mini-itxes are nice, but you end up paying a little more on average for compactness, and there are fewer upgrade options down the line. full atx is also slightly more expensive, and no point unless you need a lot of add in cards or a dual video card setup (none of which are budget friendly). micro atx is usually good middle ground, you get some upgradability like 4 ram slots and 2 or 3 card slots. pay special attention to memory speed, pcie gen, and make sure it supports your cpu. make sure it has all the connectivity you need (if you want m.2 or enough usb ports, usbc, etc). i really like m.2 drives as it cuts down on the cabling and they are fast in nvme mode. and really shop around look at specs and photos and so on. gen your memory directly from the qvl for that board for best results.
  9. thats a pretty decent budget for a near top of the line machine. but id put it into cpu power instead of blinkenlights. some tips to save money: cases, drives, monitors and peripherals can all be reused. sometimes case fans (if they are of a high quality). stock coolers are fine for most builds. dont get ripped off on psus, thats where they usually get you. so far corsair is the only brand that hasn't screwed me. try to get free shipping even if you have to order your parts from 10 different companies. search for coupon codes, free shipping is pretty common among them. if you are building one now, go ryzen, they are currently cheaper and better than intel and are more honest about their tdp numbers. you do not need fancy ram, stick to the standard (not oc) clock rates. rgb, overclocking and water cooling are all money pits, avoid. having lots of rgb will increase the wiring nightmare tenfold.
  10. the meaning of life is to not ask stupid questions. insane questions are ok though.
  11. depends on what you mean by 'gaming pc'. you can put a lot of money into fancy cases, water cooling, and rgb. or you can do without and end up with a pc you can actually afford. either one will play games just fine. ultimately what determines gaming performance is your video card. spend anywhere in the $200-$300 range in the current generation of cards and you will have enough performance for most games. you can spend more but you start running into diminishing returns.
  12. id always used the kerbal approach to model rocketry. tape and glue a bunch of paper towel tubes together, old plastic easter eggs made good nosecones. if you have to adapt a small motor diameter to a wider tube diameter, you would get balsa stock from the hobby shop and some hole saws. of course these days id just 3d print some of the accessories, nosecones/motor adapters/fin assemblies. my big problems is i can't get the damn motors shipped here on the cheap.
  13. leave forward porting of mods up to modders. then you can just download the mods you want.