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  1. i have a feeling kerbal2 will deliver what i really want.
  2. i think you would be hard pressed to save the species, let alone every human. 10 years isnt enough time to set up a stable off world colony. bringing all the humans is just going to jeopardize the colony, you need food, water and air for everyone, and it only takes one being in short supply to have disastrous consequences. not just from the inevitable running out, but the panic caused by same. anyone declared a waste of space could easily find themselves butchered for meat, along with mass suicides and people killing each other over scraps simply because they don't know how to survive on mars or whatever.
  3. when i did tech support, it was explained to me that most problems are software related. my experience tells a different tale, but that's probably because i know how to fix software problems. that and i do horrible things to hardware. the number of times i killed the usb ports on my computer using it for embedded dev is non zero.
  4. im also somewhat curious if reactionless drives (not these ones, but something based on a better understanding of physics) might be an explanation for the fermi paradox. we don't see the aliens because they aren't constantly firing nuclear bombs out the tail pipe. they would leave no external signatures beyond their waste heat. need not be strictly reactionless drives either, perhaps drives that operate on the interstellar medium like bussard ramjets or space propellers (sort of like the turbomolecular pumps used in vacuum chambers, or operating on the medium electromagnetically).
  5. i think i saw scott manly's video on that one. it looks kind of interesting.
  6. cats on a lunar colony certainly would be able to catch quite a bit of air. for heavier gravity, bring cats with stockier builds like maine coons or norwegian forest cats. cats already come stock with oversized legs in relation to body size over most animals.
  7. but cat pictures are important! you will probably want to take real cats with you anyway, as any colony is initially going to need to be very agrarian, and cats are excellent at managing farm pests (assuming they are biologically compatible and its not a death slug situation and you dont give them full portions of kibble).
  8. rural living can be hard on a relationship. i for one live on an island in south east alaska, population under 3k. the only 2 options i have that i am even remotely interested in is a large viking woman (im 6'3 and shes taller than me), and a slightly older cat lady. there was also a pretty mid 40s lady who lived at the end of my apartment complex, but she moved. your still in your early 30s and practical relationship experiences are what you need even if they dont go anywhere. a long distance relationship might eat up 4 or 5 years and you will be in my position before long. dont be in my position. i hear dog parks are excelent pick up locations, but i wouldn't know for obvious reasons.
  9. no not really. im usually in the dark about games as i can only really get a few titles each year. and i have even less time to actually play them. i did end up getting that starship evo game, and its not bad for an alpha. space engineers is also cheep so i might get that one too. im just tired of 'quaternion with a gun' type games and there aren't many other genres im into anymore.
  10. long distance doesn't work. i think a lot of people put themselves in that position because they don't really want a real relationship. my relationships (the normal kind) usually fizzle out within a few weeks. long distance ones can go on for years without any real progress. if i were to pick which ones were better i think id go with the former. i only had one that survived the first month, and that was more a 'friends' with benefits situation that went on a couple years with occasional run ins. we were both too emotionally stunted and a relationship actual was unfeasible for either of us. its not the relationship that i wanted but its what i got. last run in i was 29 or so, now im a year from 40 and i think im sticking with my cats (i didnt mean to offend you there, its just a thing that works for me).
  11. i think their computers would be such that they could just keep a local copy of the what is effectively the federation's internet and keep it synced over subspace as time/distance permits. of course the problem with that is you can always store more data. why store megapixels when you can store gigapixels. why use 30 hz video when you can use 30 khz. the other problem is that subspace communication is complete handwavium, with standard light speed methods you simply wouldn't have the bandwidth to keep things synchronized across the solar system, let alone between stars. you might still be able to keep a copy with you when you launch on some high density long term storage, but we generate way too much data to catch all the updates.
  12. ive had laptops just up and stop working before, but i never lost data. ive had dead hard drives sit on my bench for years and suddenly start working long enough to recover. a dead power supply (even one on a laptop mobo) will usually be fused to contain any failures and will protect the rest of the hardware. your best bet is to break it down and see what still works. so unless you chucked it out a car window or into the ocean* or it caught on fire, there are probably things you can do. *ive actually recovered data from that one. buddy had his lappy on the roof of his skiff while we were unloading, and a rapid change in balance caused by handing off a heavy box catapulted it into the alaskan water. it wasnt too deep and we were able to wade in and retrieve it. a few hours later after stripping and cleaning the ssd i backed it up. should also point out that you shouldn't rely on luck. backing up is important.
  13. i was serious about the cat thing. best relationship ever.
  14. i don't get why its as ubiquitous in scifi as it is. its not just star trek, portable scanning devices are all over scifi. however our sensor tech is booming right now. even the lowly smart phone is packed with sensors. our technology can see far beyond the visible spectrum, see heat, see sound waves, see magnetic fields, detect motion, orientation, position, distance, detect and identify ambient gasses, identify materials and so on. usually all with small, often single chip solutions. some people have even made a go at making actual tricorders with this stuff. yet they are far from ubiquitous. it just seems to be that the mk1 eyeball and other human senses are more than adequate for most jobs. if you need one you need not look any farther than your smart phone. the future is now. but i think about it and a clunky device that occupies one of your hands, requiring its user to stare at a screen, is probably not what you would see in the more distant future. i see either perhaps some kind of ar device, or even cybernetic or biotech implants that have these scanning technologies that connect directly to the brain.
  15. but i admit this kind of out of the box thinking, even if it doesn't lead to a drive, might lead to a better understanding of gravity or dark matter/energy. the whole thing fascinates me.