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  1. its sort of like skylon, but without the revolutionary engine design that the whole thing would depend on to function. and people capable of designing engines.
  2. i think proton-boron is probably the best bet for true clean energy. but thats maybe a fourth or fifth gen fuel. first gen reactors will be d+t.
  3. i was thinking spec ops. to think a commando on a small moon could nuke a city on its host planet simply by firing in the right direction. such ammunition would be prohibitively expensive for anything other than a planetary government.
  4. its more complicated than that. for example deuterium has a lower cross section and its heavy a neutron. that, along with its abundance is why they want to use it for fusion power. in contrast with normal hydrogen where stars need to be huge to fuse. you can in theory use advanced fusion technologies to create island of stability elements, such elements might allow for tiny nuclear devices. the energy costs to make those would be extreme, more than the output of the devices. but the tactical advantage of having a nuclear warhead that can fit into a rifle cartridge would be huge. could be
  5. yes, the evidence is most of the periodic table. its just for some elements the energy requirements to fuse are pretty high and cant put out more energy than what is put in. thermonuclear weapons are pretty much energy amplifiers, they amplify the output of a fission warhead. but if your fusion fuel gets up to iron or heavier, then it becomes an energy sponge.
  6. i really dont trust water cooling that much myself. i did look and found a 140mm, 45mm deep rad that would just barely fit between the inside of the elite 110 and the mobo (and were talking an 80% chance of proper fitment). id like to keep the negative pressure config and such a radiator would need the fan placed on the outside with some mods to the faceplate. im not sure a fan can draw air through a radiator with the same efficiency as pushing it through. putting the rad on the outside would require a rad <34 mm without more aggressive mods. a 140x140x45 single rad has slightly more volume
  7. im pretty sure they were lithium ion or one of their derivatives. the batteries are pretty much the same as far as their safety concerns and operating voltage range go though, its just the poly cells tend to be a tradeoff between a robust packaging and weight. its this that enabled the drone boom in the first place so it makes sense they would have gone with that. and yes i am making a ton of assumptions, so take them with a grain of salt. most of what i know was designing battery systems for my pi tablet, none of which were spectacular. it has been infinity days since my last non-intent
  8. i think that typical procedure for storing lithium ion batteries is to store them near their nominal voltage, usually 3.7v, which is about the half way full point. storing batteries low means they could degrade below their minimum safe voltage after a year or so. this greatly reduces capacity and safety. storing them full increases the chance of fire by having more energy stored than is necessary to keep the battery healthy. self discharge rates on lithium ion are miniscule. i usually get my stored cells out every 6-8 months and top them off just above nominal to keep them alive. batteries th
  9. ive been declutterng for awhile. when i built it there were like 4 cables in it. 3 were the usual power cables for mobo, cpu and gpu. the fourth was the fan header. i bundled it and sleeved it with the front panel header so i only count it as one cable even though it splits off 4 ways when it gets to the mobo. when i upgraded the video card (which took drastic measures to install) i added a pair of 92mm fans to the side of the case (a dremel was involved) to help dump some of the heat from the cpu cooler. the front fan was also flipped because i felt a fully negative pressure config would let
  10. because the router has a 2.5 gig port. that means i can jack my pc directly into that high throughput channel. the router is wifi 6 and can connect to the quest 2 wirelessly through a very fast channel. id need to re-arrange some things for that arrangement. right now im not really using the wifi6 capabilities and its on a different floor (wifi6 likes line of sight). so i would have to move it down here and run some cat6. this arrangement would give me the best wireless experience possible. as for the usb3 side, i have one usb-c port and its stuck at usb 3.1. to keep the quest fully powe
  11. some joysticks dont work well with all games. especially with many games using xinput or rawinput instead of the long deprecated direct input that most hotas controllers rely on. there is usually middleware you can use to fix that, though it always feels clunky and likely adds some latency. i blame ms for trying to kill the hotas (which makes no sense because flightsim).
  12. so i got a big fat stimulus check and i have no idea what to do with it and it is a terrible time to buy computer stuff. replacing the 8086k is still difficult. even going with the ryzen 7 5800x seems like more of a sidegrade. i get a couple more cores at a cost of a couple hundred mhz on the base clock. high end video card is out of the question due to stock issues and my 2070 super is still pretty solid for gaming (recent interest in some light crypto mining would be the main driver for that if it was possible). only real rule is the machine has to be improved. one of the driving forc
  13. on fire, clean, same thing. if you burn it with environmental controls on the smoke stack it would probably be ok. in a rocket, nope.
  14. what ive learned following polywell and other small scale fusion concepts is how far they are behind tokamaks in their development/testing. they might come out ahead in the long run, when they need to solve the economy problems with gargantuan tokamaks beyond engineering breakeven. but i very much doubt they will be first. at worst i think some of them are trolling for patents. they know fusion is coming and if they can patent the one or two little tricks that make it all work, they would be in a good financial situation later on. they are doing real research, so i cant really fault them
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