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  1. Nuke

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    unfortunately no. if i could map swash xy to joystick xy then i would have something really cool. i want a heli that can fly without needing to use rcs thrusters for stability and controls like a real heli. you can kind of make do with the keyboard but its very difficult to do any kind of precision flying. maybe i could modify the source to do this, since control systems is one of my hobbies. but im going to be building a new rig next month and setting up a compiler now would be kind of a waste of time. also working on helis kind of fell to a low priority slot on my todo list.
  2. Nuke

    Just got term'd on Roblox.

    goes to show dont let anyone know your login data. hell im not even sure you should know your logon data. when you know you do stupid things like tell it to other people.
  3. things ran great on my 750ti until i replaced it with a 1060 last year. and i only bought that because i couldnt afford a core components upgrade that was better than what i was already running.
  4. i think i finally found a cpu cooler that will let me run the 8700k. handles tdp up to 115w.
  5. problem is the ryzen stock cooler wont fit in my mini itx case. that thing is a behemoth thats about 9 cm tall. so i would have to spend an extra hundred or so bucks on a new case and probably new fans and cables too. original plan was to use an aio liquid cooler. but i had second thoughts about using a cooler that will likely fail catastrophically at some point. thats another $80 as well. so either way amd stops being a very budget friendly option. im probibly going to be using it more as a workstation than the gaming rig. my current rig handles the games i play just fine so i have no doubt that any current gen processor will do. but it does turn out the 4790k is a hard chip to replace hince why im trying to avoid ultra budget options. like going with a ryzen 2700 for example wouldnt really be much of a performance boost. i also considered the 1800x but a lot of the mini itx mother boards wont support m.2 under a first gen ryzen without gimping my pcie slot down to 8x. part of the upgrade is to get access to new tehcnology like m.2 and usb 3.1, so that chip negates those plans. this leads me to the land of blue, although i still want to investigate thread ripper. id be using my old fractal case which is kind of a let down (i really like my elite 110), since there are almost no mini itx threadripper boards, and were looking at a behemoth of a cooler too. i very much doubt that will pan out at all. so im most likely going with the 8700 (i want my threads), which after some investigation would actually come out cheaper than the ryzen 2700x build, which means i can spend the surplus on an nvme ssd and that will definitely improve performance.
  6. yea that would cost more than i have. if i put it in a tank of anything its going to be that stuff they used to cool the cray2. but last i checked that stuff is $500/gallon used.
  7. im having second thoughts about the aio cooler. after reading reviews and finding a lot of horror stories about leaks and pump failures. if it fails im out $800 (and thats preliminary before i get things like new case fans, cables and anything else i might need) in parts and its not like i can find a low profile air cooler that i would be comfortable with running at a 105tdp. the pickings are pretty slim as it is. if i go with the 8700k (or perhaps the 8700 for an even lower tdp) instead of the 2700x i can do away with the aio cooler and use a low profile noctua air cooler instead. if i go with the 65w 8700 i dont even need the cooler because i think the stock will fit. i would save another $60 bucks and still have something at least 20% better. that money could go into a new ssd or something like that (double headed m.2 drives would make some cables disapear). i also get a better mobo with 2x m.2 slots instead of just one. i still got a good 3 weeks till i get my pfd (a big check you get every year for living in alaska) so i got plenty of time to think about it.
  8. Nuke

    Decent joystick recommendations?

    ch products are pretty solid. ive had my ch fighterstick, pro throttle and pedals and they are still going strong after about 10 years. that said what they possess in build quality, they lack in innovation. im not sure about newer models but mine all use 8 bit adcs while ive seen higher resolution adcs on budget sticks, and there are more innovative sticks that will die after 2 years (saitek). me personally i want that thrustmaster warthog, for its metal construction and its ease of modding, but ive never even seen one so i cant attest to its quality.
  9. Nuke

    The Scratch Thread

    im a huge fan of gcc. its my favorite compiler. unfortunately the os it comes with is an infernal time sink.
  10. my reason for upgrading is mostly that my computer is getting too old, it turns 4 this year. even though going from a 4790k to a ryzen 7 2700x is at most a 15% improvement. new cpu means i get usb 3.1, m.2, a sweet new cooler, and twice the cores/threads. i take a hit to cpu clock, loosing about 300 mhz. but when i go to crank on visual sfm all those cores are going to come in handy. not to mention compiling code faster, synthesizing logic faster, and breathing new life into my system. of course the old components get shifted down the line, 4790k becomes my lab machine, my lab machine (a slightly older i7) becomes my mom's machine and moms machine (an early i5) becomes a media center pc. ive been toying with the idea of dropping our outrageously priced cable tv for faster internet, netflix, sling, and hulu. not to mention if i dont build a pc every few years my skills will grow rusty. gaming is a tertiary concern at best. right now all i play is minecraft, mwo, and ksp, as my relationship with the modern games industry is on shakey ground at best.
  11. Nuke

    The Scratch Thread

  12. well the sfx power supply does actually free up a lot of space. also using a lot of custom cables and i will actually be able to eliminate a few of them by going to m.2 theres room now for me to put in a 3d printed drive cage if i want more than the single m.2 drive. it also gives me an extra inch or so of clearence over the cpu fan. thats still probibly not enough for the stock cooler that comes with the 2700x, that thing is huge. i just want stock or better performance, this computer has to last a few years and im not going to overclock it. aside from the forward fan slot (which i upgraded from 120mm to 140mm and will be replaced by the radiator), the case really doesnt have good fan options, there is slottage for a pair of 80 mm fans on the video card side, but you cant use those with a double slot video card. because of that i got out my power drill and made room for another 80mm fan in the side opposite the video card (also made possible by the sfx power supply). this was after having some thermal issues in games i was playing. it seems to have helped somewhat. so the idea is to have the side fan cool everything that isnt video card or cpu, the radiator cool the cpu and the video card is more than capable of cooling itself. that should in theory make up for the extra 10 watts of tdp over my current cpu. incidentally there is a space limit for the video card (210mm in length) but there were 1060s that fit. you just cant use any of the dual fan cards.
  13. Nuke

    The Scratch Thread

    if you meant that in a non sarcastic way, congratulations, you got what it takes to be a programmer. in case you were: the include statement there just sticks a library in your code. stdio.h is usually the thing that gets included in a hallo wold application. i dont exactly know why, but when you get to the point where you can read code you can open the header file and see whats going on in there. stdio is pretty standard in most c programs so its full of low level stuff. this is also why i like to write my own libraries rather than rely on a bunch of black boxes, i like to know how things work. the # means that this is handled by the preprocesser and not the compiler (the compiler just sees the contents of the header file in its place). int main is a function. the main function is kind of special as that is the entry point for your program. but the format is the same as any other function you might use, the brackets are the start and end of the function, int means it returns a value of type integer, the return statement ends the function and gives the value of the returning integer. printf is another function (which i presume is part of stdio.h), you will use it a lot in c. the thing in the quotes is a string, c likes null terminated strings, hince the \n at the end. also note the semicolon, you should terminate statements with them. the printf and return are both statements, but the function definition and terminating brace are not. the include is handled by the preprocessor and therefore is not a statement (preprocessor directive?). thats as good a place to start as any, then you start writing your own functions and making variables, move on to structures and how to use pointers. one thing i found was poorly explained in the books i read was how to organize your code and use header files correctly. its not something you need when you are mostly writing single file programs, but when you start doing serious projects it really helps to know how to break your code down into self contained units. but understanding a hallo wold is the first step in learning a new language.
  14. next month i will be building a ryzen 7 rig. i think im going to go with the 2700x and 16 gigs of ram. its mostly a straight forward core components only build. im going to cram it into my old but beloved elite 110 mini-itx case. im also going to use my existing 600w modular sfx supply (to the best of my knowlege nobody made a better one since i bought it) and the 1060 i bought last year with my psu. storage is going to be in the form of a 512gig m.2 ssd (also bought last year, i actually thought ahead and got m.2 even though i had to use an adapter to use it back then). the one thing im going to be doing differently is ditching the stock cooler (the stock cooler wouldnt even fit in my case, so thats something to do with it) and using an aio liquid cooler. this case has mounting holes for a 120mm radiator. water cooling has always been a laughable concept with me, but after experiencing heat isues with my 4790k i realize i need a better cooling solution. anything i should know about these things before i take the plunge so to speak.