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  1. the giraffe has a huge heart, because its got to pump blood all the way to its brain.
  2. never really liked fantasy. the only reason i watched got was that there seemed to be a scifi drought post bsg (and a lot of shows trying to be bsg and failing as a result, im looking at you sgu). and the only reason i watched the lotr movies was because they were great movies. but i remember watching the first episode of the simpsons, the batman animated series (after watching reruns of adam west batman). me and my sister both liked things like gargoyles (mostly because it had st:tng alumni in its voice cast), futurama, and dbz. the dbz got us into anime, though i got bored with it by the 2010s. adult comedy shows like family guy and others did not interest me, but ive seen alot of the episodes with my sister's family. i did watch metalocalypes for being a metal head. i prefer live action shows over animation. though i did recently binge love death and robots and was not disappointed (after being recommended by ty and that guy).
  3. isn't there a strong inverse correlation between heart rate and life span? a mouse can live a few years, a whale or tortoise, a lot longer. thats still a better mtbf than any mechanical pump you can buy.
  4. i dont think either scope has a real time video capabilities. the interesting data will be the spectrographs though.
  5. was reading the twitter thread that tater posted and was pleasantly surprised to find out that dust bunnies were part of planetary formation. also a fine example of why twitter is a grossly ineffective platform for scientific discourse, and most everything else.
  6. a lot of the boulders are likely the shrapnel left over from planet formation.
  7. hey cool i woke up in time to watch it. this never happens. stupid depression.
  8. wonder if anyone has tried regenerative cooling on re-entry surfaces. say with surplus cryofuel. you could use a cermet composite with a corrugated inner layer. this can just be an inner layer of sheet metal with coolant channels pressed into it bonded to another panel with a ceramic outer coating. should be pretty straight forward to manufacture those panels. the resulting hot fuel can be dumped or used in an air breathing deceleration thruster.
  9. i mined the rest of yesteday and think my hash power was only worth about a quarter per day, so i pulled the plug. will try again next week and see if the numbers are better. way i understood it is that mining was a way to compensate you for keeping the blockchain online. it doesn't work without people putting hashpower out there, which costs money. people don't run servers for free. so i dont know how these coins can continue to operate without mining. btc is so hard to mine you need asics if you want to turn anything. etherium is the big experiment to see if you could sustain a crypto network with a lot less hash power. there are a lot of coins out there, but most of them are copycats that dont really contribute anything, just someone trying to make a buck. people forget that bitcoin is experimental, but it seems like the one i go to when i actually want to buy something (and i was using nicehash, which pays btc for hashpower despite actually mining etherium). it will crash to oblivion as soon as its mined out. by the time we know we should trade in for the next coin, its probibly already too late.
  10. im pretty sure the cat gets plenty of food from that place. probibly sees a hundred or so cars coming out of there, and some of them are likely to contain cat people. yesterday i was eating this korean bbq pork jerky while playing an mwo match. i pulled out a huge piece and so tore off a section and started eating it. the match got interesting so i kind of focused on my game and forgot about it. after the match i went to the fridge to get a coke, and came back and it was gone. im not really sure what cat got ahold of it. later on i found a small fragment of it in the cat tower.
  11. i think you would be better off with a couple males and 8 females. because in there will be a dominant male claiming all the females. the weaker males wouldn't be contributing much to the gene pool. females are interesting because they can have kittens from different males in the same litter. thats why so many cuddle puddles have that one kitten that just doesnt look like the others.
  12. she has trained us humans to feed her on command. she thinks it works the same way with her natural prey. the food kitty is the jealous one. i figure at 20+ pounds she would have a better shot at learning to hunt before starving to death. ive only seen her make a run at a bird once. but out neighbors came out of their apartment all loud and obnoxious like and scared her. i dont think ive seen her try again. most she will do is go on the ground and play with bugs. however she is incredibly lazy and her weight takes away much of the speed and maneuverability that cats are known for. shes not very good at jumping and climbing. i have a feeling the predators would get the better of her.
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