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  1. The faulty savegame is in Year 9, the working one is only a few minutes old. Haven't tried timewarping yet.
  2. Interesting detail: On an "old" 1.4.0 savegame the clouds look blocky. On a completely fresh savegame I just started in 1.4.2, the clouds look perfect. Is there any data related to EVE saved within the persistence.sfs file? Oh and I would also like to thank Waz for continuing this mod! I can't imagine playing KSP without it anymore.
  3. Which I did and which doesn't change a thing, the result is still the same blocky cloud, see above. Not a single mod folder besides EVE and BoulderCo was present during my tests.
  4. I get clouds in 1.4.2, but from the VGA era it seems. Did a clean install via CKAN today. Got the 1.2.2-1 config. not sure what now? Tried SVE. Similar effect, although I think I can see some higher res textures in between the white blocks...
  5. ShadowZone

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Happy 25th anniversary, Babylon 5, I made you a starfury!
  6. ShadowZone

    Should I buy KSP for PC?

    I bought KSP for PC twice. Once over Steam and once directly from Why? It's just such a great game and I wanted to support the devs back then (I think it was 2014 or something). Keeping in mind that I have clocked in more than 3000 hours in KSP according to Steam, I think I got my money's worth many times over.
  7. ShadowZone

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I went space truckin:
  8. ShadowZone

    Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    I remember it well. I read a Kotaku article about somebody building a space cruiser and sending it to Jool. That somebody was a user called "Avaslash" and it looked something like this: here's the article: This inspired me to get the game make stuff like this: Never looked back in regret.
  9. Here's the thing: Since KSP in stock does not constrain oxygen, food or air for Kerbals, you can basically stuff one Kerbal in a small capsule and send him on his way for millennia. So why are any of us building larger crew capacity vehicles at all? Or include more than one science lab? Unless you are a heartless monster and kill your crew left and right, you don't need more than a handful of Kerbals. Building a massive space station for 288 Kerbals (like I did for my Jool colonisation mission, see also the GIF below) is pointless, really. So, why do we do it?I am apparently not the only one, if I browse through a few screenshots and videos For me, it's basically role playing, when I think about it. But please tell me your reasons, I would like to know your thoughts on this one.
  10. ShadowZone

    What did you do in KSP today?

    That was what I did
  11. ShadowZone

    Reusable space programme - refuelling and crew return?

    In general I like to put everything I need for a mission into orbit in one launch. I am also not a huge fan of SSTO spaceplanes. Probably because of the lack of cargo capacity. That's why I designed a massive 2 stage fully reusable launcher system, the "Kerbon Heavy", that can put more than 1000 tons into orbit and return safely to Kerbin. It's a beast and expensive (about 4,000,000 Kredits) and you need access to good tech, but it's very satisfying being able to launch that much into orbit and recover everything besides the fuel: I also like to keep stuff in space that can be used for multiple purposes. Multi-role spaceships are sort of my thing If you add docking ports in strategic places of your vehicle, you can expand it later on when it's already in orbit and you need something a bit different. Regarding refueling... so far I have built three "space refineries": 1) My Minmus refueling operation ("Munsucker"). It was designed way too complex, with a dedicated mobile ore drilling platform and a separate refinery and fuel storage. 2) For my Mun refueling operation ("Munsucker 2") I put drills and refinery in one single package. Fuel storage was modular, designed to be lifted into an orbital storage facility. A transfer vehicle transports everything to LKO if needed. 3) I designed a self sufficient Jool colonization mission and included a mobile refinery for Pol. Due to its miniscule gravity, the entire refinery is lifted into orbit. There's a depot there with two shuttles designed to ferry the fuel to Laythe where my main space habitat and other craft reside. In general, I like to stay reusable more in a sense of what is already in space compared to launcher vehicles
  12. ShadowZone

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I built a fully reusable stock launcher that can put 1150t into orbit.
  13. I collected a few "good to know" items for players starting out, maybe there are also some things for more experienced players in here:
  14. ShadowZone

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I thought it might be a good idea to collect some useful basic rocket engineering tips:
  15. When I saw your latest video, I created a monowheel that actually has only one wheel... and it is kraken powered.