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  1. Yeah people made me aware of my mistake already... I really never noticed that thing. As for the version history, I cut a few paragraphs about that from my script because the video was already so long. Might do that when we have the real thing in our hands.
  2. Thanks for the mention and the great work aggregating the feedback so far! Unfortunately I didn't find this thread until my video was already released or I would have mentioned it. But I'll put a link in the video description. Here's the video btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvs6e92SqNg
  3. I might have missed something, but can somebody please explain to me what "non-impulsive maneuver planner" means? For me, "impulsive" is usually a character trait, but I guess that's not it...
  4. Yes that's pretty much what was said. Original quote at 8:43 here: https://youtu.be/Jw42iC-mlZM?t=523 And I agree with you on the faster workflow. Even KSP1 was able to get major releases out of the door every 6 months (roughly) from about 1.8 until 1.12 (not counting bugfix releases). So that was already pretty predictable and I'm pretty sure the KSP2 team already has some kind of major release cadence already planned. The main thing that's missing is what's really going to be in those releases, but that will also be up to us by supporting the developers in fine tuning the experience and prioritizing what really matters. Also something I highlighted in the video I released today. I also had a chance to chat with Nate about the Early Access and what will be in it. Those infos are going into a video I'll release on Sunday. Had a bit of a hell week and barely was able to get my early access announce video out. I recorded my talking head until 2:20am ... But I'm highly motivated to get more details out by Sunday
  5. I love this mod. Together with Scatterer and EVE (thanks @blackrack for keeping the development going!!!) this is now part of my permanent modlist for KSP.
  6. Could we extend the runway with those base building road parts?
  7. Very nice! Thanks for posting it in high resolution!
  8. Icing on the cake would be if they would become all burnt and sooty after use
  9. Sooo... clearly open cycle engine. I would assume this would make it one of the earlier engines available in the tech tree of KSP2 before we move on to the more sophisticated stuff?
  10. Thanks! Couldn't have done it without the fantastic mod by @Galileo and all the others that contributed to it. It turned out really great, was easy to use and I don't think my game crashes were because of the mod
  11. Not quite, it's actually "Damen" (one less "m" in there). "Dämmen" on the other hand (with the Umlaut) means to isolate (temperature, water, etc). "Verdammen" means to curse something or somebody (same as "damn"). I still believe "Gurdamma" is the sound you'll make when you fail your 15th landing on that thing.
  12. Oh, I haven't heard of that one yet! When did that one get revealed? Is there a picture?
  13. Thanks, Nate! From what we have learned so far, aside from the known planets and moons from the original game, these new celestial bodies are known: Rask & Rusk (binary planets) Ovin (ringed super earth) Gurdamma (early Earth type planet) Donk (Gurdamma's moon) Glumo (Saturn analog) Charr (crispy hot stuff) Puf (the eyeball planet) Skut (the non spherical from the latest episode) Did I forget one? Are all of them in the Debdeb system? Great beard, by the way
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