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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    You rang? I did a Falcon Heavy style thing back when I did a comparison to the SLS video. The SpaceX part starts at 3:27 And yes, powered landings are tough!
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    In honor of July 20th 1969, I went to the Mun and back.
  3. Search for megaship engineers.

    I prefer to build in sandbox and run missions in science mode. Less of a hassle
  4. Search for megaship engineers.

    Well, I have built a few larger vessels in the past. Case study 1: The Ozymandias Capable of visiting all Outer Planets from the Outer Planets Mod, get science from there and head back home safely. Case study 2: Gargantua This is just pure insanity. Thousands of tons and parts and dV. Case study 3: Naginata This was designed to perform a Jool-5 mission. The science vessel is an SSTO capable of landing on and getting back up from Laythe as well as Tylo and all other moons of Jool. I am currently working on something similar to the Ozymandias but with the entire solar system in mind not just a few planets. In general I like to design my this in such a way that they have delta v in abundance and can refuel if necessary. Since they mostly exceed the capability to land on certain bodies I include smaller landers. Crew accomodation and communication is a must as well. But I usually ditch the science lab since I rarely use it anyway.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Here's what I did: a massive cargo freighter that can ferry 2000 tons from LKO to the Mun and back. Also: that teaser pic is my 1001st screenshot
  6. Oh I did such a thing for our collaboration station series (the real escape pod fun starts at 8:39):
  7. Thanks @Speeding Mullet for the award. It was really great fun participating in the challenge
  8. i love your mini shuttle ! great work!

  9. Can I participate with this thingy here?
  10. Yep, that did the trick! The directly downloaded .dll and setting that scatterer switch did the trick. Thanks!
  11. Installed dependencies: OPM 2.1 EVE 1.2-2 scatterer v0.0300 Kopernicus 1.2.2-5 PoodmundOPMVO v0.3.4 and new Kopernicus.Components.dll - result: No rings visible around Urlum, only their shadows (see post above). Weird thing though: The ring's shadows seem to be above the equator? This is Sarnus with 0.3.4 and the new .dll. What a beautiful sight! The required files (log, output, modmancache) packaged here for 0.3.4 and new .dll file: I can confirm that with 0.3.3 and the old Kopernicus.Components.dll I have rings around Urlum. Here are the logs for that iteration:
  12. This is interesting. I got Urlum rings when using 0.3.3 withouth the new Kopernicus dll, ... ... but when using 0.3.4 and the new dll I don't get them, although I do get the shadows of the rings displayed on Urlum. Don't know if I will get used to the shadows the rings now throw onto the planet. But that's just me. Great work otherwise!
  13. Sarnus without rings? Surely not! I definitely wouldn't want that.
  14. Thanks for the update! Just for clarification: Is this ring issue on blackrack's radar? Or is this more of a Scatterer, OPM and EVE in combination issue?
  15. Since Kopernicus and Scatterer are now both 1.2.2 compatible... can you already give us an update? No pressure, please take your time to make it right, I am just curious