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  1. nope, those are still stock alike looking texture. No, I'm positive.
  2. Thermal blankets!!!!! Using normals? that's the topmost required feature!! Can't wait to try it
  3. Amazing list Mr Wolfie!! Thanks. If you're a builder like me, just add Andegraf's rocket catalog and done. Well, if anyone is up to the task I can help with textures.
  4. Tried giving them more power but no luck. The solution, I if I had the source file, will be to add a trust transform and use it as OMS, but I don't have them. But I never give up!! So I've made this: Just clip the LV-1R "Spider" Liquid Fuel Engine x this way and voila! you get setup very close to the real thing and all that fuel is not dead weight anymore! Please don't hurt my feelings!! I can do one, the problem is, because of some UV map issues and the resolution everything pixelates a lot, but i looks better than the logo, right as usual Mr Wolfie
  5. well, it was always a pain to snap the engines into place, but there's a node a bit up from the one you're using. And about the engines, what can I say, there's a misconception about their role. Those 4 RS-88 constitutes the LES itself, they are not for orbit maneuvers (OMS) or de-orbiting. So that's why they feel so overpowered when used in orbit. Let me see if giving more power to the RCS engines, they can be used for OMS and still reliable for docking. Nice choice for the nosecone!! You cab install Contares and just leave the nosecone.
  6. Well, is not much, but it's guaranteed to work on 1.4.4, the original model have some texture warp issues so sorry if it's not a total revamp but without the source files that's all I can do Fixes: The Nose cone was never really fixed, so you need Contares CST (just the nose cone) which is modified trough an MM patch to fit this capsule (sorry about color mismatch but no normal on Contares part) Some textures were "revamped", again, don't expect miracles. Parachute texture had a wrong name, now it loads and displays correctly RCS effects fixed Engines effects fixed Some decoupling issues fixed Re-scaled to 3.125 Tested to orbit using BDB's Atlas V Includes craft file (no air bags) Get it here Credits: All models and textures made by @xxhansonmaxx Nosecone by hraban Solar Panel textures by Cobaltwolf
  7. I've made some changes and fixes for this mod, if I'm not mistaken the license (CC BY-NC 4.0) allows me to share them, I'm I right? Is OK with you @Sgt.Shutesie??
  8. Drakenex

    What did you do in KSP today?

    While JAXA is busy developing the H3, I wanted to give them a heavy lift-next gen option, I present you: the H4-Heavy Lift FULL ALBUM
  9. hehehe OCD! that could be one of my non-diagnosed ailments, yes off course I can. I want to keep thinks simple, so I'll merge Tantares and BDB making a single package.
  10. Drakenex

    [1.4 / 1.4.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    Sad news https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/06/webb-space-telescope-pushed-back-again-wont-launch-until-2021/
  11. Looking very nice!
  12. Scripted landings... that makes it even more impressive! excellent, thanks for sharing.
  13. amazing!! @Nessus_ That precision landing at the pad was made in reverse or are you beyond skilled?