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  1. I say go for it, the SLS needs a dedicated core stage, badly! May be a 4 part one: LH2 tank (with a proper connection to the engine section), and inter-tank with SRB attach points, a LOX tank and the forward skirt with avionics and batteries. Also nice to see your take on the EUS and may be finally a proper RL10C-3.
  2. not really, he's talking about 1.875 --> 3.125. I don't think that old and discarded version of Vulcan-Centaur is on the scope of this mod.
  3. As said before, those craft files are intended for standalone installations (no other mods like BDB or Re-Stock present). For that particular part, it just clones the stock fuel cell and changes input resource to hydrolox, but if re-stock is present, the part isn't created (re-stock already includes a hydrolox capable fuel cell). Can you please post the B9 error?
  4. Nice finds, thanks! 1- Will make BDB compatible ones. 2- Done* 3- See below ** 4- Interesting, gotta find a way to disable the auto interestage and enable that node. 5- S.M.A.R.T. assembly is tricky, that could be a way, yes. 6- Fixed* 7- Oops! fixed* * Will be up on next revision ** The ACES and Centaur V upper stages were designed to be controlled by a remote guidance unit (no BDB) or by the Centaur avionics control system.
  5. Always a fan of the old mod, nice to see how your modding skills improved! Thanks for letting me participate. Great rocket!!
  6. Really? So it is affecting BDB only?
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