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  1. Shot by our official photographer Mr @Zorg
  2. Here you go! Well, I've modified many things to remember ...far from perfect but that's what we have for now. Please let me know if something is not OK. Craft file included with OMAC trusters. Credits again to @xxhansonmaxxfor the original mod @CobaltWolffor his panel texture and @hrabanfor his CST Cone Model
  3. Tried to make it a little better! If there's enough interest I can upload a pack again.
  4. Nope, It's called the EDS, Earth Departure Stage, and is basically the same, but instead of 6 RL-10 is powered by a single J-2X
  5. It was on the BDB thread, I'm about to upload it again with some updates, remember to make suggestions and please add reference material with them
  6. Yeah! Thanks for reminding me! I'll work on them right now Amazing builds man! Well, that's my little contribution to a community and to the mods who gave us so much!
  7. Full Stainless Steel Starship
  8. looking so good! I say go stock, it will make anything you do easier to integrate with BDB and Tantares launchers and more pleasant to eye in overall
  9. Amazing Benjee! Attention to detail looks fantastic. Like Columbia's extra wing tiles! Don'r forget Columbia's SILTS pod