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  1. I guess I fixed most of them, but a fix in unity is the way to go, let me know if you need anything.
  2. no Ariane 6? well, time to make my own!
  3. Thermal control surface, same material used on the Apollo CM You can use TU to create a reflective Orion CM. And you can use this to recreate the Ares V 2008 version
  4. @Beale Grazie mille signore! What a ride it was, is hard to express with words how much important your work and dedication means to me. It was a pleasure to add a little to an already wonderful set of parts and to work with your files filled with attention to detail and order. It's a shame to be so busy now, I hope I can get into add some more soon! Thanks again.
  5. @cameronisher3@alberro+ Well, the original creator is now retired, someone supposedly got the source files but ended doing nothing. I Can't do miracles because I don't have the source files and UV mapping is not the better, so some texture tearing makes everything difficult. I can fix some oops I've made but what do you want to be updated?
  6. Thanks for being a good magician and revealing your tricks!