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  1. jaw drops !! Are you going to update Atlas V as well? Add the AJ-60A? New RL-10 Textures? New Centaur V? Is global warming a real threat? How much vodka in my screwdriver?
  2. [1.3.0] ULA Vulcan rocket parts pack

    much better choice!
  3. yeah, I know, I was wondering if you want to make one for the R7/Soyuz (with a dome if possible)
  4. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Station Parts

    thank you for your hard work and dedication.
  5. impressive @Beale! you and @CobaltWolf raised the bar so high that the "making history" DLC will pale in comparison
  6. +1 on orange, amazing as always pal!! Is there a black Soyuz repaint out? I was going to give it a try but if someone already made it ...
  7. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Station Parts

    Amazing! even without reflective effects. Excellent work!
  8. Direct mod includes a config for that
  9. Come on! That's the core of the game, figuring out how to build things! Request me anything and I'll build it
  10. haha yes! Operating the Falcon 9 it's cooperative multiplayer business.
  11. I know, I'm not angry, just overenthusiastic
  12. ehhh hum... DragonV2 was already paid by NASA (8 initial flights) and developed in full by SpaceX, if everything keeps going as expected, it will be flying next year. Source? I work for the company who manufactures all Satcom systems for it to interact with NASA's TDRS network, and I'll be in charge (well, my team) of the Sat link-budgets. NASA CCP All Elon said was that BFR could be used to send astronauts and cargo to the ISS, and BFR is not even defined or have a final configuration.