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  1. yup it works, let me know if you have any issues by PM
  2. Pls don't forget to upload it's source files, cant wait to paint that beauty!!! and more !!
  3. look no further! Drakenex's Deluxe Counterfeits have the solution This brand new wet workshop (nope, isn't old Skylab one ) holds same amount of fuel than the SIVB-11300 tank, but after performing your TVI (or any other interplanetary injection) powerful pumps will suck it dry so you can furnish it with your favorite scientific equipment! * Get it here * It's just a SIVB-11300 tank repaint (a very good quality one) using Skylab workshop config sans its mesh switches plus fuel and the ability to dump it. Copy the DDS file on Skylab's folder and the cfg anywhere you want.
  4. main PC out of service (power supply fried) so my videos are on hold until I replace it. In the while, I'm going to create some picture only series. First one: "Boeing Vision for Exploration: Cislunar Gateway"
  5. 2 for the price of one! this + petal adapter with ejectable panels, I want to dance
  6. hahaha +1 about feeling special. So, about the name? Tantares Paintshop? I Pimp Your Soyuz?
  7. Off course you're the boss here! So @Deltac??
  8. hehe all of the above, Anyway, nothing beats launching, staging pressing a button an voila!
  9. Eyes Turned Skywards - The Missions

    Big thanks!! I get them with Kronal Vessel Viewer and compose them with Photoshop. I'm preparing an Artemis moon mission series, but scaling things ended being so much difficult! Anyway I'm getting there. In the while I may send some eurovisit to Freedom:
  10. Dear Mr Disco, as you've said, here's some inspiration for an ETS "Spacelab" mission patch. Think about it like a series patch (if you can include the ETS initials will be nice) more than a single mission patch. Thanks in advance! Spacelab: Real Spacelab patch (Shuttle mission):
  11. The best option is to include them with Tantares as an extras folder, that will make very easy for people to find them and use them, but if we make a new thread we can give support, take requests and may be involve more people. I'm up if you're up! We can have craft files also
  12. too much trouble, fast solution, more modular, nicer, anyway I never used it