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  1. Because .... why not?
  2. Great and complete answer! thank you very much. Well, if that's the case, this Altair is a bit low on fuel, after the LIO burn there's not much left for a landing less a polar one. I'll try doubling it, anyway the Ares V and the EDS can handle the extra weight. In other news, my attempt for a cargo version:
  3. Who performed the Lunar orbit insertion burn, the Orion SM or the Altair lander? May be someone know where can I get info about that mission profile? Thanks!
  4. and? (just kidding)
  5. Still working on this?
  6. Great!, yup, to each his own
  7. Yes So, Atlas V core is 3.81m in diameter, and Vulcan 5.4m, so for a KSP 2.5m Atlas V the Vulcan must be 3.54m, and the closest "standard" sizes are 3.125 and 3.75. What do you say? oh! it's not much, but is hot: @PART[BE-4]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen] { PLUME { name = Hydrolox-Lower //pre-fabbed plume you want transformName = thrustTransform //which transform to attach the plume localRotation = 0,0,0 localPosition = 0,0,3.8 fixedScale = 1.6 energy = 1 speed = 1 } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesFX %powerEffectName = Hydrolox-Lower } }
  8. Much better now (texture stolen from Contares)
  9. Great rocket! I've some modifications, mainly PF fairings and hydroloxsized the ACES + RL10. A little request , I know that's the promotional images livery, but can you please make an orange main tank? Thanks!!
  10. Yeah! I'll try to make a mission video. It's really beautiful! Direct 5m tanks re-scaled to 6.4m
  11. Testing payload integration with my Direct Ares V Thanks a lot @silentvelcro, terrific job! like @Bev7787said, besides Altair, it will make an excellent ETS Artemis lander.
  12. Pls pls pls! Are you going to implement some kind of texture switching?