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  1. Ohhh so sorry, just remembered. Move along, nothing to see then
  2. White, Tantares Grey and Vintage Green, Yes sir, can do!
  3. @benjee10are you planning to add node covers? they give a lot of flexibility and versatility.
  4. @benjee10Mr Manley uses ReDirect's Orion on his new video about EM-1 and the image on his video thumbnail comes from an SLS screen I've made with SSTU.. ha!
  5. @sslaptnhablhat Colors?
  6. @sslaptnhablhat Can't remember if the last release fixed the greebles on the Almaz parts, I've sent you a fix, it is OK for release? Can you please summarize what is left to fix and what suggestions and request are pending? Sorry to offload this to you
  7. Yup, no CKAN, no idea why it doesn't download the latest version. Chutes were fixed long long ago!