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  1. Recently, I built a mighty massive Eiffel Tower spacecraft, using some tweakscale. Each of the large white tanks is 20m in diameter. (Here shown with large vector engines, but final design uses Rhinos to go to other planets) It is currently about 550m tall (Larger than the real thing, yes). I plan to build it a launcher, to get it into space. This is the size of the fuel tanks used for the launcher. Yes, that's a mammoth engine. Not sure where to send it, though.
  2. I seem to be having a weird problem where the IVAs for the centrifuges aren't located in the right place, as shown in this screenshot: Has anyone else had this issue? (It might be caused by one of my millions of mods)
  3. Today and yesterday I launched a few tourist ships to Minmus on my Career save. They landed without too much trouble on Minmus, but it was kinda difficult to come back as the Delta-v was barely sufficient. And here's the second ship on the great flats. And a little fly-by of the Mun while we're at it! Then, I sent a ship to release three probes to land in three different biomes on the Mun, as a part of the Mun Probes Program Strategy from a mod. Aren't they cute? I saved some Kerbals stuck in their command pod in orbit. One of the missions gave me a free 3-stars crewmember. That's pretty good! Then, I sent two Kerbals to the Mun, to plant a flag and do science. One of them set up a little science base from the EVA science mod. He's quite proud of it. Finally, I docked two ships around Minmus for a contract. My first time docking around a body that's not Kerbin. The two pilots of the docked ship happily standing next to the flag they planted on Minmus.
  4. Just a small suggestion I thought of. I think it would be a good idea to change the name of the sun from "StockSun" to "Kerbol" in this mod, as having the sun be called "StockSun" kinda ruins immersion. It's only a quick config edit (I did it myself in 2 minutes) and would really be a nice quality of life improvement.
  5. "Welcome home, Jebediah. Everyone you ever knew is dead."
  6. So Cyran will be the first gas giant to have an actual "ground" texture instead of the creepy black void all gas giants have? Amazing!
  7. So, @The White Guardian, what is the new update's status? Is it almost ready to be released, or will we have to wait a few more days?
  8. I sent my research station I showed a while back to Cyran... And a little rover to Iltan! I had a lot of troubles landing it, but after a few tries and a rover backflip I managed to get it right. Let's not forget about the satellite that scans for ore.
  9. Oh my, why did I trust the random website that popped up when I typed "Saturn"? I should've used good old Wikipedia!
  10. That's weird, the internet told me that Saturn was made out of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium. Never trust the internet!
  11. You showed us the atmospheric configuration of your favorite real-life planet, and I figured out it was Neptune by looking around on websites.
  12. Your favorite planet is, according to some websites, Neptune!
  13. Iltan's atmospheric composition is identical to Kerbin's/Earth's atmospheric composition!
  14. But wait, if it generates enough heat for Sennim to have almost positive temperatures, that means Iltan is a tropical paradise! @The White Guardian, you need to add palm trees to Iltan!
  15. 270K ? That means Sennim is only at -3 °C. Isn't that a bit too warm? Adding an ocean is a good idea. However, are you going to make it so the heat extends all the way to the moons? That would explain why Sennim is so warm.
  16. Breaking news! My rover made a STUNNING discovery on Sennim! As you see, the tiny rover recorded a temperature of about 196 K near the lakes, which is about -77 °C. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? However, according to Sennim's data log (And this thread's first post), Sennim's lakes are filled with liquid mercury. And, according to Wikipedia, the melting point of mercury is about -39 °C, which is higher than -77 °C. Which means that the lakes on Sennim are NOT liquid mercury, but another liquid instead! Even if it was solid mercury, there is no way my rover's wheels could have sank into the lake, as solid mercury isn't that malleable! What is this madness?!
  17. It's not a multi-part space station like Mir or the ISS, but rather this : It's pretty big but still a single launch. Nothing spectacular.
  18. These teasers look amazing! I'm wondering what Crysalis's orbital characteristics are going to be. Judging from the picture, it looks pretty small, so I think it'll be orbiting quite far from Cyran. Also, I wish I could help with the science definitions, but I don't want to be spoiled and know all of the science blurbs in advance (What would be the point of my research stations if knew everything in advance?).
  19. It looks like one of the rings in the last picture wasn't there before. Did Cyran get a new ring? Or am I just hallucinating?
  20. It's so pretty! I can't wait to send my research station there!
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