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  1. [1.3] Kerbal Krash System (0.4.2) 2017-07-20

    Is there a complete changelog for this somewhere?
  2. I feel like this is an interesting thing to just leave here.....
  3. RNG? KSP.log: I loaded the flight scene and had failures in under a minute both times. This is a fresh sandbox save, with KCT and Scrapyard, I'm running simulations in KRASH. Haven't run any builds yet.
  4. @panarchist I updated sigma binary, which is one of the recommended mods for OPM, to enable binary systems for duna/ike, and plock/karen as well. This fixed the bug for me. Check to see you have the latest sigma binary, released yesterday I think it was? (so hard to remember, with so many updates)
  5. Is it normal to have 4 failed parts in under a minute just sitting on the pad? I'm just testing things out in sandbox, and it seems like the latest release is a little extra fail prone..
  6. I'll just leave this here:
  7. I always play with vsync on, tearing hurts my eyes/brain. I don't think that my computer was able to even really hold 30 FPS consistently in flight scene, so that also led me to picking 24 for my limiter. Also; I haven't tried scatterer in 1.3 yet. While 1.3 is smoother then anything before it, for sure, I'm still a little apprehensive about if the drop in FPS will be worth it...
  8. I actually have KerboKatz FPS limiter set for 24fps, because I'm a film snob and thought that was sufficiently cheekier of a number to pick then 30. I tank down to 6 fps for up to a full second for garbage collection stutters though, can't wait for memgraph to work in 1.3 again. I don't mind lower fps, but the stutters make it really difficult to do precise manoeuvring, because you input doesn't always go through the same way on keyboard. Really need to get a proper flight stick one of these days...
  9. Does Urlum tilt count? Edit: Oh yeah, wait, I'm using sigma binary....never mind, I'll see myself out..
  10. Been out of the loop for a few days. I just upgraded from 1.3.0-2 to 1.3.0-4 and encountered a weird bug. Game loads to menu fine, but when I try to load a save I get stuck partially on loading screen. What I mean is that mod dialogues show up, like the RT settings dialogue on new saves and the KCT build window, but the screen stays black with the planets loading icon in the lower right corner. Also; it is missing the word LOADING when this happens. Reverting to 1.3.0-2 fixes it. I tried 1.3.0-3 as well and got the exact same bug.
  11. @severedsolo Name suggestion: UnPlanned Failure Mod
  12. Can this be used to modify minThrust? Can it switch while in flight scene?
  13. I like being able to apply inventory only at the at the end of a build, as with all my mods I already run at about 30fps max.
  14. Its more balanced then basing it off the number of parts in the node, which could be wildly different depending on which modes a user has installed.