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  1. Feature request: @linuxgurugamer For Mechjeb, could we get actions for loading and executing saved scripting module scripts?
  2. I've seen some mentions of a scripting capability within mechjeb? Seems like the appropriate article on the wiki doesn't exist yet. Is there documentation somewhere on how do use this? I would like to write a script that uses the maneuver planner to create and execute a mid-course correction burn on the outward trans-munar phase of an apollo style flight, so the script would need to be able to define the the SOI rendezvous as the goal. Ideally this script would be tied to an action group, so that I don't have to bring up mechjeb UI elements during the flight at all... EDIT: So I found the scripting module in the flight scene and it seems pretty intuitive. I think I will be able to use it for what I want, except the initial loading and execution of a saved script without using the ui. There seems to be a pretty extensive list of action group commands available in the editor for mechjeb, but none of them seem related to the scripting module, if I'm not mistaken. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? If not, I would like to make this a feature request....
  3. I thought it was part of near future electrical or something...
  4. I had found a similar .cfg in the old community module manager patch database, and was going to use it but then thought it might conflict with something I already have installed, hence my question.
  5. Does anyone know which mods offer EC consumption for lights as a feature? I thought I saw that listed somewhere, but with 20+ KSP forum tabs open, can't remember where I saw that now..
  6. I've been looking at the lovely IVA's described here: https://github.com/MOARdV/MOARdVPlus/wiki/MAS-FASA-Retro-Seat-1 I'm wondering how difficult it would be to adapt them for the mk1-3 pod?
  7. I've been looking at the lovely IVA's described here: https://github.com/MOARdV/MOARdVPlus/wiki/MAS-FASA-Retro-Seat-1 I'm wondering how difficult it would be to adapt them for the stock mk1-3 pod (and/or restock)?
  8. @Snark, is any of this actionable on your end?
  9. @Angel-125 What is the difference between stock, CRP and pristine?
  10. Is this bug still a thing? I think I've gotten my save into this state... EDIT: Whoops, I started from the beginning of the thread and didn't realize this is what all the most recent posts are about...I will just use the cheat menu to complete the contract and move on. Thank you for your time.
  11. Just want to report that this is indeed working with ksp 1.11.2 and at least 200 other mods. Also bumping this link back to the end of the thread for convenience.
  12. I am using TUFX with Astronomer's Visual Pack and I'm finding that the orbit prediction lines from maneuver nodes are really dim (almost invisible) when I zoom in to a certain point (kinda hard to plan maneuvers while being forced to zoom out to see be able to see what I am doing). Resolved when I remove TUFX. I really don't know what any of the settings for tufx do, does anyone know if any of them are specific to orbit lines? I'm also using scatterer and E.V.E.
  13. Did anything ever come of this idea? I think that this is also muffling sound track editor...all my nice ambient space music is bass only now
  14. I have noticed that remote tech 1.9.10 (and possibly earlier?) seems to break the antenna functionality of the default actions mod by snark. I should also mention that I'm using restock plus, but having that without RT seems fine. @TaxiService or anyone got ideas on this one? I'm pretty sure these lines from the RemoteTech_Squad_Antennas.cfg are at fault, but I have no idea how to fix it (been out of practice with ksp and mm.cfgs for a few years): ... @MODULE[ModuleDeployableAntenna] { %name=ModuleAnimateGeneric ... { I've been messing around with the antennas patch for default actions, but nothing I try seems to work;
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