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  1. I'm not sure what even is all available to mod (I honestly haven't even launched ksp in over a year, life's been a bit much lately), from what I remember the kerbals always had gloves on. I would be down to have this 'head' pack include gloveless hands in skin tones when ever a kerbal is shown in atmosphere, similar to how they can be shown automatically without the helmet (don't remember, that is a TRR feature, right?). I don't really want to touch suits or other props with this pack though, I want to leave that up to the user to decide on from other packs, such as yours. Heck, I think I'll e
  2. @Aazard Yeah, I've seen your mod, and really like the idea. I'm glad you are picking up the modding mantle. Personally though, I don't think I would use your mod in my game. I really like the old stock and veteran orange suits, and also really enjoy mods like Earn Your Stripes that chooses which of those two suit types each kerbal gets to wear, based on accumulated merit rather than just being jeb or val etc. As such, I would like to keep my simple, singlularly focused humanColouredHeads pack available as an up to date stand alone. I less than zero competency for most of what you talking about
  3. @Aazard I would love to be able to fold your fix into this mod listing with an update, so that it can be considered feature complete and updated to the latest KSP/TRR...
  4. It isn't that I want to be having long distance relationships, it's just that that is all that has presented itself so far in my life.
  5. I live rather isolated in northern ontario, and so this has been the constant struggle, stagnating long distance relationship, or loneliness. I am in the process of buying land closer to the military base I served at, to building myself a new larger (I currently live in a tiny house I built) home in the still rural, but much less isolated area there. By all rights I should have already moved over there, but as it stands, currently closing date on the deal is the end of this month (covid has delayed everything), having not left me enough time to move and properly set up for winter (new property
  6. [snip]. I was dear johned through a txt 5 days ago, and despite being well into my early 30s have never managed to have a relationship that wasn't also long distance. She 'only' lived an hour away, which felt local to me, relatively speaking, and couldn't even be bothered to tell me to my face. Meanwhile, I've driven 6 hours one way just see a romantic interest for 15 minutes to let her know it isn't working out (the relationship had been deteriorating for a while) in the past... I've never had cause to fill out anything other than single on a government form. As a veteran I have several or
  7. Appreciate the suggestion, but I'm a dog person, and already have an amazing husky.
  8. soaring words. thanks for the help guys.
  9. Ah, thank you. I had seen iron sky pop up in my searches, but I hadn't even considered watching the trailer as it seemed so ridiculous. Still though, a fun sequence to rewatch. Thank you for the sleuthing!
  10. So I just watch "For all Mankind" season one, and it made me remember seeing a trailer for something else I cannot find now. Help! All I remember from the trailer was an apollo-esque lander performing a 'routine' landing at a moon base or something, in front of a camera already set up. When they touch down, the two astronauts groan as they release advertising banners on the outside of the craft for the world to see over the camera. That's all I remember. Does anyone know if this was a show, or a movie, or just some silly commercial for something?
  11. Hmmm...weird, edge loads the image just fine, but firefox doesn't....oh well.....anyway, that is a super cool looking little stubby shuttle. I'm looking forward to making the smallest/slowest moving possible WIG, use the space centre as an obstacle course...
  12. Thank you so much for your efforts. I only understood about 50% of what you said here, but it sounds like good news. On a somewhat related note, do you have or would you consider a patreon account to help mitigate the stress of the clunky process for modding ksp? (I'd love to help make sure you always have a coffee or beer in hand, as per your preference, while working on ksp mods) EDIT: also, I'm unable to see the screenshot you attached to this post, is that just on my end (my browser) or is it just the file name txt for others too?
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