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  1. What about adding gimbals to some of the larger SRBs like the STS had?
  2. Errol

    KSP Weekly: The Ghost Particle

    KSP Weekly: The topical space news coverage edition..
  3. Can you be more specific than "can't get this mod to work"? If your problems are with the ullage simulation, that is a known issue, and the fix is to use the included option to disable it.
  4. Internal ignitor means that engine can be ignited without the need of an external ignitor from a launch clamp. Basically it is a tag for engines that can be used as upper stage engines. All you need to make sure you pack is enough EC for ignition, make sure you have the required propellants for combustion, and that there are unused ignitors left in the engine (can be checked in the PAW). There is supposed to be the ability to reload ignitors on EVA via KIS, however this is one area I have not tested yet myself (and may not bother with, as I find it a little broken to think that we can refurbish engines in space with wrenches and duct tape). Hope this helps.
  5. Errol

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Darn. Pesky rules. And kids.
  6. Errol

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Alright, good to know that the language used has been addressed. Is there nothing that can be done to prevent this video from spreading? I just found it today, and even though I have participated in the thread once or twice, I haven't kept up on it continuously. This video is obviously still making the rounds. Anyway, just a concerned citizen over here. I'll pipe down now if it seems like I am the only one still hootin and hoolerin on this.
  7. Errol

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Yeah, I don't know why you moved this. My post is not discussing the changes to the EULA, and as such it does not belong here. It is discussing that troubling video, which, as I stated, I would like as many people in the community as possible to see/be able to respond to.
  8. Errol

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I am creating a new thread (in lieu of posting in the EULA changes thread) for maximum visibility. I have recently stumbled onto this video: And find it very annoying that it is so wrong. The quoted portions of EULA are in reference to information provided during your sign up on the forums, and serves to simply state, for legal purposes, that they are in fact in possession of the information your willingly provided. This type of fear mongering can only serve to hurt this community, and potential future sales (and development funds) for the game. I have chosen not to comment on the video, as youtube comments tend to be far less productive and civilized than discussion here, but I feel that something should be done about it. I did use the youtube report feature, and selected misleading text, however the usefulness of the report feature on youtube has been called into question as of late. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Have you tried testing in KSP 1.4+ yet? The current version of engine ignitor is compiled for 1.4+, not 1.3.x
  10. Errol

    KSP Weekly: Mars In-Sight

    It struck me as odd that three hours after this topic was created there were still only three replies. That seems a little unusual for a dev notes. Then again, the notes have been rather vacant lately. That led me to check out the view counts. My feelings were corroborated by the data. View counts on dev notes from one year ago are on average twice as large. (weeklies from the past few months rarely exceed 5000 views while from a few months around a year ago are occasionally over 10 000 views) I've said it before, and I'll say it again. @Darth Badie and @SQUAD, we don't come to the dev notes to read essays about space history or news that likely many of us would much rather get from the source. We come here for the notes on development. We like to hear about what challenges the team is working on/have overcome etc. Anyway, it's your game, and your dev notes. This is something that has been complained about in the past, so I know I am beating a dead horse here a little. I just thought I'd point out that I've noticed there is tangible data to show that these dev notes are less well received than they were in the past. Any info you give us is great, and thank you for continuing to put out a weekly.
  11. Thanks for the info. I've never actually installed real battery, but it has been high on my list of must try mods once I have a working 1.4 install for a career.
  12. What does Dynamic Battery Storage do? Does it conflict with RealBattery?
  13. Errol

    Like button not working

    Haven't been able to find any of these alleged 'other reactions' but at least I know that the likes work if you double click em. Thanks everyone.
  14. Errol

    Like button not working

    Huh, seems to work if I click it about forty times...........
  15. Errol

    Like button not working

    The like button seems to have stopped working for me. When I click I get a partial animation of a dark circle coming out from under it, but no like gets registered. Anyone else notice this? Windows 10 and Chrome.