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  1. Errol

    [1.4] PersistentRotation 1.8.5

    Do you think that you could put the recompile that you made on dropbox and post a link or something? Would save you having to pm it to each person. On that note, I too would like a copy...
  2. Just want to say, as an end user rather than a modder I love getting these little bite sized glimpses into how things work. Helps me understand what I am looking at/if I am having bugs vs intended features.
  3. I have had this glitch before, on older versions of ksp. I haven't really played since 1.3-ish era. I still lurk here, waiting for the day that most of the mods I want to play with run together on the most current KSP version. Anyway, this bug was caused by a mod conflict for me, and was solved by removing the mod. As you said, this mod is rather irreplaceable, so the decision was easy for me. I'm sorry I cannot remember which mod caused me the problem. The best I can suggest is get yourself a clean copy of KSP and install only KCT, and do a baseline test. Then copy over your mods from your current install in chunks of ten or so at a time, and test between each chunk. When you notice the bug, start over with a fresh install and just KCT, then copy those last ten over one at a time, testing between each. This will help you narrow it down much faster.
  4. I too am in favour of less buggy things and more polished things.
  5. Errol

    [1.6.x] Fan Radiator

    I feel like this belongs in the mod development topic, rather than here with the published mods....
  6. Mind sharing with the rest of the class?
  7. The game has honestly been incomplete without this feature as far as I am concerned. Great addition.
  8. Errol

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    I thought that I read somewhere that some of the OPM planets had it too....can anyone confirm?
  9. Errol

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Which planets have the "killing planets" radiation effect, and how do you deal with it?
  10. This is an interesting development. In all honesty, I've been away from this game for a while now, frustrated at my old computer's inability to run the game with all the mods I love, like this one, at the same time. I remember getting really frustrated trying to make sense of what the stability read out was telling me, it seemed to just decided to change states randomly as my vessels orientation changed. But you are saying enough force in the right direction will eventually lead to an actual stable read out of "stable" so you can confidently fire your engines? That just means it's a matter of having appropriately sized ullage engines. This is something that I will look further into when my new computer is finally in front of me hopefully within the next couple months.
  11. Errol

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Am I th only one nervous about this? I remember years ago when the wheels were completely borked they had all kinds of trouble fixing them. There was talk of mysterious unidentifiable phantom forces acting on landed vessels causing them to slide across the surface when they should be at rest. I remember the solution at the time was to apply an arbitrary counter-acting force, since they couldn’t find an actual way to stop it. There has also been a lot of developer turn over since then. How confident are the devs that they can work on those systems without summoning the kraken again?
  12. What about adding gimbals to some of the larger SRBs like the STS had?
  13. Errol

    KSP Weekly: The Ghost Particle

    KSP Weekly: The topical space news coverage edition..
  14. Can you be more specific than "can't get this mod to work"? If your problems are with the ullage simulation, that is a known issue, and the fix is to use the included option to disable it.
  15. Internal ignitor means that engine can be ignited without the need of an external ignitor from a launch clamp. Basically it is a tag for engines that can be used as upper stage engines. All you need to make sure you pack is enough EC for ignition, make sure you have the required propellants for combustion, and that there are unused ignitors left in the engine (can be checked in the PAW). There is supposed to be the ability to reload ignitors on EVA via KIS, however this is one area I have not tested yet myself (and may not bother with, as I find it a little broken to think that we can refurbish engines in space with wrenches and duct tape). Hope this helps.