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  1. I asked that question in literally the first post on this page, and it was answered immediately after that;
  2. This is the best Dev Notes you guys have released for nearly half a year. Kudos, and god speed on the bug hunt in the last moments before release.
  3. Does anyone know where I can point my wallet to help them keep spacedock up? Do they have a patreon or something?
  4. @allista Would there be any way to get this mod to ignore the volume aspect of a vessel? I want to "deploy" a blimp in atmosphere. As there aren't currently any deployable balloons I like, I am thinking of doing it with this parts mod: But I want the hangar much smaller than those parts, to simulate inflation when the vessel is launched from the hangar.
  5. Is interesting a good thing, or bad thing? Does it make landings easier for you, or more difficult?
  6. You realize that Apollo barely even relied on manual flying? The main actual hands on stick moment is just the final descent, most of the flight is automated. Also, using an autopilot doesn’t just require “one click” because you first have to design and build your craft.
  7. I think that @linuxgurugamer is a better person to ping for that.
  8. Thank you, I appreciate this high level summary. As an end user, rather than a dev or even a modder, explanations like this help to guide my limited understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.
  9. Honestly I'm a little apprehensive about this. Last time they tried to add an essential mod to stock, betterburntime, to be specific, they rather botched it. Sure, it LOOKS slick, but the stock implementation is slow and generates unnecessary garbage. In fact, I still use the mod version because it improves performance over the stock option. So this time, yeah, great, we get some stuff that looks all shiny and new, but I will reserve my opinion for when I get a chance to actually test this out.
  10. @linuxgurugamerFeature request, could the button to turn the graph off be made something other than alt + (numpad) * ? Those of us on a laptop with no numpad are unable to close the window without an external keyboard connected.
  11. Does anyone know what is with this?[x] science updated (is that spacedock one better than this one in some way?)
  12. My bad, sorry for the confusion, that is an option I never use and didn't quite realize what it was for.
  13. @GalileoI think you are missing a few lines in the file "Scatterer_EVEShadows.cfg" for OPM integration; OBJECT { body = Plock caster = Karen } OBJECT { body = Karen caster = Plock } I've added them and tested it my game, seems to work as expected, with sigma binary installed too! EDIT: Also, out of curiosity, why is the duna dust storms stuff commented out in the clouds cfg?
  14. I think that's just how the USI kolonization stuff works. Does it do the same thing without EarnYourStripes installed?