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  1. It's presented some challenges to the engeering dept at the KSC, but there was no arguing with the medics on this one, if operations were to continue offworld. Definitely better to play it safe, than be real sorry.
  2. I saw Prospect last year and found it very enjoyable. Not a sci-fi classic, but certainly worth watching.
  3. When I had my first "computer science" class at school, we saved out programs on small reels of punched paper tape. Kept the things in little round tins. The "computer" we had was a terminal, roughly the size of a washing machine (most of it was just a support for the terminal bit on top) connected by a Wargames style, phone handset modem to the local college, at which there was the actual computer. After a year of using that we took a bold move into the future with an Apple II.
  4. @Grande1900 If playing on PC, press the R key to activate his rocket pack, then use it to fly back to the station. Controls are as follows (ignore the numbers at the right). W Walk/jetpack forward 0.16.0 S Walk/jetpack backwards 0.16.0 A Walk/jetpack left 0.16.0 D Walk/jetpack right 0.16.0 Q Jetpack rotate left 0.16.0 E Jetpack rotate right 0.16.0 Left-Shift Jetpack up 0.16.0 Left-Control Jetpack down 0.16.0 R Toggle jetpack 0.16.0
  5. Now... the end of "Endgame". Like all good things, and long things... very long things, this challenge entry was drawing to a close. With Jeb and Val together in the return vehicle, all they had to do was punch out of Laythe orbit... ... into orbit of Jool. Before finally burning for home. Yes, 42k deep into Kerbin's atmospher should be enough to slow this thing down. Well hello there Kerbin. Here comes re-entry, line up the marching bands, get the cake out... ... or not. 42km wasn't enough to bring the vehicles' searing passage to a halt. But we are in orbit now, so let's swing around and try again. That's more like it, just a few licks of flame around the vehicle to show for what it's endured. Chutes out and brace for landing. Nice and soft, even if it did end up on its side. Both were glad to get their fet back on familiar ground Kerbonaut "fitness training" is often conducted around here. However it's usually nothing more strenuous than a gentle stretch after getting out of the plane, followed by a couple of push ups, before the frenzied opening of chocolate wrappers and oversized chip bags. Jeb was a little distraught when he couldn't find the stack of golden era Katman comics he'd taken along for the trip and Val said she thought she saw them float through the docking port to here spaceplane before they undock around Laythe. Actually she'd hidden them in the emergency superhot chillinuts locker, knowing Jeb's dislike of the spicy treats meant he'd probably not search it. She'll give them to him later, but for now she's amused by Jeb efforts to stop himself hyperventilating, by keeping his helmet on and pumping up the CO2. Back at the KSC talke at a look at that big steaming pile of... cash. Surely it's enough to make the last couple of building upgrades a reality. It is! In the bright light of day, their glorious new digs is finally upgraded, just in time for it to go into permanent retirement. But wait... there's still one more task to do. Bring back one of the heroes of this challenge entry, the last of the mighty Reuso 4's Dropped neatly in the back yard of the KSC. Thank you Reuso 4 and you little bretheren, this wouldn't have been possible without you. And thanks for the extra 100k to the funds total. Well that's it, the end for this career game. It's been fun doing this, even if it did take quite a bit longer than I anticipated. Here's some final details on the way this was done. No use of the Admin Building, so no funds enhancing strategies. No ISRU. It wasn't a conscious descision and I came close to using it on the first, multi moon hopping trip to Jool. But it's fiddly and time consuming (basically I just paid for the extra launch fuel) and couldn't be bothered. No long distance trips in an exposed command seat. A bit of a cheaty caveat with "exposed" as the Tylo lander Jeb travelled all the way there in, was just a command seat in a cargo bay. But at least he had some kind of enclosure to while away the time in. Reusable launchers and lots of them.
  6. Endgame (Part 2) With Val waiting patiently on the surface, Jeb brought the return vehicle in for an encounter with Laythe. Fuel was getting pretty low in the stage intended to get to Laythe, so a sip or two was taken from the return stage. Now we just wait for... ... the heat. With a periapsis of about 43km on interface, it was hoped to bring in the apoapsis conciderable, maybe to withing 200km or, to minimise fuel usage to circularise. Getting closer. How about... 125km. After this Jeb pushed periapsis up to 65km and pulled in the apoapsis to match. Then it was Jeb's turn to wait... ... look at the view. Meanwhile on the surface it was Val's turn for some action, lighting up the engines and hitting the throttles. After a short distance of scortching across the Laythian soil, she lifted the nose and dropped the "skateboard" undercarriage she's landed on. Then all she had to do was keep the nose at about 20 degrees, aim towards Jool and keep those throttles open. Soon her AP was outside the atmosphere, meaning it was time to cut the power and coast upward, then to make the circularisation burn. The plane was off by less than 2 degrees, so not much fuel required to fix that. Once back in space it was time to deploy the solar array again. Then head for a rendezvous with Jeb in the return vehicle. Thar she blows! For some reason the spaceplane liked to wobble around excessively when SAS was used to point in any direction, such as pointing the docking port at the matching one on Jeb's ship. This meant a little more manouvering around than anticipated and with only the cockpit's 7.5 unit of mono to complete the docking with, there wasn't much to spare. But no need to worry, Val made contact and after a little wobbling around on the magnets, capture. With her flying machine having served its purpose, the only thing left for Val to do was to recover the science data from storage. Big thumbs up from Val... plenty of tasty science bits (and bytes) to bring over to her ride home. Then Val's bird was released, to orbit endlessly round this little blue marble. More later in the exciting conclusion of "Escape to the House Mummies"... er no... of "Endgame".
  7. Well I finally did it, all buildings are upgraded to level 3, paid for only by milestone rewards. Part 1 of the final mission (a trip to Laythe) report is here. I'm breaking the report down into 3 parts (outbound and landing, ascent and renezvous and finally return) as there's over 70 images to post in total. I'll make my final post, giving the final details about my entry here later today. Here's part 2 and 3. So Mr @5thHorseman I submit to you my completed challenge entry, in the Modded Normal category (due to KER, which I only used in the VAB/Hanger... well, stats were displayed inflight, but I forget I even have it). No Admin strategies were used and no ISRU.
  8. Well it's done... what's done, well my entry to @5thHorseman No Contracts Career Challenge. I still need to make my final post to that thread of the final mission, and of the 2nd part of the mission report to my own thread, but the flying part is done and all are safely home. After a trip to Laythe by Val in a spaceplane, with Jeb following along in a return vehicle, I finally had enough funds to complete my upgrade of all KSC buildings to level 3, paid for with nothing but milestone rewards. Jeb arrived in the return vehicle. Val left Laythe's surface and I've got to say, that place is beautiful for launching spaceplanes... so easy to make orbit. The pair met up. Then returned home... for cake. Oh yes... there will be cake.
  9. @jbdenney this spaceplane, built for Laythe but tested at home first, will make Kerbin orbit in playing in 1.8.1 and has stock engines, so spaceplanes are still workable. I'd suggest that either yours has too much drag or you're climbing too fast. You need to build up some speed where the atmosphere is dense to allow the engines to have a high enough intake of air at higher altitudes. However you say that you run out of fuel but 19-25,000m which is really low and sound like you just need more fuel. It would help if you could post a pic of your spaceplane. In the hanger would be best so we can see the amount fuel it carries at launch. My ascent angle started at about 15 degrees until my speed started to really pick up, then I pull up the nose gradually to around 25-30 degrees. I.m by no means a spaceplane expert having only made 5 or 6, but this is advice I've read from others when hitting the same problem. However it doesn't carry cargo (and has detachable landing gear), but it is quite small.
  10. Tough, tough question... very hard to pin down to just 2. For me, possibly "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit", by Courtney Barnett and maybe "I'll sleep when you're dead" by EL-P. If we could go for a third, then possibly "Working for a nuclear free city", by "Working for a nuclear free city". But only two... it's like asking which of your pets do you want to keep, while the others get to "go live on the farm".
  11. I've heard that game's good... should I play it?
  12. My most painful injury would have been around 1992, and was games related... sort of. I'd just bought a SNES console from someone I knew and was excitedly running out of their place towards my car, clutching my Street Fighter edition box, when I stepped off the curb. Somehow I landed badly wrong on my left foot, wrenching the ankle. I hobbled the last couple of steps to the car (thankfully I wasn't driving that day) and fell into the passenger seat. On the way home I had the window open and was hyperventillating out of it. For about 2 years after that I couldn't run properly, if I tried to quickly cross a street I'd start jogging across, then have to pull up after a couple steps and slow down to a walk. Even today that ankle's just not right.
  13. From what I've read, states have pretty broad powers when it comes to urgent public health issues. Here in Norway there are a lot of measure in place to limit the spread of the virus. All educational establishments, bars, clubs and other social gathering places were ordered closed 2 weeks ago. It was announced today that would continue until at least Easter. However no general lockdown has been ordered yet. I'm still working in the company office (although I'm set up for home working as soon as ordered), as its only 6 minutes walk away, on quiet suburban streets and there's only one other person when I get there and they're working in a different room.
  14. Endgame (Part 1) After many years, millions of funds and millions of kilometres this is finally it. It's time to declare victory and go home... ok, I'm home already, but you get the idea. With over 200k funds to grab from a one last big job, all eyes turned to to that little blue dot... Laythe. First to go was Jeb in the return vehicle. His launcher parachuting into the ocean, a little East of the KSC later that day. Then immediately Val launched in the spaceplane that would make the landing on Laythe. Ah, Reuso 4... we won't see your like again. Not in this career game anyway. For your dependable (and cheap) lifting services we thank you. With both ships in orbit it was time to wind down the clock. Then go, Go, GO! ... to Laythe. The pair of vehicles arrived about 20 days apart at Jool. This was Jeb's mess of orbital shenanigans, to get him a cheap orbit, somewhat close to Laythe's. Hello Tylo, many thanks for the gravity assist (once again). Jeb decided to go outside to get a good look at the gas giant. A little while later Tylo gave a helping hand to Val. Although Val entered the system after Jeb, she's be the first to encounter Laythe. For a moment I thought this shot was Scatterer having a bad hair day, until I realised it was just Laythe sitting perfectly in the middle of Jool's silhouette. Then it was time for Val to make her descent into Laythe's atmosphere. Entry was direct from entry to Laythe's SOI, with not orbit attained before hitting the atmosphere, so things were going to get HOT. From about 20km or so up this spaceplane feels like the nose of it is filled with lead and the tail with helium. It's just impossible to pull up. Then suddenly, just a couple of kilometres about the surface the nose suddenly rears up, allowing Val to concider where to land, rather than has she had a good life. Landing did take a few encounters of the F9 kind, partly because of repeatedly trying to land into an uphill slope, but eventually Val made it down in one piece. No time to stretch your legs Val... what, you say there's nothing to see, so why bother. Well at least go and raise that flag. With the flag ceremonials done with, it was time to take a look a the science instruments and readings. What do you mean, only scientists can do this from outside the ship... that so... well... annoying. Ok, I'll get back in the cockpit and do it, then send a strongly worded message to Bob. While standing out on top of the spaceplane, Val noticed something spraying up some kind of vapour just over the horizon and took off downhill to take a look. For a moment forgetting that this spaceplane thing actually flies and getting some air as she careened downhil. When she arrived at the source of the vapour, she found it was this thing and decided to walk out to the end of the wing to take a look. With that bit of excitement over, the only thing to do now was wait. Wait for Jeb to turn up with her ticket home. Part 2 to follow tomorrow.