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  1. Really, weird. Oh well... so this is my UNKNOWN NUMBER OVER 2001st post... WOOT!
  2. What did I do in KSP today. Nothing... absolutely nothing and I should rectify that (must... launch...... something!) But it is my 2000th post on the forum, so there is that
  3. For me this is usually about the time I fold away the solar panels and quit taking pics of my vehicle with the planet of choice as a backdrop.
  4. I was scrolling down the page and the back of that car caught my and and I thought "ah... Triops back"
  5. @bruhmomentium69can you tell us what type of things you need help with, e.g. building your vehicles, launching them or flying to other planets. Are you are having problems with a vehicle that you have built, e.g. it does not stage properly, or it rolls over when flying it. If you are then post some pictures of it, so people can take a look at it and give some advice. There are lots of tuturials on Youtube, here are some I found from a quick search, I don't know how far you have progressed in the game, so these are some explaining basic stuff. If these are not what you need, then take
  6. Argh... people always say that just when I'm in once of those "gotta get this done today and that by the end of the week, so we have this by the end of the month" madnesses at work. Looking forward to "finding more photos slipped under my door in the dead of night", I just need to make time for "obtaining" them, amongst other KSP stuff (don't think I've done a chapter of Lost on Laythe in over a year). I don't think I've fired up the game in at least 4 months, so no laser powered fixing up craft on some distance world for me yet. Not that I don't want to, it's just been a VERY busy time f
  7. What thing, what do you see Bill? I dunno, it green... very green and coming right for us.
  8. The Moderator: loads a random mod each time you fire up the game. Hello again A nicheling, this is the 3rd thread today I've posted right after you or replied to you.
  9. No, no, not that one... look on the top shelf, next to the first aid kit. It isn't... arhh, where is that thing.
  10. An army of confused kerbals (hey, what planet is this?) drifiting around a barren wasteland, in search of cupcakes. Any that they find are mine.
  11. The person you took the coffee from is not amused and chases you down the street, pelting you with stale doughnuts. I now wish to have a doughnut (not stale).
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