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  1. I think I indulged my tastes for roaming landscapes all in one go when I set out on the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation. That was a trip around the entire coastline of the mainland of Kerbin by boat, which is a far greater distance than it sounds. 62 legs (it was jet powered so needed refuelling by tanker planes and drops from orbit) over 3 months and playing it most days. The boat carried a rover too, so there was land exploration as well, which was mostly Bob driving it up mountains near the coast.
  2. One thing I like about that pic is comparing the size of the smaller moon to the crater bay, on the equator of Kerbin. The smallest 4 fit inside it comfortably and Ike's not much bigger than it.
  3. Today was the first day I fired up the game this year, so what was the first thing on the drawing board. A jet powered triplane, which unfortunately did not go well. At least Jeb walked away in one piece. So what next, what next, er... Val took to the skies in what she named the "Feel the Breeze". Though later she decided that "Face Melter" was more appropriate, as face melting (along with the rest of the pilot) tends to happen when your victim, (er... skilled pilot), jumps into a cockpit-less craft, powered by 3 whiplashes. Looks like it's time
  4. It's the liquified remains of the first kerbal to get krakened past the speed of light, pinballed by gravity slingshots around the system, before plopping back in a container at the KSC (believe it or not, that's happened more than once). The container was conveniently left open outside the breakroom of the R&D dept and had previously been used to hold the tickets for the department's weekly lottery draw. This freak combination of good and bad luck is what gives the Mystery Goo its special preperties. It also smells of aniseed.
  5. As the OP said that entries could be in any version, I dug out the video of my fastest entry to an old challenge, from 2016, which made it to 70km in 35 seconds. On the way to space it reached 48291m in 30 seconds. I might take a fresh crack at this in a more recent version this afternoon.
  6. It funny, I've been playing since mid 2014 and I always play with sound and the stock music. Never occured to me to play without sound. With that in mind I'd agree with the OP that the game has had a significant overhaul over the years on the visuals and functionality side, but very little to the audio (Chatterer is still one of my essential mods). But in my experience that's the priority that studios give sound; gameplay and art come first and audio, unfortunately, is a distant second. There are exceptions of course, but generally sound doesn't get the love it should.
  7. Really, weird. Oh well... so this is my UNKNOWN NUMBER OVER 2001st post... WOOT!
  8. What did I do in KSP today. Nothing... absolutely nothing and I should rectify that (must... launch...... something!) But it is my 2000th post on the forum, so there is that
  9. For me this is usually about the time I fold away the solar panels and quit taking pics of my vehicle with the planet of choice as a backdrop.
  10. I was scrolling down the page and the back of that car caught my and and I thought "ah... Triops back"
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