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  1. More Wallpapers

    I'm having to take a break from KSP for a while due to a painful arm, but I'll take a look at this once I'm back up and running again.
  2. The Truth Can Now Be Told - who's Kracy

    I'm actually taking a break from KSP art (and playing the game as well) as I'm resting up my right (mouse) arm, due to it being painful for a while. Looking forward to revealing me "truth" once my arm's not being a pain in the neck... er I mean arm.
  3. Concurrent Missions

    I think at most I've juggled 4 or 5 missions concurrently. When I'm juggling it's almost always in a career game. Quite often in career I'll have 3 mission running at the same time. Today I had an Eve mission return to Kerbin while a Jool ship was hopping between moons, with a mission to Eeloo on its long trek there. Almost forgot bringing home the long duration Kerbin space station crew.
  4. What's the craziest mission you've ever pulled off?

    I know I've mentioned this one in several threads but the most ridiculous mission of mine was the flight of the Eve Party Boat. The not so simple task of a four kerbals in a hitchhiker can flight to the surface of Eve and back. I know this kind of thing could be done in smaller simpler ways, but I went for the time honoured technique of Moar Boosters. Starting with putting this monstrosity of a lander into Kerbin orbit 1/3 fueled Then a bunch of launches to fuel it and added a couple of tugs, to use the power of 12 nukes to push it to Eve. Good thing this was in the days of re-entry heating not being a real issue. Finally putting the apartment block sized lander and its four brave crew on the surface. Then taking off, leaving a nice pristine landing site. To make it back into orbit. Then meet up with one of the tugs for the trip home.
  5. Hmmmm... let me think. The system needs planet "99", a mysterious cream coloured planet with a massive brown alien structure sticking out of it. After all it has pistachio (Minmus), chocolate (Bop), tutti frutti (Pol), chocolate with choc chip (Moho) and strawberry (Duna)
  6. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Yet more images from my 1.3 career game. A return vehicle sent up to bring back home the crew of a couple of Kerbin orbiting stations. One of the crew of the Eve 1 inspecting the topping up with fuel for the long trip ahead. Fuel kindly supplied by the fuel section of a contract Minmus station. Eve 1 will be dropping of a comms relay and and Eve rover, while the crew gets to land on Gilly to mine for fuel for the trip home. After a couple of years on the surface Mun Base 2 is back in Mun orbit, ready to refuel then return home. Some luck guy got to take this little speedster out to plant flags at the end of the runway for returning spaceplane navigation. Talking of which, a spaceplane in orbit. Then later when picking up the engineer from a contract Mun ISRU vehicle in Kerbin orbit. Another spaceplane enabled crew return mission, this time from a contract station which had an insane mono specification. At least it had some LF and LO to top up its visitor.
  7. Have you ever been to eeloo in career mode

    I've not been to Eeloo in a career game, although I'm thinking of doing that now (internet... why do you keep putting ideas in my head). Actually I think I've only ever been there twice in in sandbox because it takes so long to get there and when you do there's just Eeloo. At least with Jool you get rewarded with a system of its own to explore. On second thoughts one of the two trips I made there didn't take that long as it was an entry to a challenge and I zoomed past the surface 4km below at 31km/s.
  8. The Jeb's Junkyard Challenge

    I'm thinking of taking a crack at Tylo but to avoid a massively asparagused launch vehicle I'm thinking of using two or three launches to assemble a single vehicle bound for Tylo. The rules don't mention anything about an entry having to be a single launch but I thought I should ask. So multiple launches with in orbit assembly... yay or nay?
  9. If the OP is referring to the EULA then having given it a quick look at, it seems like pretty standard fare, so I don't see what the fuss is about. As others have said, it would help is the OP would post a reference to the sections of it they were most offended by.
  10. Roads to Duna: No Moar Boosters (UPDATES!)

    Quick question about "Stayin' Alive"... the rule says that living space is for the "transfer to and from Duna". Is this the transfer to and from Duna orbit, or does the extra accommodation have to go down to the Duna surface as well?
  11. Smallest SSTO Challenge

    Please tell me that has the vessel name Chuf Chuf or Mitsy
  12. Newish. Advice please. :)

    If your problem is having too little fuel for a return, try the following. If you a re using a single vehicle to go from the surface of Mun back to Kerbin, consider rendezvousing with an orbiter (Apollo style) for the trip back. If you already use an orbiter for the return then do you have the upper part of the lander detachable with its own engine to return to Mun orbit (again Apollo style). As yours is a career game then an image of you tech tree to show what parts you have available would be useful. Welcome to the game BTW
  13. KSP Fan-Art MkII

    Those pesky kerbals getting in the way of a nice Apollo photo again.
  14. The Truth Can Now Be Told - who's Kracy

    Just minutes ago a clearly exasperated NASA press officer cracked open the door of the press office and threw a handful of copies of a photograph and debriefing of an Apollo astronaut. The door was slammed shut before the waiting press could ask questions. It was reported by some in attendance that the sound of laughter, possibly manic, was heard from within the press office moments later. "Dave was taking a core extraction by the rover while I took a series of pan photos when another rover. I was looking down sun towards the LEM when a rover, ah, not ours shot past as I was about to take the shot. I took a moment to shift my position, to try and get it better in the frame when it stopped moving. Not just the rover either, the, ah... whatever it was that was driving it sat there motionless. Then this other thing, I don't know if we've given them a name officially, but the critters we've been running into up there, well it shot into view from my right side, flying along on some kinda rocket pack I guess. Anyway, this little critter, well I guess he was trying to catch up with that rover of theirs and ah, he must have misjudged the velocity and it smashed straight through what looked like a solar array perched on top of the thing. There was debris flying all over, made a hell of a mess I can tell you. Well the critter on the rocket pack, the collision must have threw him of balance and it hit the ground going at a heck of speed, tt was painful to watch. That thing kept rolling and bouncing along kicking up dust and small rocks until it came to stop just past the ALSEP. I thought that little critter must have been done for, but after a moment it just hops up onto its feet like it was nothing. Then it was that ones turn to make like a statue while that rover of theirs comes over to it. When it drew up next to it, that little guy hops up on to it and just like that its sitting in the empty seat. After that they headed of towards Hadley Delta, didn't see them again after that. I gotta say though, whatever they make their suits from, I wouldn't mind a piece of it."