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  1. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Heat going up, heat going down. A couple of pics from my tradtional "new major version, new career game" with 1.4
  2. Suspected as much, but good to have it confirmed.
  3. I'm running a GTX 670 with an i5-3670k and I get good performance at 1200p with all but the more extreme vehicle part counts. Scatterer's rendition of Jool doesn't seem to be a significant load for my setup. 1.3.1 1.4.1 Strangely though in 1.4.1 Jool looks very dark and featureless (the pic above was taken on the fully lit side of the planet). First time I'd been out there in this version... quick jump via Hyperedit to get the FPS number.
  4. Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    I've been reading through this thread and "promised" myself that I wouldn't comment, however I had to when I read what you've said here. What you've fundementally said is that if you don't agree with the OP, then don't post anything. That's the kind of ridiculous and to be frank, rude and unconstructive statement that I've come to expect on things like conspiracy theory forums. In fact the "Mabye we want to believe what we want to believe" reinforces that. This is a forum in which civil discourse is exepcted and open to all opinion, not just one side of an argument. Please don't turn it into something else.
  5. Hmmm... let me think about that....errrr, no. Firstly it's simple use of a stock part, as it was design to be used, not an exploit. Secondly it seems to me that it's the in-game representation of the arguament in real life for manned as opposed to unmanned space exploration. It's frequently stated by supporters of manned exploration, that having "boots on the ground" gives an order of magnitude or more, potential for scientific discovery compared with unmanned probes. Thirdly it does take considerable resources to get one of these things to the surface of a planet/moon, compared with a small probe. I do agree that the lab just seem a bit overpowered as a part, but that has been true of other parts (e.g. the ion drive pre-nerfing) and that didn't stop me using that to have fun in the game using them.

    Here's one of the biggest I've made, that I'm entering in the "too stupid to fly" category, that I just made up and pays double prize money The Eve Party Boat. I made this back in 2014 and it still makes it to orbit in 1.3.1 The lander (the part with the orange tanks) is launched 1/3 full, so that helps.

    Challenge guidelines are here.
  8. [1.3.1] [TRR] Diverse Kerbal Heads v1.1 (11/05/2017)

    I'm looking for a way to use this to assign a specific set of features to individual kerbals. To that end a couple of questions. Are the randomly assigned features persistent, e.g. if Jeb is assigned red hair on first being spawned, will he always have red hair after that? Is there data in the save file that this addon uses for the identification of which of features are assigned to each kerbal?
  9. LOST on Laythe - Ch 2 - Time’s a tickin

    Chapter 2 - Time’s a tickin “Is that Flamin’ Kamin hot sauce I can smell?” – Jebediah Kerman. The lights at the KSC blazed day and night, as all effort possible was thrown into preparing the LOST vehicles for launch. There was not time to be lost in getting Kerbalkinds future into orbit. One after another the four vehicles, were moved into position in record time, before making the leap into orbit. What the boss said. MEMO: FAO pad preparation crews. It has been noticed that some members of the pad crews have been hiding out behind the O2 tank, south of the pad. Both between and during launches, said individuals have been observed playing cards and generally larking about. May I remind you guys that you have jobs to do... for the next 23 days anyway. I know the great maw of the Kraken is opening for us all, but that’s no excuse for slacking off! Jerman Kerman – Mission Director. MEMO: FAO pad preparation crews. Now that the pad bridge club has returned from behind the O2 tank, we are getting back on schedule and our brave colonists might just make it Laythe on time for our fiery demise. While on the subject of cooked flesh, can the pad crews please refrain from using the launches as an opportunity for a barbecue. The guys in the VAB are skipping meals to get the launch vehicles ready and the smell is driving them crazy. Jerman Kerman – Mission Director. MEMO: FAO cleaning staff. Since news of the arrival of comet Tiddles and the resulting destruction of our world became public knowledge, an increase in graffiti in the KSC bathrooms has been noticed. Please make every effort to remove these before the coming apocalypse. Priority should be given to those stating “I’ve got Jerman’s memo right here” accompanied by some obscene imagery. Jerman Kerman – Mission Director. What the papers said: “What the coming apocalypse means for your portfolio” The Ekonomist. “The colour to wear this season when meeting the Kraken” Kerbin Fashion Monthly. “Double doomed - comet Tiddles plus pink eye outbreak” National Physician. “Don’t panic, it’s a government scam” Kerbal Enquirer.
  10. Chapter 1 - Doomed Chapter 2 - Time's a tickin' Chapter 1 – Doomed The results were in, there could be no doubt. The mystics had read their tea leaves and run for the hills. The scientists had studied the data, run simulations and run for the hills. The talking heads had listened to the mystics and the scientists, then grabbed their microphones... and run for the hills. Emergency statement: Regarding recent discovery and the way forward. The discovery made just a few days ago has been a shock to everyone on Kerbin. Comet Tiddles (named after the late Dr Tiddles Kerman) is on a collision course with our world and the results will be devastating. In just 42 days our encounter with Tiddles will result in a firestorm of destruction, the likes of which we have never seen. The surface of Kerbin will be rendered a lifeless ball of rock, leaving us but one option if we wish to preserve something of our species. We must make a new life on another world and that world is Laythe. This will not be a new beginning for us all, only a select few. But those selected will carry with them the seeds of our species’ future and our hopes. Dr Stranlow Kerman: Chairman - Kerbal Institute for Astronautics (KIA) Year 976 Day 329. Laythe Orientation and Survival Techniques (LOST) - Mission summary The Team The LOST team will be composed of three member of each of the following disciplines · Pilots – As much as we'd prefer not to send any of these thrill seeking jokers, we had to give the team at least some chance of finding its way to Laythe. · Scientists – The original plan was to send three members of KSC management (they were insisting due to the whole apocalypse thing) instead of a scientific team. We resolved that issue using a tasty looking cake, a storage closet and duct tape. · Engineers – These will be responsible for mining minerals from the surface of Laythe and processing them into materials for the colonists. We had hoped to send more scientists instead (specifically the senior members of the KIA), but the engineers wouldn’t give us details on the techniques they use to get the converter units so productive, so we’re stuck with sending them. The vehicles Four vehicles will carry the members of the LOST team to Laythe, three of them controlled directly by a pilot, while one will follow autonomously. This last vehicle really complicated the mission, but we didn’t want the scientists and engineers complaining about the pilots having an extra player for games night. · The lifter – A vehicle capable of flying from the surface of Laythe to orbit and back again. We don’t know what use this will have to a team of colonists, scraching out a new life on the surface, but the pilots insisted we give them “a ride” worthy of their skills. · The Plant – The mining and processing plant will supply the needs of the colonists. Engineers are pretty territorial, so the pilot and scientist members of the team have been warned to keep their hands off it. · The Lab – A fully equipped research laboratory on wheels, that will allow the scientists to gather samples from their new home and find out if there are any surprises to reveal. However we suspect it’s just a pretty standard hunk of rock, with some gas wrapped round it. The scientist members of the team want it to go on record that it is not “a school bus”. · The Hab – A module providing accommodation for the colonists, as well as a common area for the three parts of the team to interact. Corners of equipment have been covered with cushioning materials and all surfaces easy clean, in case of disagreements on the colony becoming a little heated. In addition to these four vehicles, attached to the lifter on its journey to Laythe, will be two rover vehicles. The pilots have “called dibs” on these, as these are “real rides” and not “a school bus”. The Schedule With just 42 days until all of us on Kerbin must answer to the Kraken, there will be no time to lose preparing the four vehicles for departure to Laythe. Careful design, testing and manufacture; concepts which the KIA has adhered to strictly in it 162 missions (5 successful); will need to be replaced. The new order of the day will be grabbing what we have from stores, slapping it together and hoping it works. Launch of all four vehicles from the KSC will be in 19 days, with departure from Kerbin orbit to Laythe 1 day later. With the use of the new F-12 series Complex Harmonic Endothermic Atomic Transductive engines, journey time to Laythe will be only 21 days. This will allow the colonists a few hours to enjoy life on the surface of their new home, before their old one bites the big one. Should the accuracy of the predicted time of our impending doom be off just a smidge (orbital mechanics is hard after all), additional supplies and possibly colonists may be dispatched to the LOST team. Good luck and may the Kraken be with you. Jerman Kerman: Mission Director
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    So basically it eats regular rockets as fuel.
  12. The Grand Parachute Discussion Thread

    All sorts of possibilities now. The name's Kerman... Jeb Kerman.
  13. New Mk 1-3 Command Pod Issues

    I hoped that as part of the parts reskinning in 1.4 that Squad might have fixed the normals problem on the male character model (arms and backpack) that I noticed for the first time a couple of days ago. It's something that's been around since at least as early as 1.0.4. No such luck... Val and the other female adventurers can still lord it over the guys with their nice crisp clean normals. It's what the well dressed kerbonaut is wearing this year.
  14. The re-entry effects appear not to be sorted, but instead appear to be rendered last, resulting in them not being occluded by vehicle parts. The KSP build was stock 64bit, running on Windows 7 64bit, using a 670 GTX graphics card.
  15. The Grand Parachute Discussion Thread

    Liking the new personal chutes.