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  1. The Flea Jump Challenge

    Like I said it wasn't a real entry, just a bit of fun.
  2. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Ok then... could have sworn I tried that in the past. Ah well here goes. @JP_Magoo I choose you. Well wha'da ya know... it works (now feeling a little stupid).
  3. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Zzzzzzz... huh... ah, what. Sorry you caught me napping. Minor admission... I don't know how to get one of those pretty blue profile links into a post.
  4. The Flea Jump Challenge

    I think it's classified as verizontal
  5. The Flea Jump Challenge

    Not a real entry, but I had some fun with this Flea based rocket glider. Val insisted that the SRB be set to full thrust for some ramp assisted shenanigans... who was I to argue.
  6. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I've been having some fun in the Flea Jump Challenge, including an attempt at a ramp assisted takeoff of a rocket powered glider (Valentina insisted). Ready to go. Takeoff... er liftoff... er... something involving fire and lots of sparks. Val enjoying the ride. No more fuel. Coming in for a landing.
  7. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    I paid 25 euros for it and have played it for well over 2000 hours. It's not just the best value games purchase I've ever made, it think it's the best value I've had from any type of purchase I've made. That might sound like an exaggeration, but given the price and amount of time that I've actively used it, I honestly can't think of another purchase I've made that beats it. Perhaps I've got some particularly durable pairs of socks in a draw that might, but that's about all.
  8. Docking

    One little tip. If you want to practice docking without the whole rendezvous part, send up two docked vehicles in the same launch. That might seem obvious but it's an option that can easily be overlooked. Once in orbit, undock the vehicle that you'll be controlling and move away from the other, then maneuver back and re-dock. Do this as many times as you have mono-propellant for. Might as well add a mono-propellant tank(s) to supplement that in the capsule to give you plenty of opportunity. Each time you undock, move to greater distances before returning to dock as well as bigger differences in attitude between the two vehicles. This was the way I did it when I first started playing the game, following rough recreation of Apollo missions. So in in my "Apollo 9" mission I was made multiple dockings of my CSM and LEM vehicles in Kerbin orbit, before heading off to the Mun for the real thing. Like with most things, practice is the key.
  9. The Truth Can Now Be Told - Unplanned Ascent

    A new photo showing the presence of alien creatures and their craft during the Apollo program were discovered today. A source at the Johnson Space Center gave the following quote. "One of the image analysis team found it jammed in the photocopier, along with a memo on refilling the coffee pot when it's emptied and a recipe for spicy sauerkraut". Released with the photograph was a transcript of an interview with one of the astronauts. "Gene was parking the rover next to the SEP to give us some calibration data, while I took a panorama of the site. Suddenly I saw a vehicle approached behind the rover from down sun, which came to a stop just behind it. I couldn't speak for a moment so, when Gene looked my way I gestured to him to take a look behind. He swung around so he was, half on, half off the rover to get a look at what I could see was parked to his rear. Well Gene took one look at that thing and swung back on the rover, don't think I ever saw him move so fast. Then he headed off as fast as the rover would go. Kicked up a big plume of dust all over that thing. Then that crazy looking contraption took off after the rover, following right in its wheel tracks. Gene drove around the landing site for five minutes trying to shake it off. A couple of times I saw him trying to get a look behind him with his wrist mirror, to see if it was still on his tail. I guess that thing didn't have as low a center of gravity as the rover, because in the tighter turns it was up on two wheels, teetering away looking like it was on the edge of toppling over, first to one side, then the other. In the end it took one fast turn too many and went into this slow, slow, roll to the left. Well it was a bit of a mess. A big antenna looking thing on the rear of broke off as did about a half dozen other things. Looked like something from a scrap yard after that. Well... more like something from a scrap yard than it did before the crash. A half minute later Gene arrived back to where I was standing by the SEP. While he dismounted I saw what I guess was the driver of that vehicle, exit it and start to gather some of the pieces they'd strewn across the surface. I don't know if they we planning on making repairs, or just being tidy. That weird little guy made their way over to that antenna like piece and started dragging it back towards their vehicle. After about a minute it must have got tired of dragging it along, because it dropped it halfway back to the vehicle and made their way over too what looked like some kind of round pressurised tank. When they got up to it, they grabbed it around the center and picked it up. But I guess the accident must have weakened it, because just as that little guy got a hold of it, some kind of gas started to vent from the underside. It must have been under quite a pressure, because the tank and the little guy holding it took off at about a 30 degree angle to the surface. That thing was really moving, shot over the top of that vehicle of theirs and then headed on out over the South Masif. Gene and I watched it for about a minute until we lost sight. I still wonder what became of that little guy."
  10. I rarely re-fly a design so launching something I made earlier isn't usually an option. The only exception to this would be some Kerbin orbit launches early in a career game, such as the "rescue kerbal x" ones, but even then I tend to select the vehicle from the VAB.
  11. The Truth Can Now Be Told - Unplanned Ascent

    I take screenshots of KSP with the kerbally bits I want in the right orientation etc. for the photo that I'm editing them into. One I've got one that's a good fit, I cut out what I want then adjust lighting and shadows etc. to make a decent match to the photo.
  12. KSP is dead?

    I have to wonder when a thread where everyone except a single person is in agreement is going to end.
  13. Cool songs to play with KSP

    How about some JG Thirlwell... if you're in the mood for a creepy rover drive around the polar regions of the Mun.
  14. What do kerbals do with their dead?

    But only for well connected kerbals, the rest have to make do with being "mechanically recovered" and then processed into heat shield ablation material. Something to think about that on your next fiery re-entry.