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  1. The Poodle's gimballing mechanism looks amazing in motion and it's so nice to finally have a Mk1-3 Pod that doesn't have rediculous gaps and sizes different to whatever is stacked on its top node. Awesome work to those involved... and as a little tid bit... the compact Poodle seems just the right size to fit in a 1.875m (Size 1.5) stack.
  2. Poodmund

    Should the Skipper remain unchanged?

    Just to be clear, the Skipper was made by ClairaLyrae who was brought on to the SQUAD team who originally made KSPX mod and then migrated the majority of the mod parts into the base game:
  3. Well HOPEFULLY, someday, SQUAD will migrate KSP over to Unity 2019 and we will no longer have to sit, stew and stagnate in the antiquated mess that is .NET 3.5.
  4. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20749 & https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20751 - Its already been reported and confirmed
  5. I'll look over this for the next release.
  6. If you load the game to the Main Menu screen and click on the "Addons and Mods" button it also takes you to a Curse page that is no longer available. There is a Bug Report about this on the tracker but it obviously just hasn't got around to being fixed yet. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20743
  7. Just clipped a few lines from your post which seem kind of odd... you say that you didn't play with Ven's because it was too detailed and clashed with the stock aesthetic. You wouldn't consider playing with BDB because its too detailed and clashes with the stock aesthetic. You also say that you're looking forward to deleting the stock parts from your install (which by the way, would stop ReStock from working) so that you can play with the new, detailed, high-quality parts that ReStock has to offer. Do you see the contradiction here? Once you have ReStock installed, a high quality, high level of detail will be your new standard of 'stock' at which you can then set as the bar to also include and play with other mods.
  8. Oh it was mods that were the cause of the issue, that's so weird. Juding by the recent Module Manager interim fix of this bug it would see as if the Vanilla loader was missing a Null Check during the parts database generation on game load with respect to how the procedural drag cubes were being generated for some parts. Its super weird that mods would be the root cause of that issue. Mod Devs obviously don't want to cause bugs and issues in the stock game, even when no mods are installed, so is there anything that you could let Part Modders know so that they could avoid causing issues like this in the future?
  9. On the ball as always! Thanks Sarbian and Blowfish for your continued efforts!
  10. Thats the whole idea! When you have clear design guide documentation to follow with skilled modellers and artists that also listen to feedback and critique from a involved group of peers you end up with a high quality, consistent end product that is a testament to the hard work, effort and skills of the artists involved.
  11. This is actually a stock bug that is only apparent when using Kopernicus to install packs with bodies that are far away from Sun, basically, things orbiting really far out suffer from this issue but in the stock game Eeloo is not far enough out to make this apparent.
  12. @Waz I was wondering if you could offer some advice on a couple of the Volume Particle parameters. EVE_CLOUDS { OBJECT { layerVolume { size = [0],[1] area = [0],[1] } } } I'm mostly wondering about the first values, [0], for both size and area here and what they represent in the game. For size, is it the particle's overall radius size? For area, is it the particle count in a square array? I'm just trying to understand how these two values affect the overall space/size on the body that they take up and as a result, can offer better advice on how they should be changed when scaling a system up or down. If you could offer any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Poodmund

    Cool thing I found in KSP's files.

    If you open the Readme file in the game's root directory, it lists 'all' the staff, past and present, and all the others who have helped with the game.
  14. Also, a fair while back, Scatterer refactored in a way such that it enabled Module Manager to interact with Scatterer to allow for mod makers to patch in their scatterer configs and entries to the Planets List so that interopability between mods could become much better without conflicts... however, a lot of mods have either not updated to cater for this change or are doing so incorrectly... and therefore conflicts occur.
  15. Ah right, yes; I remember talking to Damon recently where he pointed out the aliased-horizon issue... I'm sure he will be pleased. With respect to the effect rendering at the spherical horizon, not occluded by terrain in front, its like the last major gremlin that has been harassing Scatterer for a long time waiting to be resolved. If/When that is resolved, have you ever thought of moving Scatterer out of 'Development' and into a 'Release' state? (I wouldn't blame you if you said, "I never want to move out of Dev. status )