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  1. Not sure when/how this slipped through but has been resolved with the commit: https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/commit/0beafe34aea92f647b1d9b0479002fbc22326d9b Fix earmarked for v1.4.4 whenever that is to be released. In the mean time, you can use those values for the commit if you want to manually fix.
  2. I can't remember, sorry, I wrote that over 4 years ago.
  3. So in effect, the Kerbin heightmap could be altered to remove the whole land mass on the Northern polar region, and replace it with ice sheets that have traversable water underneath, instead? Amazing.
  4. I forgot to update this post but just remembered it as this thread was posted: You can download a very lightweight plugin, here, that resolves the issue: https://github.com/Poodmund/LoadingVSyncDisabler/releases From the bug tracker entry, it seems as though the issue was dismissed by SQUAD.
  5. First you need to specify the custom science experiments in each situation to use a localization string for the report: https://github.com/Poodmund/Outer-Planets-Mod/blob/master/GameData/OPM/Patches/OPM_ScienceDefs.cfg#L393 Then you need to create the custom text for that localization string: https://github.com/Poodmund/Outer-Planets-Mod/blob/master/GameData/OPM/Localization/en-us.cfg#L600
  6. Hi Enigma Star, do you have access to a copy of KSP version 1.3.1? This may be the easiest way to run the OPM-VO in its correct format with the relevant dependent mods at their correct versions for KSP 1.3.1.
  7. Edit the settings file: https://github.com/KSPModdingLibs/KSPCommunityFixes/blob/master/GameData/KSPCommunityFixes/Settings.cfg#L121
  8. For reference, from the OP: Q: I see you added some more variants? Can you add more? Every part in purple?A: Nope. The general stance on adding variants by request has been, "No," and considering the mod is pretty well in a final state now I would not expect it.
  9. One of the weirdest visual looks in modded KSP was the mountains piercing through the cloud layers from high up. If you are able to soften this hard transition then it will look great!
  10. This looks very M$ FS, the lighting looks very good in the main bodies of the clouds. Looks pretty sensational if you can translate that directly into KSP in appearance. The shadows look natural, I wouldn't go much darker if at all if that's what you were thinking. EVE has always had incredibly dark and strong shadows which have looked very odd to me considering Kerbin's weather is generally pretty sunny and 'good'.
  11. This was my initial thought too in that a lot of cloud cover is in the form of Cirrus clouds which, when combined with the ones we have seen from the screenshot or faded with (on an opacity scale), would break up the tiled nature of what we see. I'm sure you know what clouds look like, Blackrack, but just to emphasise my statement:
  12. Hi Linux, I was wondering whether the above patches could be made as a PR against the main repo so we can see/compare changes etc.?
  13. That requires either a different base texture (I can't remember if Sigma bundled a titled version of mine in their mod) or you can take the base texture and make it into an EVE cloud layer and then rotate it in that. A bit finicky. The issue it that you can't rotate the axis of rotation of the moons and so they still rotate the wrong direction compared to a titled Urlum.
  14. If you're using Libnoise to generate terrain, https://github.com/dhlevi/LibnoiseDesigner is a good tool to preview seeds to then use in other more complex programs.
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