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  1. The ports, specifically, were updated rather quickly by Nertea in our development setting but have not gone through testing or quality assurance to ensure that there are no issues. I put my hand up and apologise for that as I have had a lot of social commitments and unforseen circumstances recently which has taken up my time. I know that Nertea is keen to get the next patch out soon(TM) and this may have to be in an 'untested' state if it wants to go out before the end of the month I'm afraid.
  2. Contrary to the above, we do manually specify the drag cubes in a lot of instances, to those generated by the Vanilla parts, to try and retain performance.
  3. Seems like reputation and ranks got removed from the side profile to the left of our posts...(?)
  4. It's as about important and useful as a unicorn pouring a drink from a chocolate teapot... But thanks for letting me know that you've seen it.
  5. Why? Just let users decide what skybox they would like to use themselves. If you have personal recommendations the best way is just to list them in your OP of your release forum thread. If you bundle other mods unnecessarily it just causes issues for people, for example, if they were already using another skybox that they prefer.
  6. As someone who would have to remedy the Outer Planets Mod distribution in light of this proposed change, I am all for it. CRP definitions should not be tampered with... by definition, that's the whole point. If this separates the 'definition' from the distribution and balance then I see that as a good move.
  7. Shouldn't discussion about the new stock Alarm Clock feature go in their own thread as to not dilute the discussion about this mod, which is clearly different (and the same with TWP)?
  8. I heard on one of the streams that the new docking port alignment feature causes autostruts to stop functioning across docking ports. Can anyone please confirm that this is the case? If so, is this not considered a bit short sighted when considering builds like large orbital stations or interplanetary craft where they are typically long with lots of docking port connections or have complex arrangements? I can see a lot of users loading up their preexisting, large vessels and seeing their craft go all wobbly and krakenstrike into oblivion.
  9. It's a Z-Fighting issue as both the fairing and tank are exactly the same size. This is not an issue with ReStock, this is an issue with the craft file/design.
  10. I'm just being that annoying individual shouting, "I don't think this version is up on Space Dock!"
  11. Here is the link to the source for the Blacklist module, for your persual: https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/blob/master/Source/Restock/ResourceBlacklist.cs
  12. You've jinxed it. I don't know how... but somehow, you have jinxed it.
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