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  1. Hey Poodmund

    I was wondering if you might be interested in chiming in on a conversation I'm having with Lisius about improving KSP's skybox situation. We're talking about improving Distant Object Enhancement's skydimming feature.

    Basically, Lisius reckons he would need a 32bit HDR skybox to make the skybox dim and brighten realistically. I located some HDR files of the real life night sky over at NASA but they're not projected as we would need them for a KSP skybox. As someone who's created amazing skyboxes for KSP in the past I thought you might be able to share your experience with this.

    Come and have a look if you have time :-)

    1. Poodmund


      The less I have to deal with Lisias the better, sorry.

    2. rextable


      Okay cool.

      My apologies - I didn't realise you two weren't friendly.


  2. Use Simga Loading Screens and block the defaults.
  3. https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-LoadingScreens
  4. The latest version of CBK only works in Career mode for me at the moment. YMMV
  5. I'd just like to remind, there are 300+ parts revamped/created in this mod. If the main contributors are saying that there is no further content planned then please be grateful that they've made the effort to revamp/create 300+ parts for the game. These kind of remarks can lead to antipathy for further development.
  6. Please see: https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/issues/965
  7. I hope the highlighted word is a accurate in most of its entirety. Huge optimisations would be really appreciated by all. It would be great to get this publicised in the future, in some manner, for the mod developers to also get some information on not only the modules but each parameter. The current API falls down somewhat in this regard.
  8. Thanks, Bob, this is one of those things that is likely never accounted for in the stock game. I'll note it down for future reference, cheers for the heads up.
  9. Making a point over a personal issue Vs killing the KSP modding scene, your choice here. I hope you appreciate the community wide effect. If you get fouled during a game, you don't go and puncture the ball. Unity games whose developers claim to support the modding of their game and the modding community utilising Harmony to create mods for the games: 7 Days To Die BattleTech Besiege Cities:Skylines Oxygen Not Included Raft Ravenfield Rimworld Sheltered Stardew Valley Staxel Subnautica Unturned Non-Unity games whose developers claim to support the modding of their game and the modding community utilising Harmony to create mods for the games: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord You game either claims to support the modding scene or it doesn't.
  10. Regardless, Linux, by not changing out the stock ModuleDockingNode you make it a lot safer and more of a catch all scenario when considering interopability.
  11. Oh no absolutely, I think I express my wholehearted thank you from everyone for making this available. I think the wording of your previous post made it sound as if there was likely never to be another bug-fix patch to the game which had us a little spooked.
  12. Sure but it did also preface that statement with: "Even though we still may release a minor patch here and there when needed..." I guess it depends on how 'game-breaking' this issue is to be judged alongside others like persistent issues with the new alarm clock and ground anchors. I would hope to see a 1.12.3 at some point, not soon... but at some point, to give the game one last pat on the head.
  13. I would not be the correct person to ask about this, however, I would refer to the stock configs and just replace the mu specified with your own mu as exported through Unity... the same as any model for KSP.
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