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  1. Congratulations on the release, OhioBob. This project has been a labour of love for you over the past months and it really shows the time and dedication you have put into it with a lot of thought and calculated objectiveness. Simply put, it really is great work seeing you come from no experience and a lot of interest to what you have put on display for us all here.
  2. PSA: Note that the bodies that have had their textures changed/improved listed above will all feature new terrain meshes. This in turn can cause issues when loading in your vessels and craft that are located on the surface of these bodies if you update to the new release. I suggest that if you have any vessels or craft in these situations on these bodies that you use a mod such as: ... to try and negate the issue occurring when you load to your vessel/craft. This may/may not work, results may vary and the GPP team take no responsibility for any RUD situations that may occur as a result of this update.
  3. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.4] [15 Nov 2017]

    Pretty sure its the same: https://github.com/CaptRobau
  4. I just want to point out though that there is still some really valuable and important information included in these threads and it would be a nightmare if it was lost into the ether. I feel that potentially some of the threads could be merged where appropriate or a newer, up to date master post could be made to direct traffic to the relevant threads.
  5. GPP Biome "Goonie Shores"

    There are a few ways you can find out. If you fly a command module with KerbNet you can view all the different biomes from orbit and try to spot the colours of the ones you have not visited and explore those. The ScanSAT mod gives a comprehensive biome scanning feature that allows you to scan the body from orbit and you can look at the biome map in game from the scanning results. You can open the debug menu (Alt+F12) and toggle the biome overlay on and look for biomes you haven't visited. Or you can look into Gael's config file and see that Goonie island is represented by the Hex Colour Code #504d3e of which you can use to Eyedropper tool in an imaging program on the biome map located at GameData\GPP\GPP_Textures\PluginData\Gael_biome.png to locate it for you. Penultimately you could look at Gael's biome map on the Git repo and just visually try to identify it, the maps can all be found here: Link Finally you could keep looking in game. I'm not gonna outright say where it is because thats half the fun/challenge of creating all these biome areas.
  6. Do we really need all these pinned topics in the Add-On Development sub-forum as they take up around half of the first page listings when some of it could be reposted and bundled together into 1 topic and a significant amount of the info in these topics is quite archaic at this point? Could a concerted effort be made to reduce this amount of bumf and/or collate it together into more concentrated listings?
  7. GPP Biome "Goonie Shores"

    They are located on the coastal regions of Goonie Island.
  8. An enigma, a deity... the hero we need but don't deserve.
  9. It should do yes, as discussed above though if you use any pack other than SVE please delete the SVE specific patch out of the clouds.cfg file. It should function fine but the transitions down from ScaledSpace to PQS range aren't refined with regards to the Scatterer profiles.
  10. Ignore this post if you are, but for your bodies with liquid seas/oceans are you including a Land Mask in your Alpha Channel of the main colour map texture (land as solid black, liquid as solid white)? i.e. http://polar.ncep.noaa.gov/seaice/support/global12.gif
  11. The standard convention is for all mod files to exist within their own directory structure within the GameData folder as to be completely independent of KSP's own game hierarchy. Any mod plugins/files that exist with their own mod directory PluginData folder will operate the same as if they were located in KSP Root/PluginData. i.e. KSP/GameData/Mod/PluginData The decision to remove them and locate mod files anywhere other than GameData at this point seems rather strange when considering the long existing standards, conventions and behavior.
  12. Excuse the shameless self-linking of the thread but there is a lot of info here that can help:
  13. Antenna Range Diagram (stock / OPM / GPP)

    These are super cool and useful, I've added a link to them in the OP of my calculator spreadsheet thread. Great work, @Kergarin and @wile1411. EDIT: Its crazy to think how far out Leto is in GPP.
  14. CommNet Signal Strength Calculator & Antenna Selector

    Sorry, I saw this the other day but forgot to reply until now. I used a spreadsheet that @OhioBob created that accurately plots the positions of bodies around the Sun at midnight at each day... I got the distances between the bodies for each day for 1000 years and took the min and max values. The spreadsheet is extensible in that I used it to do the same for the Galileo's Planet Pack bodies also. If you are interested in calculating these figures for other planet packs, shoot OhioBob a very polite and friendly message and he may just be able to help.
  15. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.4] [15 Nov 2017]

    Please do not post huge logs into posts as it can break the forum formatting. Could you please host the log externally, on a site such as Pastebin, and then link to it in your post?