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  1. Whilst you're doing a deep dive on the PQS system (since 1.8-dev) could you also take a gander at this issue? Body's North Pole vertex uses South Pole vertex altitude when using PQSMod VertexHeightMap https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/17005 If fixed, you may have to re-fix the Mobile though.
  2. To be honest I haven't booted up KSP for the last few months for anything not ReStock dev. related. @Ratwerke_Actual, I'm sure that the JNSQ group have included their own great skybox by default but if you want to use one of mine with SR:Skybox 0.5 and it doesn't work, please post in my thread with a report and I'll get round to it soon: Link
  3. What happens with the MH parts is that the RS+ parts get disabled if MH is present and the models get reused for the corresponding MH parts. If MH is installed, no stats for the MH engines are changed but if MH is not installed then all of the stats have to be made for the engine just as though it's a brand new engine. In this case, some of the engine stats are slightly different from the corresponding MH engine stats as some of the balancing feedback that has been given for the MH engines has been amalgamated into the RS+ engines. I hope that makes sense. TL;DR: If MH is installed, no stats changed. If no MH is installed, engines in RS+ that are similar to MH engines have slightly different stats.
  4. Annotated, marked-up screenshots of your issue would help.
  5. And with this release, I am pretty sure that zero errors are now generated in the KSP.log when running ReStock(+) on a Vanilla installation so we can officially call ReStock, "issue free" in that respect. Woohoo!
  6. Yes, they all work in 1.8.1, you just have to use a supplementary mod that works in KSP 1.8+ like Sigma Replacements: Skybox or Drop-In Replacement Textures. You should be able to install them via CKAN as DiRT is available on there for 1.8+
  7. Check out the link in my signature for axially rotating EVE clouds @G'th
  8. ... I will await your results with baited breath
  9. Editor Extensions allows you to enable Rigid Joint and Autostrut in all configurations to all parts via one click.
  10. I actually think the default Restock RS25 plume is probably the most life-like option out there at the moment. The Stock plume is way to bright, large and opaque and the RealPlume one at sea-level is almost too faint and uniform... but I think the packaged Restock one has a nice translucency too it and is 'wispy' enough to simulate the real thing... here's a comparison so ya'll can make your own mind up: Click to zoom in (warning, its a very large image)
  11. Sorry I missed this issue. I think I have fixed the problem so that now when you edit the System Rescale Factor value, the Min. Max. distances between the bodies on the main sheet page are dynamically updated to reflect the rescale modifier. Update! Edited the system stats page to correctly adjust the min/max distances between Kerbin and other bodies depending on the 'System Rescale Factor' value input by the user, which in turn correctly adjusts the 'Can I reach these systems from Kerbin?' chart on the main sheet frontpage.
  12. @Dante80 @Covert @infinite_monkey the recent commit 'https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/commit/63fb192045892cc64d42d629e5fef1fd61c31cf0' should contain the bug fixes when using FAR and RealChute. If you would kindly download the latest build of ReStock and test it with FAR and RealChute to confirm that this resolves your issues it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Just thought that I'd say its a pretty neat addition to be able to install the 'Ven's New Parts' package through CKAN. That's a very helpful way of releasing the distribution as the core, stock and new parts packages. Thanks
  14. Works perfectly for me, your installation method must just be the extremely buggy thing right now.