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  1. Good to hear that you got it sorted.
  2. Judging by this screenshot you are not installing any of the mods correctly that you have downloaded, hence why it is not working correctly. Please read and follow this thread for instructions as to how to install mods for KSP: Or alternatively if you are not that comfortable with dealing with low-technical manipulation of computer files and folders, use CKAN instead as it will automatically download and install mods for you: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases/download/v1.25.3/ckan.exe As far as your issue is concerned, this is no longer an issue with the OPM mod as it is an issue with you being able to install mods so, as a developer of this mod, I would ask you to refrain from posting to request any further support on this issue within this thread. I would like to direct you to the Technical Support (PC, modded installs) sub-forum where you can ask for general modded KSP support there to receive further help. Good luck!
  3. The error message you received is due to you not using the correct version of Kopernicus in relation to your version of KSP. Please read the advice on which version of Kopernicus to install in the Kopernicus thread.
  4. Poodmund

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    The OPM atmospheres are very long standing and... maybe... are in-line with the stock body atmospheres(?), however, rather than applying a realistic slant on them into the base OPM mod, it would be more suitable for this mod to patch the default atmospheres afterwards if necessary i.e. if you have this mod installed, realistic atmospheres are applied to all the bodies, stock and OPM.
  5. I think what you're referring to is the emissive texture, as in, the texture becomes emissive under certain parameters (in this case heat). Normal map textures are used to show fake height changes/bumps in the geometry that doesn't actually exist. Just thought I'd make that clear as to avoid confusion.
  6. I've just seen this latest update and it looks amazing... exactly what I've always wanted from that PartInfo window.
  7. The boat-tail shroud could benefit a lot from a re-texturing pass. If you look back at the current Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3 Adapter part with its little nicks and scratches (mind the .dds artifacting however) these could be reflected on the new Spark shroud and I'm not quite sure what the yellow band on the boat-tail shroud is representing in this case...? This is probably my biggest gripe with this preview. The emissive texture is objectively incorrectly done as this is not really how engine bells heat up. The outermost extent of the bell is typically not the hottest area and therefore the emissive texture should not get brighter as it extends down towards to bottom of the bell. Typically the hottest regions are in the throat and in the midriff regions of the nozzle; a simple Google search would show this. This continuation of 'we don't utilize strong normal mapping on all part surfaces' is starting to wear thin as some of the details looks really flat: The circular details on the mountain plate, the two recessed, darker bands on the turbopump look flat and the ridges on the tip of the engine bell could also do with stronger normals. This is a very small part so stronger normals can really help in giving the player a visual indication of scale. The specularity looks uniform across the entire part. Is the entire engine housing and shroud and mounting plate and engine bell etc. all made of the same material? The overall structural design has been simplified a bit compared to the Porkjet concept vision (I'm sorry I have to bring this up) of the engine with a lot of the rigging for the gimbal mechanism removed as the engine housing on this new part seems to have a lot of the upper geometry housed within a fairly basic shaped combustion chamber. It is a novel way of "hiding" or faux-simulating the gimbal though as its essentially being hidden within the combustion chamber shroud. EDIT: I appreciate that this is more akin and paying homage to the current look of the Spark engine. Other than that, compared to what it could potentially be in-lieu with what we see generated by the modding community it is rather simplified and the texture work is a little cookie-cutter (flat areas of colour) but as far as the KSP stock revamped parts go I think its in a good direction considering the standard that is being set. The only thing that I would strongly suggest at the moment, with respect to the points brought up above, is that it appears to be only, like, 80% finished.
  8. @passinglurker, your posts are so confrontational I would not be surprised if the whole of the SQUAD Dev team have you on their ignore list. I'd advise you to change the tone of your feedback if you want the people who are making these decisions to take your words seriously. I'm not trying to impose Moderation on you of which I have no authority to do so, I'm simply giving you a bit of ad-hoc advice as a fellow member of this community.
  9. The main things I'd like to see potentially resolved are: - Editing the Alpha values of the Scatterer atmo effects seems to not actually make the effect more transparent but actually just makes the body fade to a dark grey sphere. Is this intended? I've always thought that this behaviour is super weird as it is hard to implement Scatterer on a body that has a very thin atmosphere as you lower the Alpha setting a lot to reduce the Scatterer effect but then have to massively over-expose the effect to stop the body from become a dark-grey/black sphere. - Occluding the Scatterer horizon effect that appears behind terrain. When there are hills and mountains in the foreground, the Scatterer effect is rendered in front of them on the horizon which has always been an immersion breaker. - The dreaded refactoring. Scatterer does have a fairly beefy impact of frame rate but I have no idea how performance could be improved. This is an ever-ongoing chase I guess.
  10. Awesome, thanks Blackrack. With regards to the 'plenty of ideas and lots of bugs on my list', I think someone before had mentioned Scrawks newest implmentation of the Bruneton's Atmospheric Scattering in Unity (https://github.com/Scrawk/Brunetons-Improved-Atmospheric-Scattering) as I think the current implementation is the older model(?).
  11. @Stevie_D this is not only a really good insight into your thought on the part but also your own version of the part is a very well thought through evolution of the original Mk2 Lander Can part. Its obviously still recognisable, is aesthtically more interesting that the original part and, most importantly, you've considered how your re-imagined version fits and works with other parts within the KSP toolbox and how players can interact with it.
  12. This is not an acceptable solution as a user may want to use a different texture mod than the one I select as a dependency and because these texture mods are quite rightly listed as incompatible with each other in CKAN it then would block them from using these Skybox mods.
  13. I am working on a solution to try and get this working with Sigma Replacements, DiRT, TextureReplacer and TextureReplacerReplaced. I have most of the configs written but am currently waiting on some mods to update to 1.5.* before release. Unfortunately CKAN cannot really handle the fact that all 4 dependencies are interchangeable but at least 1 is required so I may just have to list them as 'Recommendations' which is not perfect, however, thanks to TextureReplacers new ability to allow for textures to be located outside of the GameData/TextureReplacer folder I am now looking to support TextureReplacer again. Thank you, Shaw, for providing this functionality.
  14. Nice to see this bug get fixed (the bug being that we were unable to do so previously). Introducing a UI to allow us to set and store waypoints and enable them would also be brilliant... oh wait... errr... something something Waypoint Manager. EDIT: Just realised that we will also no longer have to plant flags at the start of the runways.
  15. You're running the incorrect versions of KSP and Kopernicus to be compatible with each other. Note the first three numbers in the Kopernicus version you downloaded: 1.5.1... that states it only functions on KSP version 1.5.1. please download a Kopernicus version 1.4.3-* or more suitably, update KSP to the lastest version, being 1.5.1 in this case.