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  1. I saw that you posted this in the Parallax thread... well... RP no more! (see OP)
  2. There is a small applet called WinExplorer than can do this when you have a borderless windowed KSP open that's not the full resolution of your screen: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/winexp.html But yeah, it'd be super neat if AnyRes could somehow do this.
  3. It's also worth wondering whether you want to tag on the Non-Commercial portion onto the license on not. Running a Patreon alongside the mod is not an issue as long as the mod is not gatekept behind Patreon access. The only grey area with the Non-Derivative license is how others can package up your mod into their mod packs. If left unaltered, some view it as okay to do so as the distribution is not a derivative version of your work whereas others see the compilation of your work inside another distribution as a derivative piece of work... there are even Moderators on this forum who view this slightly differently. It's a bit messy but it's also the license I also think is the most appropriate when it comes to mods like this that contain artwork (hence why a lot of planet mod packs also use this licenses. EDIT: It's also worth mentioning that you can license different parts of your mod under different licenses i.e. code under ARR, art assets under CC etc. etc. if you felt like it's appropriate to do so.
  4. I for one support the choice to go for the ARR licence, it's your hard work buddy and no one else's. Pouring months of hard work into a project compared to spending 30 seconds going 'make it open source' is not equatable or reasonable on any level. You do you.
  5. @etmoonshade coincidentally I've also being working on this yesterday when I saw the discussion about it get brought up. I made something similar to yourself but it seems to work, as severedsolo mentioned above, due to my patch converting the floats to ints. // Where Can I Go? - Universal Sigma Dimensions Rescale // - Poodmund @WHERE_CAN_I_GO:LAST[SigDim2] { // rescaleFactor determines the orbital radius parameter rescaleFactor = #$@SigmaDimensions/Rescale$ @rescaleFactor != 0.5 // resizeFactor determines the celestial body radius parameter resizeFactor = #$@SigmaDimensions/Resize$ @resizeFactor != 0.5 @BODY[*]:HAS[#flybyDV[-1],#landDV[-1],#returnFromFlybyDV[-1],#returnFromLandingDV[-1]] { // multiply values by rescale/resize parameters @orbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @synchronousDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromOrbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ // turn floats into integers for mod compatibility @orbitDV = #$orbitDV[0,.]$ @synchronousDV = #$synchronousDV[0,.]$ @returnFromOrbitDV = #$returnFromOrbitDV[0,.]$ } @BODY[*]:HAS[~flybyDV[-1],#landDV[-1],#returnFromLandingDV[-1]] { @flybyDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @orbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @synchronousDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromFlybyDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromOrbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @flybyDV = #$flybyDV[0,.]$ @orbitDV = #$orbitDV[0,.]$ @synchronousDV = #$synchronousDV[0,.]$ @returnFromFlybyDV = #$returnFromFlybyDV[0,.]$ @returnFromOrbitDV = #$returnFromOrbitDV[0,.]$ } @BODY[*]:HAS[~landDV[-1],~returnFromLandingDV[-1]] { @flybyDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @orbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @synchronousDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @landDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromFlybyDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromOrbitDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @returnFromLandingDV *= #$../rescaleFactor$ @flybyDV = #$flybyDV[0,.]$ @orbitDV = #$orbitDV[0,.]$ @synchronousDV = #$synchronousDV[0,.]$ @landDV = #$landDV[0,.]$ @returnFromFlybyDV = #$returnFromFlybyDV[0,.]$ @returnFromOrbitDV = #$returnFromOrbitDV[0,.]$ @returnFromLandingDV = #$returnFromLandingDV[0,.]$ } } I've sent the patch to serveredsolo anyway so something will probably make its way into the core mod at some point in the future.
  6. It might be worth talking to @DasSkelett or @HebaruSan about it.
  7. In theory, yes, the Bleeding Edge versions could be added to CKAN, if desired, but hidden unless the user subscribed to an additional metadata repository like MechJeb-dev. This way, you could even list versions of Kopernicus that are specific for different versions of KSP.
  8. If you have an issue, its best to give as much in-depth detail as possible so that we can look into it and determine whether its an issue that needs to be resolved on our end or your end. Here's a good template to go by: Describe the bug A clear and concise description of what the bug is. Make sure you read the list of common issues first! Screenshots If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. List of mods installed: - Restock Logs Attach logs if you think they are relevant. The log file is named "KSP.log" and is found in the same folder as your KSP executable
  9. Out of curiosity, do you plan to release a 1.9.* and 1.10.* Release 29 edition to your fork even though its essentially a mirror of the Kopernicus 1.9.1-3 release or do full releases on the main trunk skip a release on the dev branch?
  10. Yeah but I was referring to Star Crusher's screenshot moreso... although it doesn't look exactly like a Sandworm, didn't the Sarlacc reside in a pit rather than on top of the sand dunes? I'm no big Star Wars fan so feel free to educate me.
  11. True to life realistic? It's a video game. We all have different resolving power with our eyes and different focal lengths. It's all relative, realism is literally in the eyes of the beholder. DX9 is no longer supported by KSP and Vulkan never has been officially. OpenGL should now only be used on Linux and Mac and seeing as the unified camera only exists for DX11 at the moment I have little care to worry about any other graphics API. P.S. I knew nothing once.
  12. Well the skybox texture is just a flat image... why would you need the alpha channel, the shader does nothing with it so either just use DXT1 or if you don't mind it being greyscale then L8 is even cheaper. The Unity player running in DX11 has a maximum texture size of 16384 x 16384 so go nuts. You can even disable mipmaps on your texture export so it may look like the small pixel stars twinkle as you move the camera and change the FoV... although this would mean that all 6 16384 x 16384 textures are kept loaded at all times in flight.
  13. You don't need an alpha channel for skyboxes so exporting and using them as DXT5 is a waste of resources.