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  1. Its due to CKAN having not re-indexed Firespitter Core v7.13.0 yet which includes the .version file bumped up to be compatible with KSP 1.7.3: https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/blob/master/For release/Firespitter/Firespitter.version. The currently indexed v7.12.0 has a max-KSP-version of 1.6.9 and it acts as a dependency for USI Core, hence why its causing the other USI mods to not show up against KSP 1.7.3 in CKAN. Weirdly, the version file that's been updated states its built against KSP 1.7.4 which externally doesn't exist yet but the min/max version will enable it to show for KSP 1.7.3, Dampiir. Just give CKAN a bit of time to run its reindexing process.
  2. Are you saying I can take off my Mylar Foil Hat, now? To insinuate a hidden cabal is outrageous.
  3. I think its tied into the Science 'Recovery' Multiplier value for each body as SetDeadlineYears depends on GetContractDestinationWeight which depends on body.scienceValues.RecoveryValue so by changing something like: https://github.com/Poodmund/Outer-Planets-Mod/blob/master/GameData/OPM/KopernicusConfigs/OuterPlanets/Plock.cfg#L35 to a higher number may in fact increase the duration of the contracts upon their generation (will not affect existing contracts). If you're willing to test this out, then please let me know.
  4. Hey Gamers Circle, you'll be able to find one here: https://bit.ly/2PdqWiA
  5. Except the thread title *nudge nudge*
  6. Are we possibly getting an engine upgrade (2018+) to allow for Unity to handle GPU side instancing which would then make stuff like this a relative breeze to run? I know you can't answer that but we can only but hope.
  7. As SQUAD revamp certain parts they soft-deprecate them for a few version/patch updates of KSP. This involves them making the old versions of the parts unresearchable/unplaceable in the Editor but the parts still exist in the game (so as to not make your existing vessels suddenly lose parts in flight). After a few versions/patches, these soft-deprecate parts are then hard-deprecated and completely removed from the game. This is probably why you still have some older parts in your brand new install... however, Steam is not great at fully removing the old part files when they are hard-deprecated so milage may vary between users. This is why the warning popup was added when users may have leftover erroneous parts lingering in their install.
  8. These are leftover deprecated stock parts that didn't get deleted when your game updated a while back. You can go ahead and delete these folders... alternatively, you could delete the whole game and reinstall it anew of you feel uncomfortable deleting specific folders. Basically, Steam doesn't do a goo job at removing old, unused folders and file assets when games update. In this case, old part assets remain in the game directory which can cause weird issues when it comes to patching the stock parts these assets relate to.
  9. Seems like you didn't copy the textures from the Proland Tool over to the KSP installation, that's the main component for changing the colour.
  10. @beik, it seems like SQUAD are now looking to hire a Senior UI/UX Designer... https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/jobs#UIUX/
  11. For anyone ( @Diddly Feelerino ) trying to hack this into working order on their 1.7.* installs, the following change to the planetMaps.cfg is required to get the Gas Giant base textures working again, as I know some have wondered how to resolve this: @Kopernicus:AFTER[OPM] { @Body[Sarnus] { @cacheFile = PoodsOPMVO/Cache/Sarnus.bin @Rings { @Ring { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/sarnusRing %longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 } } @ScaledVersion { @OnDemand { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/poodSarnus.dds } } } @Body[Urlum] { @cacheFile = PoodsOPMVO/Cache/Urlum.bin @Properties { @rotationPeriod = 20000 } @Rings { @Ring { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/urlumRing %longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 } } @ScaledVersion { @OnDemand { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/poodUrlum.dds } } } @Body[Neidon] { @cacheFile = PoodsOPMVO/Cache/Neidon.bin @ScaledVersion { @OnDemand { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/poodNeidon.dds } } } } @Kopernicus:NEEDS[SigmaOPMTilt]:AFTER[SigmaOPMTilt] { @Body[Urlum] { @ScaledVersion { @OnDemand { @texture = PoodsOPMVO/Textures/poodUrlumTilt.dds } } } } Basically replace the current planetMaps.cfg with that shown above. Secondly, this mod is still not really in working order with all the latest versions of mods like Scatterer etc. Maybe at some point this mod will be updated but it is not in my current plans to update it in the near future. For reference, Stock Visual Enhancements has a 'visual' pack for OPM if you install that visual mod that may be of you liking.
  12. Do they function without AVP installed? If so, then it's probably another issue with how AVP is set up assigning some things. If they don't work when AVP is uninstalled either, then it is an OPM-VO issue and therefore could you log it as such.
  13. Why not ask over in the AVP thread? EDIT: Oh I see you have... well, I guess we'll have to wait for themaster401 to take a look(?) EDIT EDIT: AVP doesn't just mess up the gas giants, it also turns every OPM body back into the body it is templated on. EDIT EDIT EDIT: I've found the culprit and informed themaster401 of the issue, oh which he will release a hot fix to AVP in due course. Having the DLC should have no effect on OPM. It should work all fine and dandy.