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  1. I would argue that the informed user, such as yourself, should be the one to jump through hoops whereas the uninformed user (using Linux as an example here) should not be accidentally putting deprecated parts on their vessel without realising they're doing so.
  2. You would change a setting in Filter Extensions to show parts that have TechHidden = True... hence my suggestion: "Could I suggest that FilterExtensions, by default, should not show parts that have their TechHidden property set to 'true'?" Also, you should really not be using deprecated parts, especially modded parts, they are deprecated for many reasons. ----- Further to my previous post, I'd also like to point out that, for whatever silly reason, only the Stock 'Filter by Function' list hides parts with TechHidden = True. If you 'Filter by: Cross Section, Module, Resource, Man
  3. @linuxgurugamer after watching your streams a bit I've noticed that you've been using both deprecated Stock parts and also parts that shouldn't be being shown in the parts list due to the fact that you've been filtering parts using Filter Extensions. This seems to be due to the fact that Filter Extensions doesn't seem to be respecting a few part property values that are commonly used when they are either deprecated or intentionally hidden by the mod developer in the part config, being: TechHidden = True category = none subcategory = 0 TechHidden is the most robust as it is widely us
  4. What music were you playing in your late night stream?
  5. Oh, well it'd be any parts that have the ability to store the LiquidFuel resource natively. So Stock tanks would have a penalty in that regard as they share capacity with Oxidiser unless you use a fuel switching mod, like B9 Part Switch and the relevant patches, to allow Stock fuel tanks to be used in different resource configurations, such as LiquidFuel only. EDIT: I'm just giving the ability to get the resource in this mod. OPM is in no way either a parts mod, a resource gathering mod or a fuel switcher mod. You'll have to decide what mod suite you want to use to fulfil your resource
  6. There are 4 types of resource collection, regolith drilling, oceanic pumping, atmospheric collection and interplanetary scooping. Stock only uses the first type but all 4 exist in the base game for mods to extend upon. I 'expect' (but don't quote me) that any collector has to raycast and hit ocean/lake surface for it to allow for the oceanic pumps to work. I have no concrete knowledge on this but I can definitely add LiquidFuel to the lakes on Tekto, however it works.
  7. Well... its using the stock LiquidFuel resource but its dependent on whatever parts you know of that can pump resources from 'splashed down' states. I don't think any of the Stock drills do this so you'd either be reliant on a Module Manager patch to give the Stock parts that ability or download a mod that contains parts to do this. Off the top of my head there is Stockalike Mining Extension, Karbonite and Kerbalism; although the last two probably change the game too much for your liking if you're inquiring about Stock parts.
  8. Would anyone be against the idea of adding the LiquidFuel resource to Tekto's seas/lakes to be able to be pumped up and stored?
  9. If this is the case, can Kopernicus BE stop distributing it itself via CKAN and revert back to depending on Sarbian's pre-existing package?
  10. That's because displaying parts by filters doesn't respect the TechHidden parameter for some reason that only SQUAD knows... so deprecated parts still show up in these searches. That's why the original Twin Boar is appearing here. The reason why the Twin Boar v2 doesn't have the ReStock model and texture is due to the fact that this mod currently doesn't support KSP 1.11.0 as has been said on quite a few occasions over the last few pages. For reference, if you compare the version that this mod is stated for to the changelog to the current version of KSP, you'll be able to figure out
  11. The more ground scatter objects that you have on screen the lower your game performance will be as these ground scatter objects are, relatively, incredibly taxing. If you currently have this set to 100% you will be rendering hundreds and hundreds of trees and rocks on the ground surface which is likely tanking your FPS. Turn this setting down to a value much lower, if you currently have it on 100%, and see how it improves your performance.
  12. Your server is obviously vacuum optimised if your Isp performance is so low in its current state.
  13. This planet pack (much like any other system/planet pack) can be altered by Sigma: Dimensions. Whatever Sigma: Dimensions configs you decide to use it up to you; if you want to use "Rescale's" configs then by all means... I personally use a modified version of the Rescale 2.5x config.
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