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  1. I edited the city lights for Gael that I did recently to a point where I am happy with them so I thought I'd upload them for anyone that wants to use them. They retain the same detail textures and config as included in Galileo's Gael City Lights, only the main alpha mask texture is different; therefore credit to Galileo's download for usage of the same public domain satellite imagery for those. Be sure to view the Imgur gallery screenshots in full-resolution to view the full effect. In the transitional .gif below you can see where the City Lights are located on Gael's terrain, I tried to cluster the main areas of population around the coastal basins and river areas inland. Download can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p2mvwx4udvfs75/GaelCityLightsPoodEdition.zip?dl=0 For reference, Galileo's city lights can also be found here:
  2. @linuxgurugamer, for the Solar Panel Tracking Toggle option, would it be possible, if KSP detects multiple sources of light i.e more than one sun, to be able to cycle through the sources as an option. Like this: Tracking Toggle - Sun 1 - Sun 2 - Sun (...n+1) - Disable Tracking
  3. That's the Kopernicus thread and here is the link to the latest release: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases You can also check out these for help and documentation: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/wiki https://github.com/Kopernicus/kittopia-dumps
  4. The quickest way to debug as to which mod is causing the problem is to make a complete backup of your install, select half of your mods, then cut them out to a separate folder and run the game. If the problem persists, cut half the remaining mods you have out to the separate folder and run the game. Rinse and repeat until the issue disappears, this should identify which small sub-collection of mods is causing the issue which should save you time finding the culprit. As an aside, I have had discussions with a user of GPP who is having a similar issue when running the latest Kerbal Konstructs Pre-release. Try removing that first and see if it solves the issue. If not, I suggest using the method above to pinpoint which mod is causing this issue for you.
  5. Isn't: Kopernicus { Body { Properties { maxZoom = value in m } } } ... what you are looking for? EDIT: Although maybe not entirely up to date at this point, https://github.com/Kopernicus/kittopia-dumps are very handy for reference.
  6. Oh lord, I'm sorry I asked now. Haha, no worries, man.
  7. Yeah the above works fine for me too, I think there's a stumbling block when trying to reparent the statics around another body. When you say that KKtoSD uses the original position of the KSC, would there be any way to scan all configs during load for the Homeworld body, then find the Long/Lat coordinates for the SpaceCenter in that config and use those coordinates for its KSC position; if none are found, then fall back to default KSC?
  8. @Ger_space, is there a way to export all Statics currently loaded to a new instance (new config)?
  9. Wouldn't it have just been better to submit the changes as a pull request on the existing repository?
  10. Thank you for the latest changes to Kopernicus to all those involved, we can now have systems like this: A quick note on the above, I seemed to have to give the ring a LAN of 180 degrees to get the ring to align with the rotational plane of the body if using EVE's 'offset' value to incline the bodies texture.
  11. Provide some logs and I can take a look to see whats going on:
  12. I'd ping @HebaruSan if you're interested in the new Ring syntax. Judging by the code I'd say the following properties can be added under the Ring node: thickness = (float) - Where value equals distance between the top and bottom faces in milliradii tiles = (float) = Where value equals number of times the texture should be tiled around the cylinder. If zero, use the old behavior of sampling a thin diagonal strip from (0,0) to (1,1). longitudeOfAscendingNode = (float) - Where the angle between the absolute reference direction and the ascending node. Works just like the corresponding property on celestial bodies. EDIT: A quick note on the above, I seemed to have to give the ring a LAN of 180 degrees to get the ring to align with the rotational plane of the body if using EVE's 'offset' value to incline the bodies texture.
  13. https://github.com/GER-Space/Kerbal-Konstructs/releases/tag/ That is the latest pre-release, try it and see if it solves your issues.
  14. Was messing around making some City Lights texture for Gael. You can spot the KSC island on image 6 too.
  15. I'm not even sure if it's needed, I just included it in the config as per discussion above. When I get home I'll upscale and downscale the planet and see if the offset gets worse, better or remains constant as the body size changes. Could this possibly help at all as I know we were discussing the accuracy of the relocation at one point when thinking about calculating the repositioning? Just spitballing here.