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  1. Mmmm. If that exists I wonder if they'd invite someone who's only done small contributions to a few mods, I want to be in the cool guys club.
  2. Been a while since I posted anything here... Anyway little gift for @CobaltWolf and everyone: Standalone Delta fairing ring! You can hang any 0.9375m tankage under it and even 1.25m parts will fit in the interstage. As pictured above the Ablestar tankage and a LM Descent Engine makes for a good approximation of the Delta-P stage used on Delta 1000, 2000 and 3000 series, with 75% the fuel load of Delta-K. Should be available on the dev github.
  3. I've made one for myself, but it's only the SSMEs. // Converts Squad's SSME to hydrolox fuel and make it more similar to the real-life RS-25 @PART[SSME]:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { @description = Kerbodyne's flagship engine, the KS-25 is a sustainer with exceptional efficiency from sea level to space. Kerbodyne engineers achieved this by using hydrogen fuel, using an innovative bell design and running the engine in a high pressure staged combustion cycle. Special new alloys had to be invented to suppress the engine's tendency to become a bomb. It is designed with very durable components for reu
  4. I just had an idea, not sure if you'll like it but it is a reusability-related part: The DeployableWings plugin should work nicely for that Gemini parawing idea. Or if you prefer a more modern look there's this one from the Eyes Turned Skywards alternate histoy:
  5. That is something I didn't even think was possible. I was already using AB Launchers tanks to make a nice-looking Falcon 9, but now we can make the reusable Zenit boosters... Also tell me if I'm pestering you with my requests, but there are two things I'd really like to have: Dragon 1 solar panels with a jettisonable cover, to go with your trunk; and a Dragon 2 trunk that's completely round, with maybe integrated solar panels.
  6. Do you have any plans for bigger satellite buses, like something based on geostationary communication birds? I wanted to build an interplanetary communication platform with lots of big dishes pointed at the OPM planets, but probe cores are too small so I end up needing 2.5m tanks or Nertea's Octo-Trusses... And it's not pretty to say the least, or as functional as it could be,
  7. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 You have to put the patch in GameData\Cormorant Aeronology\Patches, otherwise it's not going to work.
  8. Feature request, if you don't mind: Allow engineers to retract a non-retractable solar panel. There could be a mass limit to this ability so that you can't retract Nertea's huge blanket panels for exemple... Or maybe you could if you have enough engineers, just like how you can move heavy parts with more kerbals.
  9. Probably because it's balanced against the stock aerospike, which also has lower Isp ASL. Which is pretty weird because in 0.90 and before its Isp range was something like 350 ASL to 360 vac. I guess Squad decided that it was too OP when they made the atmosphere more realistic in 1.0 and nerfed it, but since then pretty much every mod aerospike has been balanced the same way. Pretty annoying.
  10. Currently the altimeter can use either meters or kilometers for detection, and the upper cap for meters is at 1000. Could you change that to 5000 or 10000?
  11. So many things have been achieved by the modding community this year, this is not just a list of my favorites but also a big thank you for all those hours invested into making the impossible possible. 1. Bluedog Design Bureau: saw its 1.0 release with Saturn parts, the biggest stockalike part pack got even bigger. 2. Cormorant Aeronolgy: 1.0 release as well, Pak really made some amazing STS parts. 3. Scatterer and EVE: so much progress with both landmark graphics mods this year! Procedural cloud detail perturbation in EVE thanks to Waz, ring shaders and scetter effects applied t
  12. I'm pretty sure that Pak said that Cryo Tanks compatibility is coming. Balance is for stock system, both the ET and boosters are very underfueled. I haven't tried but don't think a Cormorant shuttle could go much higher than LKO. The models and textures look awesome, but I hope there will be "fully-fueled" configs available for us rescale players.
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