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  1. I am trying to track down NohArk's source code for the Space Tug, which according to CKAN was for KSP 0.25. I installed the GameData files on KSP 1.4.5 and it caused a "CRASH." I would like to learn more about the whole modding, with Unity, Visual Studio, and so forth. I used to program in C++ when working on my Bachelor in Computer Science. I did not stay with it very much as I continued with more schooling; such as Masters and doctorate. Nevertheless, I have never programmed in real world applications that KSP seems to mimic on a variety of levels. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    1. linuxgurugamer


      Are you still looking for this?

      Apparently you have a version , do you know which version it is?  The latest I have from *** malicious site we no longer use *** is 0.4d, there is a dll, but that's easily decompiled

      Let me know



  2. amankd

    ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN road trip anyone?

    the roads are made via splines and are unique to each terrain, kinda guess work based on altitude and terrain, the end pieces are made custom too based off taking photoes of the positions and heights and angles needed, the cities are proceeduralm in their generation initially but are placed by me flying to the location
  3. been having fun trying out new road systems, trying to produce a simple and rapid methodology to produce smooth flowing roads between cities accross kerbin, needs some work on the smooth but the flowing i think ive got on point!
  4. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack
  5. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    id appreciate thouse crash folders, it is most likly ram related as the entire city model must be stored in the ram, are you running x64? how about installed system ram? i have 24 gb and havent had a crash in months haha the main issue i can see however is that ksp planets arent standard unity terrain (which is flat) but it would be cool to see if it works
  6. amankd

    [1.6.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    hey there, looking at getting back into ksp with this mod and bda, used tom play with dmp and the weapon synking mod buyt the glitchy flight and unreliable hitboxing made it kinda pointless so i played with ai, does weapon fire and damage cross network reliably now?
  7. Thanks for the update! I'll put togethrr some image icons for you, I look forward to anything you can assist
  8. so after a loooooooong time i decied to repick up my cities mod and with some help from the community finally get the ball rolling, so far i have about 15% of the cities spawned and its really awesome as i keep bumping into them as im flying over kerbin to add more cities, but i have a couple of questions, 1) regarding the map view, is there a way to add a dedicated icon for a city and even maybe a dedicated icon based on the city size ect , 2) also re the map is it possible to add information so that if the item is moused over it can bring up a load of data and information like population, name, quote, mayor ecteventually i hope this might be included in your list of musthave mods for kerbal konstructs but a man can dream lol, after this batch of cities is placed i begine the really hard work, the placement of the highways and roads between the towns and cities for a truly connected kerbin !
  9. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    so far its working with the full kerbinside mod, havent tried it with ksp++ would have to mod the road direction i assume
  10. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    just released a new one with 8 more cities to play with, as a precursour to starting to populate
  11. amankd

    steam contoller for non steam owners

    its a fancy game pad with total key control and gyrosopic input and (for ksp) automatic transition from binding modes as you trasnition around the game from editor to flight and map ect, a game pad would be even more bother than its worth especially for playing over the steamlink, it does mostly work with any game, ive been playing bf1 and titanfall with it but im after thant native support since i dont want to spend several days expeirnenting and configureing it when squad has already done so
  12. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    ergg i came on here to get my steam controler working now look what yall got me doing, 10 more cities coming right up
  13. amankd

    steam contoller for non steam owners

    I did not, I just didn't use steam before i got the game (ksp was basically my fiorst pc game, i just went off the site) i think i missed the cut off by about 2 months lol, tbh i may just buy it on steam anyway but just wanting to get the steam controler working
  14. im looking to play ksp oiver my steamlink to downstairs and to do so i will need steam controller compatability, when i got the game some 3 or 4 years ago i didnt have steam and so never used it but i now use it lots, i read on the steam formums that ksp has native steam controler support for the steam version, is this in the non steam version? if not is there any way i can get the plugin that allows it? thanks
  15. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    unfortunatly i kinda fell out of ksp for a while and i was never able to properly do the roads and the dev who i was working with wasnt able to spare the time, i do inten=d to pick it up and models wise i have every size city from a 100x100 up to a 1.5kmx1.5km city scape ready to impliment and place i just lack the time to place them and to link them up adequatly, i do hope that if i get back into ksp i will be able to give this mod the justice it deserves and maybe be able to find some people to aid in its development by populating the planet with the various cities as a precursour to connecting them via roads as planned who knows yea just an incy wincy little bug where i forgot to deleate the model from the spawner