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  1. Is there debug commands like ksp1? it would not be possible to get somewhere else due to the lag so i can't figure that out
  2. will you be fixing the radeon 580 and 570 bug where it's really laggy when you look at kerbin? its unplayable for me
  3. grr!!! i waited 3 years for this exact reason! 3 years of waiting all for nothing!!!
  4. I got the same problem. You have a radeon 580 too? I think the same occurs on 570s
  5. Killing the kraken just made him a god
  6. Maybe curvable ones for a solar semicircle i dunno
  7. I've noticed when i launch, and i look at kerbin it really lags a lot. I try to edit the graphics settings and that doesn't fix anything. The vab, tracking center and everything else all run fine. I have a radeon rx 580, any help is appreciated.
  8. McKraken Only the finest spaghetti burgers
  9. I'm excited about the biodiversity of the planets, new and old
  10. How about, you just turn it off in the settings? It is highly possible you can just turn it off. If not, you can just mute your speakers I am very optimistic about this release and the only thing that can make me sad is if my PC can't run it (it's beefy but old)
  11. 5) I am under the required specs but i can still probably run it
  12. the pessimism of redditors has scared me and i'm panicking about what to expect or not
  13. my computer is either going to have a heart attack and all it's drivers are gonna explode or it'll power through it because it can run rimworld with 600+ mods
  14. the chinese offbrand would be "M.a.n.d.a.r.i.n.s" "Mobile Aerodynamic Non-Destructive Awesome Rocket Innovated (Not Stupid)" I am terrible with acronyms
  15. what if lapat is a post apocalypse earthlike planet with skyscrapers cradeled with vines and moss it's like habitable but you always have the feeling that the same thing that happened to this planet's previous settlers will happen to you
  16. Atleast you aren't out there building a real helicopter
  17. maybe just some lore potential then? like something similar to the broken arches?
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