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  1. Maverick realized he had no idea what he was doing, panicked, and hit the self destruct button. Catto: Explorer of Kerbin
  2. This fission sponge will absorb much gas over Tau Ceti. (31)
  3. Well, i can only draw stick figures, I'm just gonna not submit art.
  4. He didn't confurm among us! So we may not get sus
  5. That lamppost might shed in narnia. (16)
  6. This lamppost hasn't pickled in the Narnia. (12)
  7. This thread has pickled from the planet.(3)
  8. I've never seen you, 1/10.
  9. I'm sorry.. but... I made the post first and zozaf has kindly remade it with my permission. But it's fine. i'll let him make the rules
  10. The largest man is three meters away from my rocket. (24) (Okay, i originally made this game, so i make the rules. The sentence will reset after (25) and whoever's first to make the new sentence makes the new sentence.)
  11. the figgiest sprocket is three hundred meters (14) (the sentence resets at 15)
  12. The youngest tree is four (6)
  13. If I read it wrong, then you have to make a fresh new sentence, then it can be edited 3 times, for a total of 4 posts before you have to start all over again.
  14. Everybody, settle down. Even if some of your posts don't come across as rude, Me, a hypersensitive individual, senses a bit of a rude tone. Shall we keep it civil, and try to all make an agreement?
  15. I destroy cliff with dynamite.
  16. Let me fill in the blank for you. Criminal mastermind
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