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  1. back in my day, we only had the Y and Z axis
  2. Monkeys can carry on so, green
  3. I think april, march, or very late february
  4. i'm not at home right now I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY THIS AND NO MAN'S SKY life is really rubbing salt into my wounds
  5. OH MY i think my soul left my body there for a second
  6. rask and rusk are a couple who kiss every few months/hours/days/years
  7. i had a dream where it released and it was called "little green men"
  8. sand·box a shallow box or hollow in the ground partly filled with sand for children to play in.
  9. Boris became afraid. He expected the safety inspector to appear before dark. The team thought that massive boosters might counter the lack of struts on Kerbin. The mission would gradually devolve into wheels, something revolutionary to Kerbalkind. How extraordinary that is, considering the effort required to make big ol' pitch forks and feather dusters with large torches, and wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun. Exactly one week later, the inspector woke to find a great disturbance in the force - a PowerPoint presentation. The horror of
  10. Sandbox is amazing. What if i do wanna make a dome city? what if i want to have infinite funds? what if i want to do whatever? We should only have non-sandbox and sandbox, at the VERY VERY least.
  11. sandbox mode is the holy grail of this game. removing it drains the fun out of it. for me, atleast.
  12. Player since 2015 here: I suppose not, as i have never reached the mun or further.
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