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  1. HOLD ON, How did they get to orbit without even decoupling their boosters? The KSP Devteam has been eXposed!!
  2. Ok if we are then everybody stop spamming/ I only comment here 1-2 times per day
  3. Yup. Soon, it will be a relic of time itself.
  4. Why is jool, eve, and Lindor black? Any help? Where do i get 0.07 of scatterer? nvm i found it
  5. I quoted the wrong comment. I meant to quote Maria's.
  6. i'm excited to land on the moon finally, never had the chance in ksp 1 when its tutorials broke
  7. No, moreso they get old and shed their old skin like lizards. Just how i'd speculate it to be.
  8. yeah i definitely won't force them to be slaves
  9. I really hope they do this. I want antigravity so i can stay on the surface of a body with my rover rather than falling off
  10. Yes! and a cleaner and painter building, to have them shine and be painted outside the vab!
  11. Yes, tethers in ksp 2 will be awesome and i see no problem in them implementing any. It would be good for them to retract so i can get my kerbals to my ship.
  12. Beautiful. I can't even make a stable orbit without the game flipping out.
  13. Yes, modding might be harder but it will be compatible.
  14. Ah ah ah, i said evolved. Evolution can make you change color. But disregarding the minions, i'm thinking that they're just unstable stretchy mass filled with life. How else are they supposed to stretch across your screen from the kraken when they're alive? They're merely playthings for the kraken.
  15. a minion's more evolved cousin?
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