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  1. Well, i have not use SVE when using GPO, just the things from GPO
  2. I don't think that Gameslinx had optimization in mind when creationg this mod . Getting 19fps (settings all turned down) in space centre while 60fps on Alternis Kerbol and Stock (default settings, SVE on stock, rest of mods the same through out). FX-8320, R7 370 2GB, 14GB, Win10 Looks real nice tho, wish I could visit some of them, only if the performance could improve
  3. Hello yes, i would like to know what value in the config file is responsible for changing the colour of the atmosphere scatter. I'm trying to get Jool to be blue for Alternis planet pack (the one with kerbin orbiting aroud blue jool with bop as the moon).
  4. Hello! I am currently buying a new laptop, since it's a 13.3" ultrabook i have to go with intel hd/uhd 620, with i7-7500u/i5-8250u. Can it even run KSP? What benefit would I get for getting an radeon 530?
  5. Hi guys, i've made a small solution for those who use remote tech along with this mod, Just open a file called "RemoteTech_Settings.cfg", search for "STATION" and replace your Latitude and Longitude with these values: Latitude = 8.510 Longitude = -168.250 After that the Mission control marker should be located is a proper place.