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  1. @stupid_chris Many thanks for the 1.11 update!!!
  2. I feel lucky that there was only 1 FATAL error in my install with all the mods I have. The culprit is M2X.Encap I think I have one used on my space station so I'm hoping it doesn't corrupt my game too bad. (Luckily I backed up before the whole 1.7.1 update)
  3. I too am still playing on 1.2.2 ( when are actually find the time to play these days) My career in 1.2.2 is too far along for me to restart yet again just for a few bug fixes which don't seem to be affecting me. I'm very happy to hear that there will be a an update to the Unity engine again. Performance improvements are the most important thing for this game.
  4. I do not use RT anymore so I did not unpack that zip. I am using CTT but the line I added should work in both.
  5. Thank you!!! Initially they weren't showing up in my part list, so I added "TechRequired = automation" in the part files and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks again.
  6. @MeCripp Do you still have that file per chance? I recently had a fresh install and lost a lot of mods. Thanks.
  7. KSP-AVC is saying newest version is 1.9.7, but I don't see that anywhere on the Github. Anyone know whats up with this?
  8. Can someone please check why Stock Visual Terrain is still on 2.0 under CKAN. The girhub for 2.0.1 was updated several days ago.
  9. Looking forward to seeing these updated for 1.2. Does anyone have updated cfgs that work with the new KerbNet?
  10. Thanks man, I'm definitely going to try this patch tonight. And for excrementss and giggles I will put a warp drive on a Kerbal and see them eva across the system Yup, that was my plan all along
  11. @DMagic, I love the new Science Relay mod. Is it possible to get a transmission module on a Kerbal so that they can relay an EVA to a nearby craft?
  12. awesome thanks....I knew I should have checked out the previous page (doh!)
  13. Just wondering, have the new Part Overhauls been also "RealPlume" overhauled?
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