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  1. I was playing KSP for the first time in a year or two tonight, and I've run into a bit of annoyance dealing with the fact that there are duplicate parts with different skins. This would seem to be a minor issue, but when fulfilling part-based contracts, it doesn't specify which part version (v1 or v2) it wants me to use. This results in a 50/50 chance that I hauled the wrong part to the location, and the entire launch was for nothing. Is there any way to get rid of this, or to make the v1/v2 parts respond the same for contracts? Should I just go through the parts list and manually kill off all of the duplicates (non _v2 pairs)? I'm running a new save, so this would not corrupt any flights.
  2. Sorry! New to using the forums and I forgot about that. I took this from LocalLow/Squad/Output.txt- hoping this is what you meant. (I put it in a discord chat and took the link- the paste was too big for pastebin) I installed the mod by copy pasting it into gamedata, since thats how I usually install mods and the description said to 'install mod'.
  3. Running into an issue on 1.4.5: Not a single mod is showing up, unsure if I did something wrong
  4. The icon for the mod doesnt show up for me on the right side toolbar, nor in the 000 toolbar. Positive I installed correctly though. Any ideas?
  5. This is my test ship. It has panels, KSP electric charge, a reactor, generator, air vent(just incase) and a radiator. Still nothing. Atilla is on with my thrust on of course right now
  6. For some reason, when I attempt to run either the atilla or other plasma thrusters, they simply dont function at all. (Not just having incredibly low thrust, as ive tried connecting it to a hundred nuclear reactors to make sure it had enough power to produce 1kn). It was connected to a liquid fuel tank, on a controlled ship with a ton of batteries and radiators as well. Am I missing a step?
  7. Ive found an issue where the ATTILA thruster (idk which one, its the 80.5kN 2854.0s isp one), displays the animation of it running even when it isnt running. Ive attempted a reinstall and everything.
  8. Will the storage devices be updated from the old KAS system to KIS's drag and drop system?