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  1. 1.10.1 is needed only for eva suit, all other parts would load and work fine with old KSP That due to the 0.625 scale, sometime it's a little difficult to close, but the fairing work perfectly, and close if you really try...
  2. Luciole 1.5 is online Luciole 1.5 [2020-08-31] -------------------------------------- - New Custom Classic Suit (Need KSP 1.10) - New Custom Vintage Suit (Need KSP 1.10 & MH dlc) - New Custom Future Suit (Need KSP 1.10 & BG dlc) - Fix Inline chute overheating Luciole suit !
  3. Last suit for the weekend, the future suit: Now all suit have a "luciole" variant
  4. Classic suit for player without MH dlc
  5. Sorry i don't have planned to "work" on this mod, just fix update. But if i change my mind and decide to do some stuff i will take a look. Thanks
  6. Thanks! No that actually for the new 1.10.1 suit picker feature, no mod required.
  7. Yeah sorry i don't know anything about RemoteTech ( didn't even know it was still aviable ) If you want a patch you need to do it or ask someone else. ---------------------------------------- Working on a Vintage suit
  8. noticed if we add ladder to the luciole tower you could go from the pad to the pod by yourself
  9. Not sure if only related to 1.10.1, but on the last Beta, control decoupler "ACD" don't decouple at all (Only the ACD Medium work because he use a custom decouple module labeled correctly) so from what i've see Config for decoupler tag "top" node when nodes are labeled on config and model with "InnerNode" "OuterNode" using the tag "InnerNode" fix them
  10. @Daveroski On my test he overheat a little but don't explode even from minmus, but depend maybe of the craft and your setting. By the fact this chute is generally hight on the vessel, the heatshield can't really protect it at 100%. But i've noticed the "Walking leaf" inline chute have a Max temp a little low compared to stock part or other chute 2000K vs ~2800K. So i'm going to fix it that way. Fixed on the actual Github master repo if you want : https://github.com/AstroWell/Luciole
  11. I know you don't like that but that how it is supposed to work. ( Also part can't have Chute and decoupler icon on the stage list, can't have both ) I've also asked if you play in 1.10.1 because 1.10.1 is still a lot bugged tbh I perfectly understood that lol
  12. Interesting review, i will take a look. The shield actually use the same "config" "stats" than the 0.625 stock heatshield. it supposed to work the same way. Maybe i've set a stupid heat resistance or something like that. Are you on 1.10.1 ?
  13. not planned Knes is again considered "feature complete" wich mean no new part or revamp until a really hight motivation to do something. Only Fix update.
  14. TAC life is not supported (you could if you add what you need in the config) i'm not interested, sorry
  15. Tantares IVA patch is updated to the last version https://github.com/AstroWell/Tantares_Patch Same as before, Tantares_IVA_Patch.cfg use existing Tantares IVA to replace placeholder IVA. Tantares_IVA_MoreCrew_Patch.cfg use existing Tantares IVA to replace placeholder IVA, but also add more crew to some part to make them "match" the IVA number of seat. i've made my best to match the shape of all part, but if you really notice something weird let me know
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