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  1. Pathfinder's patch is not maintain by me, i don't know anything about it. Cost in part list is due to the crystals ressource, because KSP show the cost of the full capacity, but it is empty by defaut, so that not the cost you are going to paid.
  2. yeah it's better to keep other folder inside Knes, just delete in parts folder what you don't want. in theory that would work fine i think. Sadly you need to investigate a little by yourself and see. i don't do custom install for all player.
  3. Many thanks, i try to organise my parts by folder, So in theory you could delete folder you don't like, but of course is not so simple, because many thing are sometimes shared. Callisto is here : GameData/Knes/Parts/SpacePlane/FrenchHermes but the landing gear is in the EuropeanHermes folder.
  4. Many thanks to you! And don't worry, play the way you want, since you enjoy it that perfect!
  5. Nice Japanese feelings! Love it
  6. Talking about Hermes... due to the similar size and Shape between this early Hermes and the Soviet LKS shuttle of Tchelomei, i've decided to include a new Texture Variant. I hope this won't be annoying anyone, i understand this don't fit the ESA/CNES theme, but i play a lot with tantares soviet part, and i feel similarity between those 2 shuttle was so important, it's just better to include a texture variant for it. Off course soviet logo are not included, so just see it like a new variant with little touch of color. Already on github and will be included in the next r
  7. Many thanks! This is what make me really happy, glad you use it for your career!
  8. No, this mod is feature complete
  9. I'm was a little tired of my career, so i've made a little thing in sandbox. Edit I've uploaded the craft files : https://kerbalx.com/Well/Craby--Rolly
  10. Fuji 1.3 is online - Fix Update https://github.com/AstroWell/Fuji/releases/tag/v1.3 Fuji 1.3 [2021-05-16] ------------------------------- - Fix Waterfall patch - Fix Engine atmosphere curve - Reduce Engine mass - Add Mass to the Orbital Module - Add 2 craft files Added a craft files for the weird launch config of Fuji without SM (Tourist?) on Dual Launch with commercial sat.
  11. Knes 1.9.6 is online - Implemented some fix, for some problem noticed in my current career Github - Knes 1.9.6 Knes 1.9.6 [2021-05-15] - Remove srf attach on inline decoupler - Add png icon - Set MRK Antenna to relay - little Techtree review - Add Science Storage on Calissto Crew/docking part - Cost fix for P10/P16 Booster - Fix EndCap fairing - Fix Crystal laboratory definition - Upscale Crystals growing rate - Fix some packed inventory volume - Reduce Arcas Dockings magnet
  12. I use some other mod in my career, you could find this antenna here : Near Future eXploration
  13. Just noticed Callisto could also use the launch adapter for inline dock like esa hermes. Could be a possibility when you use full pressurised module on the bay
  14. More crystals production unit on my station
  15. A Munar landing in my career More pictures here :
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