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  1. @Jeb's Pirotecnics Guy I don't have noticed any problem with the KSP 1.4, so I declare this version compatible.
  2. I don't have made any patch for realism Overhaul, that not a mod i use. If you feel motivate to make a patch, i could include the patch in a next release.
  3. I'm really interested by these tank, i love to launch my sat with this small launcher like Cosmos3/C1 (i'm not sure about the name of the launcher), more size could be really useful.
  4. Old version ? Could you confirm if with the new version KrakenScience 0.8 [2018-03-04], you don't have this problem anymore.
  5. Warranty void Thanks for the pictures
  6. KrakenScience 0.8 [2018-03-04] Online on Spacedock Changelog: KrakenScience 0.8 [2018-03-04] ------------------------------- - New K-38 "Jade" Kraken Engine - Bug fix for LittleFrog and ScaraB probe core (wrong orientation after quicksave and reload)
  7. Every time i see this Mir/Hermes patch i'm really happy ! Great job !
  8. I found the problem with the Probe core LittleFrog and ScaraB, Fix in the future update and new engine included (i wait KSP 1.4 Release)
  9. Thanks for this One @DiscoSlelge i love the shape and the color, great work !
  10. @Gyger Thanks for your review, you found a bug, i've reproduced the bug this morning on my dev install. Edit : The ScaraB probe core have the same bug ( for now i don't find what is the problem) I need to debug that, fix on the next update ! Many thanks again. +1 rep
  11. Thanks for the review, have never noticed that, I need to check that. have you other mod installed ?
  12. Awesome work @blackheart612 i have always liked ground vehicule to start my career. Thank you for this mod !