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  1. Well

    Retour du forum français

    Je viens seulement de tomber sur ce post après une recherche google aléatoire ! Super nouvelle ! Je suis heureux de voir de nouveau une section française sur le forum officiel !!
  2. Knes 0.4 is online on spacedock (curse soon) Changelog: Knes 0.4 [2018-04-12] ------------------------------- - New Elevon for IXV Patin - New European Flag - New IVA for HRM module - Top node for IXV (for LES) - Surface attach node for Hermes Elevon - Decoupler G3750 is now Gold like the other - IXV max temp / skin temp fix - IXV is now a 3 crew command pod - Updated Craft Files
  3. New config for the launch of IXV, with top node for LES. Also my IXV are going to be a 3 crew command pod
  4. I don't have planned to make all esa rocket. I make the parts i want in the game, I'm not really motivate by Ariane 6 And for now we don't now really the final design of this rocket. Ariane 6 / Vega / Ariane 4 / Diamant, i have many rocket i could make. But that not what i want for now. I don't have the time for that.
  5. I don't have a lot of time, so i try to see what i could make for future uptate. Some fix, and for now a small elevon for K-IXV "Patin" An Iva for the Hermes Ressource module could be planned
  6. Thanks for that, great idea and great work !!
  7. I don't use CKAN. I don't know how it works, and i don't care about it. I don't have the time for supporting that. But, If that respect my licence, make what you want
  8. Finally found a solution for my Hermes Space Shuttle, A new collider is needed for KSP 1.4.2 This new version don't allow the same surface attach on the shuttle, let me know if you see some other bug with this version 0.3 on KSP 1.4.2 Knes 0.3 is online on spacedock, soon on curse. Changelog: Knes 0.3 [2018-04-02] ------------------------------- - Update for KSP v1.4.2 - New mesh collider for Hermes Space Shuttle (needed for 1.4.2) - Add Title on Agencies Config - Check and test of all included Craft files for 1.4.2 - Fix for new RCS Fx
  9. Thanks for the Github upload @Beale These parts look so cool and have a strange effect on me.
  10. I've Reproduced the bug.. @Beale yes i think the Soyuz Parachute T-V2K have a problem (KSP 1.4.2)
  11. Look at the config from Stock Part like the MK3 Command pod with integrated RCS. The Module change to ModuleRCSFX
  12. That not an actual mod for KSP but a "render" artist illustration. I wait Energia from Tantares to built this rocket in the game. For you're problem with you're wobbling station, that look like a stock game problem, try maybe autostrut between some module of you're station, or use Kerbal Joint Renforcement Mod, i don't use it but that could help you in this case. But I think Autostrut is the solution. Or if you have KIS try to install a strut like the real MIR station : I love It I've thinked to a problem with tech required maybe missing, but nope. The Parts is in Sandbox and Career. No problem. V-KD2
  13. For PTK Federatsia, i know that not perfect, but i'm happy with my version made with actual tantares parts: so we could built it : Zarya look interesting, i'm not a big fan, but i'm pretty sure that could interest a lot of people with this crew capacity. Edit : i've justed started to update all my craft files for Tantares, link in signature