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  1. Knes 1.9.4 is online Github Knes 1.9.4 [2021-01-28] ------------------------------- - Parts mass Fix for small Parts in 1.11 - Fix Waterfall Patch - Fix Hermes Aileron description Inverted Left / Right - Add a Black Variant on core fairings - Change Fairing EndCap Size - Veronique / Vesta parts mass review again - Add ODFC Compatibility Patch (by Tony48)
  2. it's now January 28.... any news about a KSP 1.11.1 Fix update ? How many Dev actually work on it ? 1.11 is not really fun to play with so many issues
  3. Or download the github repo (master) wich is actually fixed
  4. Just see i've badly made the Waterfall patch on some engine.... wich result to delete Fx if Waterfall is not installed... only on some engine, but that hurt.... Hot fix soon . Sorry
  5. It's only an error during loading, don't affect your game, this will be fixed when i could.
  6. BlueSteel 1.1 is online Github BlueSteel 1.1 [2021-01-26] ------------------------------- - Fix KSP 1.11 Part mass issue - Add KSP 1.11 Inventory support - Breaking Force review - Physics Signifiance Review
  7. Fuji 1.2 is online Github Fuji 1.2 [2021-01-26] ------------------------------- - Fix KSP 1.11 Part mass issue - Add KSP 1.11 Inventory support - Add Waterfall Support - Add Inventory Thumbnails - Breaking Force review - Physics Signifiance Review - Max temp review
  8. Luciole 1.6 is online Github Luciole 1.6 [2021-01-25] - Add Waterfall Support - Fix for KSP 1.11 - Support new 1.11 inventory system - Include Thumbs picture for inventory - New Subassemblies craft files - New CubeSat Ion Engine
  9. Interkosmos 0.4 is online Github Interkosmos 0.4 [2021-01-25] ------------------------------- - Add KSP 1.11 inventory support - Fix Parts Mass in 1.11
  10. yeah that the cora engine beale offer to me, probably just going to find an other FX for it. But like i've said beale, that nothing really important, just an error on loading
  11. That waterfall on screen Set only emissive color on stock, due to the scale
  12. thanks for the report, i think i've noticed this also, this engine plume was made by beale, i'm going to take a look but i don't think i could fix it by myself, i could maybe switch to an other fx if i can't
  13. I've decided to add a little part for the next fix update, A little ion engine for those little cubesat. Multi shape variant.
  14. i also work on a Waterfall patch for Luciole Here a try on the aerospike
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