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  1. Due to the recent comments, i need to clarify... I'm out of modding, i've stopped modding Activity due to lack of time and motivation. mainly due to my personal situation . So please stop asking more parts for my mod's. (-> this never motivate any modders)
  2. Sadly i'm out of modding, and i don't think the team would want to extend the part list of restock+
  3. Thanks for those KeR-7 parts. I'm so happy to finally have the parts that fit DLC part, i've put so much love and work into those Restock Pod, big thanks to you. Here some pictures :
  4. Knes 1.9.9 is online https://github.com/AstroWell/Knes/releases/tag/v1.9.9
  5. This should work, you need to restart the game or reload part to apply any change. But this go in modding territory at this point, not related anymore to the mod itself. I don't see any issue at all.
  6. I'm not sure i understood what is the problem. But i'm going to investigate this engine this afternoon. What do you mean "change the maxthrust" ? in configuration ? With thrust limiter ? You are not supposed to be allowed to add "more" thrust to an engine in game. so i'm not sure why you try to do. Sorry, english is not my native launguage.
  7. I could take a look, but can't promise anything... that a lot of work. I actually work on a french localization, so i've planned an update at some point. It's time to ask for little change or fix.
  8. Luciole 1.9 is online https://github.com/AstroWell/Luciole/releases/tag/v1.9
  9. BlueSteel 1.3 is online https://github.com/AstroWell/BlueSteel/releases/tag/v1.3
  10. Fuji 1.4 is online https://spacedock.info/mod/2240/Fuji
  11. No idea, never tested, just the plugin could actually work
  12. Started a new career, trying to use Luciole Lancher only, so an interesting challenge.
  13. Don't forget to check my BlueSteel mod, i've just added a cockpit to do a small lifting bodie than Luciole Heavy could launch, 2 crew capacity, cramped but with a lot of fun:
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