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  1. Not at the moment, but it is a possibility
  2. @Krakatoa I found a solution to keep the Electricity Generator ! And also for my problem of production. The Kraken Generator keep the same power generation, but now that also a resource converter (Electricity -> Kraken Juice) The Electricity consumption is just more important than the capacity of the generator. But if you don't use (start) the converter, that a normal Electricity generator.
  3. It is the plan. It risks to raise problem, I am going to think has a solution to keep(preserve) the power production of the Kraken Generator. I don't want brake your save. At the moment, the Kraken Juice Idea is an early wip dev
  4. I have little time for KSP, but I am going to work (maybe) on an update of my Mod Kraken Science. I want to transform Kraken Generator into a production unit of Kraken Juice. The production would be made automatically, but has very low efficiency. It would be necessary to create sorts of Farm of Kraken Orbital to realize an important production. one unit of Kraken Juice cost 5000K, good Profit in career. A make some test, Problem, KSP seems cut the production when we leave the active scene. that could be a big problem.
  5. I didn't know this small Soviet Rover, so small and cute Martian Rover, i love it. You really think that he is impossible for KSP?
  6. Thank for the review, i keep your notes. I need to look and check that, but maybe for future update
  7. Awesome work @Drakenex !
  8. Oh yeah, why not. I like it
  9. Revenge for the moon ! I'm happy with this one, New russian concept lander with PTK Federatsia on Proton ! 3 Crew Lander ! Craft File on Kerbal-X Concept of the new russian lander:
  10. The name confusion is linked to this article : http://www.russianspaceweb.com/soyuz5-lv-ptk.html
  11. Ok Russia launcher for PTK change again... Now the Russia's "new" next manned rocket.... is Sunkara / Feniks / Soyuz-5 what ever (decide please lol ) Not easy to reproduce with the actual parts in 1.875. Boring rocket but work fine. https://kerbalx.com/Well/Soyuz-5---Federatsiya
  12. So many Concept of space shuttle, have plannified a dock in the back. HL-20 / HL-42 / Hermes / Dreamchaser / Biconic.... and so many other My best version is the Hermes with MTFF station :
  13. Launch of a Space station with Ariane 5, and crew with the Phoenix CEV
  14. I see no problem with the link, everything works well for me and there is already 278 download. Please retry , Anybody others has a problem with the link? Sorry, Kliper is not planned. I can suggest you, Mod Contares See also this link: Thanks
  15. Yes exactly, and you don't need anymore elevon for control, just SAS. But the launch is always a problem, i have made a module "Safe System" with big reaction wheels to control the lift (also escape system) Work fine with Mechjeb autopilot, see the Craft Files