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  1. Craft was made with 1.9.1 with you use an old KSP version, you could update craft files manually to set your KSP version
  2. Cnes don't have public report archive from what i know
  3. i don't think i've never see a Ariane542C. If people want more european/kerbal concept i have more but without name : And also this Ariane X wich is probably the most cursed / weird / cool concept :
  4. not in my patch, could be an other patch just for RPM. Tantares have maybe already one idk ?
  5. Please let me decide what part is deprecated or not, this sort of comment feel really "unpleasant"
  6. Congrats for the release, great work like usual !
  7. Cnes have always worked on many derivative/concept in case that was needed, they have many box full of concept, some of them are classifed. But generally they are public, they just don't communicate too much about it because they are just industrial concept, not a program. i've already posted some of them : EADS have readjusted this project some year ago in 2009 for an ariane 5 evolution "Ariane 5" Super Heavy Upper stage with 2 VINCI / 6 boosters configuration / 50 Ton LEO Launchers page 11 http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/ReferenceArchitecture/Final ReviewJan09/04_Human_moon_mission_version9esa120109.pdf And also INTEGRATED EXPLORATION ARCHITECTURE http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/IntlExplorationArchitectures/IntegratedArchReview/Exploration_architecture_Study_Draft_v9web_version.pdf This Ariane 541C is sexy, a sort of european Energia with solid booster.
  8. Tantares is now "feature complete" @Beale have already said that no more IVA are planned, so i've decided to make an optionnal patch to apply existing IVA (From Stock or Tantares) to unfinished IVA. I've made it for me because i really enjoy to play with Overlay mod and IVA. The idea is to have an IVA for every part, but of course windows and numbers of seats and other little detail don't match for all part, that the best we can't do with existing IVA, i still think that a huge imporvement compared to actual unfinished IVA. Please enjoy and let me know if some parts need to be adjusted. Download the Tantares IVA Patch ------------------------------------------- This Second Patch is a Variant, it also replace IVA but add more crew to Tantares parts and set the sciencelab to 6 crew, so all part have a numbers of seat matching the IVA. I play with this one. Test and see what patch is the best for you. Download the Tantares IVA MoreCrew Patch I've created a github repo for eventually more patch in the future: GitHub - Tantares_Patch
  9. The Orginal modder also set the manufacturer to "Mjolnir OKB" so i think that was just a joke to set everything with soviet/russian name for this Kerbal mod. Could explain the "Ж"
  10. My Orbital module in my career, using near future parts.
  11. This was a choice of the original modder, i can't explain more about this choice, i just keep it by respect
  12. yes that actually normal (not needed at stock scale), but i'm probably going to review that one day. All ablator in stock game is completely useless for Kerbin orbit tbh
  13. For some reason i can't upload on Spacedock, so use github link for now. i could try to upload an other day