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  1. Oh yeah, why not. I like it
  2. Revenge for the moon ! I'm happy with this one, New russian concept lander with PTK Federatsia on Proton ! 3 Crew Lander ! Craft File on Kerbal-X Concept of the new russian lander:
  3. The name confusion is linked to this article : http://www.russianspaceweb.com/soyuz5-lv-ptk.html
  4. Ok Russia launcher for PTK change again... Now the Russia's "new" next manned rocket.... is Sunkara / Feniks / Soyuz-5 what ever (decide please lol ) Not easy to reproduce with the actual parts in 1.875. Boring rocket but work fine. https://kerbalx.com/Well/Soyuz-5---Federatsiya
  5. So many Concept of space shuttle, have plannified a dock in the back. HL-20 / HL-42 / Hermes / Dreamchaser / Biconic.... and so many other My best version is the Hermes with MTFF station :
  6. Launch of a Space station with Ariane 5, and crew with the Phoenix CEV
  7. I see no problem with the link, everything works well for me and there is already 278 download. Please retry , Anybody others has a problem with the link? Sorry, Kliper is not planned. I can suggest you, Mod Contares See also this link: Thanks
  8. Yes exactly, and you don't need anymore elevon for control, just SAS. But the launch is always a problem, i have made a module "Safe System" with big reaction wheels to control the lift (also escape system) Work fine with Mechjeb autopilot, see the Craft Files
  9. Notice : This mod is now included in the Pack "Knes" with a different name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Modo Please close this thread
  10. Yes, Lockheed CEV is now parts of this mod with different name Thanks all
  11. What is Knes mod? Supported mods by Compatibility patch ( Module Manager Required for patch): My mod CEV Lockheed Kerbin is now include in this pack with a different name. The Lift for the CEV and IXV is really important, Use included Craft Files with MechJeb for launch, or Use RCS / SafeSystem(reaction wheels) for a better control !!! Or launch the Shuttle inside a fairing. Download: SpaceDock Download: Curse ChangeLog: Licence : Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Licence for CEV IVA from Contares: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unity Render: Screenshots: ( Sorry for my English, its not my native language )
  12. It's like : strawberry / vanilla ice cream. Look Awesome @Beale i love the color theme And i see Normal Map ?
  13. Craft Files.... link in the First Page ! :
  14. Oh yes of course I think we have already enought part for the Progress M2.