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  1. Oh yes! great mission so good! Always a pleasure to see Ariane, thanks all for those pictures! That make me happy.
  2. KSP 2 are going to be probably a really different game, Gameplay is probably the same for the parts system... but the fact the game is more focused on Interplanetary with colonies, make it more scifi i think. I'm maybe wrong, but that why for now i also don't expect / plan anything for KSP2. Depend how you like to play KSP, KSP2 are maybe not going to make everyone happy, player and modder. don't expect too much about KSP1 mod converted to KSP2, maybe some mod, but most of modders are probably going to start from scratch. Anyway, we are not in a KSP2 thread here...
  3. you need restock "plus" https://spacedock.info/mod/2106/RestockPlus I understand why they've wanted to have a lunokhod on surface for a good landing site. after 3 jump, i'm still on a bad slope. lol my "habitat" don't have any hatch! completely useless comrade. ------------------------------------ Edit: with EVA hatch now lol
  4. Good news... at stock scale a simple proton without upper stage could handle the Lander.
  5. and i think beale just forgot to add the zip to the v20 on github... anyway, use the clone or download button on githhub https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares btw, one craft files use 2 "restock+" engine to load
  6. Many thanks! That an impressive mission and launcher. I love it
  7. i know all of them, only H620 & H920 was unknown for me (those with us booster) We have already some parts to try to reproduce some of those concept, i don't have planned to add more part for that. Thanks for the share Edit: from what i read i think A5 H620 and H920 are probably purpose by Mars society, not really by an industrial, so just probably a "theoric" rocket
  8. Test of the last repo.... LK-1 test Thanks for all those new parts, i know that not the concept but that could be an interesting spacecraft for LEO --------------------------------------- Maybe a DLC rotor, need to find the good speed, i'm not sure i don't really have played with them, (a lot of work for something not really useful tbh
  9. oh yeah! nice flag and poster btw, thanks That was an unexpeted lot of new parts for Tantares, really useful and interesting to play, i already see many possibilities with those! So many thanks again @Beale ------------------------------------------------------- Download the last github repo here https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares the clone or download button I don't know if beale have planned to make the launcher itself, he have uploaded a craft files that reproduce it (see first post on the thread) the pod is the "Aquarius"
  10. LK-700 is still in developpement, not released for now. You could use github repo for actual dev test but that a work in progress
  11. This MIR-2 was Interesting to build, but not a so great space station layout compared to MIR, i don't think i like it
  12. Knes 1.5 is online - https://github.com/AstroWell/Knes/releases/tag/1.5 Knes 1.5 [2019-11-07] - New 4 internal camera for Hermes IVA - Fix mesh of the left windows of Hermes IVA (not aligned) - Fix of the lightmap of the station iva - Added new craft files for StarRider and StarWatcher vehicle - Deleted Ariane 5C craft files - New model for Monoprop engine 1 2 3 - New srf attach RCS pod for roll control - New srf attach Monoprop fueltank - New srf attach RCS pod 3 way for upper stage - New deployable antenna - Fixed node on "Zoe" adapter - Fix emissive on catherine stage - Balance for StarRider RCS - Balance for StarWatcher RCS - Balance for Hermes RCS - More simple collider for Abort adapter nano - More simple collider for Abort adapter small - New flat SolarPanel really small size - StarRider IVA Fix (seat position) - StarWatcher IVA Fix (seat position) - Fix NanoSat Suncatcher - StarWatcher Texture Update - Abort Module color adjusted - Inline decoupler mass balance - TechTree balance
  13. I finally don't want to keep the metal variant, that don't fit with anything, sorry about that
  14. Actually testing if a texture variant with the new shader could be interesting.... like a "X-24a" Hard to balance with other part... Let me know how do you feel about it.