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  1. Many thanks for your work and this detailed post, I've sadly never could play with Parallax due to performance issue with my hardware, so that's a good news, looking forward to your improvement. Thanks for trying to improve to allow more players to discover your wonderful work.
  2. The Antialiasing need some work for sure, i suppose that just not the priority... we still have a lot of bugs and lack of gameplay feature. But yeah i could agree i don't understand the Alliasing problem... i would have expect something easy to fix... if someone know more about aliasing in dev
  3. I've invested more time in the game after the For Science update, but I think for most of us it's to discover the new content added. But in fact that just the science mod we have in KSP1 so the game is more interesting and playable yes, but nothing really new, I hope the colonies will change that. But behind content, to see myself "committing" more seriously to KSP2, i need a more stable game, it's really frustrating to do complex mission in the actual KSP 2. But I also really feel the need of more gameplay and functionality, to be honest I don't really have any interest about multiplayer so far. But even if we get everything on the road map, that's still a lack of gameplay for me, that feel like KSP1 with mod, and i think i'm not alone to think that ? It's not surprising that some player add a fake "Kerbal Dating Sim" on the road map, yes it's a joke, i'm not even sure that would be a great idea, but that exactly the "fun" the joy of all the stuff and little gameplay that could be added to the game to make a really new game , not just try to match with KSP1
  4. In february they said "No Current Layoff Plans" yeah sure, like always... Will see, i hope that KSP 2 will not be too affected, but that a possibility for sure. Anyway I hope it’s not related to the current communication breakdown. No need to cause panic, and wait for news from the Dev team, for the moment they probably don’t know themselves. (Dev's :Please let know the community as soon as possible about the current status of the game, most of us really feel bad, alone in the dark waiting for the Kraken)
  5. Today I've play again after a long break, to discover the update "for science" The game is more fun to play, still too many bugs, but it is playable in large part, the missions bring a lot. Thank you for offering an almost complete french translation during this early access phase. I still hope for way more gameplay and content than that, and i was suprise on my return to see so little news and info about the developpment of the game, but at least "For science" give me some hope for the future, and i'm finally probably going to play this game.
  6. I perfectly understand that, but to be honest i feel really bad to see this sale, i've bought the game to help and support the developpement of the game, i generally don't paid for early acess, i don't have a lot of money so i hesitate a lot. Having a sale so quickly feel painful for all your early supporter It's a weird way to said thanks. Stuff like that make me really sad, and don't motivate me to support the game.
  7. 1.875 meter parts is really missing, without them the only way to make some station rocket shape is to use fairing and a lot of parts, i really hope we could have them back.
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. My Vehicule for the challenge the "Crabe Mk1" --> 4:23
  10. Today i've learned that the parking entry have collider
  11. Many thanks for this Dev Update, with more transparency. This probably take a lot of time, but i feel that what the community need actually. I think most of us could perfectly understand than some stuff takemore time, but it's really important than we have an ideas about what you work on. Early Access is also about sharing. Sure you have stuff you want to keep secret. And if some stuff take more time, just remember than Failure is part of the Kerbals way, until they have sucess! Thanks for sharing my Moho Lander
  12. Welcome @Kavaeric Nice drawings and KSP build
  13. I perfectly understand than it's a low priority for the game actually. But i want to send my feedback for the model of all chute of KSP2, and i'm happy to see what other player think about that. The chute line of the chute feel way too short, in fact the line just don't exist, wich make the chute colliding with the spacecraft, vissually weird and confusing. That need to update the model, but not so much. ( Of course i also hope we could get colliding chute with eachother like in KSP1 one day )
  14. Managed to go to the Moho Hole, but not wihout Kraken ( i think weekly challenge need to be adapted to the actual state of the game.... teleported inside the sun, maneuver node broken, explosion, so many stuff; i've actually rage quit 2 time ) Finally take a quicksave this morning to finish the challenge. Despite the small spacecraft design for the return, Bill returned to Kerbin with the beautiful magic of Infinite Fuel.
  15. I appreciate the realism of these parts. Looking forward to the update It’s nice to see, because even if the Kerbals have a cartoon side. I think we all like to reproduce real missions, even for fictional missions I think it’s good that players can see correspondence with real scientifque experience, KSP is fun but if it can also educate and get players interested in science and the real mission is even better.
  16. Today i've try to reproduce a French Dassault Ouragan, flying arround KSC, didn't find anything really interesting so far. Finally landed at a lake with a beach ? I miss the possibility of remove the helmet. But i've enjoy the graphics so far The Last flight ended badly (Really Bad FPS on the mountain btw)
  17. To prevent possible antenna failure, Bob decided to be part of the trip of my Juice style mission. After some years of flight, he decided to lithobrake on Vall for Science.
  18. I I have the same feeling. I enjoy the game so far, for sure he feel a little empty and it is bugged, but he still have enought content to occupy me until future update. I look forward for every feature, update or fix, but sure i already want to have fun, it's probably better to just explore and don't do too much complex mission until more fix. Today i've made a crew vehicle
  19. I can confirm that I feel limited in my construction. It would be great to be able to move the parts further
  20. Today i've try to explore the KSC, no wihout problem at some point. But that was fun, so that the important part of the story
  21. "Salameche" (Charmander in english if you want)
  22. Modified "Oscar" plane from @Socraticat for the challenge
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