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  1. No idea, never tested, just the plugin could actually work
  2. Sardines Hotel is open
  3. Started a new career, trying to use Luciole Lancher only, so an interesting challenge.
  4. Don't forget to check my BlueSteel mod, i've just added a cockpit to do a small lifting bodie than Luciole Heavy could launch, 2 crew capacity, cramped but with a lot of fun:
  5. BlueSteel 1.2 is online Github BlueSteel 1.2 [2021-08-12] ------------------------------- - New Size0 shuttle cockpit A new Cockpit size 0 with 2 crew capacity! Blunt nose for plane or orbital lifting bodies (mainly made to be use with my luciole mod tbh) But i'm sure many player are going to find a way to use this.
  6. Luciole 1.8 is online Github Luciole 1.8 [2021-08-12] ------------------------ - New UpperStage 0.625 nano - New Cargo Module 0.625 - Fix MarCO_UHF Antenna animation - Fix MarCO_XBand Antenna animation - Fix Nano_Antenna animation
  7. I think i've fixed the animation issue of those Antenna, fix will be released in the next update ( probably soon ) I see what i could add for the mod, i've just added a tiny fuel tank without fuel line to adjust the launch config really helpfull, and a cargo storage github dev repo is already up to date
  8. This is really nice to read! Many thanks! ------------------------------------------------ playing with KSP 1.12.2 i've noticed some animation are played in the vab and some antenna are showed deployed, also during the launch. Something have changed with 1.12.2, i need to investigate that, sorry for the inconvenience guys. I see what i could add to the mod with those new fix needed. I work on it
  9. If you don't have the mod "RetractableLiftingSurface" the parafoil work exactly like a classic chute. If you install the dependencies you could play with a steerable variant but that not so great(work like a giant wheel), really difficult to play with it. But that the best we could have for KSP, Parafoil are not something we could have. The StarWatcher could perfectly land on the runway, he have enought lift, but need maybe some practice. That how i land it ( dump all fuel before landing). For career, if you really care about Security and don't want to land on the runway, i suggest for StarRider and StarWatcher to use 2 or 3 parachute (MainChute "Vega" is a good choice) in this case you could even remove landing skid and just land in the water.
  10. Luciole 1.7 is online Github Download Luciole 1.7 [2021-08-08] ------------------------ - New Custom Slim Suit (Need KSP 1.12)
  11. Knes 1.9.8 is online Github download Knes 1.9.8 [2021-08-04] ------------------------------- - New 0.9375 Cargo module - New 0.9375 Flat Adapter - Fix Waterfall Patch for Cora SL - Add more fuel on Rita2 booster - Improve Landing Skid with new physical material, nodes and new collider - StarRider and StarWatcher have now nodes to attach skids - Callisto grey Defaut variant is replaced by a new texture
  12. Thanks to you for Kerbalism player. (could you edit your post to use "spoiler" to not have the full config on the post, some people read the forum on phone)
  13. It's all about how KSP physics work, i've also tryed myself to do it. The only eventual way to have it moving at a stupid low speed, is too have many parts for it, and probably robotic part. wich is a problem for people without DLC. Anyway Beale is pretty busy, Tantares already need a final release with many stuff to finish before, trying to add more stuff on the list is maybe not a good idea. Beale always wanted to have Prop-M, so that not the problem here. He just need too many part, too many work, too many test fighting KSP physics to be insteresting in my point of view.
  14. If someone have it, you could put the file online somewhere i allow it, just respected the licence. From memory the last KSP supported is 1.3 (not sure) if online i'm not going to make any support for it.
  15. The CEV is not aviable anymore to download, i don't even know if i still have file arround, sorry
  16. i don't even want to think about the framerates on this flight Nice config!
  17. Tested a target module for early career with Viking pod. Using inflatable airlock, i love the idea. The module is small enought to fit early rocket.
  18. Congrats i've made some shuttle style launch but i'm not a specialist of this config, but maybe that could be great to share some craft sometime!
  19. Awesome! Really like the design of those station, Early one is cute. Really happy to see the new shuttle here! Thanks Beautiful!
  20. Knes 1.9.7 is online Knes 1.9.7 [2021-06-25] ------------------------------- - Add LKS Variant for French Hermes - Add a Fix small MRK antenna - New Hermes Payload Platform - Add Telemetry experiment to Asterix Sat - Fix ATV RCS Block B Fx - STEAM Crystal lab model review - MRK Thruster are now also Engine - MRK Thruster isp review - Craft Review https://github.com/AstroWell/Knes/releases/tag/v1.9.7
  21. look fine in 1.12.0 from my test
  22. Look fine in 1.12.0, no update required
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