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  1. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'PROBE' 2.0.3

    One of the new planned satellite bus systems: OSCAR-10
  2. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    More science instruments planed From left to right: radial mount ION-Trap, radial mount small camera 0,22 m lens, both instruments has 0.3125m side length. Third is a french camera module used on SPOT satellites.
  3. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'NBS' 2.0.3

    Alternate service module for BERG (FUJI) Spacecraft in progress.
  4. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'NBS' 2.0.3

    Work on fictional spacecrafts on low techtree for MEU and NIP submods.
  5. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'EYE' 2.0.4

    FSW 3 (Fanhui Shi Weixing) Photo-Reconnaissance Satellite. First screenshots ingame. Bumpmaps still missing. Ballancing in progress.
  6. hraban

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to add it. apology!
  7. hraban

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    There are several ways to change the models to alternative sizes. It would also be possible to make necessary adjustments to the fuels and their volumes via ModuleManager scripts. However, as the title makes clear, this contribution is CLOSED. The OP contains the links to the further development of this mod and its submods.
  8. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'EYE' 2.0.4

    First picture out of Wings3D of FSW 3
  9. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'EYE' 2.0.4

    Replica of Chinese FSW (Fanhui Shi Weixing) Photo-Reconnaissance Satellites Family is in progress. First pictures will be published after finishing the texture work. In the meantime, a lean image and a URL for those interested
  10. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    No other report this problem and i can't reproduce, so check your installation. This is the list of the mods which are installed with me and run without compatibility problems:
  11. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    A mod conflict, possibly due to a module manager script created incorrectly, can not be ruled out. Without concrete information and log-file can not be helped in this case. You are sure to: - using the latest version of the Contares CSA Mods? - up to date with KSP?
  12. @Beale, @sslaptnhablhat Please check this: - delete all ModuleManager Files in the GameData directory (not the MM .dll File!) - delete the PartDatabase.cfg in the KSP root-directory - delete the Physics.cfg in the KSP root-directory (Holds all DRAG Modells and will be rebuild only when PartDatabase.cfg and Physics.cfg does not exsist) Restart the Game and check the Parachute again. Hope that will fix the Problem cheers
  13. hraban

    [1.4.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    It would be very helpful if you could name the RCS part (s). In the picture I can not recognize Contares RSC parts. The RCS problems should actually be fixed in operation with KSP 1.4 and higher. For the operation with older KSP versions no function guarantee can be given.