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  1. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing

    According to the MM settings from the configurations it can be seen that the airbag and float parts could be adapted in scale and position to the planned capsule. Whether this should work without errors should be determined by tests.
  2. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing

    Basically a few questions about the used models of the floats and airbags. Is it possible to adjust the position and the scale of the parts for the capsule type used? The idea of your Mod I think is excellent but would have to be clarified before whether an insert in my Mod would be possible. Best regards from CONTARES
  3. There is nothing technical behind it. Visually, 4 different colored tubes are visible within the supporting structure. The part has full crossfeed.
  4. More pictures from COSMOS III Launch of SAR LUPE recon satellite Now that there is no nice and usable light weight truss, this part has been designed which can guide up to 4 liquid or gaseous substances. On the picture a CONTARES 4 way RCS is mounted.
  5. As announced some time ago Contares hereby presents the first pictures of the COSMOS III carrier rocket. As a source and inspiration serves the Космос-3М.
  6. @CobaltWolf, thanks for the offer. I will consider if and how I will proceed in this case and report about via PM.
  7. Well, the BDB solar experiment orbiter missing the bus (main body) and the gyro's ,so contares build a basic pack as additional.
  8. New and vintage tweakable satellite BUS systems. Thank you to BDB and Coatl for the nice and helpfull created science experiments! KERBUS1000 for IridiumNEXT satellite DT-001 BUS for small and medium optical instruments Vintage style BBBP-001
  9. Hello @CobaltWolf, does the figure represent the current state of the Atlas main tank? If so, it would be nice if the bumpmap effect on the weld seams of the stainless steel plates would be a bit more subtle so less deeply designed. Otherwise it can only be said that the work of the textures are excellent. Keep it up!
  10. PPTS is named as FEDERAZIJA in contares. CTV-II is closer to the first and last PPTS studies but without the landing leg's. The RIVER launcher craft file you can find in the craft-files download and a blueprint / building description in the contares 'illustrated construction book'
  11. For KVTK the engine 'RK-Z-0146 solo' is recommended in single or double arrangement. The picture shows the double arrangement.
  12. Addition to KERLOT, update to SUNKAR with new first and second stage tank, use RK-Z-0124D for second stage.
  13. Cleaning up the workbench Visual a military medium range rocket but for KSP planed as high altitude sounding rocket. tweakable relay antenna work on first EVA for BYOSSM modules BYOSSM size comparision of modules build of NEM module from BYOSSM parts BYOSSM in space always thanks to SSTU for the outstanding Solar Panels!
  14. @Kerbal01 CS-37b Solarpanel problem is fixed. Comes with next release. Recompile the animation and move the suntracker 1.7m out to 2/3 of length of the panel.
  15. Thank you. I will take a look in the UNITY-settings this weekend.