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  1. Albeit very slowly, it continues. At the moment, the landing system of the VA capsule is being tested. This is a double parachute with a solid propellant set with 4 nozzles suspended between the parachutes and the capsule, which, when ignited just above the ground, slows down the residual speed considerably. This landing system has already been used with Voskhod.
  2. ... no apology is necessary, my English is not much better.
  3. Thanks for the impressive pictures. If it was so easy with the flaps and rudders, I could have also supplied corresponding rudders. Unfortunately, this is not possible "just like that". However, that is not the reason why I question the gliders. The first point is the more than poor aerodynamic system of KSP, the second the effort to build appropriate models and individual rudders without flooding KSP with a variety of individual parts. The third is the time available and the motivation and participation of the community.
  4. Completely correctly identified, except for the seats and the kerbals, there is no interior.
  5. 1. so far there are placeholders for the kerbals in the manned version. An interior is not feasible with the available resources. 2. the model is equipped with monopropellant and can be equipped with engines from the CORE. If you absolutely want to change to LF/O, adjust the CFG file. 3. the manned version can carry 6 kerbals, more can't be stuffed in by any stretch of the imagination. 4. an external orbital or cargo module is not planned yet. 5. not in the near future. All CSA Contares mods have been under complete revision for quite some time. Thanks to several bugs in the v
  6. sorry about that, maybe it helps to clear the browsercache or to use a less buggy or more recent browser. It's not in my hands and everything works correctly in the browser i use.
  7. I'm changing the URL's of a few images in the OP. Please check if the problem still exists. Of course you can remove components from the sub-mod and if you approach it carefully and with the necessary basic knowledge there is no danger of damaging anything. However, this will void any warranty and support.
  8. Yes, the "required mods" are necessary for all parts to work correctly otherwise these mods would not be required. The Core Pack includes docking adapters, antennas, scan-sat components, inflatable floats, RCS, some small rocket engines and many more things. Theme or country specific parts are in the corresponding SUB mods which have to be installed as already described.
  9. Download the mod from SpaceDock or GitHub. Unzip the file. Copy everything below GameData into the game directory of Kerbal Space Program GameData. Ta Daahhhhh (it's not rocket science) who needs ckan? muhahahahahaha
  10. After many personal tests, no significant difference in the handling of DDS or PNG files could be found. On the other hand, it can be definitively stated that the number of loaded textures, regardless of the type, is very well accompanied by a significant increase in the loading time in the game. It is, especially with weaker and older devices to pay attention to the number of installed part / textured mods. We can only hope that the manufacturer of KSP (and in the future KSP2) will abandon the nonsensical storage of textures in memory.
  11. As nice as the announcements for the new update are, I would like to give some criticism. Why is the announced update a slimmed down version implementation of the well-known and since a long time well working mod KIS/KAS? Couldn't you come to an agreement with the developer of the mod or did you just want to reinvent the wheel for fun? In my opinion a complete implementation of KIS/KAS would have been more reasonable and more realistic. If I remember rightly, the game should not only be fun to play but also teach basics in physics, mathematics and space technology in general. D
  12. Hello @zeant93, the antennas of CSA Contares CORE mod are compatible to stock and, so far you use the 1.8.1 compatibility download of the 3 mods, to remotetech. If you use the latest compatibility version, there is no guarantee for remotetech.
  13. No, all rockets are more or less optimized for KSP standard 1.0 scale.
  14. Even after multiple attempts, an installation of the newly loaded files from SpaceDock will not work. The loading process is not completed and a message is displayed. The installation is done into an existing, executable KSP installation that contains many 100% compatible mods, among others also "B9 Animation Module" and "B9 Part Switch".
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