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  1. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.6

    We recommend the use of type C-SPPT-2.
  2. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.9

    Nice that you took a look at my mod's and even stuck to it As you might have seen, there are this docking ports with and without AirLock function. The reason for the creation was the fact that some return systems like Soyuz and Shenzou don't have a side hatch. An exit through the docking port was not possible because of the collision body. An exit would only be possible via a multiple split, ring-shaped collision bodies have been possible. That was too expensive for me at the time of its creation and I chose a simpler way: The invisible collision body is deformed by means of animation and thus the "exit" through the hatch is made possible. So there is, as correctly observed, no visible animation. (There is also a small drawback, in Airlock mode it is not possible to dock to another port.) Later created docking ports have a ring-shaped collision body consisting of 8 or even 12 parts.
  3. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.6

    It is really easy to answer the question why CST-100 does not have solar panels around the rounding of the orbital module: The solar panels would be exposed to strong aerodynamic forces during launch, which would require heavier, protected panels. In addition, radial mounting has several disadvantages. At least 50% of the solar panels, even with optimal positioning, would be ballast because not facing the sun. The irradiation angle would also result in 50% of the solar irradiated area being able to provide less than 50% of the rated power.
  4. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.6

    According to the more than poor information about Boeing's CST-100, a solar system is planned at the rear of the orbital module, but is to be installed for mission reasons. For CSA Contares NAM CST-101 i recommend the use of square radial solar panels (CSA Contares CORE) in a cross-shaped arrangement of 5 elements.
  5. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'KHI' 2.0.5

    GitHub (see OP) is updated. Small set of Craft-Files are included. There is no official update to 1.6.x but i hope you will give me response to finish the work for update.
  6. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'KHI' 2.0.5

    First ingame screenshot from Crew Transport System (CTS) - Commad Module (Capsule) holds up to 5 Khibonauts with integrated RCS-System, Light and TAC-LS supplies for 24 days. - Placeholder IVA - droppable heatshield - Decoupler with service line - Service Module with integrated radiators, RCS backup engines and 4 main rocket engines, integrated TAC-LS (Carbon Extractor and Water Purifier). Also integrated a monoprop fuel cell. With parachutes, docking port, solar panels and com-dish round about 14 tonns. Ready to launch with KHI-5 (CZ-5) with 2 boosters for kerbal orbital missions.
  7. Yeah, I got a little lost in the lyrics. However, I find that the lower nozzle section of the LR-91-AJ5/7 is completely wrongly dimensioned. Maybe this is also a viewing problem from an unfavourable perspective. Here is a link to N. Brügge and corresponding photos.
  8. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'KHI' 2.0.5

    Including a good portion of "creative freedoms", a model was created based on the little information about the planned Chinese spaceship, which will be published as part of the update to the current KSP version 1.6. Further information is available under the attached link. Details from N. Brügge (
  9. I like the overall concept but the nozzle of the LR91-AJ 3 is definitely an inverted wine cup and not a nozzle. On the part you must probably work again please.
  10. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'MEU' 2.0.6

    RSS/RO = NO
  11. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'MEU' 2.0.6

    From my side there is no support of the mod SNACKS. Only TACLS is supported directly.
  12. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'IND' 2.0.3

    With some mathematics an analogy can be made, based on minimal orbit with a residence time of less hours (Earth 100 km / Kerbin 70 km) and the geostationary orbit (Earth 35.786 km / Kerbin 2.864 km). LKO 70 - 250 km MKO 250 - 2800 km KSO 2864 km
  13. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'IND' 2.0.3

    As the name of the rocket family already says, these are designed for launch in sun synchronous, polar orbits which are between (real) 400 and 1000 km A/P. The controllability of the 2nd stage (VIKAS) is very limited. Larger payloads can also be brought into lower orbits with the GSLV, but this is not that easy. The GSLV Mk.3 (HLV) is better suited for this. SLV and ASLV are not on the list of projects to be implemented in the foreseeable future.
  14. hraban

    [1.5.x] CSA Contares 'IND' 2.0.3

    Even at an angle of 45° at the time of separation of the first stage, there is no problem. MechJeb (55% turn shape ends up by 160 km).