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  1. Even after multiple attempts, an installation of the newly loaded files from SpaceDock will not work. The loading process is not completed and a message is displayed. The installation is done into an existing, executable KSP installation that contains many 100% compatible mods, among others also "B9 Animation Module" and "B9 Part Switch".
  2. Hello @Jebman82, the SpaceDock Version for KSP 1.10.1 throws errors and prevent KSP to comes up correctly: [ModuleManager] Intercepted a ReflectionTypeLoadException. List of broken DLLs: B9_Aerospace_WingStuff GameData\B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings\Plugins\B9_Aerospace_WingStuff.dll Is there any dependencies or what goes wrong?
  3. Thanks for asking. Except for the unusual diameters of 1.5 m and 2.2 m, all other parts are in the range of the standard scale. In contrast to the standard components, which are based on incomprehensible scales and performance data, CSA Contares uses a 50% scale with minor adjustments to move the payloads with realistic weight reference in the KSP standard cosmos.This means that an RD-107 at 50% scale weighs 1/8 of the original weight, but produces 1/4 of the thrust when adjusted to KSP. In contrast to most other mods the performance data for the specific impulse is also realistic. Thus a Sojuz rocket transports about 7 tons into a low 120 km orbit around Kerbin. None of the CSA Contares components are balanced to standard parts. Should this impression arise, it is pure coincidence.
  4. Unfortunately not, at least not yet.
  5. @DasVasker Could you please specify your request? Basically CSA Contares supports TAC life support, but I am not sure which capsule from which sub-mod you mean.
  6. Not so quick but an aswer :) Use 3x 35m low mount parachutes and 1x 12m low mount Drogue-Chute.
  7. The changes regarding Tweakscale affect all sub-mods. To avoid problems, all sub-mods should be updated. The mainly affected sub-mods were CORE, RUS and KHI. Basically the tweakscale configurations were changed. Therefore reinstall all sub-mods.
  8. @vossiewulf, please, please read what is written. The current versions are not available from SpaceDock! Get the new one only from GitHub! The link can be found in the respective OP's of the Sub-Mod contributions. If it says GitHub, it means GitHub!
  9. The described "problem" would not have occurred if you had not mixed different versions of the mods. Because the truss-octo mesh patch is from the time of KSP 1.4.5. It's not for nothing that you have to remove old versions completely and then install the new ones.
  10. A small update: All Tweakscale settings have been revised, please reload all CSA Sub Mods via GitHub. There will be an official update within the next 3 weeks. This Sub Mod has been extended with another study of the European missile development: The Europe 3D This was the most ambitious development design. It was intended to create a rocket completely powered by LH2/LOX which could transport up to 800 kg into a GTO. By extending the first stage from 50 to 70 tonnes of fuel, the payload was to be increased to 950 kg. A 200 kN LH2/LOX rocket engine was to be developed to power the first and second stage. The development work was to be based on MBB's preliminary work and was to be completed by 1984. Unfortunately, the Europa 3D project was cancelled, just like all the others, but MBB's development work led to a patent on the basis of which the SSME (RS-25) was developed.
  11. Double patching problem is fixed, load the latest version on GitHub. The changes to the Tweakscale settings affect all sub-mods.
  12. Well, if you attribute the problem to your god, then CSA is off the hook. This is probably less due to aerodynamics than to an unbalanced mass distribution during flight preparation. It should also be noted that aerodynamic mods like FAR are not compatible with one-piece CSA gliders. With this knowledge in the background, a prototypical re-entry with an angle of attack of 35 - 40° is possible, which is slowly and automatically reduced to 10 - 15° as the entry speed is reduced. After the re-entry, the flight characteristics are quite demanding and by no means realistic due to the lack of rudder, just as the suitability of KSP as a flight simulator is more than questionable. It has already been pointed out elsewhere that all sub-mods of CSA are in a revision phase and the space gliders will be completely removed, if not improved with overseeable effort.
  13. This is correct, most rocket engines of the mod KHI have no "smoke" installed yet. For the stages of the rockets of the type CZ-2/3/4 I have not yet found an adequate "smoke". Don't worry, it will be delivered, it just takes time.
  14. Yes, the TweakScale definition for the KHI solar panel is from the time before the split into many single mods. This will be cleaned up with the next update. For technical reasons, a short term update is not possible.