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  1. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    No other report this problem and i can't reproduce, so check your installation. This is the list of the mods which are installed with me and run without compatibility problems:
  2. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    A mod conflict, possibly due to a module manager script created incorrectly, can not be ruled out. Without concrete information and log-file can not be helped in this case. You are sure to: - using the latest version of the Contares CSA Mods? - up to date with KSP?
  3. @Beale, @sslaptnhablhat Please check this: - delete all ModuleManager Files in the GameData directory (not the MM .dll File!) - delete the PartDatabase.cfg in the KSP root-directory - delete the Physics.cfg in the KSP root-directory (Holds all DRAG Modells and will be rebuild only when PartDatabase.cfg and Physics.cfg does not exsist) Restart the Game and check the Parachute again. Hope that will fix the Problem cheers
  4. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    It would be very helpful if you could name the RCS part (s). In the picture I can not recognize Contares RSC parts. The RCS problems should actually be fixed in operation with KSP 1.4 and higher. For the operation with older KSP versions no function guarantee can be given.
  5. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.4

    DreamCrusher has no special landing gear or skids.
  6. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    Yes, I know and appreciate the work of Kottabos. However, I think the presentation of the single Parts is too easy and does not reflect the real potential of each sub-mods.
  7. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    Great preparation and execution. Many Thanks! I'm at the creation of the localization file for German. Changes in the en_us file are foreseen. Expected to draw this until next weekend.
  8. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    NEWS All CSA Contares sub mods as well as the CORE mod are now also available on GitHub. The links can be found in the OP of the posts.
  9. Hello @linuxgurugamer, the wait was worth it in any case. The mod impresses with its quality. Thank you for the excellent continuation.
  10. Please remove the vertikal line on the top nosecone. with, the booster looks like a inverted banana-boat
  11. hraban

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Please @UomoCapra close this post and make a new one, with a specific deadline, if you're sure.
  12. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    + Are there detectable large-scale tests or is it a typical self-experience, because for my part I can not confirm that after testing seven computer systems with three operating systems, two graphics card manufacturers with five graphics card models and four RAM memory variants. Funny, on the page you mentioned I read after the translation also RD-216. Well, Wikipedia is not all gold glitters. But for naming in KSP and CSA Contares: Why not RK, it is sufficient to perform the identifier RD in the description text. As already written, this is not a replica mod and KSP should remain unencumbered by national garbage. Yes, they were created in the standard orientation for stack engines, but are listed as radials. It lacks the top node configuration to correct this or the rotation around the axis to make it correct for beginners.
  13. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    After the mod is not a replica and only inspired by the original one the designation is free. No matter how you name something, in any language the phonetic reproduction is disrespectful. The descriptions are lean and incomplete due to my poor English. So far I have not completed all descriptions in German and a translation into English by means of a translation program usually only supplies "smelly cheese". The Unity Engine processes .dds textures as well as .png or others. The conversion in .dds textures I spare myself, it brings after thorough testing nothing. What is wrong with the naming of the Cosmos-3 engines I can not understand. Both Wikipedia, Astronautix and other, much more trustworthy publications are correct. For the first stage the RD-216M in the mod named RK-Z-216, for the second stage the S5.23 also named as DU-49 as RK-Z-S5.23. The difference between KIR_BACK_9 and KIR_BACK_6 is not only the texture, but also the adapter size at the bottom. With the new functions of KSP 1.4.x a consolidation of such parts is planned. Regarding the parts with wrong node orientation I would need the names.
  14. hraban

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    Thank you for the offer that is gladly accepted. With luck, all sub-mods will be available on GitHub over the next week. From this point on, the support offered should be easier. Here the way to CSA Contares RUS on GitHub