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  1. Taking into account the below-average aerodynamic characteristics of KSP, the CONTARES folding, rotating wings and Paraglider which use the Mod RetractableLiftingSurface work correctly, provided the 'Wings' are positioned in the correct position to the CoM.
  2. More parts on the workbench: 1.25m stack mountet radial telescope with compatibility to 'Tarsier Space Technology' (tweakable to fit greater sizes) Scan-Sat compatible Biome Scanner in a Cube-Sat (.0625m) Cupola Module with working (animated) hatches. Base-diameter is 1.25m.
  3. There are many thunderstorms around Kerbin
  4. First way is to install the craft files out of Contares-mod download. There is an example with BDB RL10 Engine. Second way is to use the search in VAB with the TAG 'globus'. All needed parts are listed. Third way is to use the 'Engine Mounting Plate', two 'HM-7b' (Contares has no short length RL10 Engine!) and the 'CSD-H-L 1875' to cover the engines.
  5. Both models are to big so wings and fins come with working control surfaces as separate parts. The project realization will show whether this approach is suitable for the poor KSP aerodynamics. There will be no pre-release. If implementation is not possible by using KSP standards, the two projects can be canceled.
  6. Required mods: - Installation of RealPlume (contained engines use this engine effects mod only)
  7. type x-15 into the searchfield. the engine will shown up with all other cx-15 parts. The engien is named by "REX LF Engine".
  8. At first, the 65% scale is a contribute to fit only american rockets to the ksp standard sizes and makes it easy to scale the rocketparts to other scale-mods like RSS. Contares use 50% scale while that fits perfect to the most european, russian and other non american nations without break the max size of 5m Ø. It's the way of the my mod. Btw.: Contares makes a summer brake. Next update release comes not before september 2017.
  9. From workbench: Skylon Engine with closed and opened air intake and rear view. 4 side view of Skylon
  10. From Workbench: Kerbalized version of Venture Star. The Cargobay can hold parts up to1.875m Ø with a size of 6m in length and 2.4m in width and high. total dimension: Wingspan 19.145m, length 19.15m, hight 4.792m The Kerbal Version of Skylon Length = 40.1m
  11. Yes, I was bored an evening and so the model for the "Ventur Star" was born. Pictures today 18:00 MESZ.
  12. From the workbench: Planned or to be discussed potential models for KSP. CNEM is a KSP variant of the Russian module NEM. Here is a rough plan. CXS-1 is planned as a kerbalized version of the XS-1 Phantom Express. Iridium Next is one of more than 60 satellites that form the terrestrial satellite telnet. The model shows the kerbalized implementation still without solar panel. LILUM is a German, electrically operated short distance flight taxi with VTOL characteristics. The first flight of the unmanned vehicle in original size took place at the end of May 2017. The model is still quite coarse and could be refined. Pictures of "Venture Star" in a 50% scale variant will be released the next days.
  13. Thank you to @Rissa to make a patch file for the mod 'Connected Living Space'. The Patchfile will be included with the next release.
  14. This is known to me, thank you. The model is not a detail replica, but a variant for Kerbals. After the skid does not spring (because no real landing leg) a detachment of the lower fin is not necessary.
  15. Always remakes ... remains with the original