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  1. In an older version of the OTRAG components, the different lengths of the tank modules were taken into account, but these result in only a limited number of useful parts for suborbital test vehicles. The current parts are limited to the representation of a useful and easy to create carrier rocket. After a detailed study of the available documents I have created a version for KSP which is suitable for orbital flight and comprises 3 stages. The empty weights of the individual stages and engines was implemented on the basis of the scarcely available data. The thrust of the rocket engines was adjusted in accordance with the optimistic development targets, and is about 20% higher than the thrust values actually achieved. ISP corresponds to the actually measured and published values. Contrary to the original, the thrust remains constant during the firing phase, but you are free to override it yourself for more realism. All components were developed exclusively for KSP standard. There are no ambitious adaptations for scaled variants of the KSP universe or "real solar system". With the CSA OTRAG it is possible to transfer light satellites into a low orbit (75 - 120 km) (0.5t maximum), as long as these satellites brings approx. 250 m/s DV for circulation. Contrary to the original, it is necessary in KSP to ignite the 2nd stage twice and to plan a free flight phase between the ignitions in order to achieve a to reach almost circular orbit. In attempts to get along without overpowering KSP-SAS, I have the first and the third stage with RCS monoprop engines acting transversely to the direction of flight. The necessary tanks were accommodated with the payload on the third stage. .
  2. Today new Craft-Files for KSP 1.8.1 (See OP)
  3. New Craft-Files via GitHub (link in OP)
  4. Today new Craft-Files via GitHub (see OP)
  5. Today new Craft-Files via GitHub (link in OP) for KSP 1.8.1
  6. Hello @linuxgurugamer, there are any dependencies or necessary sub-mods for the mod? With KSP 1.8.1, the batteries in the VAB cannot be dragged directly into the inventory slot of the context menu. If the battery is pulled over the inventory-suitable object it is optically added to the inventory and can now be removed in the VAB and placed on a slot in the context menu again. However, the batteries disappear from the inventory module as soon as the created and filled object is placed on the launchpad! Did I forget something?
  7. @linuxgurugamer, the battery models are available here: CSA Cooperations I leave the integration into your mod to you
  8. Don't panic, the plugs and sockets are just optical gimmicks. It's funny that nobody noticed that there are sockets and connections on the RTG from "Breaking Ground" as well. A colour delimitation of the sockets would be possible without further ado. I would like to do without lights and animations, because most of the time the parts just stand around without Kerbal's supervision. Maybe I should just put one main switch and several secondary switches around a panel?
  9. Short update for Batteries: textured, without normal map, screenshot out of Wings3D The battery box has 2 slots each for charging (input) and 6 slots for consumers. Dimesion of small BAT-O-MAT ~ 0.56 x 0.37 x 0.49 m And ... screenshots out of Unity3D
  10. @Saturn5tony For KSP I work exclusively with Wings 3D (, a free and simple, but quite powerful 3D program. Sorry to @linuxgurugamer The article doesn't really belong here.
  11. The model is tailored to the modular requirement. There can be a module with 4, with 6 (shown) and with 8 battery blocks.
  12. Hello @linuxgurugamer, with the idea to create even more modules and experiments for "Breaking Ground" I have been carrying myself for quite a while. Your mod idea inspired me and I started designing a battery module. If you are interested, I will texture the model and release it for use in your mod.
  13. New simple foldable ladders in two types: 0.6m folded to 1.8m unfolded 0.6m folded to 1.2m unfolded
  14. Update for IGLA docking radar systems used on early SOYUZ space ships. Now the more realistic active radar tower is available.