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  1. I'm kinda vet GT user I know why GT doesn't auto-circularization: GT use mechjeb to do that, and if you haven't unlocked MJ maneuver planner yet, it won't do it. btw ckan home page still link to old thread.
  2. Hi, I'm new to modding, why you fixedrescale/size/scale don't work with stock MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE? what is emitter? is it required to include Audio Module in the cfg so the engine would still have the sound?
  3. in suggested mods list starting from deadly entry to the end of that list you linked to this thread
  4. KSTS is incompatible with USI LS and MKS tho
  5. the dl link you put in KSP-AVC is wrong. You put instead of
  6. they think the misaligned catalogies are scrollable as the gun tab is cut halfway
  7. lol someone on /r/ksp discord keep asking how to scroll dunno how to ans him
  8. Part Categories is glitched/not align properly log:
  9. seems far patch give warning (at least on 1.8)
  10. but doesn't you have to adding each experiment one by one in that way? It only display how many sci point each experiment, but isn't all added together
  11. Like how many sci points I can get for goo on mun?And how many sci points I can get for all experiment of mun?
  12. extrasolar might be the oldest one still running