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  1. ssd21345

    Everyting disappearing to lauch?

    Do you use galactic neighborhood? Don't tell me you try to run kopernicus on 1.4.4
  2. ssd21345

    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]
  3. ssd21345

    The Mitchell-Hyundai SA23 from babylon 5

    inb4 mod come over asking license
  4. the photos work now
  5. Still dead because the hosting website does not support embedding (if you go to the photo by link it asks you to use premium or free download) Try to upload it to Imgur and TinyPic
  6. screenshot is dead link btw
  7. May you make these pics into an album so we don't have to click on each link to view the pics?
  8. ssd21345

    [1.31] Dwarf Planets Plus

    You can try to make an album out of 'em, then you can edit the album when you want to add or update photos, so we don't need to mouse mashing on link lol
  9. So stock-like dragon capsule (Hence the name Wyvern)? It looks cool!
  10. if mountains are not placed at original locations after generation, would the science module detect it as mountain anymore?
  11. ssd21345

    Gene's Star (InDev Version)

    May I ask if it gonna replace stock system? They look cool, though.
  12. ssd21345

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    Is Near Future Launch Vehicles being called far future technologies in ksp-avc has been fixed in newer version yet? I cannot find any replies or changelog about it...
  13. Same as Blackmoons, It seems Tory nuclear ramjet with no upgrade won't work. No thurst after I drop the spacecraft from orbit to gain speed to run the engine until it crashed into the ground( with molten salt reactor attached).
  14. @StarwasterDid you mean adding animation for engine gimbaling or the engine allowed to gimbal fully 90 degrees(straight down,or even straight up)?