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  1. biome overlay for visual (altimetry works) seems won't work for me, lemme try to reinstall first
  2. You cannot rotate the part attached to the decoupler as it would clip into the ship no matter you take it off then rotate or rotate when it is on decoupler, action group already suggested to him but he commented "half-solution"
  3. Hello, I have someone else's plane that can launch a missile. After launching the missile, the control point seems isn't on the probe core so the navball is rotated 90 degree. Any solution except setting the probe core as control point manually or action group? Thanks craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxmhjexlogsx2d5/Missile Carrier Plane 2.craft?dl=0
  4. 7zip can open it but if you press test it said all files are corrputed, sorry about missing info
  5. I downloaded 3 times in different days and everytime I open the zip with windows inbuilt tool or 7zip I cannot open it since it is corrupted
  6. is the file itself broken or spacedock broke again? I got corrupted file...
  7. does anyone have benchmark how many fps you got inside cave with full terrain scatter setting
  8. just curious does the tool has dark mode/dark skin? some applications follow windows 10 dark mode setting like browsers to automatically set different skin. If you want to develop further, I would suggest an advanced/developer mode where allow would check what properties changed by which module manager patch. Good way to troubleshoot wild mmpatch causing issues than reading super large mmcache. Also, allow outputting selected part list for developer to troubleshoot if there are some extra module added by other mods in the part causing problem.
  9. I haven't used ks3p for a long time, but try to change the avp ks3p profile's color profile (or whatever it is called) setting from ACES, to neutral if it hasn't yet
  10. now download speed works fine now, it seems nudging it a bit with vpn force whatever responsible for routing take a better route
  11. dmagic has a flexible port mod but dunno if it still works
  12. Does anyone else has bad download speed coming back again? Mods download at 250kB/s atm Likely Hezter routing having problem. I visited another hezter hosted website and same slow download speed. I vpn to Germany and the download speed works fine now.
  13. ok I think but take a person that only went to Duna 1-2 times with a grain of salt
  14. Don't know what is happening, hope you figure out everything to tell us about your visual pack again!
  15. I wonder why there isn't settings like this in stock, thanks
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