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  1. @linuxgurugamerWonder if you're interested in automatedScienceSampler, it was originally a continuation of forscience with setting menu and can run dmagic experiment. It works in 1.12.3 but there is a old bug that toolbar icon's tooltip seems get stuck sometimes. Unfortunately, it is "all right reserved" license so you might need to spend time to ask the dev (the dev seems visit the forum quite frequently though)
  2. although it is in MIT license, just ask in case if someone want to make something along SystemHeat continued, would you allow it?
  3. The github ksrss reborn is old, use this instead:https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS It is updated to latest parallax 2.0 partially. Obviously it is in early stage/not released yet so becareful using it!
  4. yes, if you haven't aware GU has parallax config built-in, either roll back or delete parallax folder
  5. In case someone use parallax, it seems GU parallax config is getting updated to parallax 2.0, in the meantime you can roll back to previous version to continue your gameplay.
  6. you might want to whitelist for restock user, just write a txt file with Squad/Parts/Resources/miniISRU/ inside then change it to a .restockwhitelist file
  7. Yeah I assumed the version on ckan is the latest version so I force-install it.
  8. May I ask is there any reason ckan still pulling old version sigma dimension ? It pull a very old version so it won't work on newer ksp.
  9. Any alternative? I have been using modular fuel tanks since AT_Utils cause glitches ingame.
  10. I think Ad astra is built for newer scatterer while GEP built with older one. New scatterer doesn't work well with old config. However, it shouldn't nuke whole config, it would just look weird. I tried GEP and JNSQ before and it worked so maybe last few update of kop broke something
  11. I'm kinda confused with the discussion since there are two proc wings mods exist. But I guess you ppl was talking about non-b9's one Looking forward to the community adoption of the airplane plus!
  12. does it work with new stock experiments? I think in between 1.4 and now some new experiments are added, I think. Or maybe I'm wrong
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