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  1. Regarding IFS and b9partswitch, if you install IFS full mod, b9partswitch will try to disable itself if it detect IFS cfg available for that fuel tank. However, it fails horribly thus still both on. It causes duped resource bar. Anyway, you shouldn't use IFS at all as it provides Methane+liquid oxygen, not oxidizer. To fix it, use ckan and install IFS core only. Then IFS wouldn't affect stock fuel tank thus metalox tank patch would work (or not since nertea said it automatically disable itself when it detect IFS). Alternatively use configurable containers with my methane patch.
  2. postimage seems have anti-embed by reducing the resolution of the pic to very low when you post to there, maybe post it as a link instead?
  3. I have extremely weird selection of mod, b9partswitch, interstellar, interstellar fuel switch, rational resources, rr squad fuel tank patches and cryotanks. Is there any way to let IFS to switch to rational resource preset? IFS Metalox is metahane+lqd oxygen, not oxidizer, I cannot use methane rocket engine with that. I don't know if I should post this to rational resource or IFS thread. Edit: fix: install interstellar through ckan and install IFS core only (NOT IFS) should allow RR's B9partswitch patch override IFS
  4. Since you recommend KSPIE+FTT, have you got Far Future Technologies working with KSPIE? Since FFT use systemheat, KSPIE use stock values with its system, I don't know if stock radiator still works for KSPIE after you install FTT/systemheat as it patches stock radiators with systemheat modules
  5. you can see early version there (unless I manage to stay log in my university acc for some reason) https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.07125.pdf
  6. cool lookin visual pack for kerbal sized but then not real sized real solar system rip RAM tho, any suggested ram capacity for using this pack?
  7. I guess bleeding edge kittopia works with stable branch koper, is it?
  8. methane patch (only if you have cryotanks/cryoengines installed) github dl for some reason if you scared of copy and pasting https://github.com/randomguyingithub/ksppatchescollections1337/releases/download/0.9/methane.cfg
  9. Can we have warning of lack of adequate displacement impulse? I got someone finding their ship won't "speed up" cuz they have not enough warp core... (350 tonnes ships with only one 100 tonnes displacement warp core)
  10. Given cryotanks (nerteas mod) now has methane resource enabled default, is there anyway to add lqdmethane to configurable container? and Provenance Aerospace use methane too.
  11. Ksp launcher is included in steam release, just go to where ksp installed and press launcher.exe, but it's quite useless and better use ksp_x64.exe.
  12. yes thanks it looks like it's more obvious with external powerful gyroscope rather than inline part I think
  13. does anyone have weird glitch that micro control moment gyroscope from near future exploration cause orbit changes when turning? log : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ilw0h5bh3ubuwss/AABX26dhN9Jl6I_7q_eDFoU_a?dl=0
  14. shrimp seems missing plume when installed with realplume. There is smoke though. player.log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6hyabz8lcelit5/Player.log?dl=0 ksp.log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/745nrqebbhrud2s/KSP.log?dl=0 (realplume-stock still has wrong version metadata in .version file in latest)
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