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  1. side note mm refuses to load kethane's dll in 1.8. Recompile is needed.
  2. yeet OP suddenly del all post here.. Is he going to do something special?
  3. not official so don't bug report since c1usta cannot touch ks3p anymore
  4. I tested it with ks3p installed only. and I have changing the settings does not have immediately effect sometimes as @NewRetroMan
  5. @clusta using beta 3, main menu and space center is too dark comparing to other scene using aces tone. Changing black_in setting seems no effect (g'th's config) ksp 1.8.1
  6. can confirm latest SVE scattere cfg isn't loaded properly. Redownloaded and reinstall scatterer and SVE ~4 times
  7. 2nd screenshot, right side at the center. Notice that KSPIE uses MW/MJ as electrical resource rather than ec, even they can convert to each other for usage and the fusebox thread specifically says KSPI-E is unsupported...
  8. you may want download his fork of ks3p instead of the patch
  9. last replies on the thread said it updated to 1.8 Edit:just checked decoupler, service bay and probe core. All has mass in the cache
  10. uninstall worldstablilizer fixes it still has phantom force but small enough to recover spacecraft
  11. anyone has phantom force that you cannot recover spacecraft stationary on launchpad? I put the Quetzal(the first probe core u got in probeplus) into service bay and it causes phantom force(you can recover if you remove the core). I have worldstablilizer installed too so dunno it's related ksp 1.8.1