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  1. you forgot to update the roadmap is spacedust separated mods (I know if it's true we need make our own harvester anyway)? Does it work with all Community Resource Pack resource if we want our own "dust" around the bodies? Can we add our own resource like endless space dust?
  2. I don't know if it's mod conflict but persistant thrust has struggle with SRB in my game. If I have SRB(s) on a spacecraft even after deocuple the SRB(s) persistant thrust thinks the spacecraft doesnt have fuel thus causing same problem as @Entropian. (Space only) I use outdated version (ksp AVC seems cannot detect them) so it may due to outdated mod (I used .2, latest is .5)
  3. where is included installation document?
  4. It seems I have outdated kopericus, update it and fixed it, sorry for the trouble!
  5. anyone know why ksp would stuck loading at solar truss? I just rename the file so ksp wont load it to temporarily make the game load
  6. here's you go for finding new mods Edit: if you dont know the link will force sort by new
  7. did you forgot to copy modular flight integrator folder over? there is 1.9 and 1.10.1 version for Kopernicus , but I would recommend against using them for RSS since some can get it work most couldnt lol I am able to make REX works on 1.10
  8. try it! question: what if you have both realplume and waterfall installed? Since waterfall is very new and need some time for adoption, can part dev use waterfall instead of realplume when both detected with mm patch?
  9. edit all *.cfg metal value lower
  10. I don't know where this problem belong but if you use texture unlimited with b9 proc wing proc wings parts would be invisible. ~5 People reported problem on b9 proc wing thread so I take a shot to here. Anyone know why? Edit: I didnt notice the Yuubari's post lol