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  1. ssd21345

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    If I close the gui,I get 60 FPS in flight. If I open gui, I get 40 FPS. Does ks3p relate to it? Edit: trying to test it, will report back the result Edit 2: it's unrelated. With no KS3p the game does that too. (It's because of having too many windows) On the unrelated side, AA quality didn't have impact on fps whether you set all entries to 0 or to 4(with no other visual mods) Someone reported KS3P having memory leak. It seems I also have experienced it while testing. the only startup parameter I have is -popupwindow
  2. I reinstalled all mods and the problem disappeared when testing the same rocket. It seems some mod went wild or outdated.
  3. sounds like other mods conflicting with mechjeb. Sorry for bothering
  4. Not sure if this can be fixed, but it seems mechjeb (utility) and gravity turn cannot decouple procedural fairings automatically
  5. sounds cool. Can you give some hint on the scale of the ship? Is it Similar sized like below mod? Banana/Kerbal for scale?
  6. it's fixed, thanks you! (version file still marked as 1.0 rather than 1.1)
  7. Coatl antenna seems does not have stats if you install CommNet antenna extension alongside with probe plus. It seems the culprit is the CommNet antenna extension requires remote tech antenna model. May you have a look on it? Thanks you.
  8. Coatl aerospace has weird programming. It seems once it detects remotetech folder(even with only antenna model) it disables its antenna function. So commnet antenna extension is not compatible with coatl aerospace until coatl lad patched it.
  9. pls just lock this thread before it gonna get nasty turns too until OP decides to post updates
  10. ssd21345

    Everyting disappearing to lauch?

    Do you use galactic neighborhood? Don't tell me you try to run kopernicus on 1.4.4
  11. ssd21345

    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]
  12. ssd21345

    The Mitchell-Hyundai SA23 from babylon 5

    inb4 mod come over asking license
  13. the photos work now
  14. Still dead because the hosting website does not support embedding (if you go to the photo by link it asks you to use premium or free download) Try to upload it to Imgur and TinyPic