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  1. I made this a while ago, this album has the full mission, deploying the rover right at the end: https://imgur.com/gallery/jjb9l
  2. That is the best F-5 replica I have seen on this game it is brilliant! Good stuff!
  3. first up, a WW2 inspired super prop designed to beat everything it came across (using the airplane plus mod and stock aero, using only the aviator arsenal as the BD 50 cals were pretty OP when I made it) https://imgur.com/a/aTE9g Second is an A-4 skyhawk inspired plane made to take out ground targets and a fighter in a contract mission. The third was just fooling around. https://imgur.com/a/OFcvd
  4. FMRS, parachutes, long as landing legs and a bit of practice
  5. well i made a massive shuttle that is fully reusable https://imgur.com/a/ROVmo https://imgur.com/a/7lqHy the last part does not have the shuttle but the whole thing took 3 parts so eh... https://imgur.com/a/Hjb3o
  6. Gonna post this here to see how it does against you guys, prob get smashed! https://kerbalx.com/Spacebadger007/P-3-Harrier-JR-COMP Edit wrong link
  7. @blackheart612 just an idea, but have you thought of adding a tail where the diameter doesn't really decrease but the width does? Like this: Maybe make the width at the end of the tail fit an elevon, this could be useful. Just an idea though.
  8. hey i have found a problem, i am testing ww2 prop planes and when i put them in a competition they dont shoot each other, they have guns and right ammo but will not shoot, and i can click and they shoot then but wont work by themselves, help!
  9. hey, i have updated to 1.3, and am using the latest air plane plus and during load up the game crashes when trying to load the stubby nose cone, and i dont want to delete that from the parts list as most of my planes use that part.
  10. Hey @blackheart612 I have been making and testing some ww2 styled prop fighters, and have come across that the bumblebee (the big power double wasp styled one) has alot of power while at speed. Sationary its like 35 but at speed its like 150 something, makes it pointless to use any other prop (with in ww2) so i was wondering if you could add some more powerful, just after ww2 but no quite modern props like maybe on the hawker sea fury, the turbo contra rotating prop on the wyvren attack plane or the pusher prop on the j7w from japan late ww2 or maybe boost the griffen (very late spitfire)?
  11. Hey id just like to say that this contract pack was some much fun, just kept going on and on and before u know it i had finnished the whole thing before i even put a kebal in space! (Using historical progression) so much fun so that you for this awesome mod!
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