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  1. I'm trying to run the latest build on KSP 1.10 but it keeps freezing during the loading screen, anyone have any ideas what this means? Log:
  2. Who is responsible for the BDB antenna RemoteTech configs? The dev branch doesn't seem to work with remote tech. Is it possible to make them on your own?
  3. I found that removing Texture replacer fixed it, it seems to have been an issue with having texture replacer replaced and texture replacer
  4. Looks good! KSP is being a pain so it will be a little until I get some pictures of the plumes
  5. @harrisjosh2711 What did you do with the updated BFR booster engines? The plume exists but its scaled down like 100 times even though the fixed scale is set to 1. Did you upscale the model for the engines somehow? The RP configs are basically unchanged.
  6. I'm not saying you did, I'm just letting you know most of the blame falls on me and RP.
  7. Ah ok, I'm certain the issues are RP's fault and not @harrisjosh2711's, I'm working on installing mods now.
  8. Try tagging me next time , I'm aware of the RP issues and I'm rushing to get the RP configs updated, I've had some KSP issues so I'm doing a restart. I should have them done today.
  9. Yeah I'm aware, as stated above I'm doing a KSP restart but I wasn't able to do anything this week before the restart because of finals. I'll get a test game set up I'll get right on fixing and adding configs! @harrisjosh2711 If I get KSP set up I might have them done by tonight, I'll keep you updated!
  10. I know why, RP overrides the stock effects so if something is broken it just doesn't show anything, I'm currently doing a KSP restart to fix some issues then I'll get right on making and fixing RP configs!
  11. @harrisjosh2711 When you get the chance PM me the files for the engines/incomplete mod so I can add the RP configs.
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